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Best Weight lifting belt India + Powerlifting leather lever belt in India to keep your spine happy!

The best weight lifting belt in India is the USI gym belt heavy 790PLH. It is made of strong leather, double stitched, and really gives you a sense of security and durability. The feel on your core is assured that nothing will go wrong with your PR attempts. It is a must-have security gym equipment for serious weight lifters in their home gym.

Back in the day when I used to visit the local gym, they had one or two back support weight lifting belts.

I believe it was Aurion gym belt. It was a leather gym belt but, as with all leather, it was worn out.

Weight Lifting Belt India

Back then, I did not know how to use the gym belt at all.

And many gym bros will simply misguide the newbies like me saying that it is for the weak. Strong people do not use weight-lifting belts. Lol.

Why that belt was worn out? Who uses this leather lever belt?

Answer below!

There were few people who were lifting 100 kg plus with the only squat rack in the gym. They needed this gym belt to be safe.

But do you need it?

Now I knew why and how to use a weight-lifting belt for strength training, then I realized I could have supported my back more with a weight-lifting belt and do my workout more safely.

If safety is your priority, then you should consider a power rack and a weight-lifting belt.

Here I would like to present a list of the best weight-lifting belts in India. In India, weight-lifting belts are more commonly known as gym belts.

Some popular manufacturers are USI, Aurion, NIVIA, KOBO etc. Apart from leather, there are also gym belts that are made of rubber and polyester.

Top List Of Best Power Lifting Belts, India

Best WeightLifting Belt in India
Best Budget Gym Belt in India
Weightlifting Belts Best Use Cases
USI gym belt – Powerlifting – 790PLH Professional gym belt
Kobo WTB-08 Leather Power Lifting Lever Belt Professional gym belt
Kobo WTB-05 Leather Power Weight Lifting Belt Overall Gym Training
MuscleXP Leather Weight Lifting Gym Belt
Budget gym belt for home use
Aurion Genuine Leather Pro Weight Lifting Belt Good substitute of lever lifting belts
XTRIM Weightlifting Gym Belt Decent low-cost Gym belt
NIVIA Gym belt
Only for recreational purposes
Amazon Basics Weight Lifting Belt India Beginner gym belt

Are these gem belts costly? Price comparison chart of Gym belts India, 2023

Weight Lifting Belt India
All prices were last updated on May, 2023 as per Indian online stores

Is a weightlifting belt worth it?

A weightlifting belt can be a great investment for those looking to improve their performance in the gym.

It reduces stress on the lower back, prevents back hyperextension during overhead lifts, and can even improve your performance on key lifts like the squat and deadlift.

The belt is designed to increase intra-abdominal pressure, which acts as a brace for your spine and helps you lift heavier weights without risking injury.

This 1992 study done on 8 male subjects confirms that a weight-lifting belt stabilizes the trunk and can reduce the shrinkage on the spine.

Furthermore, it can also help with maintaining proper posture and form when lifting heavy weights.

If you’re serious about becoming stronger, then a weightlifting belt may be worth investing in.

However, make sure that you use it properly and don’t use it as a crutch, as this could lead to unnecessary injuries.

Why wear a weight-lifting belt?

The core weight lifting belt benefit is that it will keep your spine braced, and it might help you with improving your performance during weight training.

Especially heavy spine bearing load like in squats.

This 2001 study tells that the lifting belts have been shown to increase speed and power during heavy squats.

But what is a heavy squat?
If you are lifting more than your body weight, then it is a heavy squat for you. For example, if I weigh 60 kg, and I am attempting a 60 kg or 65 kg squat then to increase my chances of well-being I should wear a weight lifting belt. But do note, these belts do not prevent injuries.

Are weight-lifting belts necessary?

If you are doing all machine work or using dumbbell workouts or dumbbell conditioning, then a belt is useless for you.

But if you are doing your 1 rep max with more than your body weight, say 1.5x of your body weight, then a gym belt is necessary.

To be honest, if you are not a pro or gonna be a pro then you do not need weight-lifting belts.

I would go out a limb and say, home gym owners should not attempt to lift more than their body weight. But if you have spotters/help nearby, you are experienced, have a power rack then by all means crush those weights.

But wear a gym belt then.

Also, if you are a newbie and want to start lifting heavy then you can use a low-cost weight training belt to learn how to brace your core for those heavy lifts.

