Best yoga mat in India for Home Use

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Firstly exercise mats and yoga mats are different. Exercise mats are meant to be used with shoes where the Yoga mats are intended to be used with bare feet.

No matter the best yoga mat in India it should be handled with care.

Yoga mats in India are available in various sizes with different thickness, I have discussed almost all the possibilities below! And also added a yoga mat buying guide.

The Best Yoga mats in India are those which are long lasting, provide comfort while doing Asana and do not slip.

Thick Yoga Mat Choice

Widest Yoga Mat

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Best yoga Mat thickness for you?

Sore Today, Strong Tomorrow!

Best Yoga Mat in India

Yoga Mats In IndiaYoga Mat BrandOur Opinion
Kobo yoga mat 15mmKOBOBest thick yoga mat India
Qatalyze TPE Yoga MatQatalyzeYoga mat in India extra wide with great traction
Boldfit Yoga MatBoldfitBest yoga mat for men
Dr trust yoga matDr trustBest yoga mattress for women
AmazonBasics 13mm Extra Thick Yoga MatAmazonBasicsBest yoga mat India under 1000
VIFITKIT® Yoga Mat Anti Skid EVA Yoga mat with BagVIFITKIT®Best yoga mat India under 500
Strauss Yoga Mat (TPE Dual Layer)StraussBest tpe yoga mat in India
JURU Mandala Eco friendly Cork Yoga MatJURUBest cork yoga mat India
Vellora yoga matVelloraBest yoga mat for beginners India
HealthHike™ Handloom Eco-Friendly Cotton Yoga MatHealthHikeBest eco friendly yoga mat India
Arka Cotton Yoga Mat HandloomArkaBest cotton yoga mat India (handmade)
Montisa Geometric Beach Yoga Mat (36 X 80 Inches)MontisaBest yoga mat India extra long (7 feet)
Yoga Land Kid’s MatYoga LandBest yoga mat for kids
Bodyband yoga matBodybandYoga Kit
Officeforce Yoga MatOfficeforceBest Yoga Mat 8mm with good grip
OJS Anti Skid Yoga matOJSBest Yoga Mat 6mm

List is not in an order of from best to worst, check my opinion column to understand why this item is on this list.

Most of the Yoga mats in this list are proudly Made in India.

Best Yoga Mat Brands

best yoga mat India
  1. KOBO
  2. Qatalyze
  3. AmazonBasics
  4. Strauss
  5. Arka
  6. Montisa
  7. JURU
  8. Bodyband
  9. Vellora
  10. HealthHike™
  11. Dr trust
  12. Boldfit
  14. Yoga Land
  15. Officeforce
  16. OJS

These are my favourite yoga mat brands in order of my preference. I have chosen these best yoga mat brands as per their thickness, durability and gripping power and Eco-friendliness.

Top 4 factors to choose Yoga mats!

Firstly the mat selection will depend on what type of yoga you do. If you do Hatha yoga then you do not need thick or grippy yoga mats, usual yoga mats would do. But if you are going to do handstands, Ashtanga, Shirshasan then you would need a thick mat with a lot of grip on the floor. And for spiritual yoga practice you also do not need thick yoga mats. You might like cotton yoga mats for this.

Different Yoga Styles/ Yoga Asanas

Kundalini Yoga: A physical yet a spiritual yoga style with chanting and even singing.

Vinyasa Yoga: Also known as flow yoga with lot movement and many are related to stretching.

Hatha Yoga: a mix of Asana, Pranayama, meditation. Great for beginners.

Ashtanga Yoga: A routine of six series of yoga poses, physical yet spiritual yoga style where sessions could be 90 minutes long.

Yin Yoga: Good yoga style for stretching and a slow style of Yoga. Good for recovery.

Iyengar Yoga: A more classical form of Yoga with detailed instructions.

Bikram Yoga: A hot yoga with rules, routines and physical practice.

Power Yoga: Similar to Ashtanga yoga style but less rules. Can be used to strengthen your muscles. 

Sivananda Yoga: A more spiritual form of Yoga.

Restorative Yoga: A yoga to make you feel more relaxed, reduce stress.

Prenatal Yoga: A yoga style for new moms and moms to be.

Aerial Yoga: Traditional yoga styles with a hammock?

Acro yoga: Good for couples.

 Type of Yoga will help you determine the ideal Yoga mat

  • For Kundalini, acro, Yin, Aerial, restorative, sivananda yoga style you can go with lower thickness and less grippy material.
  • For Hatha yoga you would need a comfortable yoga mat.
  • For rest of them like Ashtanga, Iyengar, Bikram, Power yoga etc you should go with extra thick yoga mat in India.


PVC, Foam, TPE are the most common materials for yoga mats. You can also use cotton jute. Although note that eco friendly yoga mats are not good for gripping power but these are comfortable.  Check material used for yoga mats to know more on this in detail.

If you are allergic to latex then do not buy rubber mats. In that case you can switch to cotton or jute material.

Depending on the material used, the durability and prices of these mats fluctuate. PVC mats are usually sold at low price and natural material yoga mats are sold at higher priced. In middle ground you will find NBR mats.


  • 6 mm and above: protects knees and elbows and other parts that touch the ground. These are heavy and thick. The extra cushioning is great for protecting your knees and with sticky yoga mats you can do some aerobic exercies too.
  • 4 mm – 5 mm: Good yoga poses and slower yoga styles.
  • 2mm – 3mm: Good for Restorative Yoga and good for all spiritual styles of yoga.


A good size yoga mat is around 6 feet long and 2 feet wide. You can try and look for longer and wider Yoga mats but most Yoga mats in India are of this size.

