Top 10 Best kettlebell in India for your CrossFit workouts!

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10 Best kettlebell in India for your CrossFit workouts/Home use and Gym

Greetings from Russia, 🙂 Kettlebells were invented in Russia around the year 1885 and since then these have been around the gyms worldwide.

Kettlebells are one of the most versatile and useful piece of home gym equipment that you can have. I have recently started incorporating Kettlebells into my workout routines.

And the workouts have become more fun. Here are the top 10 best Kettlebells in India and this is what I use.

Best kettlebell in India

And most of the items in this list are made in India.

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List of Top 10 Best Kettlebells in India

KettlebellsKettlebells Brands
SF Healthtech Cast Iron Kettlebells 2.0SF healthtech
USI Competition Steel KettlebellUSI
Kakss Half Coating Neoprene KettlebellKakss
Kobo Kettle Bell for Fitness and TrainingKOBO
Durafit – Adjustable Kettlebell 40 PoundsDurafit
Cockatoo Imported Metal Integrated Rubber KettlebellCockatoo
Lifelong Neoprene Cast Iron KettlebellLifelong
AmazonBasics Vinyl KettlebellAmazonBasics
B Fit Competition Kettlebell – Professional GradeB Fit
JIMWALT Premium Half Coating Neoprene KettlebellJIMWALT

When selecting the top best Kettlebells I have completely discarded the iron sand-filled molded plastic versions. Those are not durable but tend to be cheaper.

I would suggest you to buy the best Kettlebell which are generally made of solid steel or iron.

You can go for the adjustable Kettlebells in India which helps with saving floor space.

There are some anti burst options also, but not applicable with cast iron solid Kettlebells.

What weight kettlebell is best?

Ideally you should start with low weight fitness equipment and if you like it then you should have different weight kettlebell as well.

This helps with buying high quality product over a long time and add progressive overload with the workouts as well.

Reviews of Top 10 Best kettlebell in India

Best Kettlebell in India

SF Healthtech Cast Iron Kettlebells 2.0

This is what I use now!

Why Should You Buy this?

The matte finish and the build quality of the Kettlebell is best in India.

If you buy from their website you will get delivery by bluedart (I got them as a delivery partner) and got them in 3 days.

And as I said quality is top-notch so their Kettlebells can be used for home use or for professional gym use for a long period of time without any issues as well.

And apart from this, they also sell gym benches, cable rows, bands and more.

SF Healthtech 2.0 Kettlebells are known for their solid dense cast iron built quality.

The powder coated Kettlebells are great for your gym or for home use that comes from a fitness equipment manufacturer in India.

Top Features:

  • Solid build quality.
  • Weight ranges from 4 kg to 40 kgs.
  • Each weight has a color code which is on the Kettlebell handle.
  • Kettlebells are in traditional black powder coated color. With one side endraved with the weight in kgs and in pounds (lbs). And the other side has the SF health tech logo.
  • There is no weld, the whole Kettlebell seems to be a single piece of iron.
  • The handles are thick and wide.
  • The base is wide and flat.
  • +/-3% weight accuracy.

  • The cast iron Kettlebell has no joint and feels like a premium product.
  • Available in wide range of weights suitable for cario, core and strength workouts.
  • These are easily recognizable by their color codes.
  • Wide handles are great for strong grip strength development and easy to grab.
  • A wide base helps with keeping the Kettlebell not rolling on the floor.
  • No compromises done with the overall quality of the Kettlebell.
  • Great for home gym usages. btw the higher hte weight, the larger it will get.
  • Fits both hand perfectly so no issues with two hand workouts.
  • Good for high intensity training.

  • None

Best home gym Mats in India

USI Competition Steel Kettlebell

Why Should You Buy this?

If you run a gym or into buying pro level gym equipments, then this Kettlebell will steal your heart.

This is one of the best competition grade Kettlebell in India that you can buy.

This is a multicolor competition Kettlebell made out of steel.

This is costly but if money does not matter you would not be disappointed with the quality.