What does a weightlifting belt help with?

A weight lifting belt works by increasing your intra-abdominal pressure, so your spine stays safe when you are lifting heavy.

As per this 1989 study, the belts may reduce the compression force on your spine and should improve safety and a leather belt helps with increasing intra-abdominal pressure or known as valsalva maneuver.

In another study done in 1992, May tells us that IAP (intra-abdominal pressure) increased by 25%-40% if compared with without belt scenario.

This bracing of your core gives your nimble spine some rigidness and some stability.

This creates enough tension in your core to lift weights 1.5-2x or even more.

A gym belt will reduce stress on your lower back and will prevent hyperextension. This is crucial when you are doing an overhead press.

A weight lifting belt should help you with lifts like squats, deadlifts, overhead presses, clean, jerk, and clean and press.

Do weight-lifting belts help lift more?

Well, these belts will not help you lift more weight, but you can lift weight safely with them.

 A 2022 study recommends weightlifting belts even for recreational weightlifters. In their study, they found that belts and wrist straps improve the time needed for deadlifting and decrease perceived exertion.

Thus, only for this reason, I would recommend gym belts to home gym users. Maybe they can do some more lifts with one.

Now, wearing a lifting belt is not bad, but it will feel weird. And if you are a new lifter then it could be better if you are using your core more, not relying on other supportive items.

Can weight-lifting belts make you stronger?

Well Well
I think if you can squeeze out a few more reps in good form with your heavy lifts, then these belts might make you stronger. You might have noticed Olympic lifters at big stages wear belts if they are lifting way more than what they usually do.

Which is the Best brand for weightlifting belts in India?

As far as I can see USI and KOBO makes the best weight-lifting belt in India.

They have tons of options, they have a lever, prong, and velcro options as well.

⁣ the best Powerlifting and weightlifting belts India [Review]

USI gym belt – Powerlifting – 790PLH

Our Rating: 10/10

Top Use Case: Professional gym belt

USI gym belt – Powerlifting – 790PLH

This is a very tough product, even can be used in a commercial gym. 

An usi gym belt that you can treasure for a long time.

And as you can understand the breaking period will be longer, but I am sure you will be 100% safer.

Positives of 790PLH

  • Professional build quality and can be used for competition.
  • A double prong with a belt-like buckling system ensures that the belt is not hanging out.
  • There is a light version, a heavy version, and a Tiranga version available of this belt.
  • The light model is 6 mm thick and this heavy version is 11 mm thick.
  • This heavy version, sturdy and will last for a lifetime. You will find it hard to break in as well.
  • I love USI products in general and this belt also beef up their quality once again.
  • It will increase your confidence as well—the feel on your core is assuring that nothing will go wrong with your PR attempts.
  • If you are lifting heavy in your home gym, then this is a must-have security gym equipment that you should have.

Negatives of 790PLH

  • Needs time for break-in!

Why Should you buy this!

A 10mm thick leather-made, professional quality powerlifting belt in India. If this line makes your heart beat a little faster, than get this gym belt without a second thought. Unless your budget does not permit this.

USI gym belt heavy 790PLH is made of strong leather, double stitched, and really gives you a sense of security and durability. 

This usi gym belt is quite rigid and may leave rashes on your belly at first. And that rigidity will give you extra confidence that your back is safe. 

USI themselves mention this is for powerlifting, mainly the lifts like squats, and deadlifts. You can wear it when doing other workouts also. 

Deadlifting with gym belt

A main use of a gym belt is to allow you to brace your core so that your lower back is safe. And this belt gets 10/10 marks on that.

There are some issues with correct sizing, but I would say always measure around your naval. 

It is a not regular belt. If your waist size is 36 then you can go for M and if your waist size is around 30 then got for S. And also check for the entire length of this USI gym belt while buying.

USI Tiranga gym belt
Look at the leather quality and built structure. Run a tank over this USI 790PLH and it will still be okay!

Top Features of

  • An amazing collection-worthy custom weight lifting belt in India.
  • 10 mm thickness with 100 mm width. Complete back support while doing powerlifting.
  • Non-slip leather so that it sticks to your body for optimum support.
  • Comes with closed gap hook holes for best fit.
  • Heavy-duty material used with nylon thread.
  • Strong material that does not buckle.
  • Since this one is a premium usi gym belt – the cost is higher and the material is also better than other usi gym belts.

