10+ Best resistance bands in India

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Written By Samarjit Sinha

Working out for 10 years | Has a home gym | CPD (UK) Certificate holder in Fitness

These best resistance bands in India can be used for pull up support and recovery exercises like external/internal rotator cuff extensions and core exercises.

Resistance bands are also helpful for doing all types of pulling exercises.

Best for pull-ups

But I would never say that you can build muscles with resistance bands. Nope, that does not happen.

In past 10+ years, I have not seen anyone who claimed of building muscles with only elastic band training.

But for range of motion training or toning up, just attach the ends of a resistance band to a window or pole, and you are good to go. You are limited to only your imagination with the resistance bands in India.


Sore Today, Strong Tomorrow!

13 Best resistance bands in India for building muscle

Best Resistance Bands in IndiaBest ForOur Rating
FITSY Resistance Bands Set for Exercise 18PCSBest resistance bands set India (Best Value for money)🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Boldfit Resistance Bands with HandlesFull body Training
(resistance band tube set)
SLOVIC Resistance Tube with Door AnchorFull Back and bicep training
(Best resistance tube)
FITSY 16 PCS Loop Bands Best loop bands for glute, Abductors, and Recovery
(best resistance loop bands)
Kobo 5 in 1 Resistance Toning Tube with handlesFull body Training (Budget band set)🌟🌟🌟🌟
BULMARC™ Resistance bands – Spartan Squad –  Core Sliding DiscsBest for Core Training, functional fitness and Glute🌟🌟🌟🌟
Bodylastics resistance bands India – Dual LayerYoga, Pull up, Biceps and Back muscles🌟🌟🌟🌟
Fitlastics Resistance Bands India for Squats, Hips & GlutesHip, Glute and Squat training🌟🌟🌟🌟
SLOVIC Resistance Band /Pull Up BandBest for Calisthenic (Heaviest resistance band)🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Everlast CL2095 Single Tube Handle and Resistance BandFull body with pull up support (Heavy Resistance Band)🌟🌟🌟🌟
Burnlab Fabric Resistance Band SetBest Fabric Resistance Band Set🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Fashnex Anti-Slip Fabric Resistance Loop BandsBest cloth resistance bands🌟🌟🌟🌟

The heaviest bands from this list would help get muscle building. Go for the Orange, black bands of difficulty of 75 lbs+ strength. Both SOLVIC bands are good choice.

What are resistance Bands?

Resistance bands in India are a piece of workout equipment that is lightweight and portable. Resistance bands are made with latex material, which is stretchy and does not break easily.

The thicker the band is, the more it can provide resistance when pulled. Thick bands costs more as well.

Fitst resistance band set with sliderAlthough resistance bands can not replace weights, but they are still useful.

I tried with the heaviest band available, but they do not mimic the weight plages or hex dumbbells at all.

I use the bands to pull apart, face pulls etc. They do help me with my warm-up!

Check the benefits and disadvantages of resistance band workouts! And read our quick buying guide on this!

As a beginner you will not be able to use the hardest / strongest band. I tried with a black one which is the strongest, and it was tough to do single arm straight down exercises. But which resistance band to buy India? 

Having used several types of workout bands, I can help you with this. Check my favorite bands and pick yours today, do workouts at home!

Best resistance band in India - Price comparision

Resistance bands are good for assisted pull up, back exercise, leg curls, band hip walks, recovery purposes etc.

Resistance bands India are mostly tube bands with handles at each end. Also there are loop bands. I have a grey loop band and I use it for doing clamshells for hip strength. And there are extra thick and long loop bands.

The resistance loop bands are also available in many colours and strength. 

The thicker a resistance band product is, the more it is hard to pull and more costly and durable it gets.

Best quality resistance bands in india

Quality Resistance Bands SuggestionsOur Rating
FITSY 18PCS Resistance Bands Set for Exercise for building muscle🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
SLOVIC Resistance Band/Tube with Door Anchor for Men & Women with Extensive Guide Containing 30 Plus Exercises🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Fitsy and Slovic bands are best in quality as per our research! As per brands I like Slovic, Theraband and Fitsy as well. If you ask me who is the best company for resistance bands in India, then I would pick either Slovic or Fitsy.

Resistance Bands For Men and Women (Heavy)

Bands for Men and WomenOur Rating
SLOVIC Resistance Band/Pull Up Band/Resistance Bands 42 Inch with Door Anchor for Calisthenics – Heavy🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Oh, boy! Do not let the ego get to you and get the heaviest band available, get something that you are confident enough to handle.

Once that becomes easy then get something heavier, that is why I recommend buying a set of bands.

You will get stronger very quickly with your training and you will need stronger bands. With a set, you can combine them.

Best Resistance Bands For Squats in India

Bands for SquatOur Rating
Fitlastics Resistance Bands India for Squats, Hips & Glutes🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

My knee buckles while I do squats, meaning I have some weak muscles so a resistance band around the thigh helps while I am going down.

If you are not strong enough then do not try while using weights. Check the list with best loop bands for this.

Best Resistance Bands For Glutes

FITSY 16 PCS Loop Bands 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Fitlastics Resistance Bands India for Squats, Hips & GlutesBest resistance bands for women

Glutes weakness can cause back pain, and glutes exercises are not just for women. Strong glutes also help in hamstring strength development. 

