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A good platform and the connection with the floor is most important when you are in the gym. The best gym shoes in India are not the best to make a great grip if you ask me. As I prefer bare feet in the gym but in a commercial gym that is not possible.

At home gym it does not really matter even if you are wearing something or not. But outside you will need at least one par from this list of best shoes for gym India. Also many unlike me prefer wearing athletic or sports or gym shoes to get a good grip on the floor.

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Complete list of best gym shoes in India


Adidas Power Perfect 

Best weightlifting shoes India

ASE Mens Silver Professional Weightlifting Shoe

Best gym shoes for men

Reebok Women’s Essential Training Shoes

Best gym shoes for women

Sparx Men’s Sx0405g

Best shoes for weight training and cardio

RXN Lifter Weightlifting Shoes for Men

Hard sole shoes for gym

Mactree Men Premium Shark1 Series

Best budget shoes for gym

Adidas Men’s Agora 1.0 Multisport Training Shoes

Best gym shoes under 2000 (upto 3000 INR)

Sparx Men’s Sx0405g

Best gym shoes under 1000 (Upto 2000 INR)

Zorth Sports Shoes

Best gym shoes under 500 (Upto 1000 INR)

I am not focused on multipurpose shoes, which companies just sell running shoes as gym shoes. But in the gym when you are doing squats those do not help at all. My main focus is on the shoes that are helpful in heavy gym workouts and not on those that do it all type gym shoes in India.

Best gym shoes in India

Reviews of the best shoes for gym India

Best gym shoes in India 1

Final Verdict: Adidas have created many weight lifting shoes and this is one of the best. It comes in white color which may get dirty quickly. So you can take a look at this model of Adidas Powerlift shoe in

This is almost similar but instead of leather mesh upper like the Adidas Power perfect, this powerlift shoe has canvas upper. And the price is a little lower than the Power Perfect shoes.

Check the top reasons to buy below!

Adidas Power Perfect

Looking for the best weight lifting shoes in India? This is it. 

This is one of the costliest weight lifting shoe and is meant for professionals.

The closure of this shoes has laces and a velcro strap for tight fit. The sole is completely flat with close to 0 ridges which is required for weight lifting.

For weight lifting you will need a flat sole. It has inner cushions so it feels comfortable wearing this shoe for gym in India.

Despite the bulky hard sole, the shoe is lightweight and have a mesh front upper layer for breathability.

Top Features:

  • Die Cut mid sole wedge for stability
  • Lace closure with strap for perfect fit.
  • Air mesh collar, tongue and ankle support


  • One of the best stable platform for weight lifting.
  • Mid sole wedge provides great stability.
  • Great heel support.



Professional Weightlifting Shoe

Final Verdict: With 2.5cm heel it helps with better stability while lifting. How long lasting the shoes will be is a question. But overall is a good buy for the gym goer.

Check the top reasons to buy below!

ASE Mens Silver Professional Weightlifting Shoe

No matter how best the weight lifting shoes by premium companies are, people like us can not afford them.

We are not even proud of this weight lifting thing.

Thus here is something more in the budget of the middle class Indian gym goers. 

I could have added sparx gym shoes or the hrx gym shoes but those are mostly cross training shoes and are multipurpose.

But those shoes are not specifically for weight lifting.

Are Running Shoes Good for Cross Training

I have cross training shoes in this list but this best shoes for gym in India is guide for the body builder, for the power lifter first.

This ASE gym shoe is a best buy for gym lovers who regularly do squats, dead lifts and other Olympic lifts.

The sole is made from crepe and the closure system has lace and velcro straps for better fit. 

These velcro straps padded like the ones on the gym gloves in India.

Top Feature:

  • Medium to high pricing.
  • Great stability for heavy lifts.
  • Good durable sole.


  • Good stable mid shoe sole.
  • Strong upper layer
  • Good grip on floor


Not of premium quality materials.

Gym shoes for women

Final Verdict: A good all purpose training shoes for women. The shoes have cushioned sole and soft inside material.

And can withstand long training hours in the gym. But you should not push them too far while running or doing extensive powerlifting workouts.

These are a good option for when looking for gym training shoes in India.

Check the top reasons to buy below!

Reebok Women’s Essential Training Shoes

After two proper weight lifting shoe, here in this list of best shoes for gym India we have a training shoe. This is being marketed for women and is actually a good choice for ladies.

