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This article of mine discusses the best walking shoes for men in India. And I will mostly remain in the category of walking shoes for men without lace and walking shoes for men lightweight.

These are the main features that you should look for for a walking shoe. A walking shoe and a running shoe has differences and I would recommend that you do not use walking shoes for running.

Also do not use a walking shoe as a Gym shoe.

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[LIST] best walking shoes for men in India

  1. Nike walking shoes for men Explore Strada
  2. Skechers Men’s GO Walking Shoes (For athletic walking)
  3. Puma Unisex’s Tenaz Walking Shoes
  4. Skechers Men’s Equalizer 2.0 Nordic Walking Shoes
  5. Reebok Men’s Tread Walk Lite Lp Walking Shoes
  6. Adidas Walking Shoes for men Daily 3.0
  7. Liberty Men’s D7-01e Walking Shoes
  8. Power Men’s N Walk Calm Nordic Walking Shoes
  9. Clarks Men’s Leather Walking Shoes
  10. Bata walking shoes for men

Running shoes have specialized heels and toe support and also very good cushioning to protect your feets and knees. Where walking shoes do not have those types of protection and cushion.

Both types of shoes are not interchangeable. At least for walking you can use a lace up running shoe but not the other way around. Do not use a walking shoe for daily running.

Best Walking Shoes For Men In India

[Reviews] best walking shoes for men in India

Nike walking shoes for men Explore Strada

nike walking shoe

Why should You Buy this?

If you want to have the reliability of a known brand which offers a lightweight shoe with great support then this is the walking shoe you should get.

Check the top Features below!

Nike is a pioneer when it comes to shoe soles for running and walking. And in this shoe I like the outsole. This type of sole is great for walking. Since it offers good support, cushion and stability.

This shoe also has a lace up system but better not use it for more dynamic movements like sprinting.

The upper material of this Nike walking shoes for men is made from a synthetic material and is comfortable.

The toe box is of round shape and offers good stability and protection.

Top Features:

  • High and thick outsole.
  • Synthetic upper
  • Round toe box
  • Lace up closure


  • Great fit due to the lace up system and toe box.
  • Synthetic upper material is not harsh to the skin
  • Durable out sole with good protection from impact.


  • Lace up system is not great like running shoes.
  • Many believe they did not receive original products.

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Skechers Men’s GO Walking Shoes

Skechers Men's GO Walking Shoes

Why should You Buy this?

Personally I like the shoe for its cushion and rubber sole which has great traction.

I also believe this shoe is to be very durable and lightweight.

If you are really looking for the best walking shoes for men In India then this sketchers shoe should be on top of your list, like it is on mine.

Check the top Features below!

This Skechers Mens Go walking shoe is one of the costliest walking shoes in India. And no doubt deserves to be the best walking shoes for men in India. At this high price, comfort is the final word.

This shoe has premium material used and is durable and also comfortable for long time wear.

It has a soft mesh like material on top with cushioned outsole design. This walking shoe has Air cooled Goga Mat technology which offers high rebound cushioning.

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This also helps with the shoe being really lightweight.

The toe design is 3D printed and which provides added durability and comfort.

Outsole of the sketchers shoe is made from rubber and have excellent traction over most of the ground types.

Even with that thick rubber sole, this sketchers walking shoe is really flexible.

Top Features! (Why this walking shoe is costly)

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  • Memory foam midsole
  • Thick Rubber sole with flexibility and heavy cushion
  • Air cooled Goga Mat technology
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Engineered Mesh upper material
  • Flexible shoe body


  • Provides maximum comfort and stability while walking for any feet type
  • Durable upper, mid and outsole makes the shoe last for years.
  • Gives enhanced support and cushioning to prevent injuries and impact
  • Flexible shoe which is great for walking
  • Heel collar and Ankle support


Despite the comfort level and cushioning features many do say that the shoe is not so durable.

Puma Unisex’s Tenaz Walking Shoes

Puma Unisex Walking Shoe

Why should You Buy this?

A great semi waterproof walking shoe in India by one of the leading shoe manufacturers in the world.

This also could be the best men’s shoes for walking on a treadmill. I do not see any issues with traction, comfort or cushioning.

Check the top Features below!

This Puma walking shoe has a very durable built with material like mesh and rubber. The rubber sole is flat and has great traction.

This PUMA walking has a lace up closure and this makes the shoe fit well which helps when walking at higher speed.

The outsole of the shoe grip is high and flat, which is good for walking. 

Top of the puma walking shoe is made from mesh but it also has other material to give it a sturdy look. This also makes the shoe more durable as well.

