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The best all in one home gym equipment is a gym equipment using which we aim to do all possible exercises to stay fit at home. A all in one exercise machine is probably the first choice if you are looking to set up a home gym for you. But is it a best choice?

As I evaluated the options for creating my dream home gym, I quickly realized the best all-in-one home gym equipment provides versatility for both isolation and compound exercises. With the ability to perform squats, deadlifts and bench presses, the power rack emerged as the most versatile option. Though initially confusing, I’ve broken down the pros and cons of chair workout stations, bench and weight sets, Smith machines, and power racks. Read on as I detail the capabilities of each to help you determine the best all-in-one home gym equipment for your needs.

Out of various home gym equipment online what can you chose for your mini home gym?

Best all in one home gym online India

Key Takeaways

  • Power rack is the most versatile home gym equipment. Allows heavy compound lifts.
  • Pull-up bar top budget choice. Develops full upper body strength.
  • Adjustable dumbbells + weights offer exercise versatility.
  • Start small: bands, low weights. Build workout habit first.
  • Safety first with no gym spotter. Quality power rack if lifting heavy.

Are all in one home gym equipment online with chest flyers, cable pully, pull up bar, squat machine/smith machine etc are good for you?

I mean yes, you can skip multiple small equipment for a single machine. And could do some varieties of exercises but are you spending your money on the good thing? 

Buying all in one home gym equipment online is daunting task if you are not sure what all in one gym machine in India you actually need.
All in one gym machines are big, take up space and are costly. But they can replace a lot of additional home gym equipment.

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Best Exercises Cycle in India

Best power rack in India

Thus if you are looking for gym equipment online then you may consider power racks or squat racks, all in one bench. But if you are not sure and do not want to invest a lot then start small.

I did.

You do not need a lot of equipment. But the ones you need will be utilised effectively.
One must have gym machines could be a pull up bar. We often neglect the back thus this should be on priority.

Best Home gym equipment for home gym India – full body workout

Top All in one gym equipment Online India – best multi gym machine for home in india

All in one gym equipment namePrice RangeAverage User Rating

Powertech Workbench


Kamachi home gym hg 44


Cosco 150r All in one home gym


Cockatoo hg 03 All in one gym Equipment


Headly 50 kg home gym set


Bodymaxx 200 kg All in one home gym


Hashtag Fitness All in one home gym Combo


PowerMax GH 450


Reviews of top All in One Gym Equipment India

Powertech Workbench

Powertech workbench is a home gym

Powertech workbench is a home gym machine that will stay with you forever. Solid build quality and premium gym equipment.

The cost can be at the higher end but with a small space requirement, this does not get better than this. Best buyers of this bench are into buying a multi exercise machine for home gym.

Pro: Versatile all-in-one gym equipment with great quality.

Cons: Costly

Can not do compound exercises.

Kamachi home gym hg 44

Kamachi HG-44 4 Station Home Gym

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. Kamachi HG-44 is designed for home gyms, indicating it suits personal fitness goals.
  2. It offers smooth and reliable cable movements, enhancing the overall exercise experience.
  3. Not for public gyms. But yet very stable and durable.

Kamachi home gym is a piece of all-in-one home gym equipment that gives you 137 kgs of weight plates in a small space requirement.

This all-in-one gym equipment is best for those who are more focused on doing body-building style workouts only. It is a 4-station multi-gym.


  • Reliable all-in-one home gym equipment with 4 workout stations.
  • One of the best all-in-one exercise machine for home for a big family.

Cons: Costly.

Cosco 150r All in one home gym

Cosco 150r All In One Home Gym

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. It offers a wide range of exercise options, making it a versatile solution for various fitness needs.
  2. Made with good materials and durable. Has a premium feel to it.
  3. Might lack some support from seller.

Cosco 150r is an all-in-one home gym equipment that is based on chair style.

It comes with a plastic weight set rather than iron sets.

Max user weight is around 120 kg and you can only do body-building specific exercises.

Pro: Can do all body-building workouts with this all-in-one gym equipment.

Cons: Plastic weight plates.

Cockatoo hg 03 All in one gym Equipment

Cockatoo Hg 03 All In One Gym Equipment

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. With a boxing bag, bench, chair and chest workout options this is a good option for home gym.
  2. Build quality is pretty impressive for the price.
  3. Users complain about not having assembly service!

