Best protein shaker bottle India + Bonus additions


There are various angles with the best protein shaker bottle in India, many prefer protein shaker bottles 1000 ml or many also prefer shaker bottles of 700 ml. Some prefer protein shaker bottles for gyms with handles. I personally like the handles too. And many want an electric blender built in. This I feel is not required for at least 90% of us. I personally use myprotein shaker bottle but secretly desire the shiny stainless steel protein shaker India.

PS: Protein shaker bottles can also be used to make any other drink mixes.

Best Protein Shaker Bottle India

Protein Shaker Bottle Why Buy this
Strauss Spider Shaker Bottle Best Overall Choice
Fitkit Premium Shaker With Wire Blending Ball Protein Shaker Bottle Lowest Price
Strauss Automatic Shaker Bottle Best electric shaker bottle
SmartShake 10252601 Slim Protein Shaker Microwave, Freezer, Dishwasher safe
Ice Shaker – Stainless Steel Protein Shaker Insulated shaker bottle
DOVEAZ Beast Sports Water Bottle Protein shaker bottle 1000ml
Jay Stainless Steel Metal shaker Metal Shaker
Signoraware Shake n Shake Steel Sports Shaker Budget Metal Protein shaker
MuscleBlaze Protein shaker 500ml Cyclone Shaker
InstaLite 1 Litre BPA Free Tritan Sports Most stylish protein shaker in India
Tupperware Gym Shaker Good brand value
Nike sipper bottles Best Sipper Sports Bottle
Strauss Dual Shaker Innovative Dual Compartments
Boldfit Gym Shaker Good cyclone shaker

Strauss Spider Shaker Bottle

Strauss Spider Shaker Bottle

Final Verdict: If you do not want to use this protein shaker in a microwave then this the most feature rich protein shaker in India that you will get which is made of plastic. And I also like the snap on mixer.

This is a great and one of the best protein shaker bottle in India. The most interesting feature is that it has two storage compartments. One can contain around 60 grams of protein and another has 3 spaces for pills.

  • Top features:
  • Two storage compartments.
  • BPA Free
  • Non toxic food grade material
  • Durable
  • Spill proof
  • Non slip
  • Stain and odourless design
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Freezer safe
  • Leak proof
  • Lightweight
  • Snap on Unique wire shaped mixer for smooth lump free drink
  • 500 ml capacity
  • Storage jar
  • Protein compartment with 2 scoops of space.
  • Wide mouth for easy refill.
  • Capacity markings on the outside.

This makes the top of the list of mine with the sheer list of top features that provides. Only highly durable steel shakers can be compared to this.

Otherwise at this budget this is the best shaker bottle you can get.

Note: Do not use hot water that is above 65 degree C this can push the lid open when you will be mixing it. Press the lid with your index finger when you are shaking it.

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Fitkit Premium Bottle Shaker With Wire Blending Ball

 Fitkit Premium Bottle Shaker With Wire Blending Ball

Final Verdict: At deals you can get this shaker around 200 also. At this price point this is a great leak proof protein shaker bottle for every gym goer.

Fitkit prime shaker bottle is made with 100% BPA free non toxic food grade plastic. It has wire ball blending system which works great for protein shakers and creatine. This shaker bottle has a comfortable drinking nozzle and a convenient carry handle.

Fitkit prime shaker has anti leak technology which never spills what is inside moreover the strainer and the wire ball are scientifically designed to eliminate nay powder lump.  This protein shaker mixer bottle is 100% leak proof.

It has a see through volume measurement scale which is a must option for me. The scale is in ml and Oz units.  It has a total capacity of 600ml which is perfect for protein shake quantity. It is also good for using BCAA and also for activities like cycling, hiking etc.

Since it is made up with plastic, it is also very light weight.

Total height of this shaker bottle is around 16.5 cm and the lid is around 5cm. You can open the lid with one hand and can drink the protein shake quickly.

Strauss Automatic Shaker Bottle, 600ml

Strauss Automatic Shaker Bottle

Final Verdict: This for those who want an electric shaker which can mix protein supplements with just a touch of a button. And the cleaning is hassle free too. But you can not use it in the freezer or use hot liquid or use the dishwasher. And you should be a little concerned about battery life.

This is one of the best electric shaker bottles by Strauss brand. Strauss is known for fitness products and this one does not disappoint.

This electric shaker bottle has a capacity of 600 ml and has markings on the side of the bottle.

