5 Best weight gainer capsules in India that you Should try

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I know you are looking for the best weight gainer capsules in India but please understand there are no magic pills that can help you gain 10 kgs of lean muscle.

The Health Tone Herbal Weight Gain Capsules and the Accumass Weight Gain Capsules are the best weight gainer capsules in India that are useful and harmless.

But let me tell you about a friend who ventured into the world of weight gain capsules and faced unexpected hair loss – a stark reminder of the importance of caution. So, if you’re considering weight gainer capsules, stay with me as we explore the options and uncover what really works.

Best weight gainer capsules in India

There are sure some best mass gainers in India but those also require that you eat real food a lot and workout a lot.

Weight gainer capsules as per the scores assigned to them

Here is a short TRUE STORY:

One of my friends during school days was very unhappy with his thin skinny body so he ate one of the most popular weight gain/ mass gain capsules.

It was named body maxx I guess.

It was just another pill to gain weight over the counter named body plus (I guess).

And he believes from a side effect he is losing hair.

His family members have no hair issues, even after 15 years of that incident you can see his father and mother have nice hair today. But…

But he did gain some muscles with fats that are not present now.

I am not sure what was in those capsules so I would request you to be careful and not take shortcuts.

So definitely what my friend ate for a week was not exactly the best weight gain capsules without side effects. So beware. 🙂

Key Takeaways!

  • No magic pills for gaining 10 kgs of lean muscle – proper nutrition and exercise are key.
  • Cautionary tale of a friend experiencing hair loss from weight gain capsules.
  • List of best weight gainer capsules in India, with ratings and key factors.
  • Common ingredients include Ashwagandha and licorice, but minimal direct impact on weight gain.
  • Mention of other weight gain capsules and steroids – consult a doctor before use.
  • Recommendation to focus on diet, exercise, and natural supplements over capsules.

Best Weight Gainer Capsules In India

Weight gainer capsulesOur Scores
Health Tone Herbal Weight Gain Capsules (Best Herbal)8
Accumass Weight Gain Capsules (Best Budget)6
HerbalValley Super Weight Gain Natural Capsules5
Natural’s Fit Naturals Fit Weight Gainer5
Canada Nutrition Bulk Gain Mass & Weight Gainer Capsule5

Now there are also products that are being marketed as the best weight gain capsules for females and there are also the Best weight gainer powder for females in India.

You might be interested in the Best mass gainer supplements in India

And the best Ayurvedic weight gainer in India.

All the best weight gainer capsules in India would always contain some sort of Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Amlaki – at least these are safe. And there are also testosterone boosters that can be used as the best weight gain tablets in India for Men.

True Fact: All these weight gainer capsules in India have some elements in common like licorice and ashwagandha. These herbs have their place but do not do anything magically.

These all act as supplements (Wiki) that have no to very very minimum effect on direct weight gain.

Reviews Best weight gainer capsules in India

Health Tone Herbal Weight Gain Capsules (Best Herbal)

Our Rating: 8/10

Top Use Case: If you want some herbal capsules

Health Tone Herbal Weight Gain

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. Health tone weight gain capsules are claimed to help in gaining weight, and users have reported significant weight gain within a short period of time.
  2. The recommended dosage is mentioned as 3 capsules a day, although some users mentioned taking it twice a day or once every two days. PS: you will also empty the small jar real quick with their recommended dosages.
  3. Several side effects have been reported, including increased appetite, loss of focus, quick tiredness, heat pimples on the shoulders and face, discomfort due to sudden weight increase, and the need to buy new clothes.
  4. Results will VARY. Some saw positive results and were satisfied, while others experienced negative side effects and recommended against using it.
  5. Long-Term Effects: Some users reported that weight gain was maintained only as long as they continued taking the capsules, and weight loss occurred once they stopped. There were also mentions of potential long-term health issues, such as liver and kidney damage, digestive problems, and the risk of developing diabetes and thyroid problems.

