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Working out for 10 years | Has a home gym | CPD (UK) Certificate holder in Fitness

Home gym setup cost in India?

Typically a home gym setup cost will be around 30000 rupees. However, home gym setup costs in India can start from 0 rupees and can go up to 1,00,000 rupees INR and more. At 0 rupee home gym you will do only bodyweight exercises. And at 1 lakh rupee home gym, whatever you want. My own home gym setup costs around 12000 rupees and I can do all basic moves like deadlifts, squats, overhead presses etc. I could not fit a squat rack into this but maybe later I will.

Let’s see some home gym ideas in India with approx home gym setup costs India.

But first, see some approx prices of the most common and must have gym items below!

home gym setup cost India

Home gym Setup Cost India

If you skip some items like resistance bands, and slam ball then your home gym setup cost India can get around 25000 INR.

But with some jugaad and what areas of workout or fitness you want to focus on, you can increase or decrease your budget on the home gym.

My home gym setup cost in India is just around 12000 INR. Later I wish to add up a power rack and that’s it. I am done. See my own gym setup cost India.

But we do have some awesome budget home gym ideas in India for building a garage gym.

Let’s see what could be the best equipment for a home gym, let’s see what are the home gym essentials and home gym prices.

Home gym decoration ideas

If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.”

But first did you know – that researchers have found that you tend to do at least 3-4 workout sessions if your house is located near a gym?

In my case, It felt really a drag to get ready, and get my cycle out to journey for 10–15 minutes on the cycle to go to the gym.

But since I have a gym at home now, I can work out easily without wasting anymore time.

Jazzier Power Squat Rack 4 by 2 Square Pipe PR-02
Buy only what you need

Home gym setup cost in India depends on what you do

For a home gym essentials item list – Note that exercises are mainly of three types and you should be able to do some of these exercises with your home gym essential items.

  • Push
  • Pull
  • Core
  • Pushing exercise for upper body include push up, bench press, over head press etc.
  • Pulling exercises for upper body include pull ups, bent over row.
  • Pushing exercise for lower body include Squats, jump squats, leg press etc.
  • Pulling exercises for lower body include RDL, Deadlift, Glute bridges.
  • Core exercise are for your abs and supporting muscles. Eg: Plank.

There are many more variations of push pull exercises and you should rotate your workouts to avoid boredom. At least I get bored quickly.

Save Money – with A Low-Cost Gym Setup

Even though you are building a home gym on a budget and you are interested in knowing the best home gym price… I would suggest not to go for multi gym machines like 6 or 8 seater workout machine. Or for a Treadmill or go for a functional trainer.


I would consider best home gym set those power racks or crossfit rigs.SPORTO FITNESS Power Rack Olympic Squat Cage

These are multi purpose gym equipment that can be used for variety of exercises than a home gym machine like treadmill.

These are costly, and I have seen most of the time they just collect dust.

Rather for cheap home gym ideas, I would suggest that you start with minimal equipment.

Budget home gym equipment that you should go after unless you have specialized needs.

This way you can keep your home gym setup cost in India low. You will just need to select best budget gym home equipments.

Best Exercise Equipment for Small Spaces

For a basic workout, you need to do Pull, Push and core exercise.

This brings me or brings you to do pull-ups!

Decathlon pull up bar reviewNo 1 gym equipment you should get is a pull-up bar. There are no excuses on this one, you should have a place to hang and do pull ups.

We are good at jugad so if you have some edge to hang on that would do too.

Although, grip could be an issue.

But you are on the road to building a budget garage gym so every home gym ideas should be welcomed.

Now for pulling exercises for legs – As we are not going for no equipment workouts… get some adjustable dumbbells and weights.

Then you can do deadlifts, RDL, single leg deadlifts. Also, you can do body weight hamstring exercises at home like glute bridges.

Home gym setup cost in India? - home gym ideas India 1

You might also want to consider doing hip thrusts. All you need is a barbell and weight plates. Free weights solve most of your home gym problems.

