Best road running shoes in India


Skechers Gorun ride 9 is the best road running shoe in India. It has a Goodyear rubber sole, Hyper Burst midsole and cushion. This Gorun ride is comfortable long running sessions and it will minimize your injury chances as well. I was literally amazed when I started using this shoe. It is way better than the shoes that you usually see in online stores.

If you are a runner or looking to become one, then there is a lot of information that should be taken into consideration. Shoes play an important role in the comfort and health of runners.

The best running shoes for India will depend on what type of runner you are – beginner, experienced, seasoned veteran or professional.

There are many factors that come into play when deciding which shoe to buy such as your foot shape and structure, feet type (flat feet vs wide), weight requirements, cushioning preference and price range.

Can Running Shoes Be Used for Trekking

In this article, we will discuss some tips to help you narrow down your search for the best running shoes for smooth ride

Here are the top best road running shoes in India

Since you yourself know the condition of the roads thus no matter what the best road running shoes in India you buy be careful.

And do take care of the shoes then these will last for a long time.

best road running shoes in India

Reviews of the best road running shoes in India

Skechers Gorun Ride 9

Why Should You Buy this?

If you are running regularly then Skechers Gorun Ride 9 is the best option.

It protects your feet and improves your running posture.

Very likely with this Ride 9 shoe you will not get foot pain and you will likely get faster.

If are running for competition or run regularly then Skechers Go run Ride 9 is the best option.

Skechers Gorun Ride 9 is a premium shoe which is build for runners. It is great for long distance runners and sprinters. It has some amazing features and technologies used.

Top Features:

  • A very lightweight shoe, my shoe is just around 160 grams.
  • Mesh upper is strong and breathable.
  • The shoe has good cushion inside.
  • The Goodyear rubber sole is very grippy and durable.
  • Goodyear rubber sole is also very thick.
  • Skechers Gorun Ride 9 comes with Hyper burst technology.
  • Overall the shoe is very soft and comfortable.
  • Since the Gorun ride 9 shoe is very lightweight, you won’t even feel that its there.
  • It has the midfoot strike technology that will force your foot to be placed properly. This might take some used to but this new habit will protect your feet.
  • The Hyper burst technology is a great feature that will propel you forward when you run. It does not let your energy die, it amplifies it and gives it back to you. This will improve your speed.
  • The rubber sole is very thick and is made by Goodyear. The sole is very tough and suitable for Indian roads.
  • This rubber sole has a very good grip and it will protect you from impact.
  • The shoe fits very well, it’s neither too tight nor too loose.
  • The mesh upper layer is great for people like me. My feet sweat a lot and this upper mesh layer keeps my feet cool.
  • The mid foot support is very well done here, along with the mid foot strike technology this can be a whole new experience for people who are used to doing heel strikes.
  • I do not see any cons of the Go run ride 9 shoes. But since it promotes mid food strikes, it might feel a little weird if you are used to doing heel strikes while running.

Puma Men’s Hybrid Nx Ozone Running Shoes

Why Should You Buy this?

This is one of the best medium priced running shoes in India that you can get for outdoor running.

It has a good cushion, and grip that should work in favour of you while you are running outside.

I always felt that PUMA shoes are lighter than most other shoes. 

Top Features:

  • Rubber sole.
  • Lace up closure.
  • Medium shoe width.
  • Upper material is mesh.
  • This PUMA shoe is a very good road running shoe with a rubber grip. This makes the runs very easy on rough Indian roads. And you have less chances of slipping.
  • Seems it can handle the wet surfaces very well.
  • The lace up closure is preferable since you will be running on the streets. This makes sure that you shoe stays in a snug-fit position always.
  • The upper material is a mesh material which makes the shoe more breathable.
  • Since the upper material is mesh, it is not recommended wearing them while it is raining.

Adidas Men’s Ultimashow Running Shoe

Why Should You Buy this?

If you are after a comfortable jogging shoe that you can use on roads of India then you can buy this.

It has a strong support on the front and have heel support which is good when using on the bumpy roads

Full upper mesh material is one of the plus points of this shoe. It helps with keeping your feet fresh even after a long run.

