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There is no introduction needed on what a dumbbell is!

Since you are here for ideas on the best dumbbell set for home gym, you should know this.
It is always best to buy heavy gym plates and heavy dumbbells from the local shops.

You will get better deals and no shipping cost.
You would need to carry them yourselves though.

Best Dumbbell Set For Home Gym India

  1. IRIS Fitness Allen Key Steel Plated Iron Dumbbells
  2. Kore PVC-DM Combo (4 Kg – 26 Kg) dumbbell
  3. KORE Dumbbell set Hex
  4. KOBO dumbbell set
  5. AmazonBasics Vinyl Dumbbells set
  6. Aurion Set of 2 Chrome Dumbbell
  7. Dumbbell set steel adjustable (My way)

Best overall Dumbbell Choice

Dumbbells set 50kg for men – Protoner 50Kg 

This combo gives you 50ks weight, enough for any dumbbell set for home gym in India. You get a dumbbell rod and 3 feet and 5 feet rod too. And you get a curl rod along with gloves etc.

Since you get a lot of weight options and dumbbell rods you can do almost any workouts. You may need an adjustable bench though.

Cheapest Dumbbell Choice

Aurion Set of 2 Chrome Dumbbell

This price for these dumbbell set starts from below 500, off course low cost means lower the weight. These are available in some color and weight range starts from 2kg each to 10 kg each.

It is suited best for beginners and for women who do not want to lift more weight.

I would like to hold these 2kg pairs even when I am doing body weight workout or something like aerobics.

Final Verdict: lower the cost you seek, lower the weight you will get.

Editorial Pick

I would always pick dumbbell rod and weight plates for myself. Presently I have a similar set up and and I can screw in a lot of weight or screw out weights. I have 5kg, 2kg and 2.5 kg plates so I can make a lot of combinations and use the dumbbell rods as a pair of dumbbells.

Dumbbell set steel adjustable (My way)

Best Dumbbell Set For Home Gym India
Cast iron dumbbell set India

Best Dumbbell set Brands in India

My top recommendations for dumbbell set brands are KOBO and KORE. This is for online brands of dumbbell set. If you are buying offline, then definitely buy iron plates and dumbbell rods like me.

I can make 5 kg dumbbells to 38 kg dumbells at ease!

[Review] Best Dumbbell Set For Home Gym India

IRIS Fitness Allen Key Steel Plated Iron Dumbbells

Best dumbbell set for home gym India 1Best dumbbell set for home gym India 2

Final Verdict: If you can handle the weight and the budget then get this for your home gym.

Dumbbells vs Barbells

Steel plated dumbbells are always favourite. They last long, look good and really feels good when working out. The steel does not gets scratches when placed on any surface. Round steel dumbbells are versatile and can 

This has a single mould construction which is well balanced with even weight distribution. These balanced dumbbells benefit you when you workout at home alone. Pair them with a squat rack like this and you are good to go.

This is a 15kg dumbbell so moderately heavy, not exactly beginner friendly.


  • Steel made
  • Durable.
  • Well balanced
  • 15kg weight each.
  • Good grip.


  • Very Costly.

Kore PVC-DM Combo (4 Kg – 26 Kg) dumbbell

Best dumbbell set for home gym India 3Best dumbbell set for home gym India 4

Final Verdict: PVC plates are not durable by nature, and if you forcefully place them on the ground or knock them over with time the sand or the material within will start to spill over.

KORE has come up with a flexible set of PVC weight plate and dumbbell system that I am most fond of. And at my home gym I use a similar system just instead of PVC weights I use cast iron weight plates.

KORE PVC dumbbell set for home gym India starts from 4kg weight and goes upto 26kgs. I would suggest you get the highest weight variant available. You can always adjust the weight as you can lift and as per exercises. So you are not stuck with the weight.

But alternatively you can start with the dumbbell weight that you are comfortable with and later just add more weight plates.


  • Extremely flexible weight management system.
  • Common dumbbell rod so you can fix weight plates as you seem fit.
  • Also comes with skipping rope, gloves and carry bag.
  • Can be the best dumbbell set for beginners since they come with a wide range of weight variations.