Pros and Cons of the Health Tone Weight Gain Regular Capsules

Increases appetite, helping in weight gainOvereating if not monitored
Visible results in a short span of timeLoss of focus due to constant hunger
Can help underweight individuals reach their ideal weightQuick fatigue during daily activities
Improved body appearance and increased muscle massHeat pimples on shoulders and face
Boosts energy levels and enhances overall body functioningEasy to incorporate into the daily routine
Can be effective in addressing long-term underweight conditionsRequires buying new clothes as current ones may no longer fit
Easy to incorporate into daily routineWeight stabilization requires regular workouts and healthy eating habits
Some side effects reported, such as pimples and fatigue
Individual results may vary
May not be suitable for everyone

Why Should you buy this?

Health Tone has had varying effects on different individuals. Some users have reported positive results, experiencing weight gain and improvements in their overall body shape. They mentioned an increase in appetite and feeling full and heavy after taking the capsules.

The product seemed to work well for these individuals, helping them achieve their desired weight. a good idea to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement.
Remember my friend lost his hair?

Some users experienced rashes, pimples, and acne on their face, body, and back. Others reported issues such as stomach pain, fatigue, drowsiness, hair fall, and bloating. It’s important to note that these side effects may vary from person to person, and it’s always

Achieve Your Ideal Body with Health Tone Weight Gain Regular Capsules!

As an avid fitness enthusiast striving to build a more attractive body with proper shape and muscular definition, I can confidently say that Health Tone Capsules have been a game-changer in my journey.

These capsules offer an excellent solution for those looking to increase their protein intake and naturally boost their appetite, ultimately helping them consume more calories and achieve their maximum weight potential.

What sets Health Tone Capsules apart from the competition is their herbal formulation, which ensures a natural and safe approach to weight gain if you do proper hard work.

Accumass Weight Gain Capsules (Best Budget)

Our Rating: 6/10

Top Use Case: If you want some herbal capsules

Accumass Weight Gain Capsules

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. Users mentioned that the accumass is effective and has provided them with positive results in terms of weight gain.

  2. Some users mentioned being allergic to synthetic food colors used in the color-coated capsule shell. As a result, they opened the capsules and consumed the powder with curd to avoid any allergic reactions.

  3. Users noted that the product contains paraben, which may be a consideration for individuals who prefer paraben-free products.

Pros and Cons of the Accumass Weight Gain Capsules

Effective in promoting weight gainColor-coated capsule shell may cause allergies
Good taste when taken with curdContains paraben
Can increase appetite for better daily food intakeMixed reviews and varying results
Some users experienced negative side effects

Why Should you buy this?

With positive and negative reviews and my personal experience I would say you should test it. If you do not get any allergies then go ahead otherwise stop it.
When I had it, I did not get allergies but I did not see any results as well. Well, note I was only doing bodyweight workouts at the time.

As someone who has struggled with a lean and thin physique for years, finding a reliable solution to gain weight has always been a top priority for me.

After extensive research and consulting with healthcare professionals, I came across Accumass Weight Gain Capsules.

I have no or mixed results despite their claims and ads in the newspaper.

HerbalValley Super Weight Gain Natural Capsules

Our Rating: 5/10

Top Use Case: Budget Option

HerbalValley Super Weight Gain | Natural Capsules for Men and Women

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. HerbalValley Super Weight Gain Natural Capsules are made of all-natural ingredients such as Cinnamon, Ashwagandha, Arjuna, Amalika, and Shatavari. These ingredients contribute to boosting inner strength and promote healthy growth. Being an herbal product, it assures users that there are no harmful effects or side effects associated with its usage.

  2. Users have reported an increase in appetite after taking these capsules. This can be attributed to the capsules’ ability to enhance metabolism, resulting in a greater feeling of hunger. Increased appetite is an important factor for individuals seeking weight gain, as it allows for the consumption of larger meals and a higher calorie intake.

  3. Weight Gain: Many users have experienced positive weight gain results with HerbalValley Super Weight Gain Natural Capsules. The capsules facilitate weight gain by providing the body with essential nutrients and promoting healthy growth. Users have reported gaining significant weight over a period of time, such as 9 kg in 2 months, 5 kg in a month, and 5 kg in 2 weeks. But that does not mean that you will also have similar results.

Pros and Cons

It is 100% chemical-freeNo increase in appetite as claimed
Contains natural herbsLarge and difficult-to-swallow pills
Boosts metabolismSome users experienced side effects
Increases energy levelsIneffective for some users
Helps in gaining weightMixed reviews on significance.
Improves digestion and hungerExpensive compared to other options
Vegetarian-friendlyNo noticeable results for some
Safe to use with no side effectsMay cause dizziness and nausea
Positive feedback from usersSome users reported no change
Affordable priceProduct quality issues

How to measure muscle mass!