Coming from a leading fitness equipment manufacturer, you can not go wrong with this.

Top Features:

  • Competition Kettlebell design.
  • Steel made
  • Multi the USI color outside.
  • Square type handle.
  • Hollow design.
  • Highly accurate weight.

  • Professional look and build which should last for a long time both for gym and home use.
  • Made with steel.
  • Handle is thick and good for grip strength,
  • Very accurate weight measurement.

  • Costly and most probably not needed for home gyms.

Kakss Half Coating Neoprene Kettlebell

Why Should You Buy this?

If not damaged on arrival, then the neoprene layer works great.

And this is definitely a great addition to your home gym easily.

And the price is not on the higher side as well.

This is one of the best selling Kettlebell in India.

The weight range starts from 2kg and goes upto 40kgs.

Top Features:

  • Half coated neoprene kettlebell.
  • Multicolored outer layer as per weight
  • Textured grip.
  • Thick handle.
  • Solid cast iron built.
  • Neoprene under the Kettlebell might help save the floor.

  • Very thick handles, which might help with improving grip strength.
  • The textured grip also helps with better control.
  • The cast iron Kettlebell is sold build and not huge.
  • Available in various wide weight ranges for all type of workout.
  • Good for home gym considering the cost.

  • Neoprene material is not durable enough, many received damaged items.

Kobo Kettle Bell for Fitness and Training

Why Should You Buy this?

I would suggest buying this if you are a beginner.

This is a good quality item but not pure iron build, thus with weight increase the sizes go way larger.

But if you are a beginner and want to experiment with exercises like arm swings, then start here.

This should be your best pick when buying for low weight Kettlebell in India as a budding fitness freak.

Want large, multi colored Kettlebells then this is for your home gym.

Top Features:

  • Comfortable handle and fully covered Kettlebell.
  • This is a sand filled material, thus with weight increase the size increase exponentially.
  • Good price for the weight.
  • The base has 4 legs to support the Kettlebell.
  • The legs at the base also do not let the Kettlebell move.

  • Good for home gym usages.
  • The overall Kettlebell is good to use and comfortable to use.
  • As per the cost goes, the Kettlebell is great for strength, cardio workouts.
  • The Kettlebell has a flat surface with 4 rubber legs. These makes the gym equipment really stable.
  • Sine the whole Kettlebell is like wrapped around soft rubber like material there is no chance of getting your floor damage.

  • Can be huge if you are buying high weight variants.

Durafit – Adjustable Kettlebell weight 40 Pounds

Why Should You Buy this?

If you use Kettlebells extensively for your workouts and want to keep a simple pair at home, then get this one.

This adjustable model will help with using short space.

This is one of the best adjustable Kettlebells in India for the price. The price is on the higher side but if you are short on space and not low money then this should work.

Top Features:

  • Adjustable weights up to 40 lbs.
  • The weights stay alright even when you do clean and press, swings.
  • There is a locking mechanism to keep the weights in the Kettlebell in place.
  • Weight plates are of 5 pounds each.
  • Kettlebell weight made with steel/chrome plated iron.
  • The only handle can be used also for beginner workouts.

  • Suitable for small homes where space is scarce.
  • 5 lbs adjustable plates, so you can start from a low weight and progress as you need.
  • Weight is as accurate as cast iron weight.
  • The handle alone can be used by beginners as well.
  • The locking mechanisms are good and can keep the weights in even when you are doing something like hip swings.
  • The adjustable feature of this one makes easy for using multiple weight options and is a value for money.

  • If you do not work out with a lot of different Kettlebell weight then you might want to skip this one.

Cockatoo Metal Integrated Rubber Kettlebell

Why Should You Buy this?

If you do not mind the slightly higher price then this is a great Kettlebell for home use and as well as to be used in gym.

The rubber used here is of good quality and will help protect the floor.

Unlike other Kettlebells the rubber is thick and look and feel is premium.

Cockatoo Kettlebell is an iron made Kettlebell with a rubber outer coating.

