Best mass gainer for skinny guys in India [top 10]


Best mass gainer for skinny guys in India

Personally I would not get the best mass gainer for skinny guys or any beginners whey protein stuff. As those are just marketing. To gain weight you do not need the best mass gainer in India. Mass gainers in India or weight gainers in India are rather costly.

And if you can, you can prepare a full meal without any mass gainer. Maybe you will need a whey protein but not a mass gainer which is generally full of carbohydrates

Best mass gainer supplement in India (Top 10)


Best Mass gainer in India Protein Carbohydrate Energy
Muscle Xp Pro mass gainer 36.00 52.00 405.33
Muscleblaze mass gainer India 30.00 81.00 358.00
Advance muscle mass weight gainer 21.00 68.90 321.00
Mypro sport weight gainer 21 73 382
Dymatize Super mass gainer 17.30 81.00 426.00
Labrada weight gainer 17.3 84.5 421
ON weight gainer India 15.00 76.00 378.00
Powerus weight gainer 15.00 75.00 387.00
Scitron mass gainer in India 15 75 364

True Supplements Carbohydrates Gainer

N/A 50 350 Approx

Top 2 advantages of mass gainers: Compact pack of protein, carbs and creatine mad glutamine and minerals, vitamins.

Huge calorie boost.

Best mass gainer for skinny guys in India, is mass gainer good for skinny guys?

In reality if you are not eating well enough. If you are not able to eat a proper breakfast or lunch and have trouble eating a decent meal at least 6 times a day then you can consider a weight gainer for skinny guys.

Thus as per my observation the best mass gainer in India is the Muscle Xp Pro or the Muscleblaze mass gainer due to their high protein, high carb and calories count.

With real food and these mass gainers you will gain weight.

Whey Protein Under 1000 INR

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I have been skinny, an ectomorph all of my life. Something I quickly understood was that long reps of bicep curls won’t take me anywhere and three times of meal will not either.

I am here to share my knowledge on how I was able to increase 10kgs of weight, I shall rather say muscles on my body. Looking back at that period I believe I could do even better with all this knowledge.

Knowledge is power and you can snow use this to get more muscular, look handsome and overall be fit.

Weight gainer supplement without side effects?

If you are not buying something that says gain 10kgs in 3 months then you are safe. There are no magic best weight gain pills for males that can do it. It will take a lot of hard work, new habits and lots of food no matter what weight gainer in India you chose.

By the way if you maint your diet then when you stop taking weight gainers in India then you do not go back to being skinny. You may lose some fat depending on your workout and diet but not too that skinny look.

So you can consume your favorite mass gainers with gap in between. You do not have to always consume weight gainers, focus on real food.

Best mass gainer supplement in India (Top 10)

How not to be skinny anymore!

Eat your vegetables – do not rely on mass gainers and replace your meals. 

Lift heavy but with good form.

Do compound exercises like Squats, Bench press, pull ups.

Get your proteins as per body weight and vitamins, minerals.

Perhaps consider investing in a foldable bench or a power rack or even in a smith machine.

Overall best mass gainer in India for skinny guys


Best mass gainer for skinny guys in India [top 10] 1Best mass gainer for skinny guys in India [top 10] 2

If you are not after the cheapest mass gainer in India then this weight gainer is for you. ON is world famous for their whey protein and the same is used in their weight gainer also. By the way this a non veg mass gainer.

Check on Amazon India

The Cheapest mass gainer in India

Here is a full list of cheapest mass gainers in India


Best mass gainer for skinny guys in India [top 10] 3Best mass gainer for skinny guys in India [top 10] 4

I would advise not to go for the cheapest versions all the time as low cost means they did not spend much on great ingredients. If they did now they are losing money. Either way apart from all other mass gainers in India, I find this to be better.