Top Features:

  • Thick EVA made synthetic sole.
  • Lace up closure.
  • Show width is medium.
  • Has heel support.
  • Upper material is mesh.
  • Good as jogging shoe.
  • Good as jogging shoe with good EVA made sole.
  • Mid sole support is good for road running.
  • Textile based mesh upper is good for air flow.
  • Better not use on wet surfaces and on rainy days.

Best running shoes in India under 1000

Nike Women’s W Flex Experience Rn 9 Running Shoe

Why Should You Buy this?

If you are after a stylish yet durable jogging shoe for outdoor usages then NIKE shoes are one of the best you can get.

This shoe is particular will be good choice for women who want to run.

This Nike Women’s shoe is one of the best item you can buy online for your wife or girlfriend or for yourself.

Top features:

  • Lace up closure.
  • EVA sole.
  • Strong mesh upper.
  • Round toe with medium shoe width.
  • Shoe inside is soft and feels good to wear.
  • Fit is like a glove.
  • Has some heel support which will help with resolving impact when running.
  • Lace up closure works well and provides a good fit.
  • EVA sole provides enough cushion to be used outdoors.
  • None at this price range, but do not use while it is raining.

New balance Men’s 996 V2 Running Shoe

Why Should You Buy this?

If you do not mind getting a costlier alternative to simple walking shoes, then this shoe can be your best friend while you jog on the streets.

This one of the comfortable road running shoes in India that you can buy. Although the cost is not low, but the features are good.

Top Features:

  • Strong upper material made with suede and mesh.
  • Lace up closure system.
  • Rubber sole.
  • Rubber sole has good grooves and can be used for wet surfaces also.
  • Shoe has mesh and another strong material on top, so you can use it for daily use also.
  • The lace up system is nice, and the shoe fits well.
  • Not much breathable.

Skechers Men’s Go Run 600 – Refine Running Shoes

Why Should You Buy this?

If you are after a good shoe to go jogging on this streets then this could be the perfect fit for you.

Skechers are a known brand when it comes to walking shoes and these are one of the best that they can offer in this price segment.

Top Features:

  • Strong yet breathable mesh upper material.
  • Lace up closure features.
  • Have heel support.
  • Good cushioning.
  • EVA sole
  • Very comfortable due to the soft inner side materials used.
  • Also, the shoe is lightweight and breathable, thus it is suitable for long-running sessions.
  • Moderate heel support which helps in running.
  • EVA sole is soft and have good grip on many surfaces.
  • Although on the costlier side but still there are no cons for this shoe.

If you have wider feet or are looking for neutral shoes then you may want to visit the local shops first. But if you are sure about your feet structure then you can buy shoes online due to the wide range of shoes available.

I personally would choose mesh upper, if I get athletic mesh for road running then better. Otherwise, any lightweight trainer at an affordable price would do for me.

If you are training for a marathon then you do have to take marathon shoes.

Buying guide to the best road running shoes in India

Foot Shape: We will start with your foot shape and structure. There are three main shapes:  normal, high volume feet and low volume feet.

Normal shaped toes taper to a point at the end of your big toe, while wide-shaped toes have more surface area than narrow or tapered ones do. The width between your two largest toes is referred to as “foot type”.

If you have flat feet, then there may be less cushioning required as runners tend to land on their forepart of their foot when they run rather than mid-sole which would require much more protection from an arch support. Your doctor’s best advice for this category should always come first!

There are many factors that go into deciding what makes a pair of shoes best for you. These include the shoe’s weight, cushioning and stability features, price points and what type of runner you are.

“Cushioning is a term that describes how well your shoes absorb shock through their midsole or other materials like foam”. Soft cushioned running shoes will have a lot of soft material which would be best suited to runners with sensitive feet or who need extra care when they run long distances as this provides more protection from fatigue due to impact on joints and muscles.

This means less pain during high-mileage runs!

Foam cushions are all-time favourite, and they do work the best.

For best fit for your perfect pair, you can visit your local shoe brand shop and get the perfect running shoes as per your foot structure/Arch.

Maximum Cushioning: As mentioned before there are many types of runners so it is important to know where you fit in order to find the right shoe for yourself but if we are talking about the best running shoes for high-mileage runners, maximum cushioning is ideal.

This shoe will absorb a lot of the impact and fatigue in order to keep your joints from feeling too much pain during long distance runs but it might not work as well if you have very sensitive feet or need protection against fatigue while still maintaining speed.

