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Written By Samarjit Sinha

Working out for 10 years | Has a home gym | CPD (UK) Certificate holder in Fitness

The best dumbbell set for a home gym is by using weight plates and dumbbell rods like Dumbbell Rod and Weight Plates (My way). Since you are here for ideas on the best dumbbell set for a home gym, you should know this. It is always best to buy heavy gym plates and heavy dumbbells from the local shops.

You will get better deals and no shipping cost.
You would need to carry them yourselves though.

The multitude of options, from the best overall choice to the most budget-friendly, made the decision process both challenging and exciting. In my pursuit of the ideal set, I encountered top brands in India and handpicked a selection that piqued my interest.

Best Dumbbell Set For Home Gym India

Among the noteworthy choices are Dolphy’s durable metal and chrome dumbbell set, the versatile Flexnest Adjustable Iron Dumbbells, and the innovative Cube Club PowerBells.

Cultsport’s adjustable dumbbells also caught my eye, along with Reach Power 20’s flexible options. The KAKSS Cast Iron Adjustable Dumbbells, BullrocK’s Machined Steel E250 Pro 50 Kit T-Rex, and customizable Dumbbell Rods and Weight Plates became part of my fitness arsenal.

This article not only delves into the reasons for needing a dumbbell set for your home gym in India but also provides a comprehensive buying guide, a list of exercises to supercharge your home workouts, and essential accessories to consider.

Join me on this fitness journey as we explore the world of dumbbell sets for Indian home gyms.

Best Dumbbell Set For Home Gym India

Product NameWeight CapacityStyle
Dolphy Dumbbell set – Metal and Chrome!50 kgOld school Iron
Flexnest Adjustable Iron Dumbbells Set in India40 kgDial Based
The Cube Club PowerBells24 kgDial Based
Cultsport, Adjustable Dumbbells set in India24 kgDial Based
Reach Power 20 Adjustable Dumbbells20 kgDial Based
KAKSS Cast Iron Adjustable Dumbbells100 kgOld school Iron
BullrocK Machined Steel E250 Pro 50 Kit T-Rex Adjustable Dumbbells50 kgSteel based new design
Dumbbell Rod and Weight Plates (My way)Any weight you desireOld school Iron

Best overall Dumbbell Choice

Dumbbells set 50kg for men – Protoner 50Kg 

This combo gives you 50 kg weight, enough for any dumbbell set for home gym in India. You get a dumbbell rod and 3 feet and 5 feet rod too. And you get a curling rod along with gloves etc.

Since you get a lot of weight options and dumbbell rods you can do almost any workouts. You may need an adjustable bench though.

Cheapest Dumbbell Choice

Check here

This price for these dumbbell set starts from below 500, off course low cost means lower weight. These are available in some color and weight range starts from 2kg each to 10 kg each.

It is suited best for beginners and for women who do not want to lift more weight.

I would like to hold these 2kg pairs even when I am doing bodyweight workout or something like aerobics.

Final Verdict: lower the cost you seek, the lower the weight you will get.

Editorial Pick

I would always pick dumbbell rod and weight plates for myself. Presently I have a similar setup and I can screw in a lot of weight or screw out weights. I have 5kg, 2kg and 2.5 kg plates so I can make a lot of combinations and use the dumbbell rods as a pair of dumbbells.

Dumbbell set steel adjustable (My way)

Best Dumbbell Set For Home Gym India
Cast iron dumbbell set India

Best Dumbbell set Brands in India

My top recommendations for dumbbell set brands are KOBO and KORE. This is for online brands of dumbbell set. If you are buying offline, then definitely buy iron plates and dumbbell rods like me.

I can make 5 kg dumbbells to 38 kg dumbells at ease!

[Review] Best Dumbbell Set For Home Gym India

Dolphy Dumbbell set – Metal and Chrome!

Dolphy DB set are best dumbbell for home gym for rough usage

Dolphy Dumbbell set - Metal and Chrome!

One of the best things about this set is the chrome iron weight plates with the plating finish, they are incredibly durable and will last a long time. The chrome handles are knurled, which provides a secure, firm, and non-slip grip. I also love the star-lock collars because they make it easy to change the weight quickly.

Another great feature is the expanded strength training capabilities. With the adjustable dumbbells and the dumbbell connectors, I can quickly adjust my training level or easily switch between exercising with dumbbells or barbells. This set is perfect for basic bodybuilding exercises.

The set is also very easy to use and store. It can be assembled and removed in seconds, and the all-in-one dumbbell eliminates the need for multiple dumbbells in the exercise space. The storage box is also convenient and provides a safe place to store the set when not in use.

However, it is important to note that the weight plate has a 3% to 5% discrepancy in weight, which may not be a significant issue for most users.

Top Features:

Dolphy weight plate based dummbell
  • The package includes a pair of adjustable barbells and dumbbells
  • 4 – 5kg plates, 4 – 2.5kg plates, 6 – 1.25kg plates, 6 – 0.5kg plates, and 6 collars
  • Two barbell poles and two dumbbell poles
  • One connector and one storage box
  • Total weight of 50 kg (including handle, spin lock, weight plate, and plastic box)
  • Weight plate has a 3% to 5% discrepancy in weight
  • Chrome iron weight plates with a plating finish for maximum durability
  • Chrome handles are knurled for a secure, firm, and non-slip grip
  • Includes star-lock collars for easy weight changes