Why Should you buy this!

HerbalValley Super Weight Gain Natural Capsules could be the perfect choice for both men and women.

If there are no filler elements that these weight gain tablets can be a good source of some herbs that may help with weight gain.

The use of natural ingredients, increase in appetite, weight gain support, digestion and hunger benefits, energy boost, and absence of side effects make these capsules an attractive choice for those looking to gain weight in a safe and effective manner.

Natural’s Fit Naturals Fit Weight Gainer

Our Rating: 5/10

Top Use Case: Budget herbal capsules

Natural's Fit Naturals Fit Weight Gainer

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. Users mentioned that Natural Fit’s Weight gainer is effective in promoting weight gain. This factor is crucial for individuals seeking to increase their body weight and muscle mass.

  2. Several users reported positive results after regular use of the product, indicating its effectiveness in achieving desired outcomes.

  3. Some users found the product to be reasonably priced, considering its performance and results. The affordability factor may influence purchasing decisions for potential buyers.

  4. Some users expressed negative experiences, stating that the product did not work for them or caused no weight gain. This feedback serves as a cautionary factor for individuals who may have similar expectations.

Pros and Cons

Effectively boosts hunger and promotes calorie intakeSome users experienced no positive results
Provides noticeable results for weight gainReports of the product being fake or ineffective
Natural supplement without artificial anabolicsSome users did not experience any change in weight
Can help in increasing muscle size and strengthUsers expressed disappointment in wasted money and time
Reasonably priced with good performance and resultsComplaints about receiving duplicate products
Helps improve appetiteMixed feedback on the product’s authenticity and effectiveness
Positive feedback on performance and resultsNot effective for some users
Can be an alternative to artificial supplements for boosting testosterone and gaining musclesNegative comments regarding weight loss instead of weight gain
Lack of availability and stock issues
Negative feedback on taste
Complaints about the product not living up to its claims

Why Should you buy this!

Natural’s Fit Naturals Fit Weight Gainer is a reliable and effective product for individuals who are seeking to gain weight, boost energy and endurance, and enhance their workout performance.

With its unique blend of natural ingredients, it offers a safe and sustainable approach to reaching your fitness goals. Give it a try, stay consistent, and watch your progress soar!

The Natural’s Fit Weight Gainer contains a blend of carefully selected ingredients known for their beneficial effects on energy and endurance.

With ingredients such as Aswagandha extract (200 mg), white musli (150 mg), tribulus extract (200 mg), mucuna pruriens extract (100 mg) and more, these supplement provides a potent combination to enhance performance.

Now as per the labeled ingredients go, I see nothing wrong. This may help with energy retention, and increased endurance.

They even say you can use it as pre-workout but I would not do it. These simply does not qualify as a pre-workout supplement at all. Still, it is good for general use nothing else.

Canada Nutrition Bulk Gain Mass & Weight Gainer Capsule

Our Rating: 5/10

Top Use Case: Budget weight gain capsule

Canada Nutrition Bulk Gain Mass & Weight Gainer Capsule

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. Canada nutrition bulk gain capsule is praised for being reasonably priced.

  2. Some users have reported experiencing side effects like acne or other issues.

  3. The product is claimed to have a positive impact on the user’s body within just 10 days of use. It is credited with increasing muscle size and strength, improving performance, and aiding in weight gain.

  4. One user mentioned that the product initially worked well for them, but after using it for a while, they felt no further effects. This raises concerns about the consistency of the product’s results over time

Pros and Cons

Reasonable priceSome people have reported side effects like acne
Impressive results within 10 days of use (according to the reviewer)Taste may become dull and mouth may feel tasteless
Positive review regarding weight gain (12kg in 4 months)Description says “capsules” but received tablets
Increased appetite and weight gainSlight pain in the testicles at the beginning
Contains ashwagandha, which helps relieve stress and increases testosterone levelsSide effects reported: face swelling, increased body heat, acne, burning sensation while urinating, high artificial testosterone, potential risk to the liver, chest pain
Positive review regarding mass and strength gainProvides a cashback incentive for 5-star ratings
Supports weight gain when combined with a proper diet and workout routineResults may require a proper calorie surplus diet and workout routine

Why Should you buy this!