Responsive Cushioning: These shoes offer more forefoot flexibility with less material which means they are lightweight but can also be worn by someone who needs something fast yet sturdy enough to handle hard surfaces like concrete.

They are usually quite pricey so could only be recommended for an experienced runner.”

And if you are a casual runner who just runs on the Indian streets on the weekends then you might not need them at all.

The price points on some of these best road running shoes in India really vary depending on how much cushioning the shoe offers and how well they are known to perform.

For instance, if you’re a professional runner with very sensitive feet that need maximum cushioning then these shoes might not do it for you as they only have medium-level protection against fatigue.

They would also be too bulky for someone who needs fast speed while running but can’t handle heavy traffic or concrete.”

Upper material: I prefer breathable mesh material since my feet get sweaty very quickly. But if you are going to run on rough surface and on wet surfaces then you might not prefer mesh upper or even double mesh uppers also.

You are then better off with PU like materials.

Grip: you will see either rubber or EVA foam soles. While both are great for road running shoes. Rubber might give you more grip while EVA might soak up more shock while running.

Price: There are plenty daily trainers but for a stability shoe you have to pay more. And for good quality shoes you have to pay more also. But depending on the budget you will find many good road running shoes in India.

Shoes for casual walks are easily available and are much cheaper.


Where can I find good quality running shoes at cheap price in India online?

If you are buying cheap running shoes in India then be sure that those will not last for a long time. But if you do not care much then any online store in India can provide you with cheap running shoes which you can use to run on the streets.

Where can I buy quality running shoes in India?

For buying wide range of racing shoes, jogging shoes, walking shoes or even marathon running shoes you should go to the official websites of the Nike, Reebok, Puma etc. from there you can buy top-rated shoes like Nike ZoomX etc. By buying from this website you can be assured of original road shoes since you are directly buying from the shoe brands.

Where do Indian runners buy their running shoes?

I bought my own comfortable running shoe from Reebok. Like me many would buy directly from the shoe brands for better quality and for the availability for wide ranges. Also many times they offer good discounts as well.

Which kind of running shoes is good for flat feet?

Flat shoes are probably no the best option for flat feet. You should look for shoes with soft cushioning and an arch support. Best process will be to visit a shoe store and chose a shoe for you. Excellent cushioning and proper arch support is a must for a flat foot.

What is the difference between training shoes and running shoes?

Training shoes are generally poor in energy return since they do not need to. And these are also by nature have flat heels to support you when you lift weight. On the other hand, the running shoes provides upper mesh and good sole that is suitable to rough terrains. They also provide good heel support and are generally available at a much reasonable price.

Can I use Football shoes or basketball shoes for running on the road?

Spiked football shoes will be a bad choice for roads. Since most of the time the road will be covered in some hard material. And basket ball shoes are good for short distance running and absorbing impact. Although you can use basketball shoes for running but yet you will be better with a lightweight, properly designed and well cushioned shoes for running. Especially for long-distance running.

What is a road running shoe?

Road running shoes are the most common type of trainers and are usually what people think of as ‘running shoes’. They’re designed to protect your joints on harder surfaces and give you a more comfortable ride.

Which sole is better for running shoes?

If you’re looking for a quality pair of shoes for your longevity as an experienced runner, look no further than Rubber soles.
They will maintain their form and support your weight better with more cushioning to take the pressure off of your feet which would otherwise become tired and sore. EVA is best-suited for runners who prefer shorter distances or less intensity, such as running on non-terrain surfaces like concrete.

Is it OK to use trail running shoes on road?

Using a trail running shoe on the road is okay but not recommended. There are many features that make them perfect for other types of surfaces, such as rock-hard ground and uneven terrain. But when you’re out there pounding pavement, it’s best to stick with shoes made specifically for this purpose – like racers or racing flats.
But if you are going to run on Indian roads there is a chance that the roads will be uneven so you can just go ahead with a trail running shoes on roads.

Do I really need trail running shoes?

Trail running shoes typically cost more than other types of running shoes, but while they take a bit to break in, once broken in these types of trainers are the perfect investment if you do a lot of outdoor running that is.

What is the difference between trail and road running shoes?

