Home Gym India – Your ultimate guide on Creating a Perfect Home Gym

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home gym India

This is my tiny Home gym in India

Budget for home gym in India? Will it be too costly to buy home gym equipment in India?

What exact workout equipment you would need for your home gym anyways?

What are your goals? Are you a beginner and looking to workout at home?

I am here to answer your home gym questions here!

But wait, Who am I?

I am You! I am someone like you who struggles daily in traffic to reach office. And then struggles again to come back home.

I am someone who thinks of starting up a business but can not get it done.

I am someone who wants to workout, get faster, stronger but fight against tiredness and shortage of time.

And here in this blog, I will tell you what motivates me to workout and slowly set up the cheapest yet functional home gym in India.

MyFitness journey before Writing on HomgymIndia.in

  • Year 1998: Swiming
  • Year 2000: Started Yoga, damn I was so flexible that it feels like a dream now.
  • Year 2003-2006: Body weight Workouts at home.
  • Year 2007-2009: Nothing.
  • Year 2010-2016: Local commercial gym, doing typical bro science based body building workouts. Gained and maintained almost 10-12 kgs of lean mass. Not so skinny anymore!
  • 2017-2018: Started body weight workouts at home. Gained cardio strength and flexibility but lost muscle.
  • 2019: Started lifting weights at home, focused on diet.
    – I was doing athleanX Beastx workout program.
  • 2020: Had serious health issues, lost all that muscle again.
    – Getting some certifications on diet, exercises and fitness.
    – Started writing on homegymIndia.in
  • 2021-Now: Lifting weights, focused on compound lifts, even Olympic lifts.

PS: From 2012 – doing IT jobs as well.

Workouts to Do at Home

  • Push ups
  • Pull up
  • Squats (Both legs, Single Legs)
  • Deadlift (Both legs, Single Legs)
  • Jog
  • lunges
  • Burpee
  • All Planks

Ultimate home gym building advice in India

Buy only what you need. Try not buy gym equipments that you are going to use for only one workout. 

The exception is pull up bar. You need it.

Handpicked Gym equipment for building up your home Gym

List of Chest and Pushing exercise Equipment

List of Core / Abs Muscle Equipment

Best Ab Roller In India