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Best mass gainer supplement in India (Top 10)

The protein powder in india for weight gain (Not weight gainer)

DREXSPORT – Wild Muscle weight gainer

Best mass gainer for skinny guys in India [top 10] 5Best mass gainer for skinny guys in India [top 10] 6

This is new company in this whey protein segment and this is probably the only company which is selling grass fed whey and provides some certifications. If you can manage high calorie, high carb food throughout the day and just need the extra protein for muscle growth then you can consider this protein.

Check on Amazon India

For this list I have gone through the exact research process that I do for myself. Since most mass gainers have different serving sizes I have gone with the nutrients value per 100 gram. Let’s see the results!

Speaking of results – no best mass gainer in India will turn you into a hulk without any hard work.

Reviews of best weight / Mass gainer in india

All these mass gainers in India or these weight gainers in India are sorted as per protein quantity. You can look for the one that provides more calories or dive into the details to see which mass gainers in India provides creatine and Glutamine – best for skinny guys.

MuscleXP pro mass gainer India

Best mass gainer for skinny guys in India [top 10] 7Best mass gainer for skinny guys in India [top 10] 8


  • No added sugar at all. 
  • Good amount of calorie per 100 gram.
  • Good amount of protein per 100 gram.
  • Has proprietary set of enzymes.


  • I suspect some fake reviews on
  • Some had digestion issues
  • Some were not able to verify their product.

MuscleXP pro mass gainer includes digestive enzyme which aids proper digestion and better absorption of nutrients. Speaking of nutrients this mass gainer blend for skinny guys has all the vitamins, minerals and 36 gram of protein per 100 gram.

You also get all essential BCAA and glutamine for fast recovery.

This one of the best weight gainers in India comes with their proprietary blend of enzymes which could be more useful. This is one of the key mass gainer benefits of this blend.

Per 100 gram of Muscle XP mass gainer India contains – 

  • Energy: 405.33 kcal
  • Protein: 36 gram
  • Fat: 5.33 gram
  • Carbohydrate: 52 gram
  • Added Sugar: 0 gram
  • Fat: 5.33 gram
  • Dietary fiber: 2.67 gram

Muscleblaze mass gainer India

Best mass gainer for skinny guys in India [top 10] 9Best mass gainer for skinny guys in India [top 10] 10


  • Tasty.


  • No clear mention of serving size on the label.
  • With 890 Calories, 75g Protein & 13g BCAA a day if you eat it more than one time per day 🙁
  • Each serving of 100 gram contains 1500mg of Creatine Monohydrate, 2000mg of MCT and a proprietary enzyme blend to aid in digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Contains carbs from PalatinoseTM, a patented smart carbohydrate also has oats and maize.

In their product detail it is not mentioned how much carb of what type has been used.

Per 100 gram of Muscleblaze mass gainer in India contains 

  • Energy: 358.00 kcal approx
  • Protein: 30 gram approx
  • Fat: 4.5 gram
  • Carbohydrate: 81 gram approx
  • Added Sugar: 12 gram*
  • Fat: 11 gram
  • Dietary fiber: 1.3 gram
  • Creatine monohydrate: 1.5 gram

Advance MuscleMass Mass Gainer in india with Enzyme

Best mass gainer for skinny guys in India [top 10] 11Best mass gainer for skinny guys in India [top 10] 12


  • Low cost.
  • Vegetarian.
  • .22 gram of creatine per serving, tiny dose though.
  • Has digestive enzymes
  • Many users have recommended saying best budget mass gainer in India.


  • Choco  flavour is not so great.
  • 2 grams of added sugar.
  • Contains Whey concentrate as the only protein source and Popular Chocolate Flavor.
  • Preserving of 6 scoops you get 42.9 G Protein, 140.7 G Carbs and 22 Vitamins & Minerals, 
  • It also has .22 gram of Creatine per serving and Glutamine and added Digestive Enzymes

Glutamine can help muscle recovery after workout, help to gain weight and lean muscle and creatine can help generate more power during workouts.

They recommend to take this mass gainer with 200-250 mL water/milk and better use with shaker to create a smooth blend.