Top Features!

  • Unisex design
  • Round toe box
  • Flat sole made of rubber
  • Good traction
  • Cushioned sole
  • Mesh upper


  • A durable design and it is somewhat waterproof also.
  • Flat heel with thick rubber sole, makes the shoe less prone to slip. Also provides great cushion to impact
  • Lace up allows for tighter fit
  • Have proper heel collar


  • May look like it but not for running.
  • Some might feel a little hot due to the mesh upper being less.

Skechers Men’s Equalizer 2.0 Nordic Walking Shoes

Skechers Men Equalizer walking shoe

Why should You Buy this?

Like other walking shoes from this brand, this shoe is also really comfortable.

The mesh upper material is also very soft. Although it looks simple, the other features of this walking shoe lifts it up in this list of best walking shoes for men in India.

Check the top Features below!

Another Skechers shoe which deserves to be in this list as the best walking shoes for men without lace. Personally I like this Nordic shoe for the rubber sole that it has. The outsole is thick, provides great cushion and has great traction.

The upper material is mesh build and allows good airflow for the sweaty feet.

The midsole have memory foam which adjust as per your feet and gives your extreme comfort while walking!

Although this shoe is not for athletic walking still it offers excellent support and cushion. Also this is highly flexible and breathable. 

Top features:

  • Memory Foam inside sole
  • Mesh Upper material
  • Rubber outsole with great grip
  • Thick outsole providing excellent heel support


  • Memory makes the experience with the shoe really comfortable.
  • Enhanced heel support and cushion to lessen the impact by walking.


  • Looks plain, meaning no sporty look.
  • It’s a little costly.

Reebok Men’s Tread Walk Lite Lp Walking Shoes

Reebok walking shoe India

Why should You Buy this?

A really good comfortable walking shoe for general purposes.

Get this shoe if you are short in budget yet want a walking shoe which offers excellent cushion and support for the price.

Check the top Features below!

Reebok tread walk lite LP is a good budget slip on walking shoe for men in India.

It has rounded toe and foam made out sole.

The sole has good traction and good heel height. This helps in increasing the cushion and support.

Shoe upper material is made from mesh-like items, this makes the shoe breathable. And also it feels comfortable on the feet.

Top Features!

  • Comfortable inside
  • Good outsole
  • Soft mesh upper and midsole


  • Really comfortable shoes to wear for walks
  • Outsole has good traction but not for running.
  • Have good heel protection and cushion fo walks
  • Skin friendly mesh material


Nothing unless you want premium features in this price range.

Adidas Walking Shoes for men Daily 3.0

Adidas Walking Shoes for men

Why should You Buy this?

If you want a simple yet sporty design with a walking shoe then this shoe is for you.

This is a multipurpose shoe which can be used for other activities.

For running though, it might not be very suitable but still you can use it for light jogging.

Check the top Features below!

This is one of the best walking shoes for men, it has a high, thick flat outsole. This has a even height at all the sides of the shoe.

And with the laceup system, the fit is good.

The upper material is not mesh but made with canvas, which is way more durable yet somewhat breathable.

Although it is said that this is for skateboarding but it is an all rounder shoe with good cushion and feet support.

Top Features:

  • Thick and flat heel
  • Durable upper material
  • Lace up closure


  • Excellent cushion and support.
  • Lace up system for good closure.
  • Can be used for multiple purposes.
  • Comfortable to wear.


None, unless you get a fake product.

Liberty Men’s D7-01e Walking Shoes

Liberty Men Walking Shoe

Why should You Buy this?

If you just want a shoe to go with all your clothes and a shoe with bare minimum cushion for walking, then this is for you.

There are few other models like Gliders etc – I feel those models are hard on the feet thus I recommend this.

Check the top Features below!

If you are not into athletic walking then this basic walking shoe will do good. This shoe by liberty has a simple slip on closure with EVA foam sole.

The sole is thick with basic grip. This outsole looks more like a running shoe but this shoes does not have the support that a running shoe has.

Top Features:

  • Slip on closure
  • Mesh upper material
  • Round toe box


  • Lightweight comfortable shoe for daily walks.
  • Adequate shoe width and mesh upper material.

Not for athletic walking.

Power Men’s N Walk Calm Nordic Walking Shoes

Power Men walking shoe

Why should You Buy this?

Comfortable shoes that anyone can use for an entire day. Although not for athletic walking yet it is a good slip on shoe to have.

Check the top Features below!

Power is a bata brand which have sporty look and features.

This is a medium width walking shoe with synthetic upper material. It also has a closed style toe feature.