Training shoes are versatile and if you are in doubt of what type of gym shoes to buy as you do a lot of varieties activity in the gym, you should buy a training shoe.

Training shoe like this support side to side movement, short run with front and back movements.

Good with foot stability so your heels and knees are safe from any pain.

Fits in perfectly the best gm bags in India for women.

Top Features:

  • Lace up closure for better fit.
  • Synthetic upper material
  • Breathable lightweight material.
  • Moderate heel and wedge support
  • Good inside cushion system.


Good for all round gym purposes including run on treadmill, weight training, jumping and walking.


No specialised design for any specific activity.

Sparx Gym shoes

Final Verdict: This is a cross training which is good for a variety of gym activities. But do not push the shoe for one activity too much.

Check the top reasons to buy below!

Sparx Men’s Sx0405g

These shoes are more leaned towards running and walking especially in the heel design. But the flat sole design makes it somewhat good for typical weight lifting sessions in the gym also.

These gym shoes have a lightweight mesh upper layer with lace up closure. The mesh layer helps with air passing inside of the shoe.

Also the insides have soft material so the shoe is comfortable.

Top Feature:

  • Lace up system
  • Mesh upper material
  • Lightweight design


  • Can be used for gym sessions.
  • Can be used for walks and short runs.
  • Also can be worn daily in non workout activities.


Not for heavy powerlifting.

Gym shoes in India

Final Verdict: A great durable shoe for gym in India but only for serious lifters. This is not a multipurpose stylish shoe that you can take out for a jog or to college. This is seriously made for a heavy workout in the gym.

Check the top reasons to buy below!

RXN Lifter Weightlifting Shoes for Men

RXN makes gym shoes which are mostly for gym based workouts only and not for running or walking. 

These shoes have flat heels with an incline which is necessary for heavy weight lifting. The upper layer is made from leather with mesh lining. It will be durable but not so breathable. And you will need to maintain that leather with care.

Top Feature:

  • Leather upper material.
  • Rubber made a high grade strong sole.
  • Lace up with velcro strap closure


  • Very durable upper layer with strong rubber sole.
  • Closure of lace and strap will make the fit perfect.
  • Provides great stability and grip with the Olympic lifts.


  • More maintenance due to the leather upper layer.
  • Run a little shorter than usual size.
Best Budget shoes for gym

Final Verdict: If you are on the budget and want to get a all in one shoe then you can look into this model It is not the best for weight lifting or the best for long runs but is a mix of both worlds.

And it is made for light to moderate use only.

Check the top reasons to buy below!

Mactree gym shoes

Mactree gym shoes are one of the best budget gym shoes in India. This is a multi sport shoe which can be used for weight lifting and for light running or walking.

The closure system has laces and the upper material is made from some mesh like material. This makes this shoe ideal for warm climate as it allows the air to pass.

This shoe does not have much ankle or heel support so not perfect for heavy lifts like squats or deadlifts. But for general purpose of light weight lifts, it is just fine.

The sole is flat with minimum grooves and it is made of rubber.

Top Feature:

  • Budget gym shoe.
  • Good for many activities.
  • Mesh upper material.
  • Rubber sole.


Not very durable like a full fledged gym shoe or not very good with cushioning like a pro running shoe either.

budget shoes under 2000

Final Verdict: If you also do outdoor workouts along with gym and want to use only one shoe then you can use this multisport shoes.

This shoe is good for outdoor sports and performs average with heavy gym workouts.

Check the top reasons to buy below!

Adidas Multisport Training Shoes

Adidas Men’s Agora is a multi sport shoe which can be used for a variety of sports. Typically these shoes are not for a pro body builder or weight lifter. Since these are not exactly have a good sole for heavy workouts.

But for the average gym goers these gym shoes would do just fine.

Also this gym shoes can be used for some running and general usages. This has a lace up system so fit is good and the sole is made from rubber with lifted heel for better support while running. This shoe is also useful for outdoor sports like cricket.

Top Features:

  • Mesh upper.
  • Lace up style.
  • Soft cushion
  • Rubber made sole.


  • Can be used for outdoor sports.
  • Can be used for usual gym workouts.
  • Mesh upper allows air to pass.


Mediocre for heavy gym workouts.

Gym shoe under 500

Final Verdict: This is a budget gym shoe in India which is well under 500 for most of the time

Check the top reasons to buy below!

