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Working out for 10 years | Has a home gym | CPD (UK) Certificate holder in Fitness

In my 10-year fitness journey, owning a home gym and holding a CPD (UK) Certificate in Fitness, I’ve find the KOBO wrist support the est bang for my buck. Unlike full gym gloves, this choice provides unmatched stability, boosting confidence for heavy lifts. The best wrist support for the gym in India is the Aprodo Power Weight Lifting Bar Straps and my favorite is the Kobo WTA-04. 

As we dive into the best wrist supports in India, including Aprodo, Nivia, and Xtrim, I’ll guide you through their features, benefits, and how they enhance workouts. Join me in exploring the essentials of wrist support, from detailed reviews to a comprehensive buying guide. Let’s save your wrists and elevate your gym experience.

Wrist support is great when you are lifting heavy weights, especially overhead. This is extremely beneficial to powerlifters and bodybuilders. Casual gym goers also can use this gym equipment.

Best wrist support for gym

I use this KOBO wrist support from Amazon.

I do not like to wear full gym gloves thus this works for me.

And I do not require straps as well. It is one of the best wrist support for gyms in India.

Wearing this wrist support for the gym is great stability, and confidence-boosting and provides a great workout overall.

More importantly, you will be able to lift more weights and gain more strength.

Technically the wristband support will keep your wrist ergonomic, and support the bones and ligaments when you are lifting heavy.

Note: do not just wear wrist support for making a fashion statement, there is a real use for them if you lift heavy weights. Wear them then.

Best wrist support for gym India (List)

Best Wrist Support For Gym India

Guide to using a Wrist Support

  • Do a warm-up before wearing it.
  • Always use adjustable ones.
  • If you do deadlifts often then get straps too.
  • Do not tie the wristband too tight.

Do you know?

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Reviews of the Best wrist support in India

Aprodo Weight Lifting Wrist Support Wraps

Aprodo Power Weight Lifting Wrist Support Wraps

Final Verdict: A great wrist support for the gym that can be used for a variety of exercises. It is of very good quality for gym use and will last for a very long time.

Check the top reasons to buy this below.

I liked the arm blaster that aprodo has and these weight-lifting straps are of great quality also.

This is an adjustable wrist wrap so it will fit anyone. The velcro straps are high quality and will last longer with superior holding power. The stitching is durable and also is covered under the large velcro strap area.

The velcro strap area is very large compared to other wrist supports. It is almost 5 inches long and 2 inches wide. 

The main body is created using cotton and elastic fabric.

This main wrist support area is 18 inches long and 3 inches wide.

This will wrap around your wrist perfectly and will support you on any lifts.

The thumb loop is also a little thicker than what you used to see in other models.

Top reasons to buy this:

  • Professional heavy-duty straps.
  • Great comfort.
  • Can be used for barbell snatches, muscle up, deadlifts, squats, and more.
  • Adjustable.
  • Washable.
  • Awesome value for the price.


  • None.

Kobo WTA-04 Wrist Support

Kobo WTA-04 Wrist Support

Final Verdict: I personally use this and since it comes with that price I did not have much high hopes on this but this is a great wrist support!

I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for high quality wrist support for a gym in India but has a low budget.

Check the top reasons to buy this below.

This is another great budget yet great wrist strap that is durable and provides ample support to weight lifting. I do dumbbell snatches, deadlifts and these work fine!

The velcro straps are wide and long and the strap itself is wide enough.

If the thumb loop were wider then KOBO wrist support would be even more secure.

Top Reasons to buy this:

  • Reliable
  • Strong velcro straps
  • Washable
  • Portable
  • Awesome value for the price


  • The thumb loop could be a little wider.

Aprodo Power Weight Lifting Bar Straps

Aprodo Power Weight Lifting Bar Straps

Final Verdict: A sturdy wrist strap at low cost which never fails to deliver.

It is good for all deadlifts, barbell rows and more!

It works double as a lifting strap and wrist support as well.