But smaller and lightweight mats for yoga are most ideal yoga mat for carrying for your yoga classes!

Best yoga mat India review



Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. Premium clothing material used on the top and a thick sticky rubber is used at the bottom.
  2. The yoga mat does not slip even if you jump on it.
  3. Sanglobal yoga mat some type of foam inside so it is soft to touch and sit on it.

Why Should You Buy this?

This cotton-based anti-slip yoga mat is one of the costliest yoga mats in India.

But this is also the best yoga mat that I have come across. This yoga mat did not slip while I was doing burpees on it and the upper material is very soft for doing yoga asanas as well.

If you are after a premium yoga mat, then this yoga mat is a must-buy!

This is the best yoga mat that I have personally used. And I have other mats as well.

This SANGLOBAL yoga mat is one of the premium yoga mat that you can buy online. And that high price justifies the quality that it brings.

Top Features:

  • Soft cotton upper material.
  • The cotton yoga mat is about 6 feet long, 2 feet wide and 1 inch height.
  • The anti slip rubber at the bottom is great and does not move while you workout on the mat.
  • Washable
  • Biodegradable
  • Comes with a cloth made carrying bag.

  • Even if the material is soft, it is durable as per my use.
  • The yoga mat is really long as 6 feet and makes it very easy to workouts.
  • The rubber at the backside of the yoga mat has a sticky feel. The yoga mat on the floor does not slip at all even if you jump on it.
  • Since the yoga mat is made with rubber and cotton-like material, you can wash it easily. But not with the washing machine.
  • The whole yoga mat is biodegradable.
  • The rubber used is very high quality and this makes the yoga mat very heavy as well.

  • The yoga mat is very costly and is one of the costliest in India.
  • The yoga carries case it came with does not feel durable like the yoga mat itself.

Kobo yoga mat 15mm

Kobo NBR Athletica Yoga Mat- Multi-use Thick Exercise yoga mat

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. Some users have reported poor quality, including cracking, stretching, and tearing after short periods of use.
  2. Several users did not receive the carrying strap that is advertised with the product, and some have had trouble getting replacements or refunds from the seller.
  3. Users have praised the product’s softness, ease of cleaning, non-slip properties, and overall quality.
Kobo yoga mat 15mm

Final Verdict:  Buy this KOBO NBR mat only if you want the thickest yoga mat otherwise you can look at boldfit or Qatalyze mats. And with this kobo mat you can not move around as it will be very heavy.

KOBO is a known fitness equipment maker and I really like this NBR material made yoga mat.

Since it is NBR material it is somewhat eco-friendly and durable. The key feature for which you should get this yoga mat is the thickness. So far this is the thickest yoga mat in India at 15mm.

It has a width of 2 feet and 6 feet of length.

This is a great thick yoga mat to do yoga that requires you to put your knees, wrists on the ground. It provides maximum cushioning to your hands, back, knees.

Also this mat is highly durable and may not show any sign of wear and tear for a long time.

The NBR kobo mat does not slip and it is waterproof. And this is latex free and non toxic.

Comes with a carry strap which seems durable and hopefully will last as long as this 15mm thick mat does.

As per KOBO they recommend to clean this mat using warm water, a damp cloth and non-oil based soap.


  • Non toxic
  • Durable
  • Really thick. Much thickerm at than other yoga mats for yoga practice.
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be used for push up, sit ups, hatha yoga, prenatal yoga, pilates, restorative yoga and more.
  • Anti-slip material.
  • Comes with a carrying strap


  • Some users have reported that the mat has a strong or unpleasant smell, possibly due to chemicals used in manufacturing.
  • Some users have reported that the mat has a strong or unpleasant smell, possibly due to chemicals used in manufacturing.

Qatalyze TPE Yoga Mat

Qatalyze yoga mat

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. The mat has good gripping on the ground, making it slip-resistant and safe for use.
  2. Reviewers appreciated the design of the mat, including the textured surface and the color options.
  3. The mat is wider than regular mats, providing more space for hands and legs to stay comfortable during exercises.
Qatalyze TPE Yoga Mat

Final Verdict:  A great quality premium yoga mat in India that comes with its own carrying case. And the premium quality also comes with a premium price.

Ideal Yoga mat for those who also want to do some aerobic activities! This is also one of the sticky yoga mats

Qatalyze yoga mat is one of the widest yoga mat in India, it has a width of 66 cm. The total dimensions of the TPE yoga mats are 183cmx66cmx8mm. Also in terms of quality this is one of the best yoga mat in India.

It also comes with a premium carry case but the thickness of 8mm makes the yoga mat heavy.

The front of the mat has laser engraved 3000 anti-skid lines and the back of the mat has wavy anti-skid pattern. This ensures that this yoga mat will not slip when you are on it. And this TPE yoga mat in India is suitable for all types of even floors.

I like the thickness of 8 mm of the mat, this can protect the knees and other joints while doing yoga practice. It is also comfortable to sit on this mat.

Most of the brands have 61 cm wide mats but this one is 66 cm, the extra width is useful sometimes.

This TPE yoga mat by Qatalyze has a moisture resistance technology which makes it easy to wash and clean and also makes it sweat resistant.

TPE is non toxic and eco-friendly material.

This Yoga mat is also non tearable, odorless and somewhat premium.


  • Extra wide.
  • Mat is made of PVC-free TPE material which is environment-friendly and recyclable. The material is durable and of good quality.
  • Durable.
  • Good grip, suitable for long yoga exercises.
  • Comes with a good carry case, which makes it easy to store and carry around.
  • Much better than a spongy NBR mat when it comes to floor grip.
  • Definitely the best tpe yoga mat in India
  • Good carrying strap to carry to your yoga sessions


  • Pricey.