Unlike other, the rubber coating is thick and serves the purpose of saving the floor.

Top Features:

  • Premium grade Kettlebell.
  • Thick rubber coating coated cast iron kettle bell.
  • Wide handle.
  • Ideal for professional environment like gym as well.

  • Very affordable kettlebell with premium finish.
  • Handle is thick enough.
  • Rubber coating is very durable when used indoors.
  • Rubber coating will help protect the floor.
  • One of the best selling Kettlebells in India.

  • Few people had issues with two hand workouts.

Lifelong Neoprene Cast Iron Kettlebell

Why Should You Buy this?

For workout at home, this is one of the best product available at this price.

If you receive an item that has no outer layer damage, then for home use it should last for a long time depending upon how rough you use it.

If you are after a rubber coated Kettlebell at lower price then Lifelong neoprene cast iron Kettlebell are a good option to choose from.

Top features:

  • Neoprene rubber covers all the Kettlebell except the handles.
  • The handles are wide and thick enough.
  • There is a rough textured layer on the handles, which makes the grip better,
  • Available in a wide variety of weight ranges.
  • Solid cast iron Kettlebell with no joint as it seems.
  • Rubber and paint applied will protect from corrosion.
  • Flat bottom prevents rolling on the floor.

  • Variety exercises can be done using this and with less chance of damaging the floor you might be able to do more ballistic movements freely.
  • Standard option of weights for strength endurance and cardio workouts.
  • Handles have good grip.
  • Handles are thick enough for forearm strength training.

  • If you are not receiving a damaged rubber layer, then this is a very good buy. After all without the rubber coating all Kettlebells are mostly the same.
  • Few complained about the durability of the rubber coating.

AmazonBasics Vinyl Kettlebell

Why Should You Buy this?

If you like those bright colors to identify Kettlebells then this is a good buy.

This is an international product thus the dimensions might feel a little big but works well in high intensity exercises as well.

As far as vinyl coated Kettlebells go, the product quality is great.

Make your gym colorful and workouts fun with these Kettlebells!

Top Features:

  • Textured handle.
  • Available in variety of weight.
  • Colors are great.
  • Vinyl kettlebell with many color and weight options.

  • Great for any fitness enthusiast who would like a kettlebell product with some color.
  • Good color options to identify different weights.
  • Vinyl is good and strong and hopefully will last more than a year or more.
  • Vinyl cover will protect the Kettlebell from rust.

  • Few people complain that the base is not completely flat.

B Fit Competition Kettlebell – Professional Grade

Why Should You Buy this?

If you want to buy professional grade equipment, then by no means go for this one.

Otherwise, you might not need costly Kettlebells. But this one is certainly is a great model to have.

A competition Kettlebell for professional or sports use or for high intensity interval training.

Top Features:

  • High quality durable materials used.
  • One of the affordable top best kettlebell for high intensity exercise.
  • Heavy-duty sport fitness equipment made with high quality steel.
  • Steel body comes with a high-temperature baking varnish to prevents corrosion and rusting.
  • Designed to be comfortable during overhead movements.

  • Great buy if you are into competition grade fitness equipments.
  • High quality steel with shiny coating to prevent rust.
  • Looks really premium and shiny.
  • Easier to do all types of high intensity workouts.
  • Available in different weigh and colors.
  • Vinyl coated kettle bell is suitable for home gym and for pro usages.

  • Costlier and probably might not be needed for home use.

JIMWALT Premium Half Coating Neoprene Kettlebell

Why Should You Buy this?

If you are after a simple, low cost Kettlebell then get this one.

The vinyl coated Kettlebells looks good and works well for the price.

Kettlebell come in various styles but this Indian made is based on the classic style Kettlebells style.

Top Features:

  • Available in a wide ranges of weight ranges! Almost 16kgs of weight.
  • Cast iron Kettlebell covered with vinyl.
  • Durable lead free neoprene rubber coating.
  • Wide handle and smooth.
  • Flat bottom.
  • Kettlebell has a textured that helps with grip.