Check the top reasons to buy this below.

Aprodo weight lifting straps are great for those PRs and really heavy lifts.

It has a lifting strap along with a wrist support wrap.

The wrist support has a neoprene pad with free-size velcro wrap.

This fits perfectly your wrist while you do your bench press.

Our grip is our weakest link and this will ensure that the barbell stays in your palm without causing you any injury.

The straps are somewhat 8 inches long and made of cotton and synthetic material. 

Top Reasons to buy this:

  • Reliable wrap
  • Low cost
  • Wrist support is great


  • The long strap could have some rubberized texture.

Nivia 11041 Cotton Thumb Wrist Support

Best wrist support for gym India - Save your Wrist! 1
Nivia wrist support

Final Verdict: Get this wrist support band if you are into NIVIA products and want something similar to KOBO variants. It is a good wrist support at this price.

Check the top reasons to buy this below.

Nivia is no stranger to wrist supports. This is similar to the KOBO wrist wraps.

The thumb loop is thinner.

It is made of elastic polyester and with the velcro strap, you can adjust the tightness as required.

Also, it is good at soaking the sweat so that it does not reach your palm.

It has a moisture-wicking material.

And it is a Made in India product like KOBO and Aprodo.

The size of this wrist support for the gym is 8 inches.

Top Reasons to buy this:

  • Rigid structure.
  • Easy to wear and tighten.
  • Almost identical to KOBO WTA 04


At this price point, none.

Spike Wrist Support Gym Band Strap for Weightlifting

Spike Wrist Support Gym Band Strap for Weightlifting
Spike Wrist Support Gym Band Strap For Weightlifting

Final Verdict: This is one of the thickest wrist support in India.

With the thickness comes rigidity, if you are looking for a strong strap then you should definitely buy this.

Along with the thickness also comes comfortability, this is really comfortable to wear.

Even with all the sturdyness it is really soft for the skin.

Check the top reasons to buy this below.

Spike wrist support is comfortable with thick padding and a great wrap-around style.

The thickness of this wrist support for gym in India is around 5 mm, the width is around 3 inch and the length is 18 inches.

This size fits all and is comfortable for all.

The thumb loop string is wide enough. 

The main material in this one of the best wrist support in India is polyester fibre, this ensures good grip and does not allow sweat to pass to your palms.

This is also a good option for those who are looking to buy the best wrist wraps for crossfit.

And in my opinion, this is one of the premium-styled wrist support in gym. 

Top reasons to buy this:

  • Washable, adjustable.
  • Thick, cushioned.
  • Good for powerlifting, weight lifting, cross training.


  • None.

FITSY® Adjustable Wrist Band for Gym Workout

FITSY® Adjustable Wrist Band for Gym Workout
Best wrist support for gym India - Save your Wrist! 2

Final Verdict: This is a great wrist strap for lifting weights and wrist support for powerlifting, weight lifting and more.

This is also comfortable and geared towards heavy weight lifting.

The material used is very skin friendly and the design is very sporty!

Definitely will get into the mood of lifting heavy.

Check the top reasons to buy this below.

Fitsy has an adjustable wristband for workouts and this is a little different than another velcro strap-based wrist supports with strap.

Unlike other wrist straps, this has a thick end with a metal dowel wrapped around the polyester strap itself. This helps greatly to keep the bars from rolling and sliding.

The wrist support part has a soft pad to maximize comfort. And the rest of the polyester strap is of very high quality.

This Fitsy wrist support has 16 inches of length and the strap is long as well. The width is 3 inches.

Are resistance bands good for building muscle?

Top reasons to buy this for:

  • Comes with hook and loop closure.
  • Adjustable.
  • Comfortable.
  • Non-slip
  • Heavy-duty material.


  • Be careful around the metal end of the strap so that it does not dig into your palm.

DIABLO Cotton Gym Support

DIABLO Cotton Gym Support

Final Verdict: If you are looking for a simple wrist strap in India then this is the one you should get.