[If you have a patriotic bone in your body you might want to try the tricolor version]

Best Weight lifting belt India + Powerlifting belts 1The USI Tiranga powerlifting belt is an amazing gym belt. 

This is a limited-edition powerlifting belt in India. It is a tricolor like our own national flag. 

Being a patriotic person, I could not ignore it at all. Here it is, in its all glory. Apart from the tricolor, it is also made as an Indian product.

And just not the color, it is a beast when it comes to back support weight lifting belts for powerlifting.

Kobo WTB-08 Leather Lever Lifting Belt

Our Rating: 10/10

Top Use Case: Professional gym belt with lever buckle

Kobo WTB-08 Leather Power Lifting Lever Belt

KOBO WTB-08 leather belt is a premium-looking sturdy leather belt that has a lever buckling system.

You will never struggle to buckle up this belt and delay your 1 rep max anymore. 

Just shut the lever and you are ready to crush the weight.

Positives of WTB-08

  • The lever is the star of the show here, just set it up once with a screwdriver and it will work as expected.
  • This is a thick leather belt of 8 mm—10 mm and 4 mm width that will suit your powerlifting style. O..heavy squats, I do not fear you anymore!
  • Indian powerlifting federation approved specifications. So can be used in competitions.
  • Creates good bracing and abdominal pressure so your spine and back are safe.
    KOBOI WTB8 leather belt for gym sizes
  • The lever belt is straight, so powerlifters and bodybuilders can use it. This design also has one logo of KOBO thus the appearance is very pleasing and professional.
  • This is a thin belt, so it is very rigid, be sure to roll it to make it suitable. The heavy-duty stitches are what hold the belt together. And this gym belt will surely be usable for years to come.
  • It has a faux leather lining inside, so it does slip from your mid-lift. Thus, the belt remains comfortable and usable in the long run.

Negatives of WTB-08

  • Once setup – only you can use this lever belt. Unless you want to unscrew the steel lever.
  • The cost is high enough to stop simple home gym owners. This belt often does not aim to home gym owners as well.

Why Should you buy this?

If you do weightlifting competitions, and regularly lift 1.5X of your body weight then you should get this leather belt. This lever system is made from steel thus it will keep you company for a long time.

While the break-in period is long but it tells me that this weight-lifting belt is here to stay.

Unless it gets stolen, you can easily workout with it for 10 years! and do the heavy lifting all the way!

Silent features of this lever belt

Kobo WTB-08 Leather Power Lifting Lever Belt red color in hand

Top Features of

  • Awesome lever locking system that snaps in.
  • A double-stitched leather belt that is rigid and thick at 10 mm.
  • Professional level competition belt.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Steel lever buckling system.

Kobo WTB-05 Leather Power Weight Lifting Belt

Our Rating: 9/10

Top Use Case: Overall Gym Training

Kobo WTB-05 Leather Power Weight Lifting Belt

If you want something not so pro level but yet reliable then KOBO has your back.

This is the WTB-05 leather belt with a double-prong buckle.

You can use this for your powerlifting sessions where it can provide your great support to your lower back during deadlifts, squats etc.

Positives of WTB-05

  • This kobo gym belt is 10 mm thick and 4 mm wide. The solid material and build of this gym belt make it really easy to go heavy on all exercises without any worries. 
  • Indian powerlifting federation approved specifications.
  • There are no soft pads on the back and the strong leather may leave some mark on your skin, but that is worth the strength you can gain with this gym belt.
  •  Generally, the size runs a little short, you might have to buy and return 2 times to get the size right.
    push your limits
  • Some might complain that the leather-made kobo gym belt is too hard, well it is meant to be. It will soften a bit with repeated usage, but it is meant to be hard.
  • The width is standard 4 inches and the thickness is 10 mm. 
  • The double prong system is not fast but is steel solid—it will not go anywhere from your waist.
  • Suede leather on both sides helps with positioning the belt and does not slip.
  • People using this belt are really happy, It is a value-for-money gym support equipment that you can buy!

Negatives of WTB-05

  • The brand name covers the entire back, many do not like this.

Why Should you buy this?

This kobo gym belt is my second-best choice after the USI gym belt if I am thinking of belts under 3k.  It is also a 10 mm thick weight-lifting belt. 