  • Cement or sand filled PVC plates are never known for their durability.

KOBO also has some home rubber dumbbell set that you can look into. These rubber home gym set usually contains a dumbell and barbell rod as well.

KORE Dumbbells set Hex

Best dumbbell set for home gym India 5Best dumbbell set for home gym India 6

Final Verdict: If you are looking for a single piece build dumbbell pair or dumbbell set for yourself then you can buy these type.

Some do really like hex dumbell sets which are durable, heavy and do not roll when placed on the floor. This version is 10kg but you can find some models which are much heavier. 

The grip is great to hold with grooves for a grip. I have several of them in my local gym. They have a whole set and a dumbbell rack to go with it.

The ends of the dumbbell set is rubberised so if accidents ever happen your floor will be saved.


  • Solid build quality. These dumbbells set are one of the best in quality.
  • They do not roll on the floor.
  • Available in much heavier versions of cast iron dumbbell set in India.


  • Grip might hurt so you will need a gym glove.
  • Weights per dumbbell is not accurate.

KOBO gym equipment dumbbell set

Best dumbbell set for home gym India 7Best dumbbell set for home gym India 8

Final Verdict: A good dumbbell set for home gym which can be used for a long time.

KOBO steel dumbell set is another steel adme dumbbell set with rubber coated ends. This is a heavy duty, heavy weight, sturdy dumbbell set. This style of dumbbells are also heavily used in gyms.

KOBO dumbbell set in India are available from 1kg to 25kg so you can choose from a wide range of suitable weight. These are also rust proof.


  • Wide range of weight to choose form.
  • Premium material.
  • Rust free, knurled grip with rubber ends.


  • No brand name present.

AmazonBasics Vinyl Dumbbells set

Best dumbbell set for home gym India 9Best dumbbell set for home gym India 10

Final Verdict: Buy only if you are into light workout which does not require heavy dumbbell sets.

This is not for those who want to lift heavy but for those who want a dumbbell set for aerobics, walking, jogging etc. The cost is on the higher side. This is a 1.36kg weight dumbbell set each with vinyl exterior with non slip grip. 

This is also suitable for those who want to lose weight and just started working out.

Many would simply label low weight dumbbells for girls but, girls can lift heavy.

Low weight dumbbell sets are useful for children, beginners, rehab and other weight loss activities.


  • Lightweight so elderly, kids can use them.
  • Colorful, can match your home gym interior.
  • Can be used for jogging, aerobics.


  • Not for serious bodybuilders or mass gainers.

Aurion Set of 2 Chrome Dumbbell

Aurion steel dumbbell

Final Verdict: If you do like chrome that much and also want premium dumbbells then give this a shot.

These are one of the most affordable chrome dumbbell set in India.

For the love of chrome, you should get this. These are a pair of shiny but low weight dumbbells set for home. Especially if someone doesn’t like the vinyl version of lightweight dumbbell sets. 

This aurion chrome steel dumbbell has 2 variants, one is 3kg another one is 5kg.

It is a premium looking dumbbell set with soft grip in the middle. Apart from the 3 and 5kg versions they can also provide 7.5, 10, 12.5, 15,17.5, and 20 Kg variants.

Since chrome and steel made construction was never low cost, these all will be very costly.


  • Very premium and rust free material.
  • Available in a wide range of weights.
  • A great fit for a well decorated home gym.


  • Very costly.

Dumbbell set steel adjustable (My way)

Willage Dumble Rod
Best dumbbell set for home gym India 11Best dumbbell set for home gym India 12

Check on Amazon

KORO PVC 20 kg plate
Best dumbbell set for home gym India 13Best dumbbell set for home gym India 14

Check on Amazon

This is what I did for myself. I bought some thin looking 5kg, 2.5kg and 2 kg weight plates. Got myself a good strong dumbbell rod, and I am good to go. I can choose many weight variants and can adjust my dumbbell from 4kg each to 15kg each.

Since all can be disassembled, the space required to store them is pretty low.

Also, it is very low cost!

I bought them locally, so the costs are even lower than online.

And none of the weight plates are PVC, all are cast iron plate, so they will last a long time. Full steel home gym set will last a lot more, too.