Zorth Sports Shoes

If you want a gym shoe that is under 500 INR then this is the best one you can get. It is not like the gimmicky gym shoes with heavy grooves in the sole. As for heavy squats you will need a flat sole not a heavy grooved ones.

Those are better for running.

The sole of this shoe is made rom polyurethane and have a lace close up so it fits nicely.

And the top has mesh and synthetic material.

Top Features:

  • Breathable upper layer.
  • Lace up system.
  • Not too high heel height.


  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Moderate grip.


Not very durable material for daily heavy workout.

Best gym shoes for men

In reality many gym shoes for men will fit women and vice versa. But for running and some well known brands do make women ‘s front wider and heel narrower. 

Check the list of best shoes for gym in India

Best shoes for weight training and cardio

Weightlifting shoes are great for stable deadlift, squats. While cardio training involves runs, jumps which requires more cushion and shock absorption which weight training shoes lack. So a weight training shoe is not a good fit for cardio. But any generic sports shoe which is all rounder in nature so you can use this for weight training and for cardio.

But if you are a pro or semi pro or want the best specific gear to use then get the sports specific gym shoes for them.

What type of gym shoes do I need?

Here are the type of gym shoes that you will need for your workouts!

These are the types of gym shoes that are most commonly available in India also. There are some best cross training shoes which can be used for varieties of sports. But if you are focused on one type of sports then get the shoes that work best with that sports only.

Weight lifting shoes: These are specifically designed for heavy weight lifting especially for squats, deadlifts and all other power lifting activities like clean and press etc. 

Most of the time if you do not want to spend a lot on a premium brand of weight lifting shoes, which could be the very best weightlifting shoes India. But you might do well with flat sole canvas shoes also. But those are not exactly breathable and not for flat feets.

Check the list of best shoes for gym in India

Field sports shoes: Field sports include football, cricket, rugby and so on. Badminton shoes or tennis shoes fall under court shoes. Many field sports shoes have spikes under the soles and generally known as cleats.

And for football, cricket these are different. You check for the best shoes for cricket in India for more detail.

Cross Trainers: These cross training shoes are the mixed bunch, these are the shoes that you can take out for a jog in the park or for a weight lifting workout in the gym. Note that these cross trainer shoes are not specialist and not for the serious power lifter or for the marathon runner.

Some also use these shoes for walking and daily commuting also.

Court Shoes: We are all familiar with badminton, basketball and tennis and similar style of hoes are also used for wrestling and boxing.. These are played in a court and to get a good grip on the court we have court shoes. These gym shoes can be used for cross fit.

Check the list of best shoes for gym in India

And some high ankle court shoes are used for kabaddi and wrestling also. Generally these gym shoes are made from soft breathable material with rubber sole. The sole has very minimal ridges to provide grips, since you will need your feet to be in touch with the floor for maximum traction possible.

Running Shoes: The name says it all, these are specifically built for running. These running shoes are of 2-3 types for example, Cushioned (this is for the neutral runner. These shoes have EVA foam made soles). Stability shoes(these shoes have specific arches which helps the feet with stability and good for flat feet athletes.), Motion control shoes (These shoes provide most stability and have stabiliser elements in the ridges)

In general running shoes have a heavy cushion so that your feet stay protected during runs.

Check the list of best shoes for gym in India

Walking Shoes: These are somewhat the same or less cushioned shoes which are for walking. These are also good for shock absorption and provide stability through the arch.

Outdoor sports shoe: Mountaineering, hiking, fishing, boating shoes are known as outdoor sports shoes. These are generally built very durable with thick soles to prevent any damage from rough terrains. Most are also waterproof or breathable depending on what particular sports you pick.

These are not suitable for any other sports but some also use similar shoes to their journey to the office 🙂

And there are also speciality shoes for cycling and skiing also. Cycling shoes have some cushion under the heel.

How to choose gym shoes? (buying Guide)

Style of workout and type of shoes: Firstly you have to decide the type of workout you do. As that will determine which type of gym shoes you actually need. If you run more then get a running shoe, if you seriously power lift then a weightlifting shoe will be good for you. For all those in between a cross training shoe will do.

Price: We are price cautious, and want to check the price before buying gym shoes. Generally in this case the price will be way higher with the brand. More branded speciality shoes you will buy will be higher.  

