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Any one of the AURION, Strauss, or LALA LIFE Adjustable Hand Grip Strengtheners in India is the best hand gripper in India.

Not only do they mitigate the risk of injury during exercises like deadlifts and overhead presses, but they also cater to those who spend prolonged hours at a computer, bolstering wrist and hand strength. In this article, I will show you the diverse types of hand grippers, their usability, adjustable resistance, anti-rust properties etc.

Moreover, I’ll touch upon the recommended sets and repetitions for effective training, equipping you to make an informed choice. So, let’s grasp the importance of grip strength for everyday life and physical fitness, as we begin our journey into the realm of the Best hand gripper in India.

Best hand gripper in India | Hand grip exercise benefits

Do you need hand grip strengthener for increasing grip strength?

Now forearm strength is do related to grip strength but mostly we grip using our palm and fingers so we will mostly discuss that here. Als you will notice that most best hand grippers in India are also focused on palm and fingers.

The average strength of our hand grip is something like 99- 101 pounds from a study by npr.org.

In my opinion carrying something for longer period of time will develop your grip strength much quicker. Like workout farmer’s carry that the power lifters do. But if you are just sitting idle and want to keep improving your hand grip strength then there are no alternatives to these best hand grippers in India.

Does wrist supports for gym in India reduces strength?

Hand grip exercise equipment

For Farmer’s Carry: Heavy dumbbells in India would just do. If you have a barbell then you can use that too for this workout. Along with immense grip strength farmer’s carry builds strong shoulders, core, legs.

To do Wrist Curls: Small weight plates or small weighted dumbbells would do. With time your forearms would get strong and you will be able to use more weights.

Best hand gripper in India

Best hand gripper in India

Best hand gripper in India [Reviews]

AURION, Strauss, LALA LIFE Adjustable Hand Grip Strengthener in India

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Hand gripper benefits: You can pick any brand as you please and that should work anyway! These are all same and offer the same features.

Why have I mentioned three brands in one list of best hand grippers in India? These three are just identical. Even colors are the same, forget about the material and stuff. 

All have adjustable resistance from 10 kg to 40 kg. You can start from 10kg as a beginner then slowly increase the resistance to 40 kg. Just turn the knob clockwise to increase the resistance and turn it anti clockwise to lower it.

The grip has nice rubbery exterior and is nice to hold. And it weighs around 156 grams.

Here are some more features:

  • Solid steel to use as resistance.
  • Steel is strong enough for longer use.
  • Easy turn dial to adjust the strength.
  • ABS plastic body.

Great for gym goers, all athletes, rock climbers, musicians, tennis players.

You may run into issues with some models of too tight handles, handles not coming close enough, spring getting loose over time. But still it is a worthy product which genuinely can increase your wrist strength.

Since it is really easy to carry and resistance can be adjustable it is great for IT professionals, writers, teachers and so on. You can carry it everywhere!

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SYGA Muscular Wrist Forearm Hand Gripper

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Hand gripper benefits:

A small exercise equipment that you can carry anywhere to make your forearms strong. This style of workout equipment is one of the best hand gripper in India.

Our wrists are connected with our forearms, and stronger forearms means stronger wrists and stronger grip. 

Naturally you can get stronger forearms and grip with pull ups and farmer carries. But with these low cost small equipment you can use them anywhere.

The hand gripper in India mimics the motions of wrist curls. One part of it gets attached to the forearm of yours and acts as a lever. Other end you grab with your fist and flex to train the muscles around to strengthen your grip.

It can help you with wrist strength, arthritis, wrist weakness and more.

It has a high density foam grip, ABS hard plastic and strong steel. And you can somewhat adjust the strength too.

Size is 25 * 15 cm

So it will fit the arms of most of us but proper placement of the hand gripper is needed.

HARHIM Spring Hand Gripper India

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Hand gripper benefits:

It is an very easy to use and durable piece of equipment that you can use as hand gripper. Since there is no moving parts like knobs, separate spring, joint handles this seem to be more durable.

This style of hand grippers in India are widely popular and many have wooden handles. I have checked may wood handle designs and the old models are much better. New ones not so much.

If you prefer this design then you should get foam handle based designs like this one. Note it does not provide upto 40 kgs of resistance and neither is adjustable.

But a low cost alternative like this makes it easy for doing wrist workouts everywhere. 

This model I have picked has foam cover and a strong steel constructions. 

Even if you find something like this in local shops or find the wooden version then you can grab it, wooden version has its own charm.

MOSHTU Strength Meter Hand Gripper India

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Hand gripper benefits:

It has no adjustable tension to increase but it is more of a measurement tool but still it feels good to use this.

This best hand gripper can measure the force that you put in it. It can measure in a scale of 0-120. It is not super accurate but it gives you a number to work with and may work as a confidence booster also.

You check you week by week using this.

It increases the strength in your fingers also. The build quality could be better though as it is not exactly durable much but at this price point it’s great.