Cockatoo HG 03 is a 4 station workout equipment for home. It has a boxing bag attached for cardio. It also comes with sit up bench and dip staion. Good quality all in one home gym equipment as comapred to price.

Pros: Low cost single use winner.

Cons: Not everything is of good quality.

Headly 50 kg home gym set

50 kg home gym set

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. Get lots of free weights and 28 mm bars to workout.
  2. The gloves and bag is not upto the mark.
  3. The barbell might get some rust quickly like mine.

This 50kg home gym set is for building strength.

Not all All in one gym equipment comes with a weight lifting belt or skipping rope.

This allows you to move around your gym equipment and have better workouts.

Pros: Can incorporate workout like bench press, squats.

Comes with many attachments.

Cons: Takes a bit of more space.

Bodymaxx 200 kg All in one home gym

Bodymaxx 200 Kg All In One Home Gym

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. 200 kgs of free weight is enough for a home gym. And you get all that with this Bodymaxx gym combo.
  2. The bench with supports and leg curl attachment is a highlight for this combo.
  3. If I am not into power rack then I would definatley get this gym combo for all free weight workouts.

200kgs of rubber weights with appropriate bench, barbells are boon for anyone who wants to start their own home gym.

Home gym sets are good all in one gym equipment if you have the space.

Pros: can do leg curls, bench press, various type of curls and lifts with the barbell provided.

Cons: Takes a bit of more space.

Hashtag Fitness All in one home gym Combo

Hashtag Fitness All in one home gym Combo

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. Definately a useful home gym equipment where you can use your weights in a chain pulley machine. Truely all in one.
  2. Height of the bottom pulley may require elevating feet for certain exercises.
  3. Some instability on the bench when weight is not evenly balanced during bench press.
  4. You get a budget leather gym belt.

May be you do not want to spend or do not have that space of 200 kgs of weights. Then you should look into home gym sets like this. This all in one home gym set also has lat pull down option along with butterfly attachments.

Pros: Good amount of weight and lat pull down attachment.

Cons: Not much durable.

PowerMax GH 450

PowerMax GH 450

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. Premium quality gym combo to do machine based gym work at home.
  2. Can do 30 exercises.
  3. Has a dip station and a bench.

This all in one gym equipment is a 3 station multi gym. Good build quality with a lot of workout options for the whole family. Weight stack is plastic/Vinyl made.

Pros: Good build quality.

Cons: Can not do free weioght movements.

Let’s see the common multi gym machines for home – why are these are a good alternative to someone who wants to workout at home.

The most common and cheapest all in one home gym equipment online are of this type 

The Chair workout station small home gym equipment online

Powermax Fitness GH-450 Multi Function Home Gym

You can do these following exercises with this one – 

Low Pulley Row, Knee Raise, Bicep Curl ,Preacher Curls, Preacher Curls-Reverse Grips, Wrist Curl, Leg Curl, Leg Extensions,Crunches, Straight Arm Pullover, Lat Pull Front, Butterflyes etc.

You can clearly see this machines is focused on upper body parts only. You can not do leg exercises there.

Personally I feel these all in one home gym equipment online sells to those who are in for mostly a chest, arm workouts only. And in India 90% of gym goers are chasing the pump so it works for them.

And this does take much space but allows you to push weights around 50-60kg too.

But personally this machine is for those who are into doing more bodybuilding type isolation workouts. You can not do much compound movements here.

Now lets see the second types of all in one home gym equipment in India – 

The Bench and weight combo! for Home gym

The cost hovers around from 5000 to 15000 for these. Cost depends on the attachments, bars and weight plates that you have chosen.

The Bench and weight combo! for Home gym

Generally you can do these exercises with it – Incline, Decline, Flat, Leg Curl And Leg Extension , Chest Press/Butterfly , Lat Pull Down , Ground Pulley , And Dips , Arm Curl 

Now along with arms and chest you can do some leg exercises as well.

Although as compound exercises go, you can only bench presses with it. All other exercises are more or less isolation exercises.

The Smith Machine for Indian home Gym

Now this is an all in one home gym equipment where you can do squats and deadlifts and if you add one bench then you can do bench presses too. This machine by itself is heavy and sturdy although will depend on the manufacturer. And you will need weight plates. You get a bar that is fixed with the machine with vertical support. In this way the bar always moves in a straight line.

The in built attach bar also have a hook so that you can stop it anywhere on the vertical support.

It is safe, as you will be mostly working out alone at your home, safety should be top priority when it comes to chose a all in one home gym machine.