Boldfit Yoga Mat

Boldfit Yoga Mats for Women and Men NBR Material

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. Good gripping on tiled floor and during suryanamaskaraas
  2. Light weight, durable and comfortable
  3. 10mm thickness provides extra comfort
Boldfit Yoga Mat

Final Verdict:  Another great product by boldfit, use this mat in home or carry for yoga classes, the thick cushion of 10mm will help your joints. A great platform to practice yoga!

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Boldfit yoga mat is for both men and women and it has a thickness of 10mm. For men I would recommend they get boldfit yoga mat/Kobo 15mm yoga mat or the Qatalyze yoga mat.

From these three, the qatalyze have extra width and have great anti-slip technology. Also it is the  costliest.

Boldfit yoga mat is not that costly but it is also not for planks or exercises that require stretching or heavy gripping power.

But for skipping and yoga poses that require balance boldfit is great and economical.

If you are a heavy guy or girl then you might consider a kobo mat as it has the highest thickness otherwise 10mm thickness is also great.

Boldfit uses NBR material so it has a spongy feeling and good for jumps and impact absorption. 

This comes with a carrying strap so you can carry it but it has a great size of 2 feet width and 6 feet of length.

For any average Indian men or women this size works but if you want longer yoga mats then look into this one – Montisa Geometric Beach Yoga Mat.

NBR material used in this boldfit mat is eco friendly and durable.

It does not absorb water or sweat and is easy to clean it off.


  • Eco-friendly
  • 10mm of thickness
  • Durable
  • NBR foam provides a good cushion for knees, elbows.
  • Waterproof.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Non toxic.
  • 2 year warranty.
  • Suitable for hot yoga session


  • Does not have much grip on the floor.
  • May stretch while doing planks etc.
  • Yoga mat can get slippery as it does not absorb sweat or water.

Dr trust yoga mat


Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. The product is a good fit for people who want to do physio exercises, but not suitable for someone who wants to do high-intensity or functional exercises.
  2. The foam is extremely soft and doesn’t make you feel the hard surface underneath at all.
Dr Trust Yoga Mat

Final Verdict: Not so sticky with marble floors but serves perfect for meditation and still yoga poses.

Dr Trust yoga mat is made with NBR and thus it has a bouncy feeling. The foam type NBR material has 0.5 inch thickness and it will be useful if you have knee, elbow, wrist pain. 

The key features of this NBR mat are, non toxic material which is also eco-friendly. And Dr trust also make sure that this mat is anti scratch and have compression resistance.

Without compression resistance the mat would change shape when under pressure.

This Dr trust yoga mat also have better grip on all types of even floors and it is sweat and water resistant.

This is great for yoga, meditation, pilates but not for rigorous weight training.

This yoga mat is also easy to clean and maintain.

Dr trust yoga mat provides a stable platform to do yoga of all kind and it has dual layer feature also. The front part is soft and provides cushioning and bak part has a pattern that sticks to the ground nicely.

Another feature is the rebound resilience which makes this Yoga mat in India more durable.

The length of this mat is 183cm and the width of the mat is 61 cm. And the weight is 1.1 kg only.

The weight makes it great to be used as a travel friendly yoga mat in India.


  • Soft material. The mat is thick and provides excellent cushioning, making it comfortable to use.
  • Non toxic
  • No odor.
  • Good non slip yoga mat for hot yoga practice, but do not do something aerobic.
  • The mat is easy to clean and can cover a good length.
  • One of the trusted and best yoga mat brand in India.


  • Not so sticky to marble floors.
  • The bag that comes with the mat is of poor quality and may not be convenient to put the mat back in.

AmazonBasics Yoga Mat (13mm Extra Thick)

AmazonBasics Yoga Mat

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. This Yoga mat is comfortable when working out barefoot; less impact on joints; durable and comes with a strap to roll up and carry over the shoulder.
  2. It is long in size and good support for tender knees and back.
  3. It can be used as a substitute for postures but not for regular use; easily tearable.
AmazonBasics 13mm Extra Thick Yoga Mat

Final Verdict: For the thickness alone I have put this mat in the category of best yoga mat under 1000 INR but the grip or traction is poor most of the time. The cushion is great but for the grip you might not like it. You may consider the VIFITKIT® Yoga Mat Anti Skid EVA Yoga mat which has multiple variants but has moderate grip. Or you can get the Qatalyze TPE Yoga Mat which has super grip on any even floor.

Apart from the kobo yoga mat amazonbasics yoga mat gives you extra thickness. It has 13mm of thickness which is enough to support knees, elbows, wrist while doing any style of yoga.

It comes with a strap and is available in multiple color.

This 13mm mat has a width of 24 inches and length of 74 inches. This mat is made with lightweight foam so it does feel soft and comfortable while using it.

This thick yoga mat has a textured surface for traction and stability. 


  • Thickness
  • Comfortable for tough to do yoga postures.


  • Not scratch proof.
  • Poor traction.
  • Becomes slightly slippery when sweating during workout/yoga.

VIFITKIT® Yoga Mat Anti Skid EVA Yoga mat with Bag

VIFITKIT® Yoga Mat Anti Skid EVA Yoga Mat With Bag

Final Verdict: The thin mat is sold under 500 usually and it is a good option to start with this and get better home gym equipment as you grow. Most budget oriented buyers should consider this.

Vitkit manufactures anti skid EVA foam mats of following thickness –

  • 3mm
  • 4mm
  • 5mm
  • 6mm
  • 8mm
  • 10mm

And depending on the thickness the price changes.

All the mats come with carry bags, anti skid technology and are water resistant.

The front part of the mat is smooth and the back part has a texture that makes it stick to the ground.