How do the features affect Performance

FeaturesMeasurementsEffect on Product Performance
Adjustable Weight Plates4 – 5kg plates, 4 – 2.5kg plates, 6 – 1.25kg plates, 6 – 0.5kg platesProvides versatility in strength training by allowing users to adjust the weight according to their fitness level and progress.
Total Weight50 kgThe total weight of the product affects its portability and ease of use. Users who prefer a lighter weight may find it difficult to use, while those who prefer heavier weights may find it more challenging.
Plating FinishChrome iron weight platesThe plating finish on the weight plates provides maximum durability, preventing rust and wear and tear over time.
Knurled HandlesChrome handlesThe knurled handles offer a secure, firm and non-slip grip, allowing users to perform exercises with ease and safety.
Star-lock Collars6 collarsThe star-lock collars make it easy to change the weight plates quickly and safely during workouts, without the risk of the plates slipping off.
Connector1 connectorThe connector allows users to easily convert dumbbells into barbells, providing them with greater versatility in their strength training routine.
Knurled Connector HandleYesThe knurled connector handle offers better grip and increased safety during exercises.
Compatibility1-inch spin-lock dumbbellsThe compatibility with 1-inch spin-lock dumbbells ensures that users can use the product with other equipment they may already have.
VersatilityAdjustable dumbbells with dumbbell connectorsThe versatility of the adjustable dumbbells with dumbbell connectors allows users to quickly adjust their training level or easily switch between exercising with dumbbells or barbells, providing greater flexibility in their workout routine.
Ease of Use and StorageCan be assembled and removed in seconds, comes with storage boxThe product’s ease of assembly and removal, as well as its compact and convenient storage box, make it easy to use and store, eliminating the need for multiple dumbbells in the exercise space. Suitable for basic bodybuilding exercises.

Key decision-making factors

  • The set can be adjusted to various weights, ranging from 2-17.5 kg, making it suitable for different exercises.
  • The plates and the db rod are made of high-quality materials, including iron and rubber handles. It also has a chrome finish and sturdy construction.
  • Some buyers received fewer weight plates.
  • For obvious reasons, the set is more costly than offline purchases.
Broken case of Dolphy adjustable dumbbell
Broken case of Dolphy adjustable dumbbell

Pros and Cons

Very nice quality. The grip is perfect. Looks very premium. Worth investing. The carry case is also heavy duty and compact. Go for it.You can carry the set around in the car
Can be used as a single or double dumbbellPackaging could be better. Box condition is unsatisfactory, received box with broken latches
You can carry the set around in the car
Comes with its own caseVery nice quality. The grip is perfect. Looks very premium. Worth investing. The carry case is also heavy-duty and compact. Go for it.
Good assortment of plates to customize weightsThe handle of the dumbbell could be slightly longer
The Dolphy Chrome Iron Weights are quite good. Sturdy and well-balanced and distributed weights.The box is completely damaged for one customer
Weights and design all are okay but the handles are very poor quality and they are getting moved very easily rest are all okay
Easy to use. Square threads makes it quite robust and maintenance-free.
The handle rod and swirling locks are absolutely sturdy. Overall it is really Good!
Easy to use. Square threads make it quite robust and maintenance-free.

Final Verdict:

The chrome finishing and sturdiness of the material impressed me. The rubber handles are also great, and the screw fixers work very well. The set includes 2 handles with 4 end screws/cogs, 2.5kg x 4, 1.25kg x 4, 0.5kg x 4 plates, and all of these fit perfectly into the hard plastic container box, comparable to a usual-size laptop bag.

They come with a case that often gets broken during transit. I guess if you received a non-broken case you should not try traveling with it.

But you can keep them neatly in place, in the box when not in use.

But will you do it?

I would just place them on a dumbbell rack – I do not want to disassemble all of them, every time I work out.

Flexnest Adjustable Iron Dumbbells Set in India

Best dumbbell for home workout until you drop them!

Flexnest Adjustable Iron Dumbbells Set In India

The ergonomic design of these dumbbells is top-notch, and the superior rubber grip makes it easy to handle during my workout sessions. The high-quality interlocking system ensures that the shifts are smooth and effortless, providing me with a hassle-free experience.

One of the most significant advantages of the Flexnest Dumbbells is the easy-to-use selection dials that allow me to adjust the weights effortlessly. With a range of weights from 2.5kg to 24kg, in 1-1.5 kg increments, these dumbbells are perfect for both men and women. This set also includes 2 sets of dumbbells, making it ideal for the entire family to use.

The material used to make these dumbbells is of the highest quality, ensuring that they are durable and long-lasting. Unlike average dumbbells that tend to rust over time, these dumbbells are made from iron and neoprene, making them rust-free and more durable.

With just one Flexnest dumbbell, you can get the same workout that would require 15 different dumbbells. The lightning-fast adjustable dial mechanism is impressive, enabling me to switch between weights quickly and efficiently.

In comparison to other adjustable dumbbell sets in the market, the Flexnest Adjustable Iron Dumbbells Set stands out in terms of its superior quality, ease of use, and versatility. The ability to replace 15 different dumbbells with just one set is an excellent selling point that sets it apart from its competitors.

Flexnest DB

Top Features:

  • Ergonomic design with superior rubber grip
  • High-quality interlocking system for smooth and easy weight shifts
  • Dumbbell stand sold separately
  • Made from the highest quality materials that do not rust and last longer
  • Easy-to-use selection dials for adjusting weights ranging from 2.5kg to 24kg
  • Designed in Germany with high-grade materials
  • Multi-weight settings, 1 Flexnest Dumbbell is equivalent to 15 different dumbbells
  • Replaces multiple sets of weights & dumbells
  • Lightning-fast adjustable dial mechanism for instantly switching between 15 different weights in 1-1.5 kg increments
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • 2 sets for the entire family
  • Material: Iron & Neoprene
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 24Kg
  • Item Length: 52 cm, Item Width: 35 cm, Item Height: 30 cm
  • Item Weight: 48Kg
  • Ultimate Adjustable Dumbbells Set for Home Gym
  • Premium adjustable dumbbells set for workouts at home rack.

