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Here are the 3 best smith machine in India, while smith machine price in India are higher but for gyms there are popular.

  • Marcy Smith Machine with Bench and Weight Bar
  • Fitness Five Smith Machine
  • Powerline Psm144X Smith Machine

3 best smith machine in India Review

Marcy Smith Machine with Bench and Weight Bar

Marcy Smith Machine with Bench and Weight Bar

This is a commercial gym use smith machine with olympic rod of 7 feet. This is meant to last for a lifetime and the build quality shows it. PVC coated wires, powder  coated to keep away rust.

Fitness Five Smith Machine India

Fitness Five Smith Machine India

This smith machine in India comes with an Olympic bar travels on linear bearings for smooth operation. It does come in black like mr.Wayne would have wanted and that finish is really good.

Smith Machine in India

This can take up some space an can be kept at a side near a wall.

Powerline Psm144X Smith Machine India

Powerline Psm144X Smith Machine India

This smith machine in India is around 7 feet tall with 5 feet width and around 4 feet depth. Quite spacious for doing squats, overhead press and more! The metal have brushed aluminium look and feels quite sturdy.

They claim free installation and before buying please check!

But are these best smith machine in India usable at home gym? First thing first I am not a fan of smith machines. I do not like the fixed bar for squats or presses.

Although for bench press the fixed bar can be hooked quickly if you fail. But if you are into bench press machine then I would go for a attachment of a squat rack. But not a smith machine.

But smith machine in India are compact than a power rack but much more costly.

You can buy two mid range squat rack with the cost of a smith machine in India.

Now, you will see price variants based on the city you live, smith machine price in kolkata will be different than smith machine price in jalandhar. If you can visit a manufacturer and test the smith machine there to confirm its build quality then do it.

By visiting a smith machine manufacturer face to face you might be able to get a better smith machine price in india.

What is a Smith machine good for?

If you are recovering from an injury, may be from an joint issue at knees etc then the fixed bar of smith machine can help. If you are limited with motion then you can safely do some exercises with smith machine.

How to maximize the usages of best smith machine in India

  • Smith machine price in india can only be justified for its ability to balance the weight which is supposed to be done by your stabilizer muscles. When you are no trying to balance you can focus on the movement and muscle only.
  • Power movement – While moving the weight with speed you have to be careful so that the weight does not fall off your hands. With smith machine in India the bar is fixed so it stays in line and reduces damage to your home and to yourself.
  • Safety – Smith machines are a way of doing heavy exercises with safety at home without any spotter.

Why I do not like smith machines

If you do compound exercises then you know exercises like squats, deadlifts are meant to use all available muscles in your body to stabilize the weight and make the weight move. 

But if you use a smith machine to do squats then it takes the stabilizer muscles from the equation. You end up doing exercises in a fixed, pre-defined movement pattern which only uses some muscles.

This might be good for body builders who want to focus on only one muscle at a time but for general fitness that is not required. You will need to reap all the benefits a compound exercise provides and reap the benefits safely. Which smith machine can not provide.

And even if you are a bodybuilder, want to focus on a single muscle – you have to be in a perfect form and adjust to the smith machine to avoid injuries.

Now let us see what are the exercises you can do with a smith machine

  • Smith machine press/Shoulder press
  • Bench Press
  • Squats
  • Pull up
  • Bent Over Row
  • Romanian Deadlift
  • Calf raises
  • Upright row

Smith machine press or shoulder press

Is the Smith machine good for shoulder press?

In my opinion, although in the nearby gym many people use it, I find it not good for the shoulder. The range of motion is fixed, if you have some injuries or not mobile shoulders then it may hurt. On the other hand, since it is safer to do as you can hook the bar to safety, you can add up weights. For optimum shoulder joint health, you can use dumbbells. 

Bench Press

Is Smith Machine good for bench press?

This can work, the barbel that is attached is already around 20kgs, and you can add up weight as you go stronger. It is a safer way of doing bench presses without a spotter. But again, there is an attachment for squat racks that is safer for a budget home gym.


Is the Smith machine good for squats?

Heavy squats can be dangerous if done incorrectly, if done with bad posture. This is true for smith machine press or smith machine squats. For smith machine squats, the bar movement pattern is fixed, it does not allow you to move freely and this can strain your back and knees.

On the other hand you can do squats without a need of spotter in your home gym with one of the best smith machine in India.

Romanian Deadlift

This can be done safer with smith machines in India, you are not going much lower and the fixed bar pattern works.

Calf Raises

This particular exercise can be done easily with a smith machine and you can load up the 

Pull up

You can actually hook the fixed barbell high or use the pull-up handles that comes with a smith machine to do pull-ups, a great overall strength training exercise.

Reverse grip Bent Over Row

Back exercises should be done in both horizontal and vertical planes and bent over row does that in horizontal plane. There could be some difficulty with the fixed bar movement pattern but it is doable. 

Upright Row

This one exercises that makes your shoulder joint internally rotate which is bad for shoulders and rotator cuff muscles. 

Tricep and Bicep

Tricep over head extensions, which I hate due to the limiting movement pattern and you can do some type of bicep curl which is also not awesome to do on smith machine.

smith machine price in kolkata

Since I live near the city of Kolkata, I can guide someone for smith machine price in kolkata.

Why buy local?

Smith machine price in India are on the higher side and these are really heavy so you will pay for some heavy transport.

For smith machine price in kolkata go to Indiamart to check the offerings and go to the neatest smith machine manufacturers to check in detail.

When you are there check the steel/iron used and the cables if any.

You might not want to go to the brands like Nundy fitness near Esplanade as costs will be high.

And check Bidhan Market, just opposite of the Esplanade market. I am used to buy weight plates and bars from there. You can ask for smith machine there and they can guide you.

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