Pushing exercise for the upper body – no 1 exercise you should do is Push-ups followed by Dips.

You do not need weights here, but you will need some adjustable dumbbells to do overhead shoulder exercises.

But if you have some more budget, then you can get a bench to do bench press variations.

With a good adjustable bench, you can vary the angles.

But a good adjustable bench is not exactly a budget gym option.

So like I do sometimes you can just lay on the floor pickup dumbbell weights that you can handle confidently and then do bench press.

Now for better judgment – see these home gym ideas with equipment as per budget to understand home gym cost India.


How Much Does It Cost to Setup a Home Gym

If you do bodyweight training then your home gym costs absolutely 0 INR. If you start adding equipment like resistance bands, weight plates, and barbells then you can consider at least 10,000 INR spent. Add a power tower or a squat stand then you get an additional amount of 12k INR added to it. So under 30k INR you will be able to make a good home gym setup. Ideal for preserving and increasing your fitness.

I have not even considered a squat rack which might cost around 30k INR.

Below you will see budget-specific home gym ideas from the best affordable home gym setup to weight lifting home gym setup for a home.

4 Home gym ideas India on a budget with Cost

0-2500 INR – best budget home gym setup

  1. A pull-up bar or an iron rod that you can get stuck in your walls to do pull-ups.
  2. Adjustable Dumbbell Rods
  3. Weight plates (Get 5kgs, 2.5kg, 2 kgs) Also get smaller weight plates so that you can progressive overload safely.

A good pull up bar will be the costly product here. Although there are many versions of pull up bars with different grips available, you can always go with a simpler one costing around 1200 INR.

Adjustable Dumbbell Rods—A pair around 190 in Kolkata local markets. Recently in 2023 they are being sold 150 per piece.

And cast iron weight plates are sold around 55 INR per kg.

Weight plates—as much you can get, depending on your strength. Do not buy the sand filled rubber ones, get all iron. Weight plates are costly when bought online.

While setting up a home gym for beginners, less is more.

Here are some online budget gym equipment up to 2500 INR in India

GOLD FITNESS Home Gym Combo 20 in 1 Bench with 80 kg Weight

2500 – 5000 INR – ideal home gym setup for many of us!

All the items from the first tier and now – 

  1. Get a bench. Adjustable bench so that you can do bench presses better.
  2. A jump rope
  3. More weight plates

A bench would cost you around 2000 minimum. So you are left with around 500 INR only at this stage so get more weights or get a jump rope. note: Adjustable bench are costly.

With a jump rope you can do cardio, and it will be different than lifting.

Gym bench for home gym

5000 – 10000 INRProbably the best small home gym setup ideas

Add these to your home gym with this budget!

  1. Get a multipurpose bench
  2. Get a bench and weight plate, barbell set (Not recommended)
  3. A Barbell.

4 in 1 or 7 in 1 multipurpose home gym bench would open doors to more hypertrophy workouts. Check local shops before checking online home gym flipkart or home gym amazon.

Build should be sturdy to keep you safe.

Cost around 3500 INR

A 6ft-7ft barbell will open new doors to doing squats, bench press, overhead press, cleans!

These are generally heavy and are a good combo with your multipurpose bench.

Cost of barbell – 1200 INR

Home gym setup cost in India? - home gym ideas India 2

10000 – 15000 INR – Perfect home gym setup for fitness freak

Add A Dead Ball and Resistance bands.

A dead ball isn’t necessary but definitely a fun strength and cardio equipment to have! This ball doesn’t bounce, all you need is to pick this heavy ball and slam it to the ground.

Check tutorials for more.

A 12kg Slamball or dead ball would cost around 1800.Home gym setup cost in India? - home gym ideas India 3

Resistance bands would come in handy when training for recovery, rotator cuff and other pulling exercises.

Do not get too light ones, you will get strong quickly, so then those will be useless.

At least get blue ones with medium strength.