  • Vinyl coated weight Kettlebell which looks great.
  • Apart from looking great, this helps with identifying weights by the color.
  • The neoprene rubber will protect the floor.
  • Suitable for workouts like deadlifs, swings, turkish getups and more.
  • Handles are big and suitable.

  • According to some other  people weight is not accurate.

How to choose ideal kettlebell in India – Kettlebell Buying Guide

Types of Kettlebells

What should I look for when buying a kettlebell?

When buying Kettlebells you should look for these 3 qualities first. Build of the Kettlebell, Outer Layer and brand.


All Kettlebells are hunk of iron except those sand filled ones. Cast iron Kettlebells are the preferred way to go.

If ketellbells are made with durable material they will survive long after you do the variety of exercises. They should survive the test of time very well. Get Kettlebells with less welded joints as possible, those are of top quality. But good quality products will be costly as well.

Flat-base Kettlebells are always preferred and unlike dumbbells they do not roll of the floor. All the high end and budget-friendly kettlebell do come with a flat base.

Portable sand kettlebell: Apart from the cast iron Kettlebells you will come across sand filled portable models. These are not durable but works well if you are travelling to a beach. These also come in rubber like outer layer with iron sand filled.

These are cost-effective but not durable. The build quality is very weak and may not last long like the good-quality versions.

Budget-friendly kettlebell are generally filled with sand.

Adjustable Kettlebell: Best kettlebell weight is hard to get a fix on. You might require a lot of Kettlebells like with dumbbells. Thus, you can opt for adjustable Kettlebells where you can change the weight as needed.

Competition Model: The sports models are best in the market. These are available in a wide range of weights, but not in a different size. These high-end Kettlebells are all in same size and made with steel. The outer layer is usually vinyl coated and grip handle is square type. Fitness freaks generally get these over the cast iron models.

But for your home gym, you do not need these.

Competition vs Regular kettlebell

All competition Kettlebells are of the same size whereas regular kettlebell size changes as per the weight.

Competiton Kettlebells are made with steel whereas normal ones are made with iron.

Most competition Kettlebells have an outer layer of vinyl, and most regular Kettlebells come with color, powder coated, vinyl or rubberized material on the outside.

Competition Kettlebells have a square handle where our regular powder coated Kettlebells have a roundish handle.

There are not much difference apart from these except that Competition Kettlebells are more accurate to weight measurements.

Outer Material:

Vinyl vs neoprene vs Powder coated?

Ps: Kettlebells usually made with iron. You will find sand filled kettlebells, but I am strongly against them.

Out of these three, the cast iron is the original and most preferred Kettlebell build. And most often that cast iron is colored coated or have powder coated. Powder coated Kettlebells are generally having a matte finish and less prone to corrosion.

If you are after cast iron models then you can go for colored version also. the paint job is not as good as the powder coated models, but comes at a low price.

Vinyl models are similarly priced like powder coated materials. And the main advantage of this is color codes and beauty. There are no advantages when it comes to usability with vinyl coated Kettlebells. These also do not protect the floor.

And with time, vinyl layer is more prone to crack.

But if you do not want dull black colored Kettlebells then this is the way to go.

Lastly, neoprene/rubber coated kettllebell, these are full covered Kettlebells except the handles. These help with corrosion and might protect the floor.

But if you see a significant price difference between regular cast iron powder coated kettllebells and these, then still go for the powder coated material always.


Good sports brand do not mix other materials under the vinyl wrap and offer accurate weight for their Kettlebells.

Best kettlebell brand in India

SF Healthtech and USI are top choice when it comes to kettlebell brand in India. I have items like slam balls from them and their CrossFit items are top-notch. The SF healthtech and USI are definitely the best kettlebell brands in india.


Most of the heavier Kettlebells occupying space is a problem for small gyms. You also have to have dumbells as well, along with other gym items.

So if you are not into doing regular CrossFit type workouts, them you might want to skip buying lots of Kettlebells.

