7 Best Push-up Bars in India + Best Push up Board

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FITSY® S and the LALA LIFE Push-Up Bar are the best push-up bars in India for home gym usage. However Push-up bars are not really a necessary item at all. But if you are mostly doing bodyweight training or want to extend the range of motion of push-ups then push-up bars help a lot. Also if you have some sort of wrist pain and can not do push up on knuckles it puts less stress on the wrist. You can then also opt for the push-up bar.

Let’s dive into this push-up bars review to find the best push bars in India.

The two topmost benefit of push up bar

Best Push Up Bars In India
  • Extended Range of Motion
  • Safer for wrists

General tip:

  • I would go for steel or metal build push up bars. 
  • If the foam grip starts to fail then I would use rubber from the cycle tire around it. I used to use cycle inner tube tires at the local gym on their iron pull up bar and smith machine.
  • I would try to use a gym rubber mat instead of a marble floor.
  • I have set up this article with almost one item from each style of push up bars. Like S shaped one item, Push up Board 2 items etc. You can get on with any style that you are comfortable with.

Common Issues: The rubber grip or foam grip may rip off from the handle. It is very unlikely that you will have a problem but this is the most common issue you will face with push up bars in India.

List of best Push up bars in India

[REVIEW] best Push up bars in India

LALA LIFE Push Up Bar Stand with Soft Grip

7 Best Push-up Bars in India + Best Push up Board 17 Best Push-up Bars in India + Best Push up Board 2

Final Verdict: If you are looking for a lightweight push up bar that can be detached and carried then you can get this push bar in India.

LALA Life push up bar can be quickly disassembled and be taken in a bag. Detachable design is good and lightweight. This is not metal or a push up bar of steel but it is made of plastic. Still it is strong.

Possibly due to the hard plastic, the cost is low compared to other push up bars which are made of aluminium alloys.

FITSY® S Shape Push Up Bar Stand India

7 Best Push-up Bars in India + Best Push up Board 37 Best Push-up Bars in India + Best Push up Board 4

Final Verdict: It is not fancy as push up boards but it is a very durable push up bar that you can use without breaking your bank.

Powermax TDA 230

Fitsy S shaped push u bar is a single piece of push up bar with no joints, welds. The ergonomic design is good and easy to use and the foam grip is also good.

Weight capacity is 150kg.

More hand positions enables you to target many muscles.

Deeper push-ups with many variations.

Workout on chest, shoulder and rm muscles.

Reduce stress on wrists.

Also does not slip on tiles but I would always recommend gym mats.

Fitsy also provides unmatched 180 day return above the usual 10 day return. It is very unlikely that something will happen even in 180 days.

RYLAN Push Up Bars Stand with Foam Grip

7 Best Push-up Bars in India + Best Push up Board 57 Best Push-up Bars in India + Best Push up Board 6

Final Verdict: Although not steel/metal built still strong.

RYLAN push up bars have anti slip runner feet with the more proven push up bar design. It is made up of polypropylene but still durable and available in a few different colors. 

The sponge/foam grips are well made and will stay there for a longer period of time.

There are no clear mention of the weight it can carry but it is a sturdy gym equipment and will be usable for a long time.

You can also do tricep dips with these push up bars and can also try handstands. Handstands are not an option for rotating push up bars and not easy to do on S shaped bars also.

GOCART Push-up Bars – Strong Chrome Steel

Best push up bars in India

Final Verdict:

  • It is a durable Indian made product of steel.
  • If your hands are really big then the foam grip may feel small other it is a good size.
  • If you are not into plastic products and do not need rotating products then you can get this push up bar.

This is a great purch up bar of steel for men. As many men do like the chrome plated stuff. Chrome applied is good and the foam grips are good also. This Gocart push up bar is lightweight so it could be made with some aluminium alloy.

It is a good item to do various push up variants in your home gym, I would not carry it while travelling.

It has good rubber grips and the end of the steel pipes in this push up bar is closed with rubber caps commonly used for tables.

Cosco Profile Push up Bar with Rotating Base

7 Best Push-up Bars in India + Best Push up Board 77 Best Push-up Bars in India + Best Push up Board 8

Final Verdict:

  • Does not have foam or rubber grip, only plastic grip. But the grip is still good enough.
  • Base is a little slippery, I would say use rubber gym mats.
  • Made with hard plastic which is sturdy.

Push up bars with rotating bases are unique, it eliminates more pressure on wrists than the average push up bar in India. Although it is rotating it is sturdy and will not slide.

Particularly it is more suitable for people with wrist pain. The rotating disc moves along the wrist and provides some stress free operation. It is also easy on the shoulders, wrist, shoulders move more naturally with the rotating push up bar by Cosco.

Grab Classy – Unisex Complete Push Up Board

7 Best Push-up Bars in India + Best Push up Board 97 Best Push-up Bars in India + Best Push up Board 10

Final Verdict:

  • The handles may make some sound while working out with it.
  • Some do complain about bad material but ABS is very hard and most likely it will not break.

This push up board has two parts, both can be joined together to create the longboard for workout. The two push up boards combine into a large board and are useful for people with large bodies.

You get one pair of handles to be used with this board. Rubber mats to place the board on it.

The dimension is around 37.4 X 16.3 X 1.4 inch.

GOCART WITH G LOGO  9 in 1 push up board

7 Best Push-up Bars in India + Best Push up Board 97 Best Push-up Bars in India + Best Push up Board 10

Final Verdict:

  • Easy to assemble.
  • Easy to use.
  • Handles are of good size, not small.
  • ABS is very hard.

But if you try you can do those combinations without this board as well.

Gocart 9 in 1 push up bar can be a great addition to someone’s home gym if they are looking to enhance their push up skills and learn more.

It is nicely color coded with blue = chest, Red – Shoulders, Yellow = Back, Green = Tricep.

Like all push up board you can target the muscles as per the color codes. This is also non slip and easy to use.

I would not carry it though, rather place it in home only.

The handles are mostly plastic made with silicon grip.

  • Material: ABS + Silicone
  • Size: 63×33 cm
  • Handles: 1 pair
  • Color : Black

Push up bar workout List

  • Wide grip push up
  • Close grip push up
  • Diamond push up with S shaped push up bars
  • L-sits
  • Handstand push up
  • Seated tricep Dip
  • Decline and Incline push up
  • One hand push up
  • Pike Press with push up bar
Push-up bar vs regular pushup

Push up bars really go easy on the wrists and forearm tendons and allows you to go deeper for some extra work on the chest muscles. 

And calisthenics push up bars and exercises related to those are completely different.

If you are into making your push up harder, want to increase resistance while doing push ups then you can opt for any one of the best push up bars in India. And to make the push ups more intense you can wear any one of the best weighted vests in India.

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