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I know you are looking for the best weight gainer capsules in India but please understand there are no magic pills that can help you gain 10 kgs of lean muscle. There are sure some best mass gainers in India but those also require that you eat real food a lot and workout a lot.

Here is a short TRUE STORY:

One of my friends during school days was very unhappy with his thin skinny body so he ate one of the most popular weight gain/ mass gain capsules. It was just another pills to gain weight over the counter named body plus (I guess). And he believes from a side effect he is losing hair. His family members have no hair issues, even after 15 years of that incident you can see his father and mother have nice hair till today. But…

But he did gain some muscles with fats which are not present now. I am not sure what was in those capsules so I would request you to be careful and not take shortcuts.

So definitely what my friend ate for a week was not exactly the best weight gain capsules without side effects. So beware. 🙂

Best Weight Gainer Capsules In India

  1. Health Tone Herbal Weight Gain Capsules (Best Herbal)
  2. Accumass Weight Gain Capsules (Best Budget)
  3. Health Care Beauty Tone Extra Effective Weight Gain Capsules
  4. HerbalValley Super Weight Gain Capsules (for Men and Women)
  5. Naturals Fit Weight Gainer, 60 Capsule, 1000 Mg
  6. Canada Nutrition Bulk Gain Mass & Weight Gainer Capsule

Now there are also products that are being marketed as best weight gain capsules for females and there are also Best weight gainer powder for females in India.

You might be interested in Best mass gainer supplements in India

And the best Ayurvedic weight gainer in India.

All the best weight gainer capsules in India would always contain some sort of Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Amlaki – at least these are safe. And there are also testosterone boosters which can be used as the best weight gain tablets in India for Men.

True Fact: All these weight gainer capsules in India have some elements common like Licorices and ashawgandha. These herbs have their place but do not do anything magically. These all act as supplement (Wiki) which have no to very very minimum effect on direct weight gain.

Reviews Best weight gainer capsules in India

Health Tone Herbal Weight Gain Capsules (Best Herbal)

Best weight gainer capsules in India 1Best weight gainer capsules in India 2

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Final Verdict: Good herbal alternative than steroid which may promote good digestion, alertness to promote healthy weight gain. And this is one of the best weight gainer capsules Ayurvedic in India.

Healthtone has a blend of Withania Somnifera, Liquorice, Vitis Vinifera, Asparagus and more. They say that it can increase upto 8kgs per month. Also always check for the capsule colors to match the colors on the website and it is made in Thailand.

Many do believe and recommend this as they say it got good results for them.

But in general without a healthy diet and workout weight/ muscle gain does not happen no matter what the muscle size gain tablets you consume.

The general idea is that these capsules will increase your hunger and for that you will eat more and you will gain more weight.

But that will not be muscle, it will be fat.

There are no side effects but check the ingredients to see if you have any allergies.

Accumass Weight Gain Capsules (Best Budget)

Best weight gainer capsules in India 3Best weight gainer capsules in India 4

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Final Verdict: It has all herbal and vegan ingredients and may work if you are in high caloric diet and working out.

It is one of the popular body fast grow herbal weight gain capsules. It is also available in powder format and can be eaten with milk. For accumass capsules price in India, this is also a very budget option to gain weight.

This helps slow down the metabolic rate so you digest your foods slowly and take out the maximum nutrition. 

It has Ayurvedic herbs like ashwagandha, Shatavari, amlaki, gokhru etc. There are no harmful chemical as per the label.

It is suited for both males and females for weight gain.

Many say that it improved their body many said it had no effect. I assume unless you are eating a lot and doing workout this capsules may not have much effect at all.

Health Care Beauty Tone Extra Effective Weight Gain Capsules

health tone weight gainer

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Final Verdict: You can definitely try this but do not expect to gain muscle while doing nothing.

Like others this too have ashawgandha, licorice. It also have Aspargus, chamomile. As per the manufacturer iit will increase your body size, improve energy level and fitness, increase appetite, increase protein intake.

There are no side effects and chamomile in it will help your energy level.

HerbalValley Super Weight Gain Capsules (for Men and Women)

Best weight gainer capsules in India 5Best weight gainer capsules in India 6

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Final Verdict: If there are no filler elements that this weight gain tablets can be a good source of some herbs that may help with weight gain.

These has only 5 useful element which will help with increased appetite, energy and metabolism. Those ingredients are cinnamon, Arjuna, Amlaki, Shatavari, Ashagandha.

This is a complete herbal option and good as general supplement.