Weight: Check the weight before you buy, and that will depend on the style of workout that you do. For outdoor sports like hiking, the soles will be thicker thus it will be heavier than running shoes. While running shoes are lighter and the gym shoes in India are somewhere in the middle of these two.

Comfort: To me the inside of the gym shoes should be soft with good sewing. Otherwise even with wearing socks your skin on your feet might hurt. And also check for the best gym shoes for flat feet and for wider feet size.

Check the list of best shoes for gym in India

Size: Fit is an absolute must for any workout and before buying any gym shoes you should try it on, if possible. Also some of use have much wider feet for which getting a gym shoe in India is tough. 

Cushion: Running shoes have a great cushion. These shoes need to stop the force getting to the knees and upper body. These cushion helps in shock absorption and helps you to stay injury free for a longer period of time.

Closure: Closure system is important as it determines how the shoe fits your feet. Lace ups are better fit than slip in style shoes. And always prefer lace up style shoe closure when buying shoes for sports activity. For brisk walking you can get away with slip on style. And also with high ankle shoes you will see the laces going all the way up, that is also to make sure that the high ankle part does slip off.

Ankle support: Strong ankle support is needed for kabaddi shoes and as well as wrestling. This makes the sports wearing comfortable and much more safe. Also hiking shoes have strong ankle support.

Durability: Some sports ask for more durability for the shoe, specially running, outdoor field sports and even mountaineering. In general the usual gym goers will do well with the best multisport training shoes or the usual weight lifting shoes.

Sole: For weight lifting or gym you do not need much deep grooves in the sole. All you need is a good sole that will not slip and will allow you to use your feet to secure the grip. 

Gait: Gait is mostly related to how you run. You will need to take a video of yours running on the treadmill and one professional can analyse your posture and recommend your shoes. This is where you determine if you have a flat feet or low arch in your feet.

The shoes being recommended to them are known as stability shoes. These shoes will prevent you from injuries like shin splints and knee pain.

And if you have the opposite of flat feet that is you have a high arch which is also known as Supination. This problem with your feet also ends up with shin splints, knee pain etc. The shoes recommended to them are known as neutral shoes, these help with the more arched shoes.

And if you are the lucky bunch after the 70% of human population who have some kind of flat feet then you have the neutral pronation, here any style of shoes is good for you.

Check the list of best shoes for gym in India

Brands of athletic shoes


These are the most famous and available athletic shoes brand in India.

Training shoes vs running shoes

Training shoes are for forward backward as well as for side to side movement. And the running shoes are mostly for forward or backward movement. Also note that training shoes are not built for any specific task, even weight lifting. While running shoes are specifically built for running and will have more cushioning and shock absorbing material.

Training shoes are tend to be more flat with very minimum ridges.

You can use running shoes for gym training but not the other way around.

Running shoes vs walking shoes

In my opinion running shoes are more flexible and have more cushion and shock absorbing capabilities than walking shoes. And running shoes tend to be in less heavy than walking shoes.

Since running involves more force, walking shoes should not be used for that. But running shoes can be used for walking.

Check the list of best shoes for gym in India

Difference between running shoes and sports shoes

A running shoe is a type of gym shoe that is specifically designed for running while sports shoe is a generic term used to describe almost any shoe. 

Can training shoes be used for running

Yes, for a casual running on a treadmill or for a short 1km run a training shoe can be used for running. But a training shoe is much suited for general usages as a gym shoe and not as a full time running shoe.

Can training shoes be used for walking

Yes, a training shoe which is made for more generic sports activities and can be used for walking. Walking does not require shock absorption and not much cushioning thus a training shoe will do fine for walking.

Tennis shoes vs running shoes

Tennis shoes have no cushions as a result the tennis shoes focus on lightweight material with great support for side to side movement as well. Both the tennis shoes and the running shoes are good for the feet but they way these are built for different purposes.

Can running shoes be used for badminton

Running shoes are good for moving forward mostly and not sideways. While in badminton in a seconds of notice you will move side to side, front and back. These badminton shoes have good support for sideways movement which running shoes does not have. But for a quick game with friends any shoes would do just fine.

Best men’s gym shoes for wide feet

There are no specific companies or brands of athletic shoes that can make the best gym shoes for wide feet but the usual size fits all. If you have wider feet then you have to visit a store and find your shoe.

Ref: Choosing sports shoe


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