But safety of a smith machine comes with a disadvantage.

The bar which you will use to do overhead press, bench press, squats etc is attached to a straight vertical support bar. This limits the range of motion but provides safety.

Choice is yours.

Check – Best smith machine in India

bodylean series 7 smith machine

Power Rack for home gym India

A power Rack can give you the most bang for bucks!

Unfortunately in budget gyms in India or gyms in suburban areas this item is missing. And many home gym owners does not consider this all in one gym equipment too. But like other gym products this is also available on both flipkart on amazon.

Power racks are also known as squat racks but in case of most squat racks you will miss the full cage feeling and some attachments like multi grip pull up bar or lat pull down cable machine.

But a normal power rack without any additional attachments will do too for your Indian home gym.

Here you can safely do heavy squats, heavy bench presses, heavy deadlifts, rack pulls, pull ups etc.

Power rack is essential if you want to do compound muscle building exercises with no spotter. Power rack provides great safety when lifting. 

You have to buy the bar and the weights separately.

Check the best squat rack online India

BODYLEAN Power Squat Rack 2.5 Square Pipe PR-01

Multi Station Gym machine for home

Now what are multi-station gym machines? These are common all in one gym machines which are found in most commercial gyms.

Here at a same time multiple people can do their workout. These are mostly used for isolation workouts.

Typically multi-purpose home gym machines are available in 4 station, 6 station formats and also can be seen as title 16 in 1, 20 in 1 multi gym machines.

These are expensive piece of gym equipment, most of the time costing above 50,000 INR.

And multi station gym machines also takes up a lot of space.

If you have the money, space and have more than one people to work out at your home gym at the same time then go for this.

Otherwise, save money!

To sum it up what is the most beneficial all in one exercise machine for your home?

In my opinion, go with the power rack with pull up attachment. You can buy Olympic bars or bars of 6 feet with adequate weight plates.

You can do many essential compound pulling exercises and pressing exercises along with lower body push and pull exercises.

Kamachi HG-44 4 Station Home Gym

All-in-one gym machine price in india – Let’s compare on the basis of price

Now there are some more all in one workout machines – 

All in one Gym bench

A good padded bench can do wonders for your bench press, seated overhead press, incline presses. A good match for smith machines or Power Racks

All in one cardio machine

Treadmills and Air Bikes. The Air bike is a newer item than the Treadmill and mostly used for weight loss at home. The most compact and versatile all in one cardio machine is 4 in 1 treadmill. Apart from running, it has steppers, twisters and Push up bar.

But again for cardio, you might not need any of this equipment at all. You can run up the stairs, do compound lifts and some more to lose the extra weight.

But again there are some workout machines like pedel exerciser that you might like.

All in one Leg machine

A leg press machine or leg press section in multi gym machine can take on the pushing part of the legs but not the pulling i:e the hamstrings.

You are better of with a Squat Rack or Power Cage set up for complete leg workouts. You can do squats, deadlift variations and unilateral leg movements.

Functional Trainer

Functional trainers are generally found at costlier gyms as they cost more take up a lot of space. It is a supported machine with an inbuilt weight. From pull up to squats you can do it all and these machines comes with a lot of side attachments also like place for tug battle ropes etc.

Best ecommerce store to buy all in one exercise machine?

Two most popular ecommerce websites are and Flipkart and they both offer good deals from time to time and have lot of products.

I personally shop more from amazon but also buy from fllpkart. My pull up bar was from flipkart but some of my weight plates, foam rollers etc are from amazon.

Just look out for deals and buy the items you need.

If you need help on how to choose the best gym equipment for your home then you can read my other experience here.

But if you going really cheap low cost then buy iron weights from local market. It will save you a lot of money.

What could be the best home gym equipment in India will be depending on yourself. Are you aspiring to be a bodybuilder? Are you an athlete? Or are you like me, who travels 4 hours a day, works 8 hours in an office?

My best home gym equipment for home in India are based on my daily routine of waking up, going to work then come back to work, rest a bit and workout.

My workouts at home are also short. I am not aspiring to be a body builder, I want to stay fit and here is the best home gym equipment as per me.

What is the best home gym?

The best home gym would be a set of equipments using which you can train your whole body. 

Yes, whole body not just chest or arms like typical Indian boys or men do at gym.

Go -> Home gym Ideas India

Best all in one home gym online India

What equipment do you need for a home gym?

