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Xtrim Dura Fit-Knee Wrap is the best knee support for gyms in India. From heavy squats to leg press—this knee support should help you get stronger safely!

I had one knee injury while trying to do leg press and the lesson learned is that you should always be properly warmed up, and do warm-up sets before going heavy.

I needed some physical therapy and light exercises to get some mobility and strength back. Back then, I could definitely be on the safer side if I had the best knee support for gyms in India.

Know the difference between various knee support for gym and know how to get the best knee support for gyms. And know all the benefits of wearing a knee support.

Best knee support for gym India

Quick read –

🏋️ Top 10 Best Knee Support For Gym India

Knee Support Best For
Xtrim Dura Fit-Knee Wrap -Competition Grade Best knee support for gym, Performance Booster
Strauss Adjustable Knee Support Pain Management, Patella Support
Hykes Knee Cap Compression Support Prevent Injuries During Workouts
Joyfit Knee Compression Sleeve Pain management, Prevent Injuries
DreamPalace India 78 Inches Weight Lifting Knee Wraps Best knee support for the gym, Performance Booster
Hykes Weight Lifting Knee Wraps Best knee support for gym, Performance Booster
Dr Ortho Knee Cap Support Best knee brace for arthritis
FEGSY Knee Cap Pain management, Prevent Injuries
Fashnex Knee Support Sleeve Prevent Injuries During Workouts
DreamPalace Knee Pad Wrestling, JUDO, Dancing, Aerobics

Xtrim Dura fit-Knee wrap -competition Grade

Xtrim Dura fit-Knee wrap -competition Grade

Final Verdict: This knee wrap is not for reducing pain. This is for those who feel some discomfort while doing exercises like squats. This will provide an all round support and stability around the knees will make you feel more confident. And this will help with going heavy with squats.

I like this Xtrim Dura fit knee wrap as it is a wrap and not a sleeve.

You can tighten it or loosen it while you wear it and adjust it anytime.

Meaning you can do any physical activity without obstructing your range of motion.

It has 78 inches of length and a width 75 mm, which is enough for most of our legs.

It also has many colors to choose from.

This knee wrap is unisex, both males and female can use it.

In my opinion this is one of the best knee supports for the gym.

That is if you would require it if you are doing squats, leg presses, deadlifts, etc.

All heavy exercises come with some dangers and these too, and this knee wrap surely provides some protection.

This material is similar to my KOBO wrist grip, and pretty thick for your knees.

This material is kind of synthetic with a premium look, it is also elastic, so you can wrap it around your knees nicely.

The knee support has a double-stitched construction with elastic-type material, it will not slip or tear.

It uses a great quality velcro strap to secure itself around the knee joint and that is pretty strong.

It will not fall off when you are working out.

Xtrim Durafit knee wrap is washable, soft on the skin, and breathable.

These breathable compression fabrics can be washed with cold water and mild soap.

Top usages:

  • Get an extra boost with squats.
  • Knee stability while doing heavy squats.

Strauss Adjustable Knee Support

Strauss Adjustable Knee Support Patella

Final Verdict: It is not exactly free size and the patella window might not fit every bodies legs. Here is another alternative on amazon.

Strauss knee support helps those who have some issues with their patella.

This patella design is good for weak knees – even good for walking as well.

Patella issues are very common with jumpers and runners.

Patella is top round bone that is on the knee cap.

If you feel pain inside or outer areas of the patella doing leg workouts then you might wear them.

More than gym support, this is geared towards – Arthritis, Meniscus Tear, Patella Support, ACL, PCL, MCL injuries.

You can use this as knee support for walking since patella pains are felt when walking, going downstairs and even sitting for a long time with bent knees.

This Strauss adjustable knee support for patella is a free size version with adjustable velcro straps. This will give you a perfect fit and stability.

You can use this patella knee support while playing sports like basketball, or running or while in the gym. It wraps around your knee and may help with maintaining optimum joint temperature, reducing pain.

  • The sizeof this support around thigh is 33- 50 cm
  • And near the calf the size is 35-46 cm.

This knee support is based on neoprene material and is breathable. And moisture will not accumulate.

And not this is not a pair, this is mostly for helping with ACL, MCL injuries so it comes only 1 in package.

Top usages:

  • Support for patella while doing workout.
  • Relief from mild pain.