And if you have more budget than 15k for your home gym then throw a power rack, treadmill and anything you like because then these budget home gym ideas will not be budget any more.

My own home gym setup cost in India

Home gym setup cost in India? - home gym ideas India 4

I do not have any home gym equipment all in one at my place. I neither have the money or any wish to do so. Although if I can, I would like to add up a power rack.

So my own tiny mini home gym (wiki) or low budget home gym costs around just 12000 INR.

And I am able to do all the required variants of exercises from push, pull and core categories. I do not see any need of buying 20 station multi gym in India or a 12 station multi gym.

Home gym setup cost in India? - home gym ideas India 5While I focus on cheap home gym equipment, but that does not mean I sacrifice quality.

I try to buy cheap home gym equipment on deals and save money to buy them.

Also go through reviews like home gym reviews on this blog to make judgement.

How to make a home gym with no money?

Start with bodyweight exercises, I did that for 3-6 months and bought a resistance band. Use household items like a bed, sofa, and water jars for equipment.

You can still do a lot without any exercise equipment. And in this case, your home gym setup cost in India is 0.

Home gym price will truly depend on you.

If you are a pro bodybuilder, you will need a smith machine/squat rack and a lot of weights. Whereas I only do this for general fitness.

So my home gym setup cost is just around 12000 INR so far.

My Future home gym Plans

I am getting older, folks.
The More I am getting older, I am leaning towards more reps and sets with moderate rates.

No more PRs for me.
Still, I would like to do some Olympic lifts at home. For that, I would invest some money and make a platform and get some rebonded foam to dampen the sound.
Need to get a durable, versatile power rack as well.
And I will completely switch to Olympic bars and weights.

But wait…

All these would require money, and I am saving up for it.

Until then, my low cost, yet useful equipments should do.

Be Legendary!

This guy made an Epic home gym – Hopefully, I will make something like this too!

How to Set up Your Own Home Gym

Home gym setup equipment can vary in cost a lot. So I would ask you to follow these steps to make your gym setup at home.

Step 1: Decide what your fitness goal is. Your goal will indicate how cheap a gym setup you need.

If your goal is to stay fit then you can get away with a cheap gym setup. You might go full Rambo, full wild with bodyweight workouts. 

Or if your goal is to progress faster with weights but not look like a bodybuilder then you can add some equipment like weights, barbells, racks etc. This is my goal too. In this case, your cost easily be around 10k INR or more. It will depend on the brand of equipment you choose.

To keep the costs low, I will pick local gym equipment. 

Or if your goal is cardio then you should start with a treadmill or stationary bike. So your personal gym setup cost can be around 10k if you go with an air bike. Or 25k with a premium, high-quality spin bike.

Step 2: Now consider the space you have. Surely you can not buy a 4 by 6 feet squat rack for a small room.

If you have the budget and a whole room of say 120 sq feet – Go build the new gym setup equipment. Make it grand.

Step 3: A most important factor for gym setup at home is your budget. If you have the budget then you can buy whatever you want. But if you are here on this blog, then you probably don’t have cores of money in your bank account :p

Step 4: Now the main part. Actual buying process. To keep your full gym setup cost low you should buy when a discount is available. If buying online, keep watching Amazon, Flipkart offers. Search local dealers, and manufacturers – often you will get the best deals from them.

Step 5: Search for home gym design inspiration on Instagram. That is a great place to start when you are looking for home gym design ideas. Your workout room setup should also reflect your mind. It should have some motivational posters and heroes that you love. Mine will have some Anime characters like Ippo, Gojo, and Kenpachi Zaraki.

Final Step: The last step is assembling all the equipment. If you are buying rubber tiles and squat racks then you will have a lot of assembling to do. Otherwise treadmills, and cycles do not require much time and effort to do the assembling.

The Last Rep!

There you go! I hope I have explained all the nitty gritty detail of setting up a home gym. And I also hope you have enough gym setup ideas based on low-budget, mid-budget, and high-budget.

If you have any questions, please contact me and I will try my best to help you.




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