Road running shoes are typically designed to be lightweight and provide ample cushioning, which is crucial for absorbing all the impact of pavement. They also absorb vibration with their rubber soles in order to prevent shock transmission up your legs – this will minimize fatigue on long runs. But if you’re out there pounding pavement, it’s best to stick with shoes made specifically for that purpose – like racers or racing flats.

Trail runners have a bit more rugged design than road trainers because they need to protect against rocks and other obstacles while maintaining a decent level of traction so that you don’t lose your footing (plus they give great ankle support). So these types of shoes tend to take some time breaking into them before becoming comfortable enough for serious runners.

What are the 3 types of running shoes?

Within the category of running shoes, there are three types: neutral, stability and motion control (high support). Neutral shoes work for mild pronators, but are best for neutral runners or people who supinate.

The word “supinating” might be replaced with “rolling outward.”

What type are you?

Although you will be running on the roads still here is some information that might help you!

Neutral runners who run less than thirty miles per week and prefer a lightweight shoe. They have normal arches, their foot doesn’t pronate or supinate while running, they don’t need additional motion control features.

Stability runners who run up to 30 miles per week on roads but not more than 20-30% off-road surfaces (hills). They require moderate level of support as well as extra cushioning for the high mileage runner. Their feet do not over pronate inwards at any time during gait cycle nor does it want to roll outwards either. You’ll also find that these shoes usually offer some stability, which is considered crucial for those with medium/high levels of pronation.

Competition runners who are used to running in the standard racing flats shoes or lightweight trainers. They don’t require any additional support but do need a lot of cushioning and responsiveness for long distance races like half-marathons and marathons as well as proper underfoot construction that would ease impact from hard surfaces like asphalt, cement etc., so they can go on without pain even after wearing these shoes for hours at end during a race. These people also have normal feet with low arches (flat) which neither pronate nor supinate while running; their foot stays straight ahead throughout gait cycle all the time.

Casual runner: someone who enjoys what I call “the joys of jogging”. This is someone who runs for pleasure or to get a little exercise and doesn’t need much from his/her shoes. They don’t require any additional support but do enjoy the cushioning these running trainers provide, especially if they are newbies or relatively novice runners with low mileage per week

An everyday trainer will do just fine for a casual runner.

Experienced runner: someone who is used to road racing at distances of up to half-marathon distance; this person needs good underfoot construction that would help them go on without pain even after wearing these shoes during long hours

Long-distance runner: an experienced runner who has run in distances over 20 km (runners). It is very rare to run for 20 km on roads of India but still it can happen.

Moderate Runner: someone who does not have specialized requirements like being either a professional athlete on one hand or someone just starting out as a beginner on the other; this person usually runs for a few hours every week.

Pair of sports shoe will suit this runner just fine, but they can get specific and buy shoes as per their foot structure or running terrain.

Professional Runner: someone who has been running in races (also called running) since childhood. They run competitively and are considered professionals at their game. And they probably will not take anything that is not made with carbon fibre.

Is heel striking bad when running?

The heel strike is a common form of running. When the runner’s foot first makes contact with the ground, it usually lands on their heel first before rolling towards the toe and pushing off to begin the next step. However, there are two main types of runners:

heel strikers – will land almost exclusively on their heels when running

Toe strikers – run more like barefoot by landing near or at their toes before quickly rolling back onto their heel for each stride throughout an activity such as jogging.

Heel striking can cause greater impact forces because one foot strikes just after another, which means that all of your weight comes down in succession (this also helps keep you moving). On top of this, it could lead to injuries over time such as tendonitis, shin splints and stress fractures.

The foot from the heel to the arch is called the plantar fascia – it’s a band of tissue that runs across your entire bottom surface of your feet in between all five toes.

It helps support our weight when we walk or run by pushing off against the ground with each step, which can lead to pain if there are any injuries to this area due to running on hard surfaces over time (which could include gravel, concrete). On top of that, your Achilles Tendon also attaches at this point, so these problems could eventually develop into something more serious like an ankle sprain.

How I increase my stamina in running?

To increase your running stamina, you have to run. Do short tempo runs, long runs and also do some strength training also. An overall strong body will give you better stamina when you are running. And no matter what you do, keep eating well to increase stamina in running.

And always get the best pair of running shoes that you can get for yourself.

I would personally get the sketchers for the overall value it provides.

Ref: Research paper on role of footwear on running

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