Hykes Knee Cap Compression Support

Hykes Knee Cap Compression Support

Final Verdict: Knee sleeves provide compression and hykes knee support does just that. It is not for heavy squats but it is for minimum support to the knee while working out. Also if you have mild knee pain this will help.

Hykes knee support is the compression type one and it is specifically designed for workout sessions to prevent injuries. This is a knee sleeve and not knee wrap.

This will provide good compression which will increase blood flow and may prevent some knee injuries.

Hykes knee cap compression support will help with recovering from a meniscus tear, stabilize your knee cap, promote blood flow, reduce joint pressure and may protect tendons.

So it will help you with your recovery process from the injury.

But it is not necessarily the best fit for really heavy squats (3-5x of your body weight).

Hykes knee sleeves are made with breathable fabric which is also non-slip.

It uses nylon, spandex with advanced 3D knitting technology that provides elasticity and breathability. 

This makes it a premium-quality knee support bands as well.

These knee sleeves are unisex and comes in 4 sizes.

  • Small: 14.5 inches – 17 inches
  • Medium: 17 inches – 19 inches
  • Large: 19 inches – 21 inches
  • Xtra Large: 21 inches – 23 inches

Top usages will be to – 

  • Relieve from joint pain
  • Faster recovery
  • Supports while doing workouts.

Joyfit Knee Compression Sleeve

Joyfit Knee Compression Sleeve

Final Verdict: Use this if you have mild pain, soreness but still want to workout. Or if you just want to reduce that mild pain. A good breathable knee sleeve based support.

JoyFit knee sleeve benefits

Joyfit compression knee support provides good compression and good blood flow.

Since this is a compression sleeve it will help with injury prevention and recovery from mild pain.

Joyfit knee support helps with pain relief, provides stability. Although not best for heavy squats but it will help to some extent.

This pair of knee sleeves are made with breathable material and also does not accumulate sweat.

Also, this material feels good on skin and does not restrict any knee movement.

Like other knee sleeves, it will help with meniscus recovery and protect the tendons.

Also, it will protect the tendons and keep the area warm by increasing blood circulation.

Joyfit knee sleeve can be used for a range of sports like running, roller skating, cycling, skipping, badminton, and dancing.

Here is the size chart:

  • Small: 32 – 37 cms
  • Medium: 37 – 42 cms
  • Large: 42 – 46 cms
  • Extra large: 46 – 50 cms

Top usages:

  • Pain relief (ACL, MCL, knee stress, soreness)
  • Provide warmth.
  • Increase blood flow.

DreamPalace India 78 Inches Weight Lifting Knee Wraps

DreamPalace India 78 Inches Weight Lifting Knee Wraps

Final Verdict: Many have complained about the thin velcro but at this price you get a pair of these knee wraps. If you are looking for knee wraps then you can get them.

78 inches long knee wrap that surely will fit anyone from any gender.

Since this is a knee wrap this is specifically for those who want to go heavy with squats in the gym.

This is not for pain recovery purposes. This is made for powerlifting, olympic lifts, crossfit workouts.

And this knee support for gym in India is multi-purpose.

You can wrap up your leg, elbow, wrist, and ankle too.

This stretchable material made 78 inch-long knee wrap takes heavy pressure from the tendon and may store kinetic energy that you can use when you are pushing the weight up.

During squats in the eccentric phase, it helps store kinetic energy. This may help you with lifting more heavy objects.

This does a great job stabilizing the knee and surrounding tendons and joints. 

This wrap has a hook system to fasten it, and it will not slip or fall.

It will continue providing support for heavy squats, leg presses, cross-training etc.

Top usages:

Heavy workouts in the gym.

Hykes Weight Lifting Knee Wraps

Hykes Weight Lifting Knee Wraps

Final Verdict: To lift more weight safely and without any fear of injury to the knee you should get a knee wrap like this.

Serious about getting good and strong Olympic lifts then you must get this one of the best knee support for gym In India.

This is a heavy-duty weight-lifting knee wrap that has elastic compression which supports squats, powerlifting, and Olympic lifts.

This knee wrap can also be used for all cross-training workouts.

Hykes knee support for the gym will help you stable your knees and surrounding muscles, bones, tendons to withstand that pressure of heavy squats. This will allow you to lift more weights. 

The long knee wraps are made with advanced 3D knitting technology with elastic fabric.

