Home Gym India – Your ultimate guide on Creating a Perfect Home Gym

This is where you get no fluff to the point advise and reviews on everything you need to make your home gym!

Home Gym India – Your ultimate guide on Creating a Perfect Home Gym

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All in One Guide for Buying Workout Equipment to Build Your Home Gym in India – and Home Gym reviews

This is my Tiny Home Gym in India

I only suggest the most required gym equipment. Our goal is to help you make the best financial decisions when it comes to home gyms!

Now…why did I make this website?

In this Era of Sitting Jobs…

I can consider myself as a powerlifter who trains one-two Olympic lifts with a hint of Stronglift and GZCL training methods.

But I suffered from back pain, quad pain, neck pain and what not!
But I always wondered, I am going to gym, lifting heavy, stretching, warming up etc so why I have these pains?

Then after some digging it came to me!
It was so obvious, but many like me, can not see it!

In a typical gym workout, we focus on doing mostly pushing workouts.Bench press, military press etc.

Combine that with prolonged sitting for work and ignoring back and leg workouts, voila!

A perfect recipe for a world of pain.


Because too much sitting is making our entire back and hips weak. These muscles can not keep holding up the body anymore.

And we are focusing on making our front side muscles stronger (read tighter).

This makes our entire posture like a hunch back! 🙁

Your tight chest muscle is pulling you forward, and your weak back muscles are not strong enough to pull you back up.

These imbalances result in upper back pain, neck pain and hunched back posture.

You can also look into anterior pelvic tilt issue as well.

And too much sitting and not doing leg workouts made our legs skinny and painful.

Thus, in this entire blog – my main focus will be those men and women who are the average Joe like me. Like me who work some job and make time to work out to stay healthy.

If you notice
I mostly recommend budget equipment for workout and I ask people to train the basic push-pull movements with compound lifts. And sprinkle some core workouts in the mix as well.

No bicep curls for me :/

And if you are doing one pushing movement, do at least 2 opposite pulling movements. For example—Doing three sets of overhead press? Do six sets of Lat pull downs/Weighted Pull-ups.

Makes sense?
If you are sitting 8-10 hours a day, you have to take care of your entire back, entire posterior chain more than your chest muscles.

Yes, looking good means a lot, but if you are working on a computer for 10 hours then you should focus on your back and legs wayyy more.

We humans were supposed to be persistent hunters. We are meant to be running for 10 km+ a day to hunt.

PS: Many African tribes still do it.

Our Indian army still probably runs 10 km a day for training

In this era of sitting jobs in homegymIndia.in, I, Samarjit will guide to live healthy, live in a fit body and not gasp for air after running to your office bus.

But wait, Who am I?

I am You! I am someone like you who struggles daily in traffic to reach the office. And then struggles again to come back home.

I am someone who thinks of starting up a business but can not get it done.

I am someone who wants to work out, and get faster, and stronger but fight against tiredness and shortage of time.

And here in this blog, I will tell you what motivates me to work out and slowly set up the cheapest yet functional home gym in India.

My Fitness journey before Writing on HomgymIndia.in


The year 1998: Swiming
The year 2000: Started Yoga, damn I was so flexible that it feels like a dream now.
The year 2003-2006: Body weight Workouts at home.
The year 2007-2009: Nothing.
The year 2010-2016: Local commercial gym, doing typical bro science-based bodybuilding workouts.

Changed to only compound lifts and gained and maintained almost 10-12 kgs of lean mass.

Not so skinny anymore!

2017-2018: Started body weight workouts at home. Gained cardio strength and flexibility but lost muscle.
2019: Started lifting weights at home, focused on diet.
– I was doing athleanX Beaxst workout program.
2020: Had serious health issues, and lost all that muscle again.
– Getting some certifications in diet, exercises and fitness.
– Started writing on homegymIndia.in
2021: Lifting weights, focused on compound lifts, even Olympic lifts.
2022: My Fitness goal has changed from mass gain to maintaining general health, I am getting old amigos! :/

PS: Since 2012—doing IT jobs as well.

This is what my home gym looks like!

Best Value for Money of Home Gym Equipment to Get!

Handpicked Gym equipment for building up your Home Gym

Ab Roller

Hand Gripper

Weighted Vest

Yoga Mat

Smith Machine

Ultimate Home Gym Building Advice in India

Buy only what you need. Try not to buy gym equipment that you are going to use for only one workout. 

The exception is the pull-up bar. You need it.

No Nonsense Supplements and Diet to Support Your Home Gym Workouts

Top Workouts to Do at Home

  • Push-ups
  • Pull up
  • Squats (Both legs, Single Legs)
  • Deadlift (Both legs, Single Legs)
  • Jog
  • lunges
  • Burpee
  • All Planks

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Home Gym India – Your ultimate guide on Creating a Perfect Home Gym
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