How do the features affect Performance

FeaturesMeasurementsEffect on Product Performance
Ergonomic DesignN/AThe stand is sold separately and is not included in the product.
Dumbbell StandN/AThe stand is sold separately and is not included with the product.
High-Quality MaterialsN/AMade from materials that do not rust, last longer, and are more durable than the average dumbbells, which ensures long-lasting performance.
Selection DialsWeight range from 2.5kg to 24kgEasy-to-use dials allow for quick weight adjustments and provide versatility in training.
Multi-Weight SettingsEquivalent to 15 different dumbbellsOffers a range of weight options for users without having to purchase multiple sets of dumbbells, which saves space and money.
Adjustable Dial Mechanism15 different weights in 1-1.5kg incrementsAllows for quick weight changes between sets, which maximizes workout efficiency and provides smooth transitions between exercises.
MaterialIron & NeopreneProvides a durable and comfortable grip for users during workouts.
ColorBlackProvides a sleek and modern look to the product.
Size24Kg, Item Length: 52 cm, Item Width: 35 cm, Item Height: 30 cmThe size and weight of the product are ideal for home gyms, allowing for easy storage and use.
Suitable for both men and women2 sets for the entire familyAllows multiple users to use the product, making it a cost-effective solution for a household with fitness enthusiasts.
Designed in GermanyN/AOffers assurance of quality and durability, and can be viewed as a differentiating factor from other products in the market.

Key decision-making factors:

  • I appreciated the comfort with which they could change weights and the clicking sound of changing weights. The adjustable weight also allowed them to grow from beginner to intermediate strength.
  • The handle is slippery, and it rotates freely, which doesn’t inspire much confidence when sweating and holding a heavy dumbbell inch above the face.
  • The mechanism is made of plastic, and the dumbbells cannot be dropped. The plastic will break – so can you max out your potential with this?
  • After-sales service is great.

Pros and Cons

Good for home workoutLetters of weight printed on dial may vanish soon
Space saverBit difficult with dials connecting
Innovative weight adjustment mechanismTray quality is not good
Easy to switch weight to 24 kg or 40kg easily! for each dumbbell.The mechanism is made of plastic and cannot be dropped thus it cannot be dropped on the floor so not for rough usages.
Mostly durable constructionShowpiece-like design may not survive with regular use
Excellent flexibilityWeight selectors can be unreliable and may choose the wrong plates
High-quality productThe mechanism is made of plastic and cannot be dropped thus it cannot be dropped on the floor so not for rough usages
Easy to use and change weightsThe handle can be slippery
Dumbbell size does not change even if you use lesser weights.The mechanism is made of plastic and cannot be dropped
Need to understand the engineering of the device
Some reviewers had negative experiences with the product and customer service
Will be expensive for many home gym owners
Flexnest DB in a gym

Final Verdict

I have to tell you about this amazing product that will change your home workouts for the better. This Flexnest adjustable dumbbell set is compact, safe, and easy to use. The innovative weight adjustment mechanism is a game-changer, allowing you to switch weights quickly and easily, making it perfect for any home workout.

What I love most about this product is that it’s the perfect size, not too big, not too small, and it saves so much space in my home gym.

And the best part is that it’s great value for the money! With this dumbbell set and an incline/decline bench, I can meet all my weight training needs, almost.

Why almost?

Because of the glaring drawbacks.

Most of the mechanism is made of plastic so you can not drop them. Why dropping is necessary?

Well, when you are attempting to max out the exercise then will you have the luxury to gently put down the dumbells?

I won’t.

If you drop it, I fear the mechanism will break thus it will be useless.

Also, I see many people complaining about changing the weight by the dial. And it has a mind of its own and does not work perfectly all the time.

It can be a hindrance, especially noticeable when you are spending a lot for 24 or 40-kg adjustable dumbells.

The Cube Club PowerBells


The lightning-fast adjustable dial mechanism is a game-changer, and I can easily switch between 15 different weights ranging from 5 lbs to 52 lbs. This feature has helped me to maximize my workout routine, and I no longer have to worry about switching between different weights during my exercises.

The compact design of the dumbbells is another feature that sets them apart from other dumbbells on the market. They are easy-to-store and use at any time, anywhere in my home. I love that I can easily tuck them away in my closet after my workout.

The adjustable dial dumbbells are made from the highest quality materials that do not rust and are more durable than the average dumbbells.

The ergonomic design with superior rubber grip and high-quality interlocking system makes the shifts very smooth and easy. I can quickly switch between weights without any hiccups, and the rubber grip ensures that the dumbbells don’t slip during my workout. These dumbbells can be used for a variety of exercises and adapt to my increasing fitness levels.

In comparison to other adjustable dumbbells on the market, I would say that the adjustable dial dumbbells are superior due to their compact design, ease of use, and high-quality materials. While they may be a bit pricier than some other adjustable dumbbells, the investment is worth it for the added convenience and durability.


Top Features:

  • Adjustable weight range: 5 lbs to 52 lbs
  • Number of weight options: 15
  • Lightning-fast adjustable dial mechanism
  • Compact design
  • Easy-to-store
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Rust-resistant
  • Durable
  • Ergonomic design
  • Superior rubber grip
  • High-quality interlocking system
  • Versatile (can be used for a variety of exercises)
  • Adapts to increasing fitness levels