Advanced muscle mass recommends taking this weight gainer with breakfast, post workout and before going to sleep OR recommended by Trainer. 

Consume 3 times a day with your normal diet at least 1 month regularly to see weight and muscle mass gain effect.

I will not recommend drinking this 3 times a day, you will spend way lot on a supplement rather than actual food.

Per 100 gram of Advance muscle mass gainer can give you –

  • Energy: 381 kcal
  • Protein: 21 gram
  • Fat: 6 gram
  • Carbohydrate 68.9 gram 
  • Added Sugar  5.88 gram
  • L-Glutamine 0.67 g
  • Creatine Monohydrate 0.22 gram
  • Choline 75mg
  • Inositol 75 mg

Mypro sport weight gainer India

Best mass gainer for skinny guys in India [top 10] 13Best mass gainer for skinny guys in India [top 10] 14


  •  Good quantity of protein and carbs.


  • They have written servings of 30 gram but the mentioned protein or carbohydrate contents are of 100 gram servings.

Mypro Sport nutrition provides some good nutrition value on paper like – 21g Protein,3g BCAA, 382g Calories, 73g Carbohydrates,23 Vitamins & Minerals, Creatine Monohydrate per serving.

Mypro Sport mass gainer in India presently available in 5 flavours.

  • 100 gm of Mypro Pro Mass Gainer belgium chocolate provide 382 calories, 21g protein and 73g carbs
  • 23 Vitamins and minerals fulfil the dietary gaps and keep you energetic enough to carry out difficult workouts

Per 100 gram of Mypro Mass gainer in India contains –

  • Energy: 382 kcal approx
  • Protein: 21 gram approx
  • Fat:  .5 gram
  • Carbohydrate: 73 gram approx
  • Added Sugar: 0 gram
  • Fat: .5 gram
  • Creatine: 2 gram
  • Dietary fiber: 1 gram
  • L-glutamine: 150 mg

Dymatize Super mass gainer India

Best mass gainer for skinny guys in India [top 10] 15Best mass gainer for skinny guys in India [top 10] 16


  • They are known for their blends and whey and similar is here.


  • Large servings will burn a hole in your pocket.
  • Less amount of creatine.
  • No proper info on the amount of glutamine and amino acids in this weight gainer blend.
  • Added sugar.


Dymatize is a well known brand that has several good products in India. Let’s who their mass gainer is.

  • They say it is a glutamine rich protein formula that provides you with the necessary proprietary amino acid blend but I don’t see the quantity of glutamine specifically.
  • Have good blend of amino acid but no information details
  • Zytrix technology helps aid in digestion and absorption rate
  • 1 gram of creatine per 336 gram of servings!

This mass gainer in India is known to use safe ingredients and results are okay too as per some customers.

Per 100 gram of Dymatize mass gainer in India contains –

  • Energy: 426.00 kcal approx
  • Protein: 17.3 gram approx
  • Fat: 3.33 gram
  • Carbohydrate: 81 gram approx
  • Added Sugar: 12 gram*
  • Fat: 11 gram
  • Dietary fiber: 4 gram
  • Creatine monohydrate: .33 gram

Labrada weight gainer India

Best mass gainer for skinny guys in India [top 10] 1Best mass gainer for skinny guys in India [top 10] 2


  • To reach their protein and carb level you will need 9 scoops.


  • Costly.

Labrada mass gainer in India boasts about their 84 gram protein, 315 gram carbs and gluten free. In general if you are eating enough real food you will not need 84 gram of protein per shake.

But if you are a bodybuilder then you might find some use for it but it will be costly. For skinny guys with budget this could work too.

Per 100 grams of Labrada mass gainer in India contains –

  • Energy: 421.00 kcal approx
  • Protein: 17.3 gram approx
  • Fat: 4.5 gram
  • Carbohydrate: 84.5 gram approx
  • Added Sugar: 12 gram*
  • Fat: 4.5 gram
  • Dietary fiber: 5 gram

Optimum Nutrition (ON) Serious Mass Weight Gainer India

Best mass gainer for skinny guys in India [top 10] 1Best mass gainer for skinny guys in India [top 10] 2


  • Comes from a reputed brand.