First equipment you should have is a straight pull up bar. I know I use a 10 handle enabled pull up bar but a single bar would do just fine.

And later you can add in gymnastic rings to that single pull up bar easily for a variety of workout. 

Now lets see what equipment I chose for my minimalist home gym.

I work 9 hours in an office, spend 4 hours journey so time is very short for me. And some days are more tiring to do workout after office.

And I do not want to be a bodybuilder.

I am not an athlete.

I have some food allergies

I have some injuries/limitations like in knee, lower backs.

So the workout or training (I prefer the word training than workout) I chose decided on what home gym equipment I needed.

And some home gym equipments like Push up bars, Foam roller in India are great addition.

  1. Magic home multi grip chin up bar
  2. Gold Fitness Squat Rack
  3. HASHTAG FITNESS Home Gym Combo 20 in 1 Bench with 80 kg Weight Home Gym & Fitness kit
  4. Welcare Elliptical Cross Trainer WC6044
  5. Welcare MAXPRO IM5001 1.5Hp (3 Hp Peak) Folding Treadmill
  6. Free Weights
  7. USI Slam Ball
  8. Resistance Bands
  9. Powermax Fitness GH-450 Multi Function Home Gym
  10. TTC 7ft bar

For me the Best minimal Home Gym equipment for India are

  1. Pull up bar/ Gymnastic Rings [Best Pull up bar in India for home gym online]
  2. Resistance Bands
  3. Free weights (As much as you need)
  4. Adjustable dumbbell

With these above items you can do a variety of exercises and stay fit. To stay fit you do not need much.
But above all you need discipline and dedication towards living healthy.

And with the item listed above you can get a balanced workout, although if you are on budget just skip the treadmill or elliptical trainer or other all in one gym equipments.

Kakss barbell set

Build muscle like a bodybuilder then consider these gym equipment for your home gym

  • Pull up bar/ Gymnastic Rings
  • Resistance Bands
  • Free weights (As much as you need)
  • Adjustable dumbbell
  • A full multigym machine (And if you buy with pullup bar attachment then you can skip point 1)
  • Smith machine
  • Power Rack
  • Barbell (At least 2)
  • Bench

Even now this is not it, you can still go overboard with your Indian home gym set up with these additional items – 

  1. Treadmill    [Best Treadmills for Home gym in India]
  2. Physioball
  3. Dead ball/ Slam Ball
  4. Medicine Ball
  5. Agility ladder
  6. Exercise Cycle [Best Exercise Cycle in India]

Now most of the Indian gym goers I know will skip many items but not the bench or multi gym machine.

[Best all in one home gym machine India]

And honestly I do not like that. Because most of the time they avoid legs and other supportive muscles that help with the lifts.

I will show you here on how I create my workout routines so that all muscles are covered during workout.

And in short workouts.

So for short workout sessions and exactly what you need for a small home gym?

Read on – 

Best All-In-One Home Gym Equipment Online India - Ultimate Buying guide + Set up 1

What you need for a small home gym for short workouts?

I used to workout at a local gym, took a lot of bro science based suggestions.

Injured my knee due to bad form, bad exercise selection and not doing warm up.

So after a lot of days of inactivity I started working out at home.

I could not simply go to the gym after office, it would mean an extra 30 minutes to get ready and go and come back to home.

So I focused on creating the habit of working out first.

Note: I did not start with buying gym equipments. I started without any home gym equipments.

Only body weight for few months.

Then the first home fitness equipment I bought was a black resistance band.

Now I can do some pulling exercises.

Then I got 2.5kg * 4 weights with empty slots where I can grab the weights and start exercise like chest flyes, overhead press at home.

Yes 10 kg of weights only 🙂

I am talking about a minimum home gym set up with minimum home gym equipments so that you can stay fit.

I am not into creating a copy of a local multi gym.

Neither do I have the money or I have the space.

I also do not like to workout with machines, free weights are the best for me. And Free weights alo help build stabilizer muscles. While you workout with machines, the workout machines take off the work of muscle balancing.

After a resistance band, 10kg of weight I got a pullup bar. Finally, I could do some real pulling exercises. 

Then i got 2 adjustable dumbbell handles. I would recommend that you buy free weights and adjustable dumbbell rods. Then you can mix and match any weight that you want.

Later on I bought 5kg*4 weight plates from local market, and got a slam ball of 20kg.