This is breathable, comfortable for the skin and provides optimum compression and support.

Note: This is not to wear under clothes.

This is also not for preventing or curing any knee pain.

Hykes knee wraps are strictly for helping you lift more weight safely.

The velcro straps are strong and along with the elastic material, it provides a perfect fit that does not slip.

And this is a Unisex product that can be used by both males and females.

Top Usages:

Use as support in squats, deadlifts, and all powerlifting workouts.

Dr Ortho Knee Cap support

Dr Ortho Knee Cap support

Final Verdict:  If you have some minor injuries that you wish to recover from using compression method then Dr Ortho knee sleeves can help. Dr otho is a known brand and will be helpful for minor knee pain.

Dr Ortho Knee caps are made with lycra, polyester and are in universal size. It is ideal for both make and female and this is for hot and cold treatment.

Here are the top benefits of Dr. Ortho knee cap support – 

  • Improves blood circulation and mobility.
  • May relief from inflammation
  • May boost confidence while working out.
  • Reliefs from joint pain
  • Provides support for weekend injured knees.

Note: Dr Otho knee support is not exactly for improving gym performance, it is more inclined toward pain management.

This is most helpful for those who have arthritic knee issues, minor sprains, strains, and sports injuries.

Dr ortho knee sleeves are a universal size, more both male and female, sweat resistant, provides good grip, anti-slip and easy to wear.

Top usages:

  • Pain management
  • One of the best knee brace for Arthritis.

FEGSY Knee Cap

FEGSY Knee Cap

Final Verdict:  A good knee sleeve which provides all day support and compression to relief from pain. Also during workout it will provide some support.

Fegsy knee support is good for running on treadmills, exercise bikes and general workouts.

This is good for relieving the pain of ACL, MCL, patella pain and another mild knee discomfort.

This knee support will provide some compression and increase blood flow thus it may also reduce swelling.

This knee support can be used for Crossfit, Soccer Golf, Gym, Hiking, Running, Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, and Volleyball.

These will not increase any performance but will help with some stability.

This knee support is made with nylon and spandex which is durable, and breathable.

This is antibacterial but it should also be washed.

Since this is thin you can wear it under the cloth and the material is soft on the skin.

And this provides a 4-way stretch.

It comes as a pair and can be worn by both genders.

Top usages:

  • Injury prevention
  • Mild pain relief
  • Little support while working out.

Fashnex Knee Support Sleeve

Fashnex Knee Support Sleeve

Final Verdict: A breathable, stretchable nylon-based knee compression sleeve that can be used in gym to prevent injuries.

Adidas Knee sleeve for knee support
This Addidas knee support works pretty well too!

Fashnex knee support sleeves are useful in the gym for those who have mild knee pain or want to prevent some knee injuries.

This knee support provides good compression and knee support and that also increases blood flow to the area.

It will help with swelling, arthritis, tendonitis, and injury recovery.

Fashnex knee support is built with latex and nylon which makes it durable, breathable, and friendly to skin.

Fashnex is a good knee band for a gym that does not cost a lot.

Top Usages:

  • General compression.
  • Workout support.

DreamPalace Knee Pad

DreamPalace Knee Pad

Final Verdict: If you are into aerobics, wrestling, JUDO and visit to these gyms then these will save your knees.

All these knee support for the gym lacked one thing which is wavy pads but not this one.

This is something that a wrestler would wear as their knees face many impacts during practice.

This can also be used for cycling, basketball, volleyball, skating etc.

This knee support features high-density foam padding.

You can wear this to your regular bodybuilding gym but this is better suitable for other tasks.

These knee pads are not for pain relief but for preventing future knee impact injuries.

Types of Knee supports

Knee Wrap:


Most versatile and adequate for gym. Commonly used by powerlifters and built to support your knee through those tough times.

knee wrap

Knee wraps can reduce stress and forces on the quad tendons which are attached to the patella. This helps avoid some tender and knee cap injuries during heavy squats. 

Knee wraps may also help you move more weight as it is though that during the eccentric part of the squat it can store more kinetic energy which can be released while you go up.

So you can do a faster squat. 

Wearing knee wraps does not make your squats stronger though.

Dual Wrap Braces

Here you fix one part just under the patella and other parts of the knee support wrap around the thigh and patella.

Some have a hole for the patella and some don’t.

Mostly used by athletes suffering from moderate pain.