This does not have any wrist support. So get this when you only need to support your wrist strength when holding the bar.

Check the top reasons to buy this below.

These are simply looking but are heavy-duty weight-lifting straps that can be used for powerlifting, weight lifting, and for general bodybuilding.

This is really long at 26 inches.

Top reasons to buy this:

  • Great quality at this price range.
  • Durable slim design.


  • Does not have wrist support.

Xtrim gym gloves with wrist support

Xtrim gym gloves with wrist support
Xtrim gym gloves with wrist support

Final Verdict: This Xtrim wrist support is very comfortable and leather likers should be very inclined to this and the leather quality is good too.

Due to no metal in the straps there is no danger to skin rashes.

If you are worried about rusted metal pressing up on your skin then you should get this!

Check the top reasons to buy this below.

Xtrim gym gloves with wrist support is a really good one. Especially this cobra variant. 

This is a wrist support glove with palm cover that looks like a cobra thus it is named like that.

This wrist support has leather made and heavily padded palm protector which allows grip and protection. The leather is anti skid, double stitched for better protection.

Also since the back side is open, this wrist support with a strap is odorless and breathable.

And the wrist strap has good quality neoprene material so your wrist is protected and this becomes comfortable to wear.

Xtrim glove with wrist support is great for –

Powerlifting, bodybuilding, bench press, squat, chin ups, and more.

There is no plastic or metal buckle that might get dig into your skin while your work out. Some do like the metal buckle but some do not. This has a velcro and thick leather pad and that is of very high quality.

Top reasons to buy this: 

  • Leather-made palm guard
  • Good grip
  • Anti-skid leather
  • Breathable.
  • Odor less.


  • Due to the original leather, the color may vary.
  • Be careful while cleaning as there is leather.

Buying Guide for Best wrist support in India

Cost: Wrist supports are available at various costs but under 500 INR is a sweet spot for buying the best wrist support in India. Now of course if you are a pro lifter then you would require more premium gear.

Durability: Stitches and the polyester material is your concern here, so far the items I have recommended have great stitches, material, and velcro strap.

Without durability, the life of the wrist support will be very less, and it is not a good sign. What if the strap breaks down during your bench press?

Length: usually the length of an adjustable wrist strap is 16 inches. Some are longer but that 16 inches length is enough.

Features: Keep in mind the features and buy as per your need. Some features are breathability, padded palm, neoprene-made wrist strap, leather made, and many more. 

Adjustable: Wrist support should be adjustable, you do not want it to be loose or too tight. Also, I do not like the ones that come with belt buckles, I feel that those will dig into my skin eventually.

Benefits of wrist support in the Home gym

Support to the wrist: Our wrist is made up of several joints and has soft bones and tissues. While lifting heavy weights, especially powerlifters who do it with great speed have a good chance of injury. Good support to the wrist is essential to keep the wrist alignment correct and provide support when it is needed to lift weights. 

No Injury: I twisted my wrist while lifting up a slam ball. And wearing thick wrist support prevents it. Wearing wrist support for the gym will prevent any wrist injury that is associated with lifting heavy weights.

Less Discomfort: Sometimes while lifting up weights we feel discomfort in our wrists and a tight band around it will relieve the discomfort. This allows us to maneuver heavier weights above our heads and ultimately increase overall strength gain.

Boldfit wrsit support

Wrist support with straps: If the wrist support also has straps then you can use it to your advantage of lifting heavy barbells. This ensures that the barbells do not slip off your hands. Especially useful for deadlifts.

Better grip: Wrist support with straps or palm guards or even gym gloves with textured palms provide a great grip when you are using dumbbells or barbells.

Palm protection: A wrist support with a palm cover will protect your palm from bruises and will provide a good grip over the iron.

Reduce Muscle Strain: Since wrist support provides support to your wrists, eliminates discomfort, and provides good grip it reduces muscle strain. Without the wrist support or wrist band you will drain your muscles of energy more quickly.