Also there is no odor and it is eco friendly. This mat is also water or sweat resistant so this can easily be cleaned with water and soap but do not use a wash machine.


  • Various thickness options available.
  • Sweat resistant, washable.
  • Durable
  • Eco friendly
  • Lightweight
  • and comes with yoga mat bag.


  • Not so soft on the top part.
  • Not scratch or tear proof.

Strauss TPE Eco Friendly Dual Layer Yoga Mat

best tpe yoga mat india
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Final Verdict: If you want a TPE mat that does not burn a hole into your pocket then you can consider this to be your Yoga mat. This is an average mat in terms of impact resistance as it has 6mm thickness. And it comes with straps but no carrying case.

Stauss TPE dual layer mat has one surface on the top and another at the bottom. 

TPE is more dense than NBR and PVC and it is also somewhat eco-friendly.

Top layer is anti-skid and there is a tear resistance mesh and then comes the ground layer. 

Top features of this mat are – anti skid, odorless, eco friendly, light weight.

Stauss also has a dynamic springback balanced decompression feature. It buffers the force that you put on the mat, reducing impact force.

The design is odour free and hypoallergenic. So there will not be a bad smell and you do not have to worry about any allergies.

The mat is designed to reduce impact but for that you actually have gym floor mats. I would not recommend doing many jumping workouts on this. This mat has a thickness of 6 mm.

This TPE yoga mat in India is not too long, it has only 68 inches of length and 24 inches of width.

The top of the yoga mat is sweat resistant and has antimicrobial properties. 

This mat has some good grip, not the best but works!


  • Dual Layer.
  • No odor
  • Anti slip
  • Durbale
  • Eco friendly


  • Weight is almost around 2 kg.

JURU Mandala Eco friendly Cork Yoga Mat

JURU Mandala Eco friendly Cork Yoga Mat

Final Verdict: If it is a stay home yoga mat and you want to feel close to nature then definitely get this cork yoga mat for you. It has more pros than cons and that should be enough to get this one for regular yoga practices.

Not many eco-friendly cork yoga mats are available in India and this one is one of the best among them. 

Cork is naturally grippy and not so light weight. This cork yoga mat is also antimicrobial and can be used in reverse as well.

This lightweight cork yoga mat comes with a strap and it is easy to roll this yoga mat.

This yoga mat is good for asanas and Yoga poses that does not require you to balance or put pressure on knees or elbows.

The thickness is 3mm and length is 6 feet and width is 2 feet.

JURU says the more you sweat the more the grip will be 🙂

JURU yoga mat may last a lifetime and are also resistant to sea water damage. And this is Made in India.


  • Earthy feeling, perfect yoga mat.
  • Great grip.
  • Does not stretch.
  • Very durable material yet eco-friendly.
  • Have a layer of submariner this repels small insects.
  • Does not grow any bacteria.
  • Washable and dries quickly.
  • One of the best non slip yoga mat in India.


  • Hard and may not be great for your joints.
  • Thin.

Vellora yoga mat

Vellora Yoga Mat

Final Verdict: A very good yoga mat for beginners that you can buy online in India. If you want thick mats that are more than 8mm then you have to look for other options but for beginners this is good.

Vellora yoga mat is a good budget friendly mat for beginners. 

Vellora yoga mat is available at 4mm and 6mm variants which are not best in the class but it works.

Vellora yoga mat comes with anti skid technology, moderately thick and waterproof.

Also this mat is non toxic with good grip on the floor.

Vellora yoga mat is 6 feet long and 2 feet wide, so you can comfortably take your yoga sessions on this.

You should not expose them to heat or direct sunlight for too long. And to clean it you can use soap and water and it will be like new.

This mat is also eco friendly as it is made from recyclable EVA material which is biodegradable.


  • Non toxic
  • Good for beginners
  • Eco friendly EVA material
  • Anti skid
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Anti tear mat
  • Comes with strap


  • Not have too thick options.
  • Some items smell bad.

HealthHike™ Handloom Eco-Friendly Cotton Yoga Mat

HealthHike Handloom organic yoga mat india

Final Verdict: Good quality handloom yoga mat with 6 mm thickness. All natural material and eco-friendly jute yoga mat.

Healthhike has come up with a great eco-friendly and comfortable Yoga mat for home. The design has a dual tone pattern and it has rubber underneath so it does not slip.

The rubber is natural and the upper part is made of cotton. And this is all non toxic and 100% eco-friendly.

The material is breathable since it is made with cotton and also for the same reason it is washable.

And since it is made with cotton, it absorbs the sweat really well.

The length of this handloom yoga mat is 72 inches and length is 24.5 inch. And the mat thickness is 6 mm.

Thickness of 6 mm is good for most styles of yoga and the soft cotton feels good while meditating.


  • Handloom
  • All natural material used.
  • Comfortable to use, breathable.
  • Moderately thick.
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Anti slip rubber material


  • Durability could be an issue depending on the cotton quality.

Arka Cotton Yoga Mat

Arka Cotton Yoga Mat Handloom

Final Verdict: Good quality handloom yoga mat with 6 mm thickness. All natural material and eco-friendly.
This will also look good for your yoga studio.

If you are a fan of handmade items then you will love this handmade yoga mat.

And like most handmade items this is very beautiful.

This cotton yoga mat is made with 100% cotton and easily hand washable. And since it is cotton made, this is skin friendly. Also it is antibacterial.

This cotton yoga mat is easily foldable so can be used as a travel friendly yoga mat. And it weighs around 1.2 kg.

The length is 6 feet and width 2 feet.

Each Arka cotton yoga mat has different print or quotes.

