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This is where you get no fluff to the point advise and reviews on everything you need to make your home gym!

Hello from Home gym India, I am Samarjit

👋 Hello Everyone! I am Samarjit. I am a fitness enthusiastic who is creating his tiny home gym in West Bengal India.

Due to this journey of creating a budget home gym I have faced some issues, researched a lot, on various products available in the market. 

Before creating the home gym, I have been going to professional or commercial gyms for practise.

And even from my teen years I have been doing body weight workouts as well.

I have successfully gained 10 kgs of muscle in 10 months of time while visiting the commercial gym!

All those years of going to a commercial gym have given me enough knowledge regarding fitness gear and workout routines.


when I started doing office work, I could not bring myself to get ready and go to the gym after a 10-hour work day. 😫

Thus, I started making a home gym so that I can access it whenever I wished.

For a period of time, I was all in with various supplement and ayurvedic items for muscle mass and strength gain.

Thus, I can share my experience as well. If you want any help, just email me and I will reply.

I realized many like me (🫂) are looking for the best budget option for their home gym, thus I created this website with guides, top 10 lists and gym wear suggestions that will help you make a better choice. ✅

Presently, I own and actively use these home gym equipments.

  • Resistance Bands
  • Free Weights
  • Dumbbells
  • Barbells
  • Yoga Mats
  • Slam Ball
  • Pull up Bar

My main goal is staying active, since I sit on a chair for a long time. (Yup, you read that right, not into building muscles anymore!)

A few years ago, my goal was gaining muscle and for which I sacrificed power and flexibility completely.

And it is not a good thing to do.

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Now I focus on compound movements, stretches, and a proper warm up.

The older you get, your body recovers slowly, so while working out at home I prefer doing a mix of compound workouts, stretching and some Olympic lifts.

If you are in the shoes of mine, age 30+, doing a desk job, then you can skip the Olympic lifts.

I like doing snatch, clean and press, thus I do it.

But it is not needed for an office worker who wants to stay fit.

For you, yes you! my keyboard warrior/ desk jokey—you should train for flexibility, mobility first then go for muscles and power development. And yeah, you will need yoga.

Fishoil at my home

I have taken quite a lot of supplements over the years as well.

For me, herbal supplements like ashwagnadha etc has a very slow effect or no effect at all.

As the research says, creatine and whey protein worked the best for me.

If you can not buy any other supplement, then you should start with creatine alone.

Since I am not into pro body building, sports thus simple supplements, easy workout routines and a simple home gym works well for me.

Samarjit's home gym in India

My home gym looks like this!

My Fitness journey before Writing on HomgymIndia.in

  • Year 1998: Swiming
  • Year 2000: Started Yoga, damn I was so flexible that it feels like a dream now.
  • Year 2003-2006: Body weight Workouts at home.
  • Year 2007-2009: Nothing.
  • Year 2010-2016: Local commercial gym, doing typical bro science based body building workouts.

    Changed to only compound lifts and gained and maintained almost 10-12 kgs of lean mass.

    🏋️ Not so skinny anymore!

  • 2017-2018: Started body weight workouts at home. Gained cardio strength and flexibility but lost muscle.
  • 2019: Started lifting weights at home, focused on diet.
    – I was doing athleanX Beaxst workout program.
  • 2020: Had serious health issues, lost all that muscle again.
    – Getting some certifications on diet, exercises and fitness.
    – Started writing on homegymIndia.in
  • 2021: Lifting weights, focused on compound lifts, even Olympic lifts.
  • 2022: My Fitness goal has changed from mass gain to maintain general health, I am getting old amigos! :/

PS: From 2012—doing IT jobs as well.

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Email is required so people do not spam the diet plan itself. I will not send you any emails unless it is important.

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Author HomeGymindia.in

Working Out for 10 years | Owns a home gym |Certificate course done on Improving Aerobic Fitness, Diet | CPD (UK) Accredited Certification on Fitness

🥊 About The Skinny Author

Yo Friends, this is Samarjit! A skinny guy who is building his tiny home gym.

I have successfully gained 10 kgs in 10 months going to commercial gyms. And I have been working out on and off for about 10+ years now.

I have gone swimming, done martial arts, Olympic lifts and body building type workouts!

I cancelled the gym subscription as I was more into making my home gym for workout. And getting ready, then getting my cycle and ride to the commercial gym seemed a drag after 10 hours in the office.

Thus, I needed a home that I can access at any moment!
And I started building my home gym!

I had to research a lot to build my home gym and decided to share effective, budget friendly home gym machines, nutrition to buy as per your goals here in homegymindia.in

If you have question then contact here

Ps: Author is highly experienced with making small workout routines, understanding and guiding people to get gym equipment and set up home gym as per their Fitness goals.