8 Best gym mats in India to protect your Floor, knees and Elbows

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Want to buy the best gym mats in India?

Home exercise mats are a necessity when it comes to staying fit and healthy. They keep floors clean and prevent injuries.

In this blog, I will show you some of the best home exercise mats for Indian home gyms.

best gym mats in India

We have listed some best home gym mats that are durable, flexible and shock absorbing, and protect floors while providing support and cushion.

Lightweight puzzle pieces are easy to assemble or disassemble for storage.

Cockatoo EVA Interlock Mat

And NO.

We are not talking about Yoga mats.

We are talking about heavy floor mats or heavy workout mats that can take an abusive beating from heavy equipment and heavy weights falling into them.

If you do only Yoga, then you should check these best Yoga mats instead.

This page is for those iron addicts only!

8 Best home gym mats

  1. BullrocK Natural Rubber Mat Gym Flooring of 15mm Thick and 3 x 3 feet Tiles
  2. USI UNIVERSAL SUPERTUF Rubber Tiles Ideal for Free Weight Areas, Heavy Lifting Zones
  3. LEEWAY Gym Mats 20 mm Reversible 42” X 42” ERA Foam Floor Tiles
  4. BODY TECH MAXX 10 mm Thickness Rubber Floor MAT for Gym and Home
  5. AmazonBasics Puzzle Exercise Mat with EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles
  6. Cockatoo EVA Interlock Mat, Pack of 4
  7. RISE UP™ Rubber Mats Blue dots 10 mm
  8. GSQUARE Fitness Puzzle Exercise Mat

REVIEW Best home gym mats

BullrocK Natural Rubber Mat Gym Flooring of 15mm Thick and 3 x 3 feet Tiles

Why Should You Buy this?

Bullrock natural rubber mats are great for gym flooring. It is a must-have for all gym owners.

This is a natural rubber mat that can be cleaned easily with warm water.

It will not make any noise in the gym. This is a very good gym flooring for all types of heavy gym workouts.

This is a best overall buy for those who are looking for a gym flooring that is easy to clean and can do heavy lifts.

This is a very strong gym flooring that will not break or crack easily.

Bullrock is a 100% NATURAL and non-slip rubber mat to enhance the look of any area, gym, health club etc to prevent floor wear and tear.

And can be cleaned easily with warm water. It has a good grip and is very lightweight which will not make any noise in the gym.

A must-have in your gym or health club to ensure non-slipping and smooth operation.

15 mm thick natural rubber mat is designed for use only indoors and is suitable for use in both weight room and exercise facilities.

  • Helps with minimizing the noise that comes from dropping weights from weight training.
  • This prevents concrete floor damage as well.
  • Can support any type of gym equipment on top of it.
  • This Rubber gym mat is grippy so you will not slip while doing workouts like Clean and Press or burpees.
  • The mat does not move from a place so it provides a stable area for your workout freely. Also, the interlocking of the mats makes it more stable along with the suction cup design.
  • Fully made from natural rubber.
  • Does not requires adhesive.

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  • Costly.

USI UNIVERSAL SUPERTUF Rubber Tiles Ideal for Free Weight Areas, Heavy Lifting Zones

Why Should You Buy this?

This rubber tile is a must-buy for those looking to add weight to their home gym or gym.

It is super easy to install and is a great option for those looking to add weight to their home gym or gym.

These USI rubber tiles are a great deal. These rubber tiles will last for a very long time.

This is a great deal on a home gym floor mat that will help you save money, and save your floor and will also help you get the best workout possible without getting an injury.

PS: I am a USI fan though for their other items.

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USIs rubber tiles are made with high-impact, rubber-backed tiles that can be used as free weights, body weight plates or weights and are ideal for weight rooms, home garages, gyms, boxing gyms or for any type of exercise.

These versatile tiles are made of high-grade, rubber-backed tiles that are durable and offer maximum absorption.

This tile is easy to install and takes only 2-5 minutes!