In short – For short workouts at home use –

  1. Use surroundings (Stairs, Edges) 
  2. Get Resistance Bands
  3. Get Pull up bar
  4. Get Free weight and adjustable dumbbells
My home gym in India

So my minimum home gym equipment India consists of

  1. Total of 34 kg of weights
  2. 2 Adjustable Dumbbell rod
  3. 20kg slam ball
  4. Resistance Band

Now question yourself – can you not maintain a healthy body with those gym equipments above?

Surely, you can.

The best home gym equipment starts with your mind.

The first thing to achieve is the habit of working out at home.

Slowly when you can not live anymore without doing workouts, slowly start adding up free weights, resistance bands etc.

Start with small gym equipments, start with small budgets. Do not bump it up stay within limits. In that way you will spend less, know more on how you can allot time for workouts.

Some Best Gym equipment are below with small reviews!

  1. Pull up bar: This is the best overall exercise equipment for home. If you can not afford to buy anything else, get this. Apart from pull ups, which is one of the core compound exercises for muscle growth, you can do some ab exercises with it.

And pull-ups are awesome when it comes to develop super upper body strength.

Read Reviews—Best Pullup bars in India

2) Adjustable Dumbbell rod and Free weights: With two adjustable dumbbell rods and weights of your choice, you can do overhead presses, Dumbbell bench press, weighted squats, lunges and everything you can think of using additional weights.

I would say that you should start with smaller weights like 2 kg, 2.5 kg weights and then get 5 kg plates.

If you are going for 10 kg plates, then you must buy 6ft bars too.

If you can handle, you can also get a gym bar, but then you might need a power rack.

Power Rack Squat Cage Bench Cross fit Pull up in 2 X 2 Square Pipe3) Power Rack: At home you will not have a spotter, so safety is first and must think to do. A power rack will help you do heavy squats, bench presses and deadlifts.

Note, Power racks need larger space and most of them requires a 6ft or 7ft Olympic weight lifting bar. Some Power Racks also come with pull up, landmine attachments, you can save space and some money if you but those with your home gym power rack.

Power rack will be the centerpiece of your home gym.

And since we are talking about Power Rack, consider this:

foldable gym bench online India4) A Bench: With power rack it is required to have a bench for bench press. You can use the bench for forearm curls, incline or decline bench press and to rest. Always get a sturdy bench where you can adjust the angle.

With these three items you will be able to do almost all the exercise you would require to lose weight or gain weight or if you want to gain strength.

5) Wrist Grips: A must-have, it will keep your wrists healthy and give you a boost of confidence when lifting weights overhead and doing bench presses.


These all will cost you around 25k INR excluding free weight plates. I am also assuming that you will chose a good quality Power Rack. Remember, no spotter, safety first.

Now for your minimal Indian home gym, here are some products that are not necessary but could some fun and uniqueness to your daily home workout.


  1. Slam Ball
  2. Footwork Ladder
  3. Jump Rope
  4. Resistance Bands
  5. Foam Roller


Now for my minimal home gym in India, I skipped the power rack and the bench. I do not have that much area to install one.

But I do have a slamball, resistance band, jump ropes and agility ladder for mixing up my workout routine. It gets very boring for me quickly so I keep changing it.

Also Consider Good supplements for your workouts!

The Last Rep!

If you are looking for the best all-in-one home gym equipment, there are a few brands that stand out: Powertech, Kamachi, Cosco, Cockatoo, Headly, Bodymaxx, Hashtag Fitness, and PowerMax. These machines offer a variety of features and benefits, including the ability to build muscle, improve cardiovascular health, and strengthen all major muscle groups.

Some of the specific benefits of these all-in-one home gym machines include:

  • Versatility: These machines allow you to perform a wide range of exercises, so you can get a complete workout without having to switch between different pieces of equipment.
  • Space savings: All-in-one machines are typically very compact, so they are ideal for small spaces.
  • Convenience: You can work out at home anytime you want, without having to go to the gym.

One potential downside of all-in-one home gym machines is that they can be expensive. However, there are a number of affordable options available, and the convenience and versatility of these machines make them a good investment for many people.

Another potential downside is that all-in-one machines may not be as effective for some exercises as specialized equipment. For example, if you are serious about weightlifting, you may want to invest in a separate power rack and barbell.

Overall, all-in-one home gym machines are a great option for people who want to get a complete workout at home without having to buy a lot of expensive equipment.

Ref: Make homegym (Wiki)

Benefits of Having a Multi Gym Machine at Home

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