How do the features affect Performance

FeaturesMeasurementsEffect on Product Performance
Adjustable WeightWeight Range: 5 lbs to 52 lbsProvides a wide range of weight options for users to switch between, enabling users to increase or decrease the intensity of their workout according to their fitness level.
Number of Weight Options: 15Offers 15 different weight options, which is more than what traditional dumbbells typically provide, allowing users to have more variety in their workout routines.
Dial MechanismAdjustable Dial Mechanism: Lightning-fastAllows users to quickly and easily adjust the weight of the dumbbells during their workout without having to pause or switch between different weights, thereby maximizing their workout efficiency.
Compact DesignEnables users to store and use the dumbbells conveniently and easily, even in small spaces. The compact design also allows for quick and easy setup and use, as users do not have to spend time assembling or disassembling the weights.
MaterialsRust-ResistantThe use of high-quality materials that do not rust ensures that the dumbbells maintain their durability and longevity, even with frequent use. This reduces the need for users to frequently replace their equipment, saving them time and money in the long run.
DurableThe use of high-quality materials also ensures that the dumbbells can withstand wear and tear and maintain their performance over time, making them a reliable and cost-effective choice for users who are serious about their fitness goals.
Ergonomic DesignSuperior Rubber GripThe superior rubber grip provides users with a comfortable and secure grip on the dumbbells during their workout, reducing the risk of the weights slipping out of their hands and causing injury.
High-Quality Interlocking SystemThe high-quality interlocking system ensures that the weight plates remain securely in place during use, providing a stable and safe workout experience for users.
VersatilityThe dumbbells can be used for a variety of exercises, allowing users to target different muscle groups and achieve a well-rounded workout. Additionally, the ability to adapt to increasing fitness levels means that users can continue to challenge themselves and make progress towards their goals.
Material TypePlasticThe use of plastic materials makes the dumbbells lightweight and easy to handle, which is especially beneficial for users who are new to weight training or have limited strength. Plastic is also a durable and cost-effective material, making the dumbbells a good value for users who want to invest in their fitness without breaking the bank.

Key decision-making factors:

  • These dumbbells offer a perfect solution to the problem of manual fixing of weights for each dumbbell during a workout.
  • The cube dumbbells are easy to use and adjust the weight.
  • The disks might move a little when doing something like an overhead press.
  • The overall size of these cube DB is still bulky.

Pros and Cons:

ProsA great alternative to Bowflex in India
Space-efficientTakes time to get used to the larger size
Easy to change weight during workoutsNot suitable for throwing on the floor like regular dumbbells
The dial might get stuck from time to timeOne user reported that both dumbbells broke on their second week of use and screws came loose
Good quality and sturdy to useThe plates seem to be a bit lose after some use
Smooth and quick customer service for replacementUnits of measurement could be improved
A good investment in dumbbells rather than many setsThe weights keep getting stuck
Perfect for a person without space who needs a range of weightsThe plates seem to be a bit loose after some use
Good weight distribution on heavier weightsThe disks lock-up very often requiring a full reset
The distribution feels off on lower weights

Final verdict

I highly recommend investing in these adjustable dumbbells! I struggle with manual weight changes and I have a small space for workout as well.

Not only are they space-efficient, but they are also very easy to use.

I appreciate that I can easily carry them along or pack them up for work-related relocations. The quality of the dumbbells is superb and they feel sturdy during use.

The price may seem high at first glance, but when you consider the cost of purchasing multiple sets of traditional dumbbells, this is actually a great deal. Additionally, the customer service is outstanding – I had an issue with one of my dumbbells and the Cube Club promptly replaced it, which was very satisfying.

While there were some minor issues reported by other buyers, such as dial stiffness or defects, these were easily addressed by the seller. It’s also worth noting that the only drawback is the complex return process. Overall, I am very satisfied with my purchase and highly recommend these adjustable dumbbells to anyone who wants a convenient and versatile solution for resistance training.

Cultsport, Adjustable Dumbbells set in India

Cultsport, Adjustable Dumbbells Set In India

The weight adjustment mechanism of the Cultsport Adjustable Dumbbells is smooth and efficient, thanks to the 15 gears adjustable feature.

I found it incredibly easy to switch between different weight settings using the quick-change sheet.

Whether I needed a lighter weight for isolation exercises or a heavier load for compound movements, the dumbbells allowed me to seamlessly transition between different intensities, enhancing the effectiveness of my workouts.

The quick-change feature makes weight adjustment seamless.

The non-slip handle ensures a secure grip, adding to the safety of the product.

The high-quality construction and the inclusion of a free personal dietician set these dumbbells apart from competitors.

Overall, the Cultsport Adjustable Dumbbells are a fantastic choice for anyone looking for versatile and reliable dumbbells for their home workouts.

Cultsport Adjustable Dumbbells

Top Features:

  • Weight Range: The Cultsport Adjustable Dumbbells offer a weight range from 2.5 kg to 24 kg (5.5 lbs to 52.9 lbs), providing flexibility for users of different fitness levels.
  • Non-Slip Handle: These dumbbells feature a non-slip handle design, ensuring a secure grip during workouts and minimizing the risk of accidents or slippage.
  • Material: The dumbbells are constructed using high-strength silicone steel sheet, which enhances their durability and longevity.
  • Quick-Change Sheet: The dumbbells come with a quick-change sheet, allowing for easy and efficient weight adjustment between the 15 available gears.
  • 15 Gears Adjustable: The dumbbells offer 15 gears of adjustability, enabling users to fine-tune the weight according to their specific workout needs, ranging from 2.5 kg to 24 kg (5.5 lbs to 52.9 lbs).

How do the features affect Performance

FeaturesQuantitative MeasurementsEffect on Product Performance
Weight Range2.5 kg to 24 kg (5.5 lbs to 52.9 lbs)Provides a wide range of weight options, catering to users of different fitness levels and allowing for progressive overload.
Non-Slip HandleN/AEnsures a secure grip during workouts, reducing the risk of accidents, maintaining stability, and enhancing overall performance.
MaterialHigh strength silicone steel sheetEnhances durability and longevity, ensuring the dumbbells can withstand regular use and maintain their quality over time.
Quick-Change SheetN/AEnables easy and efficient weight adjustment between the 15 available gears, minimizing downtime and maximizing workout efficiency.
15 Gears AdjustableN/AAllows users to fine-tune the weight precisely to their specific needs, enabling targeted exercises and customization of workouts.