To wash this yoga mat you can use cold water with mild detergent. You can just hang it dry.


  • Handmade.
  • 100% natural material.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Foldable.
  • Anti skid/non slip mat.
  • Good for yoga class.


  • Not so thick with 4 mm.
  • No carry bag.
  • Rubber is not that grippy.

Montisa Geometric Beach Yoga Mat

Montisa Geometric Beach Yoga Mat

Final Verdict: If you do yoga one in a week or so and do not do much stretching or Asthanga yoga but want a handmade, authentic mat then get this. This is a beautiful mat that can be also used to decorate your home and can be used for various other purposes.

Montisa geometric beach yoga mats are one of the longest yoga mat variants in India. The longest and widest of them all has 80 inch length and 72 inch width. It is almost a square yoga mat.

Moreover it is made of Jute so it is 100% natural and recyclable. And I like the vibrant colors in the design also, that really helps lift up the mood.

These Montisa mats are actually Korai Pai mats which are a part of everyday life. These mats can be used to sit or sleep on also.

The top materials used in this mat are – madurkathi/reed/river grass/sedge.

This is a completely handmade item which is organic, ethnic, non toxic and foldable.

The largest size of this Jute mat will be too bulky to carry around regularly but this mat is multipurpose. This can be used for picnics, beaches etc.

The korai grass and jute threads used make this yoga mat long lasting and gives you an earthly feel. And it is available in multiple color and beautiful Indian patterns to give you the ethnic feel.

This Jute yoga mat in India is not suitable for machine wash at all. To clean you can just use a wet cloth to wipe off the dirt, oil etc.

Montisa yoga mats are one of the popular yoga mats when it comes to doing yoga exercises at home in traditional style.


  • Great as a multipurpose mat. (Kids play mat, meditation mat, yoga mat, decoration)
  • Beautifully designed.
  • Comfortable.
  • Good for still position yoga poses.
  • One of the best quality yoga mat India


  • Not thick.
  • Not for yoga poses that require stretching.
  • No grip on floor.

Yoga Land Kid’s Mat

Yoga Land Kid's Mat
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Final Verdict: If your kid is learning yoga then this is a great companion. It has moderate thickness, no allergies, no toxic material and looks very bright and beautiful. Get it for your child and she/he will be very happy.

Kids also do enjoy yoga like grown ups, I am used to doing yoga since I was in class 5. There we would use multi color cotton mats. And this one is very beautiful and bright. It has the happiness vibe all over it and is perfect for little children who are practising yoga.

This yoga mat for kids has a 5 mm thickness with 2 feet width and 4.6 feet of length.

This kids mat has 100% cotton and very bright beautiful color. And also feels soft and very comfortable.

The base has rubber which makes this mat anti skid and anti jerk so no injuries should happen to that child.

Since it is made of cotton, it can absorb sweat and water and it is very easy and hassle free to clean with mild detergent and water. There is no need to bleach or dry clean. 

Also do not do iron. Just wash with cold water and some detergent and dry it inside of your room.

And it is free of all toxic materials and great for people with allergies.

Apart from yoga this mat can also be used as kids study mat and can be used for picnic etc. And it is very easy to roll and carry this kids yoga mats, even they can do it.

For yoga, it is ideal for hatha yoga, meditation, iyengar style, vinyasa etc.


  • 100% cotton, skin friendly for kids.
  • Easy wash.
  • No allergies.
  • Bright colors.


  • Not so thick.

Bodyband yoga mat

Best anti skid yoga mat INDIA

Bodyband yoga mat

Final Verdict:  If you are looking for a yoga mat with premium touch and good grip then this combo of yoga mat and towel could be for you. But this could be way costly and you can consider other yoga mats as well.

Bodyband does not only sell a yoga mat they sell a pack of all related items that you might need in a yoga session.

This is also one of the most popular yoga mats combo.

Here are the items – 

  • Yoga mat with strap
  • Towel
  • Strap

You get the towel extra!

The length of the yoga exercise mat is usual 72 inches and width is around 25 inches. It is ideal to use on hardwood floors. And the thickness is average 6mm which is suitable to most of us.

It has dual layer features so 2 sides of the mat are different. Back part is grippy and does not slip easily. And the front part also have a texture so that your hand and feet do not slip.

They say it is durable enough to withstand the conditions of hot yoga. It is sweat resistant as well.

The yoga exercise mat weighs around 1kg so you can use the strap and carry it around.

This bodyband yoga mat is also durable and yoga can be practised on this mat daily. It is also a germ free construction and it is easy to wipe it clean.


  • You get a free micro fiber towel.
  • Suitable for Hot yoga.
  • Good grip.
  • 1 kg weight.
  • Non-tear technology.
  • Germ free.
  • Dual layer.
  • Premium texture.
  • Moisture resistant technology


  • Costly.
  • If you have latex allergy then avoid it.

Officeforce Yoga Mat

Officeforce Yoga Mat

Final Verdict: There are no such big cons with this EVA mat, if you are not into buying cotton mat or jute yoga mats then definitely try this one. It has great grip and nice textures.

Officeforce yoga mat is one of the best 8mm yoga mat in India. It is made of EVA material that dual sides to keep the mat off from slipping on the floor and also to not let your hand or feet slip.

The top side as luxury pattern which resembles to waves to keep your hand or feet not slip. And the back side has anti skid grooves so that it stays on any kind of floor.

Along with the anti skid technology it has foam cushion and the EVA material is eco friendly. This is also waterproof. And easy to clean with just water and some detergent.

The size is the usual 2 feet wide and 6 feet long which is suitable for most of us.

This is a thick mat with anti tear, anti skid technology. Still it is easy to roll and keep for storage, this also comes with a carrying strap.