Knee Sleeve

These are like socks but you wear them on your knees.  Knee sleeves help prevent injuries, it provides compression around your kneecap.

knee sleeve

This compression increases blood flow and may help with reducing pain and swelling.

Knee sleeves also may limit patella movement and provide some stability.

Knee sleeves are also useful in controlling swelling and pain.

These work well for mild knee pain. May also minimize arthritis.

You can wear them under clothes as they are thin. 

Knee sleeves are usually made with neoprene.

Knee Brace

Knee brace

These usually have a hole in the middle of patella and these are used to stabilize the already injured knee.

A knee brace will give you slow movement patterns so that you do not end up using more of that joint.

These are not for gym and are used mostly after surgery or to recover from serious knee issues. ✨

Knee straps

These look like knee braces but not that rigid.

These are good if you are suffering from some patella pain like runners’ knees.

These have a hole for the patella to poke out. There are several options to fasten it to your liking and it provides good support.

best knee support for gym India

Knee cap for gym benefits

  1. Knee wraps help your knee stabilize and lets you perform better. It provides an extra layer of safety and helps you get the weight move faster in eccentric parts of the workout.
  2. Knee sleeves: Typically to prevent injury and provide mild compression to an existing injury. If you have mild pain and yet want to get some heavy squats then knee sleeves are your friend.

These are the two reasons why you should wear a knee support or knee cap to gym and how they can benefit your performance in gym.

🛡️ Knee Protection by knee caps

Arthritis: Knee compression sleeves and orthopedic knee caps help arthritis pain. As per this 2021 study, kneeb race might help with osteoarthritis.

Patella movement: Runners knee, jumpers knee and all that affects the patella and during gym workouts or daily work we may feel pain.

Some knee braces help limit the patella movement and provide all-round support to ease the pain.

Key benefits of knee support

As per researchers, bracing is often the recommended treatment path for PPFS pain.

Ligament protection: Orthopedic knee braces definitely do not help with gym workouts but they help with any ligament injuries.

Posture correction: knee pain usually affects our lower back health too so wearing knee caps to strengthen and relief from the pain is a good way to correct posture.

🏋️ How to wear Knee Support for gym

Knee wraps are very easy to wear. These are not medical and use to increase performance in the gym.

Wrap around your knees, tighten to a limit where you can insert one finger inside, and adjust the velcro straps. That’s it.

Knee wraps that have a hole for patella that is tricky if the hole does not fit you properly. Always try some models to check if it is a fit for you.

Knee sleeves are easy, just pull them through your feet and up to your thighs.

Buyers Guide to Knee Support for Gym

Buy the Best Knee Support for Gym successfully!

Knee Pain


First you have to decide what your end goal is. If you have mild knee pain, previous knee injuries then you must go with knee braces with patella support or knee sleeves. This will help your knee feel more save and put less pressure on knee joint when you workout.

Lift Heavy

Xtrim Dura fit-Knee wrap -competition Grade

If your goal is to get lift heavier and faster, then you must get knee wraps. With knee wraps you can tighten it or wear it as loosely as you wish. Knee wraps are specifically designed to get you help do more squats and deadlifts and other powerlifting exercises. Knee wraps also help stabilize the knees, support the patella so there is also less chance of injuries.

Material Type

Best knee support for gym India - Even for your home Workouts 1

Usually neoprene type materials are used in knee supports. These provide good compression and do not accumulate sweat. Some do use latex and lycra so not all material suit all types of skin out there. But almost all the materials are breathable, washable and comfortable for long time use.


Best knee support for gym India - Even for your home Workouts 2

Knee wraps and sleeps and patella supports are low maintenance products. When they are dity use with mild soap and cold water. Let them dry and then use them. Cleaning them is a must otherwise there will be bacterias all over it which may lead to skin issues. And also check if the material is washable before buying.

The Last Rep!

When buying knee support for gym India, the brand usually will not matter. Most of the brands use similar materials.

If you want to lift little more weight with squats or deadlifts then get knee wraps. If you have very mild pain then get knee sleeves that will help you work out as well.

If you have pain around patella, and ligaments then specialized knee braces will help you but those are mainly for pain management only and not good for gym-based workouts.

And if you have knee or hip mobility issues you may want to take a look at the mini pedal exercisers

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Ref: Effect of knee support (Research)

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