Common Exercises that get the most benefits from a wrist wrap!

  • Deadlift
  • Rack pull
  • Bench Press
  • Barbell and dumbbell Rows

Exercises like pull-ups, face pulls will not get any benefits from wrist wraps since these do not require a straight wrist.

Types of wrist supports

Full Covered with velcro:  I have this style and it is really good for when it comes to wrist support. It is adjustable so anyone can wear it but do not make it too tight. It has a thumb hook to secure it in place.

Thumb Wrap: Thumb wrap with wrist support provides necessary protection and support to the thumb for better lifts.

Wrist Support with Strap: Straps are used to take off some of the pressure from your palm and wrists from holding the heavy barbells. Straps wrap around the barbell and the west support protects your straps. Many powerlifters use them while doing deadlifts.

Gym glove with Wrist Support: Gym gloves with a full wrist cover are best for those who want to protect their full palm, fingers, and wrist. These gloves also provide good grips but if you sweat a lot then you have to be cautious in choosing the gloves you wear. 

Wrist support with hooks: These soft hooks separate your palm from the cold iron and protect your palms.

[Benefits of barbell curls]


What are the best wrist straps for lifting?

PU leather with a good velcro strap is a good choice for lifting. You can also check premium brands like WOD or Made in India brands KOBO for their wrist straps. These are very good.

What are the best weight lifting wrist straps?

Aprodo, KOBO, Fitsy are good makers of the best weight lifting straps in India. You should wear them and check if these are comfortable to you. And all of them have many offerings. Some have west support some are without wrist support and some are made of leather.

Are wrist supports good for weight lifting?

Wrist supports are a safety measure if you light heavy consistently. It is made of cotton, velcro strap and synthetic material. Wrist support for weight lifting purposes are not absolutely necessary. But if you are looking to push your limits and want to do it without causing any extra damage, stress or worse; injury to your wrist then you may wear wrist support.

Can you use wrist straps for bench press?

Sure you can but straps are required at situations where the bar may slip through your hands. With bench press you might be doing it while in a power rack, if that is right then you are safe by default.

When should you wear wrist support at the gym?

Do a warm up and wear them. Wrist supports are helpful any workout that you would do using your hands while holding weights. Be it dumbbell curls or overheard press. Wrist support is especially helpful when you are doing overhead movement with heavy weights.

Do wrist wraps make you weaker?

Well wrist wraps may make your wrist weaker if you do not work towards making them strong. Wrist wraps, straps or support is aimed at ensuring that your wrist joint is stable during the workout. It also makes sure that you without worrying about your wrist can lift heavy and concentrate on the muscles that are required to do the lift.

But excessive use of wrist straps may make your grip weak. I would suggest that you wear wrist wraps only when you are about to do personal record lifts, heavy deadlifts or overhead press.

For light weight exercises do not wear them.

Are wrist wraps cheating?

If you wear wrist supports or wrist straps while even doing light weight exercises your wrist will not get stronger at all. Also if you wear them all the time while doing moderately heavy bench press or deadlifts which you can do very well without any wrist support then your wrist will not get stronger.
Only wear them when it is absolutely necessary.

Why wristband is used in gym?

Wrist bands are used to wipe off sweat. These do not have compression or thick material build to support the wrist. If you sweat a lot your sweat may travel down the arms and reach your palm which may make your grip weak. You will see tennis players wear wristbands during their matches.

So wrist wraps help wrist pain?

Since it acts like a compression it may help, but if you are seriously having pain then check with a physiotherapist first.

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When it comes to weightlifting, wrist support plays a crucial role, especially for powerlifters and bodybuilders. I wholeheartedly endorse the KOBO wrist support from Amazon for its stability, confidence-boosting features, and effectiveness in intense workouts. It’s truly a standout choice for enthusiasts like me. I’ve provided detailed reviews of various wrist supports, highlighting their durability, suitability for different exercises, and unique features to help you make an informed decision.

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