  • Cost and counterfeit products.
  • Carbohydrates in this blend are only sugar 🙁
  • Approx. 1260 calories* (varies flavour to flavour)
  • 50 Grams of blended protein ; Protein Type: Weight Gainers/Mass Gainers ; Dietary Preference: No Cholesterol ; Usage Timings: As per Requirement
  • Over 250 grams of carbohydrates with no added sugar
  • 25 Vitamins and essential minerals

While On is really good the weight gainer has mixed response and I believe it is mostly due to sellers selling fake products. If you truly care about the protein quality and want to verify the item then you can go for it.

Per 100 gram of ON weight gainer can give you – 

  • Energy: 378 kcal
  • Protein: 15 gram
  • Fat: 1 gram
  • Carbohydrate (Sugar) 76 gram
  • Sodium 450 mg 
  • Biotin* 11ug
  • L-Glutamine 0.3 g
  • Creatine Monohydrate 0.3 gram
  • Choline 75mg
  • Inositol 75 mg

In all those ingredients I think they could have removed biotin. But since they were putting all those other vitamins they included biotin too.

Powerus weight gainer

Best mass gainer for skinny guys in India [top 10] 21Best mass gainer for skinny guys in India [top 10] 22


  • Low cost.
  • Has some creatine.
  • The usual vitamin and mineral set.
  • Enzyme blend for better absorption.


  • Low amount of protein.

Powerus weight gainer in India has protein to carbohydrate ratio of 1: 5.

Each serving of Powerus mass gainer has 1g of pure creatine monohydrate to improve your athletic performance; Better performance is equal to improved gains.

May improve your immunity and bone health Packed with 23 key vitamins and minerals to keep you healthy 

Added digezyme, a multi-enzyme matrix for better absorption of protein, carbs and micronutrients in your body.

I am interested in this one because of the 1 gram pure creatine per serving promise, their serving is 100 gram though.

15 gram of whey and 75 gram carbs also sounds fine for mass gainer for skinny guys in India.

Per 100 gram of Powerus Weight gainer contains –

  • Energy: 387.00 kcal
  • Protein: 15 gram
  • Fat: 5.33 gram
  • Carbohydrate: 75 gram
  • Added Sugar: 0 gram
  • Fat: 3 gram
  • Dietary fiber: 1 gram
  • Creatine mono hydrate: 1.20 gram

Scitron mass gainer in India

Best mass gainer for skinny guys in India [top 10] 23Best mass gainer for skinny guys in India [top 10] 24


  • Contains glutamine and creatine.
  • Low fat.
  • Good amount of carbs.


  • Lower protein per carbs. 1:5 ratio.

  • Provon and Avonlac (100 percent Whey Protein Isolate) which is a registered trademark of Glanbia Nutritionals
  • 3g Creatine in each serving of 150 grams.
  • Has 1:5 Protein to Carb ratio and delivers 22.5g of Protein and 112.5g of Carbs in each serving of 150 grams.
  • 20 vitamins and minerals.

Per 100 gram of Scitron mass gainer in India contains –

  • Energy: 364 kcal approx
  • Protein: 15 gram approx
  • Fat:  .44 gram
  • Carbohydrate: 75 gram approx
  • Added Sugar: 0 gram
  • Fat: 4.5 gram
  • Creatine: 2 gram
  • Dietary fiber: 0 gram
  • L-glutamine: 300 mg

True Supplements Pure Carbohydrates Gainer

Best mass gainer for skinny guys in India [top 10] 23Best mass gainer for skinny guys in India [top 10] 24


  • Low Cost.
  • Low fat.
  • Lots of carbs.
  • 5 gram of creatine.


  • No glutamine or other vitamin minerals.

This item in this list is different than other mass gainers in India. There are no protein in this best weight gainer in India.