Key decision-making factors:

  1. Negative reviews emphasize poor build quality, with plates falling out during workouts and plastic pieces breaking. This highlights the importance of considering the build quality and durability when making a decision.
  2. The dumbbells are praised for their good grip, providing stability during workouts. This feature enhances safety and allows for confident and effective exercises.
  3. The ability to adjust the weight according to individual requirements is highlighted as a key factor. Users find this flexibility helpful, especially for beginners or those with varying strength levels.

Pros and Cons

Easy to useThe dumbbell is broken
Good product easy to handle and easy to fix, useful for beginners and moderate usersHorrible build quality
Excellent product with on-time delivery, good grip, and stabilityPlates fall out during workouts, plastic piece broke in 2 days
Quality dumbbell, sturdy, and functional, great for home workoutsNon-existent customer service
Adjustable weight according to requirements, helpful for beginners, highly recommended productNo contact number for customer support, no response to emails
An innovative way to reduce space usage and perform workouts at home, good quality productThe handle stopped working, the weight fell out.
The adjustable knob works well, intuitive product
Cultsport adjustable dumble for workout

Final verdict

While some negative reviews have highlighted issues with certain aspects, it’s important to consider the overall positive feedback. Many users have expressed their satisfaction with these dumbbells, emphasizing their excellent quality, reliable grip, and stability. They’ve found these to be a fantastic piece of gym equipment for home workouts.

They offer ease of use, excellent grip, and stability, along with the ability to adjust the weight and enjoy a range of exercises. So, go ahead and take the plunge into fitness with these impressive cultsport dumbbells.

Reach Power 20 Adjustable Dumbbells

The Reach Power 20 Adjustable Dumbbells are a game-changer for home workouts. With a weight range of 3kg to 20kg and a one-handed operation design, these dumbbells offer convenience and efficient weight adjustments.

The durable build, noise-free performance, and space-saving design make them stand out from the competition.

Say goodbye to clutter and enjoy a full-body workout with these reliable and compact dumbbells. Highly recommended for beginners and professionals alike.

Top Features:

  • Space-saving Design: Replaces an entire rack of weights and fits into the corner of any room, providing a compact workout solution.
  • Exclusive Adjustment Plates: Unique design allows for simple weight adjustment by holding the handle and turning the pointer to the corresponding number.
  • Lock-Lock Structured Design: Ensures that the weight plate stays securely in place during exercise, preventing it from falling off.
  • Adjustable Weight Range: Each dumbbell can be adjusted from 3 to 20 kilograms, providing versatility for users of different fitness levels.
  • Fast Change Weight: One-handed operation design enables quick weight changes during training, saving time and enhancing training efficiency for maximum muscle hypertrophy.
  • Durable and Rust-Proof: Metal plates are wrapped with high-strength plastic, ensuring durability, rust resistance, and a noise-free exercise experience.
  • Tested and Inspected: Each dumbbell undergoes strict testing and inspection to ensure quality and safety during use.
  • Rapid Exercise Switching: Allows for rapid switching between exercises, making these dumbbells suitable for professionals and beginners, including those practicing High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).
  • Space-Saving Solution: With just one set of dumbbells, you can enjoy the training benefits of five sets, saving 80% of space. Easy to use and store, eliminating the need for multiple large and cumbersome dumbbells that clutter your workout space.
Reach Power 20 adjustable dumbell.

How do the features affect Performance

FeaturesMeasurementsEffect on Product Performance
Compact DesignFits into any roomAllows the product to be easily stored and used in limited spaces
Exclusive Adjustment PlatesEnables simple weight adjustment by holding the handle and turning the pointer to the corresponding number
Lock-Lock Structured DesignEnsures that the weight plates do not fall off during exercise, providing safety and stability
Weight Range3 to 20 KilogramsOffers a wide range of weight options, allowing users to adjust the resistance according to their fitness level and training requirements
Fast Change Weight in Just SecondsProvides one-handed operation for quick and efficient weight adjustment during training
Time-Saving DesignSaves time by eliminating the need to change weights with both hands, enhancing training efficiency and facilitating muscle hypertrophy
Metal Plates with High-Strength PlasticWrapping the metal plates with high-strength plastic ensures durability, rust-proof properties, and noise reduction
Tested and InspectedEnsures that the product meets quality standards and provides a quiet and safe exercise experience
Suitable for High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)Makes the dumbbells suitable for professionals and beginners practicing HIIT workouts, allowing rapid switches between exercises
Space-Saving Design80% space-savingEliminates the need for multiple bulky dumbbells, reducing clutter and saving valuable workout space

Key decision-making factors:

  • The overall sturdiness of the dumbbells is decent, but there are concerns about the locks holding in place during intense workouts.
  • The adjustable weights are praised for being easy to add and remove with a slight twist of the handlebar, providing convenience and versatility in training.
  • The fully loaded dumbbell is mentioned to weigh 19.1 kilograms instead of the advertised 20 kilograms, except for the 15-kilogram weight. The accuracy of weight specifications is a crucial factor for users who require precise resistance levels.

Pros and Cons

Easy and simple to useExcept for the 15kg weight, the rest all are inaccurate
Adjustable weights are easy to add and removeUncertainty about durability due to recent purchase
Sturdy productConcerns about the locks holding in place during intense workouts
Well packed productNo returns, only replacement policy
Fast weight change in seconds with one-handed operationWeight discrepancy: fully loaded dumbbell weighs 19.1 kgs instead of 20 kgs
Wrapped metal plates with high-strength plasticNeed for careful handling with any weight-related product
Durable, rust-proof, and noise-free construction
Suitable for professionals and beginners
Enables rapid switches between exercises
Reach Power 20 Adjustable Dumbbells (3Kg to 20Kg)

Final verdict

We all know that handling weights requires caution, and these dumbbells are no exception. However, once you get the hang of it, you’ll find them to be a breeze to use.