Looks and feels really durable, this kobo gym belt is lower priced than the no 1 weight lifting belt in India but still a great choice for serious weight lifters.

The belt quality, durability easily makes it one of the best gym lifting belt in India.

Kobo WTB-05 Leather Power Weight Lifting Belt 10 mm Thick, 4 Inches Wide

Top Features

  • Double-prong steel buckle.
  • Rigid leather made 10 mm thick and 4 inches wide weightlifting belt.
  • Has minimal branding.
  • Wide range of sizes from Small (22″-29″), Medium (24″-33″), Large (27″-37″), X-Large (33″-43″)

MuscleXP Leather Weight Lifting Gym Belt, Black

Our Rating: 7/10

Top Use Case: Overall Gym Training

MuscleXP Leather Weight Lifting Gym Belt, Black

If you are after a weightlifting belt and want the tapered design then this MuslceXP belt is suitable for beginners.

This is not costly and works pretty well!

I can imagine being a beginner lifting and wanting to scale your weight but being unable to since you fear injury.

But this leather lifting belt will solve it all.

Positives of MuscleXP gym belt

  • Leather construction and available in different sizes.
  • It is a double-prong buckle, so it will be a very tight fit.
  • It has many adjustment options, so you can adjust as per your waist.
  • The wide back will help your low back and the thin front belt will not get in your way when you are doing squat clean.
  • The buckle seems to be made from metal, but it can get rust, I assume.
  • If you are just starting out, you can easily use this belt for cross-training. It will not hamper your range of motion in any way.
  • This belt for budget seekers will help newbies to get into correct position and can work as a squat belt to teach you the techniques.

Negatives of MuscleXP gym belt

  • Some people complain about rust – in this case I think a local cobbler can source you with a double prong buckle?

Why Should you buy this?

If you are a budding weight lifter then this budget leather belt is suitable for you. It should be easy to break in and use this belt whenever you want to do some cleans, jerks etc.

MuscleXP sufficient length gym belt
Best Weight lifting belt India + Powerlifting belts 2

Aurion Genuine Leather WeightLifting Belt for Men and Women

Our Rating: 10/10

Top Use Case: You will not miss lever lifting belts

Aurion Genuine Leather WeightLifting Belt for Men and Women

Positives of Aurion Leather belt

  • Double stitched genuine leather, this is a hard leather that will take some time to break in. I am sure you will have fun doing it.
  • It seems to have layers of suede at the back, so it tries to be comfortable to your skin.
  • Since the Indian powerlifting federation approves the specifications used in this belt design, you can do competitions too.
  • Dual prong design made with alloy steel. This ensures that you get a good fit and no rust on the buckles.
  • There is a 4 mm leather thickness with 4 inches of width. Inside the leather belt, there is some foam padding for your back.
  • Under 1k INR this is the most durable leather belt with a double-prong system that you can buy!
  • The colors of Aurion gym belt are awesome and nothing looks cheap. All of their variants are premium-looking and classy.

Negatives of Aurion Leather belt

  • The thickness could have been better. The 4 mm thickness is good for beginners, but for serious weight lifters, they should consider around 10 or 13-millimeter belt.

Why Should you buy this!

Aurion gym belt is a budget leather gym belt in India. And Aurion gym belt is one of the best gym belt in sub-1000 INR range. This weight-lifting belt is 4 inch wide, thickness is around 6m only.

Aurion gym belt is a budget weight-lifting belt in India.

It is not very thick, nor made of actual leather. This gym belt manufacturer made this with artificial leather.

Like with all other gym belts, there are some issues with proper waist size, generally for Aurion gym belt xl size will fit a waist size 34.

Since this aurion weight-lifting belt is made of artificial leather it is available in leather looking at multiple colors like grey, maroon etc.

Aurion gym belt could be a good choice for people working out at home with their budget power cage gym.

Aurion gym belt sizes

What I think!

Aurion weight lifter belt works magic on your core when lifting heavy!

Weight belts are an all-around weightlifting belts. Sturdy and strong, made of genuine leather with steel clips. 

You will feel safe under heavy loads

They have multiple colors available as well.

I might go with olive green or maroon for myself!

Specially designed for maximum stability. A perfect addition to an efficient weightlifting routine.