  • 8 mm thick
  • Weighs around 1 kg
  • Comes with dual layer
  • Good grip


  • Could come with a bag.

OJS Anti Skid Yoga mat

OJS Anti Skid Yoga Mat

Final Verdict: This is a budget oriented 6 mm yoga mat made of EVA foam material. This is also a Made in India product. If you are in hunt for a 6 mm yoga mat then you can try this one out.
Perfect yoga mat for budget buyers.

Check on Jio Mart

This is one of the best 6mm yoga mats available, it is also low cost.

It has the usual length of 6 feet and width of 2 feet.

This 6mm yoga mat is water and sweat resistant, so it is very easy to clean it with soap and water.

Even at this cost you will get a carrying bag with this yoga mat, home gyms won’t need it but others may really appreciate it.

This one has two different patterns on each side to make the yoga mat anti skid. This is made from biodegradable EVA material which is also durable and lightweight.


  • Non toxic
  • 6 mm thickness
  • Sweat and water resistant.
  • Moderate grip on floor.
  • Light weight.


  • No cons at this price point.

How to select yoga mat India

Here are some tips on how to select quality yoga mats!

Style of Yoga that you do: Check yoga mat as per your yoga style to know more on yoga styles and yoga mats suitable for them. If you do more spiritual yoga styles like Sivananda Yoga, Yin yoga, Restorative Yoga then thin and small yoga mats will do. But if you mainly practice hot yoga, bikram yoga, ashtanga yoga or the yoga styles that requires balancing, different poses then you would need something more durable and thick.

Material: The most common material for yoga mat is PVC. Otherwise there are cork material as well.

Eco-friendly: If you like to go Green, then always get the Jute, cotton, cork yoga mats. NBR mats are somewhat recyclable but no where near as those materials mentioned above. Also using eco-friendly yoga mat material may help you with the spiritual part of the yoga styles.

Go to the list of handpicked Yoga mats in India

Accessories: Some accessories are handy if they come with your yoga mat. Some brands do sell a combo of related items along with the yoga mats in India. Items like yoga towel, yoga brick, carrying case with strap and more.

Thickness: To me thicker yoga mats are way more comfortable than thin versions. Thin yoga mats hurts my knees and elbows while trying some poses but for Asanas these are fine.

Thin Yoga Mat

Standard Mats

Thick Yoga Mat

Thicker Yoga Mat

2mm thickness

At least 3 mm thickness

6-8mm thick

10-15 mm thick

Good for balance Practice

Good for all types of Yoga

Good for all types of Yoga

Good for all types of Yoga

Good for Asanas

Not for pressing knees or elbows on to the ground

No damage to knee or elbows

No damage to knee or elbows. Good to use for a long time.

Easily carry.

Easily carry.

Heavier to carry around.

Can not be carried regularly.

Width: Apart from the circle and square shaped yoga mats all rectangle yoga mats are 2 feet wide. 

Length: In India most of the yoga mats are 6 feet long, you will be hard pressed to find mats crossing 7 feet. Presently some yoga mats are available at 6.6 feet also.

Shape: Usually yoga mats are long rectangle based but there are square and oval shaped yoga mats. And the new trend is to have hourglass yoga mats, but I do not like them. I like the traditional long rectangle yoga mats.

Smooth or textured: Some people prefer a smooth surface, especially if they are doing asanas that does not need them to twist and turn or move much. But a textured surface like in the case of Jute, cotton yoga mats will help get more grip with yoga workouts that requires some movements. Also even if the mat is smooth you should consider the anti-slip versions only.

Natural Rubber Yoga mats are naturally grippy and most of the PVC mats have some wavy or raised patterns.

Grip/Traction: Yoga mat should not move and these are designed in such a way that they get glued to the hard surface of our home. Eco-friendly mats like cotton, jute do not provide good grip like NBR, rubber, PVC mats. In my opinion natural rubber mats gives the best traction. In this list Qatalyze and JURU cork mat have good grips.

Without good grip you will not be able to do planks, side planks, downward dog etc.

Weight: A 13mm thick yoga mat may be heavier than 1 kg and will also take some space when rolled. Thin mats may be well under 1kg but thicker mats can even go near 3 kg. But you should only consider weight as a buying factor if you need to move around with the yoga mat. If you only work out at home then you do not need to consider the weight of the yoga mat at all.

Storage: Do not buy yoga mats that are too long or wide for you. Or buy a yoga mat that is too thick. You will need more storage space to keep the yoga mat when not in use. Also the thicker the yoga mat is, the harder it will be to roll it up for storage. Also use the straps to make the size of the yoga mat smaller.

Style: Beautifully printed yoga mats will enhance your mood and prepare you for the yoga session. There are many beautifully colored and printed yoga mats. Some even come with yoga position images printed on them.

Thick Yoga Mat

Durability: usually low cost yoga mats starts to show wear and tear quickly. And if cotton yoga mats are not cared correctly then they will show some signs of wear and tear too. Most durable would be PVC, rubber mat and NBR material made yoga mats. For regular use you should choose to spend a bit more and get a thick and strong yoga mat.

Body Type: If you are an ectomorph then thick yoga mats with good grip will do for most of the yoga style. If you are a heavier person then you should get something more pricey, more thick and more durable. 

And if you are a tall person then get the longest yoga mat that you can find, it is somewhat rare to find yoga mats over 6 feet in India.

But if you are a heavier person and do only spiritual yoga then you can also get thin yoga mats. But in my opinion thicker yoga mats are always more comfortable and more durable. proper cushioning is always welcome.