  • The electric shaker bottle has a BPA free food grade plastic body which is non toxic.
  • Has a protective spout cover
  • Durable body.
  • Spill proof
  • Stain and odour resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • Powerful motor leaves no clumps
  • Portable

With this electric shaker bottle in India you can prepare your protein shakes in straight 5-10 seconds. All you need to do is press the waterproof switch. 

This motor runs on 2 AAA batteries and the blade has X-blade design.

To clean you can detach the blade, motor and this does not attract much stain and odour.

To use this bottle, you first must add around 150-450 ml of water.

Start the motor by pressing the button and then add the protein, creatine or other supplement that you have. Remember to turn on the shaker first.

To clean add some warm water and little detergent and turn on the motor again for a few seconds. To fully clean and rinse remove the motor base from the bottom.

It is not recommended to scrocth bite type cleaning material and dishwasher. And when rinsing with water always remove the battery and motor base.

SmartShake 10252601 Slim Protein Shaker – ICE Blue

SmartShake 10252601 Slim Protein Shaker

Final Verdict: The best option for anyone who wants to use hot liquid, want to wash it is dishwasher or use it in the fridge.

I like this as one of the best protein shaker bottle India for the number of features it offers, see them now – 

  • BPA free (Non toxic Product)
  • DEHP Free
  • Food Grade Plastic
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe
  • Freezer safe
  • Recyclable

This means you can wash it in a dishwasher, make hot drinks using microwave and even make cold coffee by putting it in the freezer. This is a great non toxic multi purpose shaker bottle.

Moreover it is an international product.

This version has a capacity of 500ml and has a tall design.

There are other variants of the same product where the capacity varies.

Some other features are that when mixing there is no sound at all. This is anti leak off course and there is no rattling or sound from any loose parts. This will smooth out any lumps in the drink that you are making with it.

Note: Always remove the lid and carabiner when used in the microwave. And when using hot liquids you should always open the snap cap.

Ice Shaker – Stainless Steel Protein Shaker Bottle for Gym

Ice Shaker - Stainless Steel Protein Shaker

Final Verdict: Not only for supplements, this is great for any drink that needs to stay cold. This is an international product have good reviews from all over the world.

This is an insulated shaker bottle in India, also one of the best stainless steel protein shaker that you can have. Since this is stainless steel protein shaker which is also leak proof, super durable, double wall vacuum insulated the price is quite high. But if you require it then it is justified.

Here are the top features that you should check when considering this – 

  • It can keep your drink cold for 30 hours
  • Total capacity is around 750ml
  • Odour resistant
  • Good quality stainless steel
  • Fits in cup holders
  • Sweat free
  • Got measure markings
  • You get a fruit infuser
  • Twist-off agitator which breaks up powder lumps, strains ice and works silently

Since this is made up with stainless steel, this is BPA free and made with food grade material. And the sweat proof feature is also get, meaning there will be no water outside the shaker bottle no matter how cold it is inside.

The tapered design is also great for holding and the measurement markings are great to fill it up for use. Apart from gym this is great for hiking, fishing, cycling, yoga, long bike trips and more.

The total measurement of this stainless steel shaker is – 

  • Height: 9.5 inches
  • Length: 3.75 inches
  • Width: 3.75 inches
  • Weight is around : 500 grams.

DOVEAZ Beast Sports Water Bottle

DOVEAZ Beast Sports Water Bottle

Final Verdict: A value for money shaker bottle in India which is more than 1000ml capacity and comes with a handle. You can use it for long workout hours or to keep track of your daily water intake. It might feel heavy if you are needed to carry it by hand for a long distance to your gym. But a great option for people who are working out at home.

If you are looking for a protein shaker bottle larger than 1000ml then this is for you. This is a 1.5 ltr shaker bottle with a mixer bottle. 

This is a good protein shaker bottle for the gym with handle.

In my opinion it will be great for long hours of workout or for running sessions when you would need to hydrate yourself with electrolyte. And you can add protein, BCAA, and glutamine as needed.

Also this helps drinking water through out the day and keeping a track of it.

And you can mix up fruit juices, electrolytes etc in it so that you can drink all day and keep track it.

The size of 1.5 liter is also easy to carry as it does not get too heavy. But it could feel heavy if you are carrying it in a gym bag.

  • This protein shaker bottle is huge in size but comes with measurements. 
  • It has an easy to carry handle.
  • Removable filter
  • BPA free
  • Leakproof
  • Wide mouth for easy adding ingredients
  • Easy to wash
  • Ideal for long workout sessions

Jay Stainless Steel Metal shaker

Jay Stainless Steel Metal shaker

Final Verdict: Stainless steel protein shakers are usually one time investment and if you are in sync with the price of this one then you would not need any protein shaker ever.