Many users have reported positive about this but many have not. These will not work on everybody as we all have different body type, adaptability and immunity.

This capsules can be best weight gain pills for females since this have good amount of Shatavari.

Naturals Fit Weight Gainer, 60 Capsule, 1000 Mg

Best weight gainer capsules in India 7Best weight gainer capsules in India 8

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Final Verdict: Good general use product which may improve energy, immunity and metabolism.

Here are the Ingredients: Aswagandha extract 200 mg, white musli 150 mg, tribulus extract 200 mg, mucuna pruriens extract 100 mg, glycyrrhiza glabra extract 50 mg, zingiber officinale extract 50 mg, terminalia bellirica extract 50 mg, amalaki extract, pippali extract 50 mg, shatavari extract 50 mg, vidang extract 50 mg

Now as per the labelled ingredients go, I see nothing wrong. This may help with energy retention, increased endurance. They even say you can use it as pre workout but I would not do it. These simply does not qualifies as pre workout supplement at all. Still it is good for general use nothing else.

Some may get good results and some may not, as these products tend to work differently on everybody.

Canada Nutrition Bulk Gain Mass & Weight Gainer Capsule

Best weight gainer capsules in India 9Best weight gainer capsules in India 10

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Final Verdict: The blend of this weight gain has ginseng as an additional item otherwise it is same like all of those. Definitely will not help with direct weight gain but as an general supplement it is okay

This weight gain tablets are not vegetarian and are made for the gym goer. They say that it will build lean muscle and it is made for athletes and body builders. They recommend that you eat this two times a day. And their formula of these capsules are science backed 🙂

But if you look at the ingredients you will see most of them are available in other weight gainer capsules as well. This blend do have giseng in it. It also has Ashwagandha, chamomile, Shaatvari and more.

There are no soy, gluten, wheat, milk in it. Also no filler element.

Other weight gainer capsules or Tablets in India

Testosterone tablets: Well these can help with performance in the gym and this is known to increase muscle mass. These can be the weight gain pills for men but consult with a pro body builder first.

Oxandrolone: It is an anabolic steroid and like the anabolic steroid for injection it is prescribed for those who have just undergone some operation or severe illness. It is known to be effective when you have healthy food and workout regularly. It may increase the muscle mass but again consult with a doctor first.

Oxymetholone: Some study and research shows that this works but also comes with its side effects. Consult with a doctor.

There are also various steroids used by bodybuilders and athletes, if you are not sure and have not consulted with a professional then stay away from them.

Durabolin: There is this injection to gain weight fast, mostly used by bodybuilders and recommended by doctors after a surgery. But always consult a doctor first before using any of these.

All of the above mentioned chemicals may have some side effects, be aware.

Some common ingredients of weight gainer capsules in India –


Cinnamon slows down the absorption of carbohydrates in your body, specially in the small intestine. This may help you feel full longer and increase appetite. 


This a great stress management herb. Cortisol is known as a “stress hormone” Ashwagandha is believed to reduce Cortisol , stress and anxiety. Also this may help with natural well being of your body.


Amla improves immunity and maintain metabolism which helps in weight gain.


Arjuna has great antioxidant capability and great for a healthy heart.

Now do you need these best weight gain tablets in India to get bulky?


You need calories, protein and workout to gain weight not weight gain capsules.

If you are really into eating some weight gainer capsules then you can just eat some herbal capsules which have all safe ingredients.

Use creatine pills for weight gain?

Creatine will increase water in your muscles and will provide your with energy when you workout. Unless you are working out hard in the gym then creatine will not work effectively. Only eating creatine pills will not help with weight gain.

How can I gain weight quickly?

Eat, workout – depending on your body type you will gain weight. Also I understand by weight you do not mean fat. You mean muscle. There are no perfect number of days when each can gain muscle. Typically you should start to see results after 1-2 months of diet, workout.

Which fruits increase weight?

Pick any high caloric foods such as Banana, mango. These will be good option.

What exercises can I do at home to gain weight?

Start with squats, push up, pull ups, if you have weights then deadlifts.

How can a skinny teenage girl gain weight?

Either you are a teenage girl or boy do this. Start eating health, a lot of frequent healthy meals. Start with the workouts like squats, pull ups.


So even if you are looking for the best weigh gainer capsules or weight gainer tablets in India, I would say do not depend on them. I am skinny too and it takes a lot of effort to gain even 5 kg per month. Lots of hard work at gym and diet – do not be shy of it.


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