The blend of this weight gain has ginseng as an additional item otherwise it is the same as all of those. Definitely will not help with direct weight gain but as a general supplement it is okay

These weight gain tablets are not vegetarian and are made for the gym goer. They say that it will build lean muscle and it is made for athletes and bodybuilders. They recommend that you eat this two times a day. And the formula of these capsules are science-backed 🙂

But if you look at the ingredients you will see most of them are available in other weight gainer capsules as well. This blend does have ginseng in it. It also has Ashwagandha, chamomile, Shaatvari, and more.

There is no soy, gluten, wheat, milk in it. Also no filler element.

Other Types of weight-gainer Capsules or Tablets in India

Testosterone tablets: Well these can help with performance in the gym and this is known to increase muscle mass. These can be the weight gain pills for men but consult with a pro bodybuilder first.

Oxandrolone: It is an anabolic steroid and like the anabolic steroid for injection it is prescribed for those who have just undergone some operation or severe illness. It is known to be effective when you have healthy food and workout regularly. It may increase the muscle mass but again consult with a doctor first.

Oxymetholone: Some study and research shows that this works but also comes with its side effects. Consult with a doctor.

There are also various steroids used by bodybuilders and athletes, if you are not sure and have not consulted with a professional then stay away from them.

Durabolin: There is this injection to gain weight fast, mostly used by bodybuilders and recommended by doctors after a surgery. But always consult a doctor first before using any of these.

All of the above-mentioned chemicals may have some side effects, be aware.

Do not take them without medical supervision.

Some common ingredients of weight gainer capsules in India –

Here are the ingredients and their benefits. But do note that not every ingredient is tested. Most of the time it is passed down from Ayurveda books.


Cinnamon slows down the absorption of carbohydrates in your body, especially in the small intestine. This may help you feel full longer and increase your appetite. 


This a great stress management herb. Cortisol is known as a “stress hormone” Ashwagandha is believed to reduce Cortisol , stress, and anxiety. Also, this may help with the natural well-being of your body. (2)


Amla improves immunity and maintains metabolism which helps in weight gain.


Arjuna has great antioxidant capability and is great for a healthy heart. (1)

Now do you need these best weight gain tablets in India to get bulky?


You need calories, protein, and a workout to gain weight, not weight-gain capsules.

If you are really into eating some weight gainer capsules then you can just eat some herbal capsules which have all safe ingredients.

Use creatine pills for weight gain?

Creatine will increase water in your muscles and will provide you with energy when you work out. Unless you are working out hard in the gym then creatine will not work effectively. Only eating creatine pills will not help with weight gain.

How can I gain weight quickly?

Eat, workout – depending on your body type you will gain weight. Also, I understand by weight you do not mean fat. You mean muscle. There is no perfect number of days when each can gain muscle. Typically you should start to see results after 1-2 months of diet, and workout.

Which fruits increase weight?

Pick any high-caloric foods such as Banana, or mango. These will be good options.

What exercises can I do at home to gain weight?

Start with squats, push up, pull-ups, and if you have weights then deadlifts.

How can a skinny teenage girl gain weight?

Whether you are a teenage girl or boy do this. Start eating healthily, with a lot of frequent healthy meals. Start with the workouts like squats, and pull-ups.

The Last Rep!

So even if you are looking for the best weight gainer capsules or weight gainer tablets in India, I would say do not depend on them.

I am skinny too and it takes a lot of effort to gain even 5 kg per month. Lots of hard work at the gym and diet – do not be shy about it.

There are no perfect capsules for weight gain. You will be disappointed and will be wasting money. You should rather buy a set of dumbells. I even have doubts that not all of them are FDA-approved weight gain pills.
You should rather buy some other supplements to gain weight than some capsules.

Also, I doubt if there are before and after weight gain pills images – No, right. Because there is not much difference.

And there is probably no weight gainer medicine without side effects. Even while mild there are almost at least some side effects to most of the fitness supplements out there.

So in short, you should focus on getting some workout done. Eat real food and some protein and creatine.

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