  • These mats are easy to clean and can be used for a long time.
  • Made from Rubber and PU material these are very durable materials when it comes to gym flooring options.
  • It dampens the impact of jumping and workouts like snatch and burpees. So your joints will be much safer.
  • Good for HIIT workouts.
  • It will minimize all the sound coming from the home gym.
  • These are 20 mm (.75 inches thick) thick so you easily place heavy equipments like a rowing machine, exercise bike or any other cardio machine like a treadmill on it.
  • These are best home gym flooring that you can get.

  • Some users have received damaged floor tiles.
  • No interlocking means you would need fevicol to stick them to the floor.

LEEWAY Gym Mats 20 mm Reversible 42” X 42” ERA Foam Floor Tiles

Why Should You Buy this?

LEEWAY mats are available in different sizes to fit your workout spaces.

They are good for floor protection and will match any type of gym space.

LEEWAY foam flooring mats is a must-buy for people who want to work out in the comfort of their home without damaging hardwood floors, vinyl floor or concrete.

If you are doing heavy lifts like deadlifts etc then for indoor gyms this type of cushion and support are needed.

Buyers are happy with this option for gym flooring which is lightweight and provides good friction and stability.

LEEWAY mats are the best, most versatile, non-slip workout mats out there.

Made of soft, flexible and impact-resistant ERA foam 20 mm thick, durable padding won’t sag or crack.

LEEWAY mats, which are available in multiple sizes, offer to provide unbeatable comfort while helping you save on the price of gym flooring.

These are not made from rubber so the prices are slightly lower.

They not only provide excellent cushioning for your body or home gym equipment but also protect your floors from the damage of weights and equipment.

We all have dropped weights on the floor directly sometimes.

  • These Leeway gym mats are good for doing any type of workout routine.
  • Since they have a textured surface, you can do a cardio workout without slipping as well.
  • 20 mm thick padding is enough for doing heavy weight-based workouts like deadlifts as well.
  • Dropping weights should also not be a problem, this ERA foam mat will reduce noise and impact before they do any damage.
  • This is not a rubber mat, this is an ERA foam mat which is lightweight. This thick foam mat has rubber qualities though.
  • This thicker flooring can be cleaned with mild soap and water easily and quickly.
  • Users have tested it with 20 kg plus of additional weight.

  • Durability like rubber foam tiles might not be possible in the long run.

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BODY TECH MAXX 10 mm Thickness Rubber Floor MAT for Gym and Home

Why Should You Buy this?

This BodyMaxX Rubber Floor Mat for Gym is a must-buy for home gyms.

This is a thick rubber mat that will make your workout sessions easy and comfortable.

The mat is made from high-quality material and can be used for yoga, Pilates, running, and many other exercises.

The thickness is 10 mm which similar to a yoga mat so you should do similar types of exercises on this floor mat.

BodyMaxX Rubber Mat will be a perfect addition to your home gym.

This thick rubber mat is suitable for different types of workouts such as yoga, Pilates, and running.

It is ideal for the home trainer as well as for corporate fitness and fitness gyms.

The softness of the rubber will ensure that your hard floor will not mark your hands, feet or clothes.

You can rest assured while using this Rubber Mat as it is durable and easy to clean.  

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  • These Body Tech rubber floor mats are designed to cover a wide area for gym or home usage. It will provide superior shock absorption and cushioning to reduce the impact to the floor. These gym floor mats are suitable for home use as well as the gym.
  • A rubber gym mat is ideal for home and club usage.
  • It is very strong and durable. It is very easy to clean and maintain.
  • This has a 10 mm thickness, so you can do a wide range of workouts.
  • These are shock absorbent and slip resistant. So you can do bodyweight exercises or floor exercises as well.

  • Can not and should not go real heavy with this gym floor mat since the thickness is 10 mm.

AmazonBasics Puzzle Exercise Mat with EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles

Why Should You Buy this?

The AmazonBasics Puzzle Exercise Mat is a great workout mat for the home.

This high-density foam mat by AmazonBasics has an anti-skid, slip-resistant design and a non-toxic foam composition.

It is easy to clean and can be used for many purposes. This is a must-have fitness product for the home gym.

This AmazonBasics Puzzle Exercise Mat is a great gym workout mat for your home workout.

A high-density EVA foam construction will provide long-lasting, reliable performance, plus an anti-skid, slip-resistant design that protects floors from scratches and dings.