FEGSY Silicon Finger Stretcher, Hand Grip Exerciser

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Hand gripper benefits:

I would actually get this for the fact that it has that finger ring that can be used to workout the stretching power of the fingers. And the ring, which is also very useful to develop strength and also very usually if you are going through rehab.

Personally, apart from grip strength I have suffered from finger strength, so these type of silicon hand grip strengtheners will help. You can wear the rings in your fingers and work on strength when you open up your fingers. And the circle doughnut shape can be used to expand, pinching and crushing.

It can also work for hand or grip strength therapy as well. For like carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, arthritis, and improve flexibility of your fingers and wrist. 

These hand grip exercisers are made with silicon so these are durable, flexible and do not lose their shape or strength even after a long time.

There are no rough surfaces, no dangerous chemical so it is completely safe hand gripper. 

Strauss Adjustable Finger Hand Gripper India

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Hand gripper benefits:

A great small tool for overall grip strength development. Use it as warm up tool or for strength, it will work for your fingers.

This best hand gripper in India are more focused on finger strength and if you have great finger strength that will help you with all the exercises and daily household work that you do. 

With this hand grip exerciser you can use all of your fingers separately to train them. With each you can use adjustable pressure of 2.26kg to 3.17 kg. The design is ergonomic so no additional pain while using it. By isolating each finger you can individually workout them. Meaning you can do additional workout on the one that you think is too weak.

The tension mechanism is driven by springs which are just under the switches. 

This trainer can be used to warm up the fingers and wrists before playing music, sports etc. And it can be used to strengthen your grip while you are just idle sitting. 

To adjust the pressure you can open the rear cover, rotate the knob clockwise to increase and rotate the knob anti clockwise to decrease the level of strength.

Hand grip exercise equipment benefits

  • Hand grip strengtheners are used to develop monster-like strength in your palm and forearms. So that you never fall short while doing deadlifts, overhead press and even household works.
  • Less injuries, ever felt while doing overhead press that weight might fall on you? Superior grip strength is the answer. And if your grip is strong that means your fingers and wrists are strong and strong muscles recover faster.
  • And forget workout, daily writing and daily using the computer takes a toll on your wrists too, with Hand grip exercise equipment you can keep issues like carpal tunnel, tennis elbow etc away.
  • Just like all muscles if you keep using hand grip exercise equipment your grip strength will increase. You do the usual 3 sets of 10 reps and you are good to go.
  • Hand grip exercise equipment are small and portable so you can carry them everywhere and do your training. 
  • These tools can also be used for stress relieving. With the all the best hand gripper in India you can relieve your anxiety and stress and gain strength at the same time.

Hand grip exercise disadvantages

There are no disadvantages here unless you really over do it. And also you should do pull ups and farmer carry to get stronger grip and forearms.

Hand gripper price in India

From local shop to online stores hand grippers are available from 100 to 500 INR. You should not need to spend too much and A shaped hand grippers would do just fine.

Hand gripper workout

There are usually 5 styles of hand gripper workouts, here are they – 

Pinch grip: It is better do with a stress ball or silicon made rings. It is when you use your fingers to squeeze with your palm support.

Crush grip: It is simply grabbing on to something very firmly so that it does not go out of your hand. Like holding a barbell or dumbbell. You can do this by holding a barbell up from the rack. You do not need to lift the dumbbell up, just hold it. Or use hand grippers to close it.

Supporting Crush grip: If the most of the load is on your fingers when you are working out then it is a crush grip but your finger are supporting you. The ABS made adjustable hang grippers can help do this.

Open Crush grip: It is similar to your palm positing when pushing away big things. Or moving some items from another place where they do not have handles. I am not sure if you can mimic this on a hand gripper.

Hand extension: This is mostly forearm work and strong forward do make stronger grip.

Hand gripper sets and reps

Slow reps of 10 per set with 3 sets would do just fine.

How to choose the best hand gripper

Usability: Do you want to train your fingers also then you should look for silicone ring and resistance finger brands. 

Adjustable Resistance: Adjustable resistance is a great feature, it eliminates the dependability of many hand grippers. You can just use one and adjust the strength as needed.

Anti rust: The spring or the metal used should have some anti-corrosion coating otherwise you will have to buy another one.

Does squeezing a ball for hand strength works?

Of course it will work but it will work better if you are also using other strong hand grippers. Squeezing a ball will mostly help you with wrist rehab after an injury or issues like carpal tunnel.

Which hand gripper is best?

Adjustable hand grippers are the best and I would pick the ring shaped versions. Crush grip and pinched grip strength both can be taken care by this.

Which muscles do hand grips work?

All the forearm muscles and all the muscles around your wrist and fingers.

How often should you do hand grip exercises?

I would do hand grip exercises thrice/week.

The Last Rep!

Hand grippers are essential tools for improving grip strength in various activities. This article provides a curated list of the best hand grippers in India, each offering unique benefits. They are effective, portable, and help reduce the risk of injuries during exercises. The article emphasizes the importance of considering usability, adjustable resistance, and anti-rust features when choosing a hand gripper. By following the recommended sets and reps, you can improve your grip strength and lead a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Ref: Strengthening wrists

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