What Kettlebell weight in India to buy?

What are the best kettlebell weights to buy?

Weight option varies from 2kg to 20kg or more. If you are a beginner then you should get around 4kgs of kettllebells and move up from there.

Remember these can not replace your hex dumbbells so watch what weight you buy.

There is no perfect weight and these gym equipment are available in a variety of weights.

If you are going to do fast-paced movements like clean and press, then you should aim for something lightweight. For squat, go heavy.

Can you do workouts with these?

Do you know why are Kettlebells bad for you? Kettlebell requires some technique to work with, which you do not need when you use dumbells. Dumbbells are fairly easy to work with than kettlebells.


Ideally, a 8kg kettellebell would cost you around 2k INR. If you are buying for personal use then I would suggest you to not buy competition versions since for home regular cast iron kettlebells are best.

If you want to save money and do not care about money, then you might want to look for used Kettlebells for sale in India.

And this is how you choose the perfect Kettlebell for you. If you are not sure then just email me and I can help to buy best kettlebell for yourself.

Top 10 kettlebell exercises

ExerciseMuscles Targeted
Kettlebell SwingGlutes, Hamstrings, Back, Core
Goblet SquatQuads, Glutes, Core
Turkish Get-UpShoulders, Core, Glutes, Hamstrings
Kettlebell Clean and PressShoulders, Triceps, Core
Kettlebell SnatchShoulders, Back, Glutes, Hamstrings, Core
Kettlebell DeadliftGlutes, Hamstrings, Back
Kettlebell WindmillShoulders, Core, Hips
Kettlebell Figure-8Core, Arms
Kettlebell HaloShoulders, Triceps
Kettlebell Renegade RowBack, Shoulders, Core

I generally use Kettlebells to add variety into my workouts, but you can use as a dumbbell replacement as well.

  • Kettlebell swings: These are the most common recommended kettlebell exercise that you should master first. This will train your glutes and hamstrings hard. Swings will also help you develop explosive strength.(1)
  • Hand to Hand swing: This Kettlebell move is great to coordinate hand and eye movements and increase overall physical strength.
  • Figure 8s: Figure8s are unique, and it will take some time and effort to master them. Otherwise, you might hit your own leg.
  • Halos: Halos are a great workout for your shoulders. If you are looking for a less strenuous workout, then you should do halos. Since you have to hold your core throughout the workout, it also helps with your core strength as well.
  • Kettlebell windmill: Do this workout with very lightweight Kettlebells if you have injured shoulders. Another good full body workout to do.
  • Turkish Get- up: This is a very easy looking core exercise that will strengthen your core muscles easily. With a kettlebell the grip is very wasy to hold.
  • Deadlift/ Sumo Squat/Squat: This is great for home workout where you can replace your dumbbells to do dead. Squats and sumo squats. You can also do single leg squats/deadlifts as well.
  • Clean and Press: This is a powerful exercise to train whole body and build explosive strength. You are just replacing dumbbells with Kettlebells.
  • Farmer’s walk: This is a great exercise and a smooth curved kettleball handles makes this workout great instead of a dumbell.
  • Bent Over Rows: This is just like your regular bent over rows, but you are replacing dumbbells with Kettlebells.

Get free Joint Friendly Workout Routine Made by Me

Benefits of Kettlebells

Core strength: If you want to do the variety of exercises for core strength then along with an exercise ball you should have a kettellebell. Kettlebell as a workout equipment allows you to perform variety of exercises.

Stability: Stability muscles should be top priority when it comes to athleticism and overall fitness for daily life. With a kettlebell swing, you can address a lot of stability and mobility exercises.

Overall strength training: Kettlebells are a value for money gym equipment when it comes to strength training. They come in different sizes, weights and can be adapted into various exercise, weight training routine. Also, these can be used for weight loss workout also.

Grip Strength: Kettlebells have a slightly larger grip, which helps with conditioning of the wrist and grip. This helps with added health benefit and gives a security over other heavy weight training as well. Grip handle of competition Kettlebells are slightly larger it seems, so could be better for grip strength.