True supplements has come up with two packs of mass gainer ingredients.

1 kg of pure carbohydrates and 250 gram of creatine monohydrate.

Per serving of 50 gram carbohydrates provides just that.

And one scoop of creatine can give 5 gram creatine.

I imagine 50 gram of carb will give you around 300 kcal and 5 gram of creatine will provide you strength to lift your weights heavier.

This is only for those who are willing to use 1 scoop of this, milk, banana, ice cream etc to turn into a delicious yet calorie heavy workout shake.

Can be used after workout!

How to buy the best Mass gainer in India for skinny guys

Ratio of Carbohydrate and Protein

They say the ideal ratio of carbohydrate and protein the weight gainer should be 3:1. Meaning 3 gram carb and 1 gram protein. If your mass gainer in India has 30 grams of carbohydrate than it should have 10 gram or proteins.

But you will come across products which have this as 5:1 ratio or something else. So check and see how much protein per intake you get.

If you have the intention of getting maximum protein per scoop then you should consider whey isolates.

For a mass gainer check for amount of carbs and protein together and see which meets your requirements.

Digestive enzyme

Many of us has weak stomach and skinny guys like me and you, our body runs our metabolism so quick that it just wants the food out of the system fast. No matter if the nutrients were absorbed or not. 

Lower sugar level

Natural sugars are okay, but if the mass gainer goes overboard with added sugar then you must avoid it. Sugar is not a necessary thing and too much of sugary sweetness will harm you.

Vitamins and Nutrients

You can easily get all the vitamins and minerals from other sources be it natural or capsules like revital but many mass gainers in India for skinny guys provide it. Some even include items like biotin which directly does not help with building muscle.

Check for Glutamine and Creatine, those are more helpful.

Weight gainers vs Whey

Whey proteins are best when you need high quality protein and you can prepare a decent protein shake to gain wight. If you are skinny then and can not prepare a protein shake with dry fruits, banana, milk etc then mass gainer makes more sense.

If you go for protein quality then whey proteins are best and if you want easy access to high caloric drink then go for mass gainer. Some mass gainers do contain some creatines so you do get some power and pump benefits.

If compared as per protein content, all mass gainers are inferior and in general you are requested to take minimum 3 scoops of weight gainer so you end up the bottle quickly. Thus your recurring costs increase.

How to use Mass gainer for weight gain?

Should I take mass gainer everyday?

If you know how much calorie you need and you know how much calorie your one glass of weight gainer provides then you can guess if you can take mass gainer everyday. And if you are taking excessive mass gainer shakes then you might just get fat with those extra calories.

When to take mass gainer? How to take mass gainer correctly. 

I would not recommend using mass gainer before bed, mass aginers are packed with calories and some amount of protein, better use it while you are active or along with breakfast.

Or another great time for taking mass gainer in India would be post-workout. 

What are the side effects of mass gainer powder?

If you are not careful of the ingredients then you will be eating cheap protein and cheap sources of carbohydrates like malts, oats. Now oats and malts are not bad but considering what they are mass gainers are costly.

And there is sugar. Some mass gainers have 0 added sugar and some have almost 5 grams or more. Always check for 0 added sugar. You do not want any calories from sugar.

Your goal is to get high calories from carbohydrates and protein for weight gain but not from sugars.

So if there are no shady ingredients then there are no side effects.

What are the mass gainer benefits?

A quick fix of protein and oats, malt blend. Let’s say you have a busy life and can not eat huge calorie and protein dense meals then you can rely on mass gainer. This is the single most mass gainer benefit. You get almost 350 kcal and 15 grams protein on average per 100 gram of any mass gainer. No cooking only needs water/ milk(Gomad diet data) and a bowl, glass or shaker and you are ready to go.

But do not replace your meals with mass gainer. Mass gainers are not built for that. 

Many Mass gainers contain creatine, which helps in generating more power and thus you can workout with more strength.

Many mass gainers contain L-glutamine, which allows you to recover from workouts faster.

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