This is one of my favorite stainless steel protein shaker India. Even though this is a metal protein shaker it has a window to see inside and that part has the measurement markings.

The whole body is made of stainless steel and it comes in three colors.

  • Steel
  • Red
  • Black

Top features to consider this stainless steel protein shaker – 

  • BPA free
  • 750 ml capacity
  • Kitchen grade steel material
  • Uniquely designed mixing ball
  • Silicon plug which makes the lid 100% leak proof
  • The cap is made up with 100% food grade material
  • Transparent window with markings
  • 0.6mm thick 304 stainless steel
  • Dirt resistant
  • Useful loop to carry around
  • Dishwasher safe

Note: This is not insulated and not for the freezer and microwave. Not to be used with hot water/ milk and no use of any type of scrubber.

Signoraware Shake n Shake Steel Sports Shaker

Signoraware Shake N Shake Steel Sports Shaker

Final Verdict: If you want a budget steel protein shaker bottle then you can use it. This has good capacity and is of good quality as per the price.

Under 500 this is the most low cost metal protein shaker as of now.

This stainless protein shaker can contain 650ml of liquid and comes with a wire ball blender.

Top features to consider this metal shaker –

Low cost
650ml capacity
Top lid is leak proof
Leak proof

Signoraware is known for their other food container type products and this is a great budget stainless steel protein shaker. It is 100% food grade although not as premium feel like other metal shakers with almost 3-4 times the price.

MuscleBlaze Protein shaker 500ml

MuscleBlaze Protein Shaker 500ml

Final Verdict: Apart from the pros of muscleblaze shaker listed above it has few complaints. One of them is that the capacity markings disappear very quickly and the anti leak system is not full proof. It could be due to some design flaws in those particular items. Otherwise your protein shake can be ready within 1 minute.

Somehow I like the cyclone shakers more than wire ball blender shakers. This muscleblaze shaker has all the components that you will need in a great gym protein shaker bottle. 

  • 100% BPA free food grade plastic.
  • 600 ml capacity
  • Compact size
  • Cyclone shaker system
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Have ml and oz capacity marks at the side.
  • Got a protein shaker or pill compartment.

The thing that this muscleblaze shaker bottle lacks is that it  can not be used with hot or warm liquids and it is not microwave safe.

But if you do not need those features be assured that you will be able to mix juice, milk, protein powders without any lumps.

And although it is dishwasher safe, due to the design itself it is very easy to clean by hand.

InstaLite 1 Litre BPA Free Tritan Sports

InstaLite 1 Litre BPA Free Tritan Sports

Final Verdict: This is a very nicely designed protein shaker bottle with 1 litre capacity with innovative time marker along with the capacity. This can also be used as a beautiful gift to your loved ones. But the cost is higher if you compare other protein shaker bottles.

This could be one of the most stylish and good looking protein shaker bottles at 1000ml. This has an additional fruit infuser and a mixer ball inside to remove any lumps in your protein mix.

This emerald green protein shaker of 1 liter size has 4 main parts. 

  1. The big size drinking mouth
  2. Marking lines
  3. Fruit infuser
  4. Mixer ball

The top features are – 

  • One click push button opening of the top lid
  • Has innovative time marker with capacity marker
  • BPA free, Food grade, non toxic material
  • Great design with lightweight material
  • Comes with a lanyard
  • Weight: 390 grams
  • Leak proof design

Comes in three elegant colors Emerald green, Rose gold and black.

Tupperware Gym Shaker

Best protein shaker bottle India + Bonus additions 1

Final Verdict: A good shaker from a great brand which makes great tiffin boxes and other food storage material. But the lid can be better.

Almost everybody has used tupperware tiffin boxes which are airtight with tight lead, spill proof and made of 100% BPA free high grade food material. The same is with their shaker bottles, which are somewhat unknown to most gym goers.

This protein shaker bottle works with a blender ball which is removable and easily cleanable. The tapered bottle shape allows easy shaking and mixing. And the dome shaped design makes it easy to hold and shake to mix the contents easily.

This tupperware quick shaker has easy metrics and measurements on the body to do accurate measuring. And the semi transparent material helps to see what’s inside.

And the total capacity is 500ml, and it has a compact design so it fits perfectly any shaped gym bag. This is also very easy to carry.