Go to the list of handpicked Yoga mats in India

Natural Material: Natural materials like natural rubber, jute, cotton are not toxic at all and also do not pollute nature. And these are all eco-friendly. I personally like rubber mats since it provides non-slip surface to do yoga exercises and also good for floor exercises

Travel Friendly: If you travel a lot or if you are a yoga instructor or yoga trainee and you need to carry your yoga mat then check if the yoga mat is to fold and lightweight. Now if the yoga mat is foldable and lightweight then it will not be thick over 4mm. But you can easily carry and even on your long travels.

Machine Washable: Most of the yoga mats are easily cleanable using soap, mild detergent, water and vinegar. Soft materials like cotton might need some more care while washing. But jute, cork and cotton material is easy to wash and dry. And if you intend to use a washing machine then check the yoga mat if it is washing machine friendly.

Cost: Some yoga mats in India cost around 5k and some are under 500 INR. Always consider the budget that you can spend comfortably on a yoga mat. Of course the best yoga mat in India would cost a lot, but do you need it unless you are pro?

Ref: how to choose yoga mat (Wiki)

19 Types of Yoga Mats in India

Here are the most common types of Yoga mats based on the materials used. You can check the next section to know what benefit and disadvantages each material has.

  1. Cork Yoga Mats
  2. Rubber Yoga Mats
  3. PVC Yoga Mats
  4. Jute Yoga Mats
  5. Cotton Yoga Mats
  6. TPE Yoga Mats
  7. NBR Yoga Mats
  8. Foam Yoga Mats
  9. And then you have Yoga mats based on thickness like travel friendly (These are thin), Extra thick Yoga mats (10mm+), Extra thin Yoga mats (under 4 mm)
  10. Then there comes Yoga mats which are labelled as Extra long (More than 6 feet) , Extra wide.
  11. Also there are Yoga mats that are suitable for kids.
  12. And based on shape Yoga mats are mostly three type, rectangle shaped or shaped as an oval and square shaped.
  13. Travel friendly Yoga mats can be folded since rolling up takes much more space.
  14. Smooth Surface
  15. Rugged Surface
  16. Acupressure Yoga Mats
  17. Designer/Printed Yoga Mats
  18. Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats
  19. Natural material made Yoga mats/Natural rubber yoga mats

Go to the list of handpicked Yoga mats in India

Materials used for Yoga Mats

Yoga mats in India are made from 7 materials.

  • Cork 
  • Rubber
  • PVC 
  • Jute 
  • Cotton 
  • TPE 
  • NBR
  • Foam

Most yoga mats are made with PVC material but nowadays many brands are making yoga mats using eco friendly natural materials like cotton, jute etc. While PVC type materials are more thick and durable, eco friendly materials are not but are completely recyclable. 

Lets see how these affect your yoga routines and which is more suitable for you!

Go to the list of handpicked Yoga mats in India

Cork Yoga mat material: Cork yoga mats is created using cork material 🙂 These are eco friendly, light weight. These cork yoga mats also absorb sweat easily and do not get slippery. Cork can provide extreme traction and long lasting in all eco friendly yoga mat materials. 

To clean a cork yoga mat in India you can just use water and soft cloth and it should be fine.

Rubber Yoga Mat material: Rubber is also used for making gym floor mats. These rubber yoga mats are durable and the most popular choice. And the top reason for being popular is that rubber is a very non slippery material. You can use it on any floor and do balancing yoga acts without any worries. And it has no slip on the both sides, the rubber yoga mats kind of suck in the arm and legs and provide a secure position. And sweat also does not affect it. 

Unless you have latex allergies then you can get these mats and these can be very thick as well. Your knees, arms will be well protected.

PVC yoga Mat material: PVC is the most common material to create yoga mats in India. These last a long time and are durable but not sweat resistance and neither have grip like the rubber yoga mats. But if you have latex allergies you can use PVC mats but do not use it if you have breathing issues.

PVC is not recyclable.

Jute Yoga Mat material: at my home we used to use Jute sacks a lot. Jute is a strong yet natural element to use in Yoga mats. These jute yoga mats are one of the most eco friendly and recyclable yoga mats. But these are not thick and will not protect your knees and arms. And also not for doing rigorous yoga balancing poses but for all spiritual yoga practices these will be great. Jute yoga mats can be expensive if compared to rubber or PVC mats.

Cotton yoga mat material: Like Jute these are also breathable yoga mats. Also full recyclable and natural material. These can absorb the sweat easily and are good all spiritual yoga styles. These are comfortable to sit in also. But not durable if compared to jute yoga mats.  Cotton yoga mats are costly.

TPE Yoga Mat material: TPE or Thermoplastic Elastomer is made from a combination of plastic and rubber. But this is eco-friendly material. TPE yoga mats are durable, washable and soft. These have good grip not like rubber yoga mats but are not that durable.

NBR Yoga Mat material: NBR stands for Nitrile Butadiene Rubber. These are non toxic and man made rubber. These are great for people with achy joints. And to clean them all you need is warm water and some detergent. Soak it in that solution of water and soap and then gently rub, that will do it. 

Foam Yoga Mat material: Foam yoga mats are thick and good for saving your joints. These are good for performance and provide great comfort. Foam as a material is more eco friendly than PVC. These mats can be heavy but are of low cost. Foam yoga mats are also durable and it does not lose its shape.

Best yoga mat thickness

As mentioned in the top 4 factors to choose from Yoga mats, the thickness will depend on what you do. I would recommend to buy at least 8mm yoga mat for any power yoga, Iyengar yoga etc. 8 mm yoga mat thickness should be the best ideal option for anyone.

If you want to do shirshasans or asana that have to put pressure on knee, elbows then you would need a thick Yoga mat.