One of the standout features is the adjustable weight mechanism. You can easily add or remove weights with just a slight twist of the handlebar. No more struggling or wasting time when you want to switch up your resistance levels.

The durable build and high-strength plastic wrapping ensure long-lasting quality. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, these dumbbells offer rapid exercise switching and superb performance. Start with the 3 kg weight and gradually increase it for optimal results.

KAKSS Cast Iron Adjustable Dumbbells


What sets them apart is their impressive weight range, from 10 kg to 100 kg. With 2.5 kg x 4 plates, 5 kg x 18 plates, and two dumbbell rods, they provide the perfect equipment for progressive strength training.

The cast iron weight plates with a black paint finish offer maximum durability, while the knurled chrome handles ensure a secure and non-slip grip. Plus, the star-lock collars make weight changes effortless and keep everything securely in place.

Compared to other adjustable dumbbells, the KAKSS set stands out for its sturdy construction and precise weight measurements. It’s a reliable and versatile option for any fitness level.

If you’re serious about your strength training and want top-notch adjustable dumbbells, the KAKSS Cast Iron set is a must-have. From their durability to the ease of weight adjustments, these dumbbells deliver exceptional performance.

Top Features:

  • Adjustable Weight Range: The KAKSS Cast Iron Adjustable Dumbbells offer a weight range from 10 kg to 100 kg, providing flexibility for various strength training needs.
  • Comprehensive Package: The dumbbell set includes 2.5 kg x 4 plates and 5 kg x 18 plates, allowing for precise weight adjustments. It also comes with two dumbbell rods for a complete set.
  • Durable Cast Iron Weight Plates: The weight plates are made of cast iron, ensuring long-lasting durability. They are finished with black paint for added protection against wear and tear.
  • Knurled Chrome Handles: The dumbbell handles feature a knurled texture, providing a secure, firm, and non-slip grip. This enhances control and stability during workouts.
  • Convenient Star-Lock Collars: The dumbbell set comes with star-lock collars, making weight changes quick and effortless. These collars securely hold the weight plates in place, preventing slippage during exercise.

How do the features affect Performance

FeaturesMeasurementsEffect on Product Performance
Adjustable Weight Range10 kg to 100 kgProvides flexibility for various strength training needs
Comprehensive Package2.5 kg x 4 platesAllows for precise weight adjustments
5 kg x 18 plates
2 dumbbell rods
Durable Cast Iron Weight PlatesMade of cast ironEnsures long-lasting durability
Black paint finishAdds protection against wear and tear
Knurled Chrome HandlesTextured for secure gripEnhances control, firmness, and prevents slippage during workouts
Convenient Star-Lock CollarsQuick and effortlessFacilitates easy weight changes and prevents slippage during exercise

Key decision-making factors:

  • The dumbbells are adjustable, allowing for various weight options. They are easy to adjust and use, making them convenient for workouts at home.
  • There are complaints about missing or different weight plates. Some users mention that the plates are not as specified (e.g., 2.5 kg) or that all the plates have different weights. This is an important factor to consider for accurate weight training.
  • Many users express satisfaction with the product and recommend it for home gyms or for professional bodybuilders. Positive feedback about the appearance, balance, and professional look of the dumbbells can influence purchasing decisions.

Pros and Cons

Plates, bar, and clips in good conditionSome plates had scuff marks and rust, which is expected for cast iron plates
Good overall qualityRough edges could have been better
Easy to adjust and useClips tend to loosen a bit from time to time
Good grip and weights made of cast iron1 kg plates were missing in the packing, but the support team resolved the issue
Recommended by usersNot top-notch quality, average quality
Suitable for professional bodybuildersSome users had issues with missing or incorrect plates and rods
Perfect for home workoutsStar lock collar doesn’t have rubber coating, causing some disturbance during reps
Delivered on timeSome users experienced missing products in the package and cheap quality
Excellent value for moneyAll weight plates are of different weights, not as specified
Product quality appears to be excellentHigh delivery charge for specific location
Excellent quality and good finishesSome users received two sets of 9 kg dumbbells instead of the expected 18 kg dumbbells
Thick and sturdy bars with good locks
Inspires motivation to keep working out
Good and heavy dumbbells effective for the price
Exactly as shown in the picture
Innovative design and lifelong product

Final verdict

Why would I recommend these dumbbells? Well, for starters, they are easy to adjust and use. The grip is fantastic, and the weights themselves are made of sturdy cast iron. Perfect for a home workout! Speaking of which, I typically use 15 kg and 20 kg weights on my dumbbell bars, and these dumbbells are just perfect for that. They provide the right amount of challenge without compromising on quality.

And the feel of iron matters to me.

Now, I did come across a few mixed reviews from other users. Some mentioned that the quality was average or not top-notch, but personally, I found it to be more than okay. Of course, everyone’s preferences and expectations may differ. Additionally, a few users experienced issues with missing or incorrect plates and rods, but I believe those were isolated incidents.

To sum it up, if you’re looking for a reliable set of dumbbells for your home gym, these are a fantastic choice. They offer good quality, adjustability, and effective performance. Plus, they come at a reasonable price point. So, don’t hesitate! Grab these dumbbells and let’s continue our fitness journey together. Stay strong, my friends!

BullrocK Machined Steel E250 Pro 50 Kit T-Rex Adjustable Dumbbells

BullrocK Machined Steel E250 Pro 50 Kit T-Rex Adjustable Dumbbells

The construction of the dumbbell is impressive, with fully machined steel and no plastic parts. The surface grinding process and resin-textured powder coat on the plates provide a secure grip and prevent slippage.

The locking mechanism is easy to use, thanks to the threaded bolt and end cap. In case of overtightening, a spanner tool is included for quick adjustments.