If you are on a budget and want the best of both worlds, then I strongly suggest that you to buy iron plates to create your own dumbbell set for home gym. This is the easiest and cheapest way to make the best adjustable dumbbell set in India for home gym. 

The plates can be used as the best home gym weight set and when needed you can simply make your own adjustable dumbbell set for home use.

Check the hex dumbbell set India

dumbbell rack India

Gym dumbbells price list and common weight options – note that dumbbell set price in India varies a lot.

  • Dumbbells set 10kg – approx 800 INR or more
  • 20kg dumbbell set India – approx 1500 INR or more
  • 30 kg dumbbell set India – approx 1800 INR
  • 40 kg dumbbell set India – approx 2500-3500 INR or more
  • Dumbbells set 50kg for men – approx 4000 INR or more (50 kg dumbbell set in India are common)
  • 60 kg dumbbell set India – Approx 5000 INR

I am not considering neoprene dumbbell set in India – since I believe these are not much usable.

Best home gym Mats in India

Why Do You need dumbbell set for home gym India

Low space requirement: Unless you are planning to start a full fledged gym with 20 sets of hex dumbbells of various weights, then a pair or two dumbbell sets would do.

Quick Jump: Best hex dumbbells India

Low cost requirement: Bowflex is costly but still you can achieve a similar effect with dumbbell rod and weight plates. That’s what I do. Iron dumbbell sets in India are the best buy over the PVC models.

Versatile: From bench press to shoulder press to doing ab workouts, dumbbells can be used for almost any exercises. I even use them to Clean and Press. 

Dumbbell set for home in India buying guide

The best dumbbell set for home workout will depend on your needs!

First point, how much weight do you need? If you are taking a dumbbell just for jogging, aerobic exercises, then you do not need more than 10 kg weight per dumbbell. On the other hand, if you are looking to at some serious mass on your biceps, or want to go heavy squats or bench press at home then you should get as much as heavy dumbbells you can pick up.

Second point, the material used? 

Do you absolutely have to have steel and Chrome material? And can you be careful and use PVC dumbbells?

Chrome dumbbells are very costly, where PVC dumbbells are very low cost.
PVC dumbbells need care otherwise they will get scratches.

And lastly, how much space do you have, can you afford to get dumbbells of different weights, or you have only space left enough for a single piece. If you have a dumbbell rack and have lots of space, then you can go for many dumbbell sets of different weights.

Exercises to do with dumbbell set at Home gym India

  • Floor Press (If you do not have a bench)
  • Overhead press
  • Dumbbell clean and press
  • Dumbbell snatch
  • Bicep Curl
  • Lunges
  • Squats

I do not recommend doing shrugs, as they tend to turn our shoulder inwards. By the way, with a barbell you can do power shrugs though.

Depending on your diet, all these exercise can make you bulk or lose weight. And if you do not slam your weights on the ground, then the rubber dumbbell sets in India should work great for home gym purpose.

Know more: All in one home gym equipment in India – You will find complete home gym set better for full body workouts.

Other accessories to Consider

A weight bench: If you are into doing more chest workouts such as bench press then you you need a bench. With dumbbell sets you can move better with a bench and it is also safer. If the weight is too much, or you can not continue, then you can just throw the dumbbell on the mat.

Consider these best gym bench for home in India

And these multi gym for home India

Gym Mat: Speaking of which, no matter if you have a steel dumbbell set or a PVC dumbbell set, if you are going to throw your dumbbells on the floor, both the floor and your dumbbell will get damage. Better get a gym mat.

Gym Gloves: Not all dumbbells come with soft grip, sometimes the palms hurt too so you will need a gym gloves.

Protein Powder: Not required unless you have some serious goal to reach.


Best gym cycle for home in India

Dumbbell racks

Why are squat racks are expensive


I would recommend getting dumbbells before getting a bar or squat rack. With dumbbells you can start with the workouts listed above. And dumbbells comes with lots of variety and workout freedom also. Hex gym dumbbell set price in India might vary a lot for that I would suggest you to get additional weight plates.

And if you are interested then you might look into Kettlebells as well.


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