The sole is made from EVA foam type material and has grooves for better traction.

Since it is made from foam and synthetic material, it is somewhat waterproof but better not use it on a rainy day.

Top Features:

  • Lightweight shoe
  • Have Average traction on the outsole
  • Comfortable mid sole


This is a lightweight walking shoe to have. You can use it for light walking and daily usages.


  • You should not use it for speed walks and also not for running. This shoe does not have the capabilities of those.
  • Some people have gotten cuts from the heel collar.

Clarks Men’s Leather Walking Shoes

walking shoes leather

Why should You Buy this?

If you are looking for a reliable leather made shoe for walking then this is a good choice. But after looking at the cost you can also check other variants as well.

Check the top Features below!

Here are the leather walking shoes for men, I personally do not like leather shoes. I want a breathable one.

This shoe is durable due to the sturdy built it has. It also has a lace up system to tighten the shoe as needed.

Also the round toe style has an extra leather patch for protection.

Apart from this the heel collar is protected with paddings and the inside of the shoe is also padded.

Top Features

  • Leather built
  • Durable and thick heel area
  • Good traction on most of the terrains


  • Very durable built and can be used for all other non athletic purposes.
  • Comfortable inside.


Costly, you can get other leather like shoes at a much lesser price.

Bata walking shoes for men

BATA walking shoe

Why should You Buy this?

If you want a basic walking shoe and do not require much heel support or cushioning then this is for you.

This is not for athletic walks and better use this shoe for only walking or for daily activities.

Any sporty activities should not be performed with this shoe.

Check the top Features below!

This is one of the simplest walking shoes which you can buy.

There is nothing fancy since it is a walking shoes for men under 500. But still it has all the basic support like heel collar, heel and a good outsole.

But I have always found these outsoles to be too hard but these are durable. The sole is made from a material called Phylon.

And note that this shoe is a very basic walking shoe which can be used for any non athletic activities as well.

Top Features:

  • Lightweight simple design.
  • Average heel collar compared to athletic walking shoes
  • Average heel support compared to athletic walking shoes
  • Black color only.
  • Pros:
  • Budget walking shoes for anyone.
  • Can be used for daily activities.


  • Does not provide good support or cushion
  • Outsole might feet too hard

Buying guide for the best walking shoes for men in India

Flexibility: Walking shoes need flexibility near the toe are for most of us. While buying if possible, try to bend the shoe and see if it is easy to do so. More flexible the shoe sole is, better it is for walking.

Traction: A good walking shoe should have good traction so you should not never slip and fall. Usually a rubber outsole should have more grip on the floor.

Price: A price to performance balance that you have to decide by yourself. There is no limit on the features and quality and so does the price. More quality the shoe is, costly it will be. Also International sports brands walking shoe have much higher cost than the other brands.

Choose a shoe based on the comfort and then sort by the prices.

WaterProof: A fully waterproof walking shoe is hard to find but you should find shoes that are somewhat water resistant. Low quality shoes will lose the glues in between and the soles will get loose. Otherwise a durable shoe should be able to withstand some water splashes.

Cushioning: Walking involves a lot of stress on the feet and the impact travels up to the knees. Which is not good for the knee joint. A good cushion with shock absorption material reduces that injury chance . You should get a walking shoe which have thick outsole and cushioned midsole to avoid any injuries.

Upper layer: In out country where most of the places are hot and humid, wearing a breathable mesh upper shoe makes more sense. The lightweight mesh upper allows air to pass and the feet stays dry. This helps with removing bad odor and bacterias.

Shoe weight: Walking shoe weight will depend on person to person, but the shoe should be lightweight so that it does not put any additional pressure. With a light weight shoe you can walk quickly with less energy.

Why men should walk!

  1. Walking has many benefits for men, and according to a study by Harvard it says that walking for 30 minutes daily reduces the chance of erectile dysfunction for 41%.
  2. Reduces the chances of Heart disease.
  3. Lowers the risk of diabetes
  4. Improves general fitness.

Check the top walking shoes for men in India

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Why a good walking shoe matters!

Walking may be less strenuous than running but still regular walking outside or treadmill will put some pressure on knees and on feet.

A good walking shoe has achilles tendon protector and heel collar. These two reduce the pressure on the tendon, cushions the ankle and ensures proper fit.

The midsole helps with making the walk comfortable. With a good shoe inner material the walks become enjoyable and also it helps with supporting the feet.

Also this helps with the few of us who have issues with their feet like Pronators, Supinators. Although those shoes will be specialized. You might need to consult with a physiotherapist first.


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