It’s made of a non-toxic foam composition.

  • These EVA foam mats are good for floor exercises or full-body workouts with bodyweight only.
  • These gym mats are also good for placing cardio equipments.
  • Available in range of sizes so you can cover a lot of areas.
  • This high-density EVA Foam will protect your floor from the heavy gym equipments and weights from training sessions.
  • These are lightweight and are easy to set up.
  • You can easily clean them with mild soap and water.

  • Not suitable for all powerlifting workouts or dropping weights on the floor.

Cockatoo EVA Interlock Mat, Pack of 4

8 Best gym mats in India to protect your Floor, knees and Elbows 1
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Why Should You Buy this?

If you are a fitness enthusiast and looking for a good workout mat, then you should get this one.

It is soft, comfortable, and a good workout mat.

These mats are not only easy to use but also very good for yoga and pilates.

This is a pack 4 EVA mat so it should cover a lot of gym space as well.

These Cockatoo interlocked foam tiles are very good for those who use them in weight rooms and gyms. They are available in four different colours, red, green, blue and white.

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Made from soft EVA foam. Perfect for Yoga, Pilates and other fitness workouts. Easily interlock with other mats.

  • At 12mm thickness, this is a decent floor mat for a variety of exercises.
  • It has an anti-skid surface so you can do some dynamic movements.
  • You can do yoga poses as well.
  • This Shock-absorbing foam will dampen your impact so it should be good for your knees as well.
  • Easy to clean with soap and water.

  • Some buyers say that the mat gets slippery.
  • Someone reviewed that 10 kg of plate made a dent in the floor mat.

RISE UP™ Rubber Mats Blue dots 10mm

Why Should You Buy this?

This rubber grip has a good traction and maintains its place on the floor. This is a 10mm thick rubber mat but it is quite strong from the looks of it.

And it will protect your floor from damage.

Rise Up rubber mats are of 20 inch by 20 inch with good grip on the floor.

There are no locks in them so you just need to place them side by side to make a floor in your garage gym.

I do prefer rubber construction for intense workouts. Rubber is more durable than EVA foam and dampens the impact very well.

Best Dumbbell Set For Home Gym India

  • Rectangular rubber mats which are easy to place.
  • 10 mm thickness.
  • Will protect your floor from fitness Equipment and weights. Good for general floor protection as well.
  • You can do a full-body workout on these easily with or without exercise equipment.
  • You can do yoga or other floor exercises on it.

  • No puzzle-like design might be easy to set up but will they hold?

GSQUARE Fitness Puzzle Exercise Mat

Why Should You Buy this?

This puzzle mat by GSQUARE is a must when it comes to floor protection.

This is one of the best puzzle mats in India.

This is a good floor protection product and will give you a slip-free floor in the house.

This puzzle mat by GSQUARE is made up of EVA foam interlocking squares. No tools are required to assemble or disassemble.

These puzzle pieces will protect floors with a slip resistance.

These mats should be kept in a secure environment and be used in a room where there is at a low humidity.

If a mat is left outside then the foam should remain indoors for maximum product longevity.

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  • These gym mat tiles are very easy to install, they are very flexible and they are also very durable.
  • These will cover your floor space nicely and will support all the pieces of equipment.
  • This mat will provide you with an extra cushion when you do bodyweight exercise.
  • These are anti-skid, non-slip and water resistance. So these are good for all types of gyms.
  • You get 16 sq feet of gym mats.
  • The thickness is 10 mm.
  • Holds a good grip on the floor.

  • Few buyers got damaged items.

Rubber mats or thick EVA gym floor mats are good for doing heavy workouts at home. It is really troublesome to go all out with a deadlift when you know if you drop the bar, it will damage the floor.

It’s worse if you are living in an apartment.

Thus you should always use a sturdy mat, preferably made with rubber for your home gym space.

Workout mats are thicker and have more traction that Yoga mats. You should not do heavy lifting on yoga mats, especially on those cheap yoga mats.

Buy gym mats to protect your joint, to protect your indoor gym floor, and always buy the one that fits your personal gym floor area.

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