XTRIM Weightlifting Gym Belt with Double Metal Prong For Fitness Workout

Our Rating: 9/10

Top Use Case: Decent Low-cost gym belt

XTRIM Weightlifting Gym Belt with Double Metal Prong For Fitness Workout

Positives of Xtrim Belt

  • Made from real leather with 4 inches width and 8 mm thickness.
  • Double stitched and have some softness to it for your back support.
  • The buckle is made with double prongs so they fit really well.
  • Once fit, the belt does not slip, it has a good fit.
  • Many intermediate lifters use this belt for practice. It works well and is somewhat soft so easy to break in.
  • Budget users are often surprised to see the quality and suggest buying this Xtrim belt at a low cost while they are practicing.

Negatives of Xtrim Belt

  • Some people found some rust on the buckles.

Why Should you buy this!

The thickness of Xtrim belt is 8mm and it perfectly fits the mid-range of weight-lifting belts in India.

If you are wearing this belt then you must be hitting 100 kg in squats – not for professional powerlifters but for fitness enthusiasts, this would do. 

Many do recommend this gym belt in India over than kobo gym belt or USI gym belt as they did not like the thickness of 10mm.

And keep in mind you might need a power rack o/ Smith machine or an adjustable gym bench.

XTRIM Weightlifting Gym Belt benefits

What I think!

The XTRIM weightlifting gym belt is made from leather and has a shiny finish to it. It is available in three colors and the 8 mm thick belt is great to use for heavy lifts.

Best Weight lifting belt India + Powerlifting belts 3
Quality product for a beginner lifter

NIVIA Gym belt – Nylon Made – Freesize

Our Rating: 5/10

Top Use Case: Only for recreational purposes

NIVIA Gym belt – Nylon Made – Freesize

Positives of NIVIA Belt

  • This is really low cost, thus in your home gym you can use it to learn to breathe and brace.
  • The tapered design is also good for learning Olympic lifts in it.
  • And the back side is around 8 inch tall so it will cover your entire lumbar back and provide support.

Negatives of NIVIA Belt

  • Do not do any heavy lifts! But use for learning only.

Why Should you buy this!

The thickness of Xtrim belt is 8mm and it perfectly fits the mid-range of weight-lifting belts in India.

If you are wearing this belt then you must be hitting 100 kg in squats – not for professional powerlifters but for fitness enthusiasts, this would do. 

Many do recommend this gym belt in India over than kobo gym belt or USI gym belt as they did not like the thickness of 10mm.

And keep in mind you might need a power rack o/ Smith machine or an adjustable gym bench.

Nivia gym belt with long velcro strap

What I think!

If you just want a belt to hone your skills at bracing techniques and breathing then this low-cost Nivia belt is for you!

Amazon Basics Weight Lifting Belt India

Our Rating: 5/10

Top Use Case: Beginner focused

Amazon Basics Weight Lifting Belt India

Positives of Amazon Basics Belt

  • Made with PU leather and microfiber, this is a decent gym belt for beginners.
  • Since it is a tapered belt, you can use it for an Olympic lift without any obstruction.
  • The front is 4 inches wide, and the back is 6 inches wide, covering your lumber area.
  • Has a double-prong system to make your fit tight and stable.
  • A key feature of this gym belt would be the huge back support, it is wide enough to provide comfort (padded). This weight-lifting belt is Ideal for bodybuilding and home gym users. 115 by 15.2 by 0.76 cm (LxWxH; large) with 1 year warranty.

Negatives of Amazon Basics Belt

  • Be careful, since it is a PU belt. It might break easily, so I would not try to soften it up! Definately not for heavy loads.

Why Should you buy this!

A 6 inch Amazon basics branded weight lifting belt anyone? At a glance a 6 inch gym belt is not for pro level powerlifting. 

But it is tremendously suited for gym lovers who would want to push a little more into their PR of squats and deadlifts. 

But don’t get your hopes up, not leather made, it is made of faux leather. But still durable.

There are mixed reviews for this gym belt, for some it is comfortable and for some, it is not.

I was quite surprised to see this brand selling gym belts, as well as hex dumbell sets.

Should you really get a custom weight training belt?

custom anime themed gym belt

Personalized Weightlifting Belts look nice but if the underneath material or the raw material of the fitness belts is shi*t then the belt is shi*t too.

But if you happen to meet a supplier of lever gym belt or double-prong power belts who can customise them for you, then go for them.

If KOBO tells me that they can customize their level lifting belts – then I would make them an anime gym belt for me.

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