Bonus Entries

Nike sipper bottles
Nike sipper bottle

Final Verdict: Although this is not a protein shaker bottle but just a sipper bottle, it is made for sports and is very durable. In your gym bag to carry normal water you can use this.

I have always liked the design of nike sipper bottles, especially the bright colored ones. These are not exactly a protein shaker but a great water bottle for any sports.The main feature is you can squeeze and drink the water without even touching the nozzle. It is made up with plastic but has a rubberized feeling to it.

The water capacity is 700ml. 

For a sipper bottle this is a steal!

Strauss Dual Shaker Pro 700ml
Strauss Dual Shaker Pro

Final Verdict: It is more of a dual compartment water bottle as there are no blender systems inside which would blend the lumps in protein powder. But to carry two different drinks is the best bottle you can buy now.

This dual shaker deserves a special mention in my list. The design is unique but applications are not so practical in my opinion. What this dual shaker does is that it divides up the 750ml of capacity into two 350ml capacity spaces. 

There you can mix two different types of drinks and it has two different nozzles to drink.

Maybe you want to carry plain water and protein shakers together in one package. Or BCAA mixed water into one and glucose into the other one.

The top features why you should consider this one – 

  • Dual compartments to carry two different drinks
  • Anti skid body
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Freezer safe
  • Leak proof
  • Lightweight and compact size
  • BPA free non toxic
  • Strain and odour resistant
  • Snap on mixer to infuse fruits etc

Note: There are no metal blender balls into the dual compartments.

Boldfit Gym Shaker Pro Cyclone Shaker 500ml
Boldfit Gym Shaker Pro Cyclone Shaker 500ml

Final Verdict: Their anti leak system is really great and the black and orange color combination is also great. I feel the price is on the higher side if compared the features with other shaker bottles but still it is a great buy.

This is a great looking and promising cyclone style protein mixer. It has a leak proof lid with 500 ml capacity. And it also comes with an extra compartment.

Top features to consider it for yourself – 

  • Premium look
  • Compact 500 ml capacity
  • Anti leak tested feature
  • 100% BPA free, non toxic

Benefits of Protein Shaker bottle

best protein shaker bottle India

Easy preparation: When I used to mix protein with oats in a bowl, it will always end up in lumps. Which is not much great to eat in the morning. But a protein shaker, be it a metal protein shaker

Or plastic ones, it made life easy. The spring like ball inside of the protein mixer bottle mixes up any lump in the protein and produces a smooth drink.

But yes if you want the protein and oats to truely mix together into a smooth drink then protein shaker blenders or regular mixer/blenders at home are your best bet.

Portable: I like the protein shaker bottles for their portability. You can carry them to coaching, office, college. Those models which comes with compartments for the protein powder and pills are the best in this case. You just need to pour the protein into the main compartment, pour in good water and shake it. And your protein shake is ready to drink.

No leak: Many times you would mix the protein with water and then carry it in your bag to the office, gym etc. normal plastic bottles will leak most of the time and those are not BPA free. In this case protein shaker bottles have good advantages. Especially the metal protein shaker, these are completely leak proof and really durable to even survive a fall.

Blender: Even in non electric protein shaker bottles the roundish spring ball acts as the blender. It blends all the lumps on the protein powder so it mixes up well with milk or water.

Affordable: The cost of the shaker bottles are really low, and this is portable and can use protein shakes anytime. 

BPA free: BPA is a chemical that may cause fertility problems, heart disease and conditions. BPA free is different but not necessarily better.

Disadvantages of protein shaker bottle

If you have a blender at home and do workout at home. Then you probably do not need a protein shaker bottle. Also there is good cleaning to do to a protein shaker bottle after each use otherwise you might face stomach issues.

Protein shaker bottle buying guide

Volume: There are mostly two sizes one is protein shaker bottle 700ml and another one is protein shaker bottle 1000ml. Larger it gets more protein shake you can carry but the bottle gets bulkier. Usually there is also a smaller version of 500ml. For a typical gym workout a 500 ml protein shaker bottle is enough.

Blender: Most of the budget protein shaker bottles in India come with a spring blender which is enough for general use. But many 

Extra compartment: With an extra compartment you can take the protein powder separately to the gym. Or you can use it for other storage such as BCAA or vitamin tablets. This is a good feature but the lower compartment should be tight otherwise it may get lose with time.

BPA free: BPA is bad for our health, while BPA free is not all that great but still a much better option. BPA free material is non toxic and completely recyclable. 

Material: The most durable protein shakers are made of stainless steel. These generally does have a plastic smell even and have a tight lid. Otherwise if you are in budget then BPA free shaker bottles work great too.