For Asanas that are not so tough or do not put pressure on the knee, elbows that can be done on not so thick yoga mats.

Go to the list of handpicked Yoga mats in India

Also if you have knee pain or wrist pain etc then always go for thick yoga mats, at least 6mm yoga mats in India.

  • 12mm+ yoga mats: Good for pilates.
  • 6 mm and above: protects knees and elbows and other parts that touch the ground. These are heavy and thick.
  • 4 mm – 5 mm: Good poses and slower yoga styles.
  • 2mm – 3mm: Good for Restorative Yoga and good for all spiritual styles of yoga.

I would say the best yoga mat thickness would be around 4mm – 5mm. It will provide you enough cushion if you have healthy knee and arms and will also provide you with enough grip. 


Are thick yoga mats bad?

If you are only into doing spiritual yoga poses then you do not need thick yoga mats. If you are into doing yoga poses that require balancing onto your arms or feet or knees then thick yoga mats are the best for you.

What is the best thickness for a yoga mat?

It purely depends on the type of yoga you practice, generally you should get a yoga mat that has thickness in between 3-5 mm of thickness.

Is 6mm yoga mat good?

Yes, it is pretty good if you have no pain in wrist, knee etc.

How do I clean and sanitize a yoga mat?

Clean with mild detergent and water and to sanitize use alcohol based sanitizer sprays. This would do.

Best yoga mat for bad knees?

Get yoga mats that are thicker at least 6mm or more and your knees will be safe. Do not every buy thin yoga mats if you have wrist, knee or other joint pain.

Best yoga mat for hot yoga?

Hot yoga will make you sweaty and your yoga mat should be able to soak that in and also be in place. Meaning it should also have enough grip.

How long should a yoga mat last?

A good quality and mid range yoga mat will last a year or more depending on the usages and how you wash it. If you are doing couple yoga or some other spiritual form of yoga then the yoga mat will last a lot more than a year or two. If you are doing hot yoga, bikram yoga then it will last less. You can opt for thicker yoga mats they might last long.

Is NBR yoga mat safe?

Yes, NBR as a material is non toxic and safe for your yoga workouts at home.

How much should I spend on a yoga mat?

Depends on how much yoga you do. Do you practice yoga with a tough routine for 90 minutes then get a thicker costlier yoga mat. If you do yoga just for 20-30 minutes each day then something low cost would work too. At the low end you can spend around 1000 INR and at the high end you can spend around 3-5k INR as well.

What is the best travel yoga mat?

Definitely not foam or thick rubber or PVC yoga mat. For travel you can look into cork yoga mats, cotton yoga mats and also check for thin rubber and PVC mats.

What is the best non toxic yoga mat?

I would say cotton, Jute, cork yoga mats are the best non toxic yoga mats. Then you can count in NBR yoga mats as least non toxic yoga mats. And you can use natural rubber mat.

Why is a yoga mat important?

Some yoga poses require you to do some balance work, some require you to sit for a while and some would require you to do some poses that will require arms, knees on the ground. For long routines or even daily short time routines these can hurt your joints and surely are not comfortable to do on a hard floor. Thus you will need a yoga mat.

Why yoga mat is oily?

Usually yoga mats have a layer of fat on them so that they do not stick on stuff. But if your palm, feet etc are sweaty then slowly it will accumulate an oiliness. This oiliness will also catch dirt and you have to clean it often and dry it completely.

How do I stop my yoga mat from being slippery?

A good as with mild detergent would do the trick and after that wash you have to dry it out completely.

How to clean yoga mat India?

For PVC mat, rubber or other artificially made yoga mat in India can be washed with water and detergent. You can soak these yoga mats in a solution of water and detergent. For cotton, jute yoga mats you can use mild detergent and water and that will do. For Cork yoga mats you can use only water also.

Jute and TPE yoga mats can be cleaned by using a 50/50 mix of water and vinegar also. You can spray that on them, leave for 10 minutes and then wipe it off.

Try to wash them at least once a month.

Do you need a yoga mat?

If you have a soft and stable ground then no. Yogis of ancient times never had the luxury of yoga mats, they probably did it on soft earth. But we have no concrete floors thus we might take some help from yoga mats. For Asanas where you do not have to move or balance then you do not need a yoga mat.

If you have knee pain, wrist pain or other joint pain then a yoga mat will help.

Are cork yoga mats good?

Cork yoga mats are great and one of the best lightweight eco-friendly yoga mats available. Cork yoga mats are also great at absorbing sweat and cleaning them is also very easy. Check here on how to clean them.

Should I use a towel on my yoga mat?

I would not do it but I will keep a towel handy if the yoga mat gets too sweaty then I can wipe it off. A towel might slip and you may fall if you are doing any tough standing position of yoga. Also do not use a towel instead of a yoga mat.

Using yoga mats as rugs?

Never ever do it. These are for yoga and not to be used as rugs.

Using a yoga mat as a sleeping pad?

It will be hot really quick, these do not have much breathable capability unless you get a cotton one for yourself. A sleeping pad is far more better option when it comes to sleeping.

Using yoga mat on carpet?

Yoga mats are designed to be used on cement, tile floor and they get a good grip on those surfaces and never slip. But on carpet they do not have that grip and they can slip.

Is it OK to fold a yoga mat?

Always roll a yoga mat not fold it like paper.

Yoga mat vs Exercise Mats?

Yoga Mat:
These are thin if compared to exercise mats.
These are not heavy.
These have much more gripping power.
Comfortable with or without shoes.

Exercise Mat:
Exercise Mats are much thicker and used in Gyms.
As thick they are, these are heavy. Good for gym workout.
These do not have much gripping power and they do not need that.
Meant to be used with shoes.

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