Best outdoor bicycle for exercise in India

Tired of sitting at home on the exercise bike you bought? Many do like to just site on their spinning bike to lose weight or to increase their quad muscle strength. But some people also love to enjoy the roads, meeting people and the take in all the fresh air. For exercise bikes weather if you are looking for the best exercise cycle in India or for the best outdoor bicycle for exercise in India, it does not matter much. What matters is what you prefer. If you love the road then stick around while we discuss more!

Best Outdoor Bicycle For Exercise In India

Best Outdoor Bicycle For Exercise In India


Pick Hybrid Bikes

Pick hybrid bikes for as an all rounder when it comes to the best outdoor cycle for exercise in India. Especially if you do not live in mountain areas/ have daily requirements of going up or downhill and too much dirt or sand to ride on.

Hybrid bikes provide an all rounder solution and great budget option as a outdoor bicycle for exercise in India.

Best Choice is Gear bikes

But overall the best choice is a gear cycle. Now the gear cycle will not make you faster or more capable or fit than riding a usual single gear hybrid cycle. But a gear cycle will make it easier to climb up a hill, or cycling on uneven roads for longer.

So if you plan on riding your outdoor bicycle for a longer period of time and not get fatigued, then pick a geared bicycle. Generally you will pick road bikes not mountain bikes as geared bicycle.

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Geared vs Gear less cycle

Geared: Easier to climb up hills and decent down using the gears.

Gear less: Needs much more effort to climb up hill and descent.

For best outdoor bicycle for exercise: With a gear less cycle or fixie you would need to put much more effort, meaning your thigh muscles will work more and you will burn more calories. But riding down hill with a gear less cycle is a big no.

If you are after strong leg muscles and want to burn much more calories then pick gear less cycles. 

In my personal opinion I would even say that old school hero cycles would do you great if you are after riding hard. And you want to spend as much as possible. But do not get this if your area has many hills and too many uneven roads.

Will the outdoor bicycle for exercise in India will burn calories?

A leisurely bike ride may cost you around 200-300 calories. And if you are climbing up the hill or really pushing through the speed barrier then you can burn almost 600-800 calories. If you are after weight loss then you should also check on your diet and calorie intake.

[Review] Best outdoor bicycle for exercise in India

Hercules Top Speed-FX100 26T Single Speed Adult Cycle

Ah! Hercules, I still ride my hercules captain and I got my old hercules model stolen/exchanged when I was in class 10 🙁 

The FX-100 bike is more suitable to short people of under 5.5 feet. It is a sturdy city bicycle which operates a single gear system. It is made for flat surface and city riding. It is one of our budget and best choices when it comes to outdoor bicycles for exercise in India.

Apart from the look there is nothing on this cycle (FX100) that says it is for sport but yet I would recommend for city purposes you start with this one.

Top features of Hercules FX100

  • Tyre Size : 26 inches | Frame Size : 17 Inches
  • Front Brake and rear brake : V-Brake
  • Front Suspension
  • Single gear, Single speed
  • Steel frame

You do not get the bell, carrier, basket, reflectors etc.

Another of my recommendations as the best outdoor cycle for exercise in India is the big bold DTS DTT bicycle. It is strictly for adults and suitable for heights from 5 feet 5 inches. The braking system is old school too with centre and side pull system.

  • Frame height is 22 inch and 24 inch.
  • Completely steel frame with double top bar.
  • Classic chrome handle design.

DTS DTT outdoor bicycle is a hybrid and can be used for any terrain but suitable for city rides. This is one classic model that has served people for their entire life time. Highly durable and very low on maintenance. 

It can be your perfect outdoor cycle for exercise.

Since it is single gear and heavy in nature, uphill rides are not recommended as it will put a lot of pressure on your knees and you will get tired quickly.

TATA Stryder I Ride Model- MTB Speed Bicycle

This single speed, single geared cycle is suitable for people with heights from 4 feet 7 inch. The wheel is 26 inches and has 19 inch steel frame to support it.

These road bikes are low in maintenance, and it is stylish too. Unlike the hercules DTS model which is quite heavy it is fairly lightweight. 

You do not get any tool kit to assemble this at home rather you can take it to the nearest cycle shop.

Omobikes 1.0 Light weight Hybrid Cycle

Omobikes quickly appeared at the top position due to their top notch design, colors and quality. They do have geared and non geared versions of outdoor cycles at different price points.

If you are looking forward to stand out in the crowd then omobikes are for you. There are some assembling videos on Youtube so it is easy to set it up too.

The cycle has a very lightweight frame of only 12.9 kg and minimum height supported is 5 feet 2 inches. The steel frame in this outdoor cycle has weight support of 95 kgs. Tires have a good grip and are suitable for city roads.

Firefox Bikes Flipflop 26T Hybrid Bike

Firefox is a popular sporty bike brand in India and this is their very popular hybrid bike which you can comfortably use as an outdoor bicycle for exercise. 

The frame is 55cms steel hybrid and there is no suspension. Crankset is 17 cm alloy. The wheel is alloy made with blue colored rims. The tires is 700*25c. Tire size is 26 inches. The brakes are not much special, it is the usual caliper brake.

You do not get any mudguard or carrier. But you do get a toolkit to set your cycle up. But yo get reflectors so at night cars and motorbikes will see you easily.

Omobikes Model 1.7 Cross Country Bike

Unlike the other omobike this 1.7 cross country bike has 7 speed shimano gear. Lightweight frame: 13.9 kg. The frame is made of steel and suitable for people with heights from 5feet 2 inch to 6 feet. 

The frame has a 2 years warranty and this is an excellent road bike for exercise.

Since this has a gear, going up hill and down hill is easy and you can ride fairly longer than fixed speed  cycles.

You get bell, stylish mudguards, stand, lock and assembly tools with each omobikes.

Buying Guide to get the best outdoor bicycle for exercise in India

Buying Guide To Get The Best Outdoor Bicycle For Exercise In India

Chose outdoor bicycle for exercise as per terrain

City street with flat roads:
If you live in a city and with general usages you want to cycle for 10-29 km per day for workout or exercise purposes then a hybrid cycle would do. You will not even need a geared version if you are in for a workout and live in the city. This advice is my opinion and for people who live in flat ground areas and in the city. 

Hill Areas:
If you live in a hilly area – then it is unnecessary to get hybrid bikes with single gear. It can work though but you will put unnecessary pressure on joints and muscles when going uphill. Geared cycles are better when utilising most your energy when going up hill and depending on your gear settings can help you go down the hill safer.
Mountain/ Jungle roads: Get fat tire outdoor cycles. Fat tires provide great grip and are built for these areas only. The fat tires do not work well in city streets. 


If you have a budget under 5000 INR then stick with traditional cycles as the best outdoor cycle for exercise in India. Do not lean on geared cycles those are of low quality if available under 5k. Regular city bikes with fixed gear is your friend here.
Above 5k you can choose geared bikes, mid budget gear cycles work best in the city. For mountain or trail riding pick up something more reputable and costly

Body weight

If you are under 100kgs, then any bike be it carbon fiber, steel it will all work. If you are above 120kgs then you have to search more and consult with bicycle makers and shop owners.

Body weight

If you are under 100kgs, then any bike be it carbon fiber, steel it will all work. If you are above 120kgs then you have to search more and consult with bicycle makers and shop owners.


Do you live in areas which have long open roads? Get a hybrid bike, even a gear bike if you can really speed up.
Do live in areas where there are many turns, traffic and not enough open roads, get a hybrid outdoor bicycle.
If you live in rural areas where road quality is not enough then get a fat tire bike.

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