Leak Proof: The protein shakers have a tight lid and all are leak proof. Most of the time you will be carrying them in your bag or shake to mix the contents. If it is not properly sealed then it will all spill over. And definitely you do not want to waste protein powder while mixing or carrying it in your bag.

Dishwasher safe: For busy people it is a good feature to have if the shaker bottle is dishwasher safe. Many protein shaker blenders are dishwasher safe and do not take time for you to clean it up. 

Easy Carrying: Larger shaker bottles are not easy to carry but they can hold a lot of liquid protein. 500ml protein shaker bottles are the best protein shaker mixer to carry around.

How to use a protein shaker bottle

It is really easy, just add in the protein powder, vitamin powder (if you have), add milk or water as per your choice. And then for non electric protein shaker bottles shake it up and down. And for those who use electric shakers just turn on the switch.

  • But be sure to close the lid tightly.
  • Grab the shaker bottle tightly as well so that it does not fly away from your hand.
  • You can add fresh fruits, dry fruits also.
  • And do not fill up the whole shaker bottle, leave some space so you can mix better.

Ideal protein shaker mixer features

The Size: 500ml shaker bottles be it stainless steel protein shaker India or plastic made is more comfortable to carry. I find 1000mls are too large but for mixing up BCAA, protein powder and to drink a lot of water during your workout routine those work well.

Blenders: Most protein shakers have spring type metal balls which when you shake mixes up the lumps very well. This is useful for most people. 

Material: Most budget and semi premium shaker bottles are made with BPA free shaker bottles. And stainless protein shaker bottles are most durable. Metal shakers are much more costlier, stylish and heavier.

Compartments: Almost 80% plastic shaker bottles have small compartments, this is a good feature for a protein shaker. You can either carry protein supplements, vitamin tablets, amino acid tablets and more.

Leak proof: The shaker bottle should be leak proof otherwise your gym bag will have all the milk/water spilled in it. The lid should be air tight so when you shake it, it does not get open.

Price: Price is a key deciding factor when buying a protein shaker bottle. The usual BPA free plastic shaker bottles are low priced. But the protein shaker bottle electric, protein shaker bottle 700ml, protein shaker bottle 1000ml, the stainless steel protein shakers are much higher in cost.


Do you really need a protein shaker?

Nope. I am used to drinking protein shakes at breakfast. I mix it with milk, oats in a big bowl and I never needed a shaker. But shakers are convenient when you are travelling or in a gym. Home gym users also might not need any protein shakers.

How can I get protein without a shaker?

Mix it with milk, water, juice in a big bowl with a spoon and it will be fun. But you will have to be at home and can not carry it around.

Is a shaker bottle necessary?

Not really, if you workout in a home gym then absolutely not. You can use a mixer or big bowl to mix your protein drink. If you are going to a outside gym then to quickly mix and drink protein shake you may need a shaker bottle.

Can you use a protein shaker for cocktails?

Protein shakers are meant to mix any liquid and powder substance that you put into them. They don’t know if it is protein powder or any other drinks. So you can use them for cocktails.

Can you put protein shakers in the dishwasher?

You can, but dishwasher will not be able to clean all dried up protein powders from the curves of the protein shaker bottles. You will have to use a scrubber and your hands to wash it clean manually.

Any Protein shaker bottle alternative?

A big bowl, big spoon may do if you are at home. If you want to carry them you should have one bottle with a big opening but it’s better to have a protein shaker than any bottle.

How to clean protein shaker bottle?

If your protein shaker bottle does not have much curves then it is easy to clean. Running water, liquid detergent will do the trick. If it has many curves then you have to either use your hand with a scrubber or something pointy to get residue protein out.

Best size for protein shaker?

On average your protein scoop is 33 gram and that is enough to fit in 500ml protein shaker bottles. But if you want your shake to be thick and contain nuts, fruits and many more other items then you might consider larger shaker bottles of 700ml or 1 litr. Mostly 1000ml bottles are used as hydrators also. These protein shaker bottles for gym come with handles also.

Protein shaker bottle smells bad?

This is especially true for low quality bottles and when using it for the first time. Plastic is mostly oil and it will absorb bacteria and create a bad smell.

Here is what you can do,
Baking soda: Pour in half capacity of baking soda, put in warm water. And them shake it, like you would usually do.

After this wash the bottle with water and the smell should be gone.

Bleach: Fill your shaker half or little less amount of bleach and add warm water. Shake it to mix it well, after 30 minutes empty it and wash it with water.

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