Explosive Exercises: High speed explosive trainings are done right with Kettlebells. These home workouts can get you ripped and stronger and faster at home easily. You might want to wear a gym glove as well to support your grip and avoid any mishaps.

All this with proper diet will result in a toned body, muscular endurance improvement, strength gain and fat loss.

Side Effects of Kettlebells

One main disadvantages of Kettlebell training is that they can not replace your dumbbells. And if you like them, then you have to think about storage space and money as well.

Another side effect of using Kettlebell is the risk of having injury with fast-paced movements. But with careful movements it should be okay.

Kettlebell or Dumbells?


Is kettlebell better than dumbbell?

Not really, both have different usages. Kettlebell makes it easy to do certain exercise, and dumbbells are better for the rest.

Kettlebells have the weight directly down of your grip, whereas with dumbbells, the weight is balanced at two sides of your grip.

Kettlebells are good for grip strength also. And while dumbbell workouts can be done with Kettlebells but Kettlebell workouts are can not be easily done with dumbbells.

IN short, if you are a beginner, then stick with dumbbells. And if you are after progressive overload and want to build muscles, then dumbbells are better. But if you want athleticism with plyometrics workouts then you have to practice with Kettlebells.


What are the main types of Kettlebells available?

There are two main types of Kettlebells: the swing kettlebell and the snatch kettlebell. “Swing” Kettlebell: Used primarily for “full body” exercises, such as the kettlebell swing, and is also used for “lower body” exercises like squats.
“Snatch”: Used primarily for weightlifting, such as the jerk or clean and jerk. There are also another two types of Kettlebells one is competition model and another one is the regular cast iron. Competition style models are much costlier, and you can happily skip them if you do not have the budget or going to use in home only.

 How much does kettlebell cost?

In India, Kettlebells cost from 600 INR to 6k or more INR to buy. The lower end Kettlebells are generally made with rubber coated iron sand material. Mid-range Kettlebells are generally made with cast iron Kettlebells with powder coated, pain, vinyl, neoprene rubber coated. Competition style Kettlebells are the higher priced items.

Which size should you range for?

You should buy Kettlebells with various sizes since speedy movements are done easier with smaller Kettlebells and big compound movements are gone great with heavier ones. Start with the smaller ones and work on getting bigger models slowly.

Why you should use Kettlebells?

One clear advantage of Kettlebells is that they fit perfectly when it comes to complex strength movements. Like hand-to-hand swing or hip swings. With dumbbells, it becomes a much tougher maneuver to do and potentially dangerous. But Kettlebells are perfect for this. So if you want to add CrossFit, athletic workouts then use Kettlebells.

Why are Kettlebells bad for you?

Kettlebell requires control over the exercise if you are doing dynamic movements. And it is hard to master those Kettlebell moves. So if you are not careful you might end up damaging the surrounding or yourself. But for static exercise like the split squats, I do not see any danger unless you drop them on the ground.

What is the best kettlebell weights to buy?

For quick movements like plyometrics, you should start with weights like 2-4 kgs. For heavy compound workouts, you should get around 8 kg at least. I have the 8 kg one, and it is great for overall usages.

Where can I buy Kettlebells in India?

You should buy them online as per requirement. You should be able to get good deals and offers to buy the Kettlebells cheap.

Are competition kettle bells better?

Kettlebell designed for sports have grips that allow them to absorb chalk better, which is also essential for high rep exercises. If you plan on doing high-rep sets in your workouts or doing a lot of concentrated technique work, a competition kettlebell is your best bet. And most of them are made with steel, with some coated materials.
Completion Kettlebells sizes also do not change with weight like the regular Kettlebells.

Can you get ripped with just Kettlebells?

Absolutely, you can get ripped with just Kettlebells. Kettlebells are being used in India for CrossFit and athletic movements. And these movements cost a lot of calories. And these calories with careful diet will reduce your fats and help you get ripped.

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