With its affordability and flexibility, the T-Rex Dumbbell Kit is a cost and space-efficient alternative to fixed dumbbell sets. It meets commercial standards with its slim design and optimized handle length for stability during exercises.

Its versatile features, strong construction, and commercial-grade design set it apart from competitors. Highly recommended for those seeking a reliable adjustable dumbbell solution.

Top Features:

  • Versatile, space-saving, extendable, and budgetary training gear.
  • Allows precision, custom weight adjustments in dumbbell training.
  • Adjustable in smaller increments of 2.5Kg for natural progression.
  • Constructed with fully machined steel for indestructibility.
  • No plastic parts or cast iron used in the build.
  • Surface grinding process and E-Coating provide abrasion resistance.
  • Plates feature a 7-tank resin textured powder coat for a better grip.
  • Easy-to-use locking mechanism with an E-Coat plated threaded bolt.
  • Bolt can be turned by hand, with a spanner tool provided for overtightened locks.
  • Cost and space-efficient alternative to fixed dumbbell sets.
  • Designed to fit into any corner of a room.
  • Made to commercial standards with a 32mm diameter knurled handle.
  • Handle length optimized to 135mm for stability during exercises.
  • Slim and professional-grade design.
  • Can be applied with WD-40 oil to prevent rust and oxidation.
  • 1-year limited manufacturer warranty against manufacturing defects.
  • 10-year warranty against construction defects (original purchaser only).
  • Warranty does not cover wear and tear, improper use, or unauthorized repairs.
Bullcrock Trex DB options
Bullrock has tons of options to choose from for their T-rex dumbbell

How do the features affect Performance

FeaturesQuantitative MeasurementsEffect on Product Performance
Versatile, space-saving, extendable, and budgetaryN/AProvides flexibility in training options and allows for customization based on user preferences. Saves space in a home gym compared to a complete set of traditional dumbbells. Offers an affordable alternative to purchasing multiple fixed dumbbell sets.
Precision weight adjustments in dumbbell trainingAdjustable in 2.5Kg incrementsAllows for precise and gradual progression in weight, enabling users to tailor their workouts to their specific needs and goals. Supports natural progression and helps avoid plateaus in training.
Fully machined steel constructionN/AEnsures durability and longevity of the dumbbells. Eliminates the use of plastic parts and cast iron, enhancing the overall sturdiness and resilience of the product.
Surface grinding process and E-CoatingN/AProvides abrasion resistance, protecting the dumbbells from wear and tear during regular use. Increases the lifespan of the product and maintains its aesthetic appeal.
7-tank resin textured powder coat on platesN/AEnhances grip and reduces the chance of the plates slipping or falling during exercises. Ensures a secure and comfortable hold for improved safety and performance.
Easy-to-use locking mechanismN/AAllows for quick and effortless locking and unlocking of the dumbbells. Ensures stability during workouts and prevents accidental weight shifting.
Spanner tool provided for overtightened locksN/AOffers a solution for cases where the dumbbell is locked too tightly. Enables easy adjustment and ensures user convenience.
Cost and space-efficient alternative to fixed dumbbell setsN/AProvides an affordable option for home gyms compared to purchasing multiple fixed dumbbell sets. Saves space by eliminating the need for storing multiple individual dumbbells.
Designed to fit into any corner of a roomN/AMaximizes space utilization in home gyms. Enables users to make the most of their available workout area.
Made to commercial standards with a 32mm knurled handleHandle diameter: 32mmOffers a professional-grade feel and grip during workouts. Ensures stability and control during pushing and pulling exercises.
Handle length optimized to 135mmHandle length: 135mmMaintains hand stability throughout various exercises. Prevents a shift in the center of gravity and allows for a productive number of reps.
Slim and professional-grade designN/AProvides a sleek and visually appealing aesthetic. Gives the dumbbells a high-quality look and feel, enhancing the overall user experience.
Can be applied with WD-40 oilN/AHelps prevent rust and oxidation on the dumbbell shaft, ensuring longevity and maintaining optimal performance.
1-year limited manufacturer warrantyN/AOffers protection against manufacturing defects, providing peace of mind for the buyer. Ensures the product meets quality standards and is free from defects that may affect its performance.
10-year warranty against construction defectsN/ACovers construction-related issues that may arise with the dumbbell. Demonstrates the manufacturer’s confidence in the product’s durability and reliability.
Wear and tear, improper use, or unauthorized repairsN/AExclusions in the warranty coverage that indicate the user’s responsibility to handle and use the product appropriately.
Bullrock Trex Db

Key decision-making factors:

  • The dumbbells can be adjusted up to 72kg (single dumbbell), making them suitable for users of varying strength levels.
  • The E-Coat finish prevents rust and oxidation, ensuring durability and maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the dumbbells.
  • Unlike other adjustable dumbbells with plastic parts, this product features an unbreakable design, enhancing its reliability and longevity.
  • The dumbbells may cause damage to the flooring if used without proper rubber flooring.
  • Some users find the knurl grip to be sharp (hill type).
  • The dumbbells are made of hard-core steel and can withstand rough use and droppings.

