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My mother absolutely hates if my dumbells, weight plates are scattered. Actually they quickly get dirty too with dust. And with small apartments, unknown people might trip over them. So for tidy, clean, mother and girlfriend friendly home gym you will need dumbbell racks. And here are the best Dumbbell Rack India.

Most common type of dumbbell rack India are –

  • Vertical dumbbell rack 10 pairs, 8 pairs
  • Dumbbell rack 3 tier
  • Kettlebell and dumbbell rack

But you may chose to use the place of a dumbbell rack for a spinning bike India

dumbbell rack India

Top 5 Dumbbell Rack India

Viva Fitness EFIT Dumbbell Rack Without Dumbbells – 10 Pair

Best Dumbbell Rack India Top 5 1Best Dumbbell Rack India Top 5 2

Holds 10 pairs of dumbbells in a vertical manner. You can place 1kg to 15kg dumbbells in this rack. But if you have heavier dumbbells then you can also keep them but keep them at the lower levels.

This dumbbell rack can hold total of 300kgs, but keep the heavy ones at the bottom. THis a very compact dumbbell rack that is available online.

This dumbbell rack in India is around 5 feet tall and is around 2 feet wide.

Finekart Dumbbell Rack Three Tier Dumbbell Rack India

Best Dumbbell Rack India Top 5 3Best Dumbbell Rack India Top 5 4

This is a three tier dumbbell rack in India, I like this type of dumbbell rack India more than the vertical ones. These seem so robust and sturdy. You can fit almost 20-25 dumbbells into this.

And total weight supported could be around 300kgs.

And if you use adjustable dumbbells with weight plates then you can also place them here. This dumbbell rack should hold.

PAPABABE Dumbbells Rubber Encased Hex Dumbbell with Dumbbell Rack

Best Dumbbell Rack India Top 5 5Best Dumbbell Rack India Top 5 6

Looking for a dumbbell rack India with some dumbbells then this might be right for you.

Package contains 25lb, 30lb, 35lb dumbbells.

These hex dumbbells and rubber coated. Rubber coated dumbbells are good for home use.

I have damaged floor accidentally with iron weight plates and dumbbells. And hexagon shapes prevent it from rolling.

[Dumbbells vs Barbells]

This dumbbell rack India is good for home use and have a small footprint. This also means this dumbbell rack in India can only hold 6.

As you are buying this dumbbell rack India as a set that doesn’t matter.

Dumbbell Rack India Sturdy Structure

Best Dumbbell Rack India Top 5 7Best Dumbbell Rack India Top 5 8

Its a two-sided vertical dumbbell rack in India which holds hexagon dumbbells.

This dumbbell rack does not comes with any dumbbells.

This vertical dumbbell rack India is sturdy and quite tall. Since it is a vertical dumbbell rack, it does not take much floor place.

The hinges of the dumbbell rack India has rubber paddings so that the items do not slip. 

It is 49.6 inches tall, almost 4 feet tall.

Marcy 3 Tier Steel Dumbbell Weight Rack Storage

Best Dumbbell Rack India Top 5 9Best Dumbbell Rack India Top 5 10

These 3 tier dumbbell racks may not be the most compact dumbbell rack out there but these are sturdy and can be multi purposed. You can keep all types of dumbbells in it. Also this can be counted as kettlebell and dumbbell rack.

It is powder coated, easy to use and easy to assemble dumbbell rack in India. But it is not a compact dumbbell rack.

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