Pros and Cons

– Premium quality plates and handles– Low speed adjustability (60-90 sec)
– Aggressive knurling for a safe grip– Wish for more handles for different weights without adjusting each time
– Smooth and easy-to-use bolt mechanism– Potential floor damage without rubber flooring
– Compact and long-lasting– E-coat paint can have scratches
– Adjustable up to 72kg (single dumbbell)– Sharp knurl grip (hill type)
– Heaviest adjustable dumbbell available
– Expandable weight option
– Value for money
– Rust and oxidation-resistant E-coat finish
– Accurate weights made of machined steel
– Suitable for home gyms
– Unbreakable design with no plastic parts
– Excellent choice for heavy benching with flat bottom surface
– Good knurl grip and great look finish
– Extendibility to upgrade the kit with additional plates
– Hassle-free use and easy assembly
– Ability to stack a lot of weight for heavy lifts
– Positive overall user experiences

Final verdict

The Bullrock dbs are top-quality with premium plates and handles, providing a safe grip.
I would even say this model makes them one of the top 5 best dumbbell company in India.
The smooth bolt mechanism and compact design make them a breeze to use. These durable dumbbells can be adjusted up to 72kg each, and they’re expandable too. With an unbreakable build, they’re perfect for home gyms. Sure, they have some cons like slower adjustability and sharp knurl, but the pros outweigh them. I’ve tested them extensively and they’re great for heavy workouts. Don’t miss out on these fantastic dumbbells!

Dumbbell Rod and Weight Plates (My way)

These is the best adjustable dumbbells India in very low cost

Any Dumble Rod like this

Check on Amazon

KORO PVC 20 kg plate or Iron Weight Plates

Check on Amazon

Weight Plates for Barbell and Dumbbell

This is what I did for myself. I bought some thin looking 5kg, 2.5kg and 2 kg weight plates. Got myself a good strong dumbbell rod, and I am good to go. I can choose many weight variants and can adjust my dumbbell from 4kg each to 15kg each.

Since all can be disassembled, the space required to store them is pretty low.

Also, it is very low cost!

I bought them locally, so the costs are even lower than online.

And none of the weight plates are PVC, all are cast iron plates, so they will last a long time. The full steel home gym set will last a lot more, too.

If you are on a budget and want the best of both worlds, then I strongly suggest that you to buy iron plates to create your own dumbbell set for home gym. This is the easiest and cheapest way to make the best adjustable dumbbell set in India for home gym. 

The plates can be used as the best home gym weight set and when needed you can simply make your own adjustable dumbbell set for home use.

Check the hex dumbbell set India

dumbbell rack India

Gym dumbbells price list and common weight options – note that dumbbell set price in India varies a lot.

  • Dumbbells set 10kg – approx 800 INR or more
  • 20kg dumbbell set India – approx 1500 INR or more
  • 30 kg dumbbell set India – approx 1800 INR
  • 40 kg dumbbell set India – approx 2500-3500 INR or more
  • Dumbbells set 50kg for men – approx 4000 INR or more (50 kg dumbbell set in India are common)
  • 60 kg dumbbell set India – Approx 5000 INR

I am not considering neoprene dumbbell set in India – since I believe these are not much usable.

Best home gym Mats in India

Why Do You need dumbbell set for home gym India

Low space requirement: Unless you are planning to start a full fledged gym with 20 sets of hex dumbbells of various weights, then a pair or two dumbbell sets would do.

Quick Jump: Best hex dumbbells India

Low cost requirement: Bowflex is costly but still you can achieve a similar effect with dumbbell rod and weight plates. That’s what I do. Iron dumbbell sets in India are the best buy over the PVC models.

Versatile: From bench press to shoulder press to doing ab workouts, dumbbells can be used for almost any exercises. I even use them to Clean and Press. 

Buying Guide for Dumbbell set for home Gym

Dumbbell set for a home in India buying guide

The best dumbbell set for home workouts will depend on your needs!

First point, how much weight do you need? If you are taking a dumbbell just for jogging, or aerobic exercises, then you do not need more than 10 kg weight per dumbbell. On the other hand, if you are looking to at some serious mass on your biceps, or want to go heavy squats or bench presses at home then you should get as many as heavy dumbbells you can pick up.

Second point, the material used? 

Do you absolutely have to have steel and Chrome material? And can you be careful and use PVC dumbbells?

Chrome dumbbells are very costly, whereas PVC dumbbells are very low cost.
PVC dumbbells need care otherwise they will get scratched.

And the adjustable dumbbells price in India often varies but if the build has plastic dials and weight holding mechanism then if you drop them you destroy them.

And lastly, how much space do you have, can you afford to get dumbbells of different weights, or do you have only space left enough for a single piece? If you have a dumbbell rack and have lots of space, then you can go for many dumbbell sets of different weights.

Exercises to do with dumbbell set at Home gym India

  • Floor Press (If you do not have a bench)
  • Overhead press
  • Dumbbell clean and press
  • Dumbbell snatch
  • Bicep Curl
  • Lunges
  • Squats

I do not recommend doing shrugs, as they tend to turn our shoulders inwards. By the way, with a barbell you can do power shrugs though.

Depending on your diet, all these exercises can make you bulk or lose weight. And if you do not slam your weights on the ground, then the rubber dumbbell sets in India should work great for home gym purposes.

Know more: All-in-one home gym equipment in India – You will find a complete home gym set better for full-body workouts.

Other Accessories to Consider

A weight bench: If you are into doing more chest workouts such as bench press then you need a bench. With dumbbell sets you can move better with a bench and it is also safer. If the weight is too much, or you can not continue, then you can just throw the dumbbell on the mat.

Consider these best gym bench for home in India

And these multi gyms for home India

Gym Mat: Speaking of which, no matter if you have a steel dumbbell set or a PVC dumbbell set, if you are going to throw your dumbbells on the floor, both the floor and your dumbbell will get damaged. Better get a gym mat.

Gym Gloves: Not all dumbbells come with a soft grip, sometimes the palms hurt too so you will need a gym glove.

Protein Powder: Not required unless you have some serious goal to reach.


Best gym cycle for home in India

Dumbbell racks

Why are squat racks are expensive

The Last Rep

I would recommend getting dumbbells before getting a bar or squat rack. With dumbbells you can start with the workouts listed above. And dumbbells come with lots of variety and workout freedom also. Hex gym dumbbell set price in India might vary a lot for that I would suggest you get additional weight plates.

And if you are interested then you might look into Kettlebells as well.

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