For hip extension, hip mobility use loop bands, try with blue and grey ones. You do not need to go below this difficulty.

best resistance bands (Loop bands) for yoga

Theraband CLXBest resistance bands for mobility
Bodylastics Dual Layer Resistance Loop Bands for Pullup Assistance🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Filastics Loop BandBest resistance bands for stretching

Best Resistance Bands India Review

FITSY 18PCS Resistance Bands Set for Exercise

FITSY 18PCS Resistance Bands Set a clseor look
FITSY 18PCS Resistance Bands Set a clseor look

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. The product is suitable for home use for beginner.
  2. The product is durable and strong according to some users.
  3. The latex used in the product is very soft and not suitable for heavy exercises for beginners.
  4. This massive set is considered a value for money for us, home gym owners.
  5. The door anchor provided is flimsy and has a small stopper.
  6. Some users have experienced breakage of the bands and handles.
No major problemsNot sure how long it will last
Color codes of bands and tubes are differentNo guide provided for resistance levels of tubes
Latex is very softBeginners must not use for heavy exercises
Medium to heavy level strength training possibleRisk of injury if used incorrectly
Strong tubesBands may snap easily after a few uses
Small loop bands are goodLength of bands is short
Resistance cords are goodDoor anchor is flimsy
Comes with all sorts of handles and door adjusterWarranty/guarantee claims are meaningless
Good for home use for beginnersExpensive
Great product qualityNot enough length in tubes
Reliable for the price rangeHandles may break easily
Strong and durableLocks may be too heavy to use
Good for building strengthBands may get damaged easily
Contrary Pros and Cons as per my opinion and user reviews
Fitsy 18 pcs Resistance Band

Final verdict: A almost complete set of resistance bands which can enable you to enhance your workouts.

Even if you are doing Yoga, bodybuilding, Pilates, Strength training and more.

You can target abs, bicep, tricep, legs and if you need any exercise guidance you can fall back to the exercise guide they provide.

For now, I would consider this Fitsy 18 workout band set as the Best Resistance Bands India.


A set of 5 Stackable Exercise Toning Tube for Workout with 2 Handles, 5 Resistance Loop Bands, 1 Carry Bag, 2 Ankle Straps, 1 Door Anchor & 2 Workouts Charts!

Stackable – This resistance bands can be separated from the handles, so you can use them with different muscles groups with increased difficulty. Namely, our leg muscles can take more punishment than arms. 

In this Fitsy resistance band review, my main focus was on the – 18 pcs of fitsy resistance tube in one set!

18 pcs: the only 18 pcs set of resistance bands in India with this product you can do full body workout. Be it glutes, triceps, lunge, upper back, you can do it all. There are also loop bands that are better for inner thighs or hips.

5 different resistance levels: Red(Extra Heavy), Black(Heavy), Green(Medium), Blue(Light) and Yellow(Extra Light) . They can be used alone or stacked in any combination of varying intensity.

Suitable for any fitness or strength level.

100% Latex – Good elasticity, highly durable, can be packed small with the carrying bag. And also very light weight.

Can replace a variety of home gym items with this budget home gym option. Off course, it will not be similar to holding a dumbbell when doing bicep curls, but these are low cost.

And also comes with an exercise chart for building muscle.

And if you are into it, here are some Yoga for bodybuilders for you to try to improve mobility.

Boldfit Resistance Band Set with Handles

boldfit resistanceb and black and red handles
Broken Boldfit Resistance Band tube

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. The design of Boldfit bands is comfortable to hold in hand.
  2. According to few users Boldfit band is not durable, and the handle tore off after one month of usage. There is no warranty and the band cannot be repaired.
  3. The quality of the Boldfit resistance tube is good and is strong enough for workouts for beginners and middle-aged people.
  4. Resistance of the Boldfit resistance tube is less compared to the stated weight of 20kg. The 15kg Boldfit resistance band is not actually 15kg and feels lighter than a 4kg dumbbell. The weight of the band is estimated to be 3kg or maximum 3.5kg.
Red Boldfit Resistance tube
Boldfit resistance band tube set
Comfortable designLow resistance compared to advertised limit
Good for beginners and elderlyDurability issues after a few months of use
Can be a great tool for workout at homeResistance band breaking during exercise causing injury
Comes with a door anchorLimited warranty period
Good value for moneyCashback for positive reviews only
Contrary Pros and Cons as per my opinion and user reviews
Boldfit Resistanceb and with the bag

Final Verdict:

These Boldifit resistance bands are one of the best stackable resistance bands in India and you can use them for bodybuilding, Crossfit, Physio therapy and more!

These are one of the best full body resistance bands you can get. 

Boldift resistance bands pack is one of the best resistance bands online in India.

These bands are stackable, and the weight can go up to 150lbs and this is one of the key reasons why this one is considered as one of the best resistance bands for home gym.

The tubes are one of the best adjustable resistance bands made with natural latex, and it also has double layer anti- breaking design.

The carabiners are steel made, and the handles are durable and strong.

You get a total of 5 Tubes of different resistance bands of different strength, 1 Pair Of Handles, 1 Door Anchor, 1 Pair Of Ankle Straps.

Here you get purple(22.6 kgs), Blue (18 kgs), Black (13.6 kgs), Red ( 9 kgs), yellow (4.5 kgs). This is good for beginners and as well as for expert body builders.

The handles have a groove in them, and it is great to hold them, It provides a good grip.

And for a time like this, this simple bands resistance bands are great when gyms are closed.

And if you have some space in your luggage, then this can be the best resistance bands for travel.

You can also check the boldfit heavy resistance band as well! The resistance level will be high here.

FITSY 16 PCS Resistance Bands India for Exercise

Fitsy Resistance Band Exercise booklet
Fitsy Resistance Band Small Loop bands

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. The material used in the resistance bands is of high quality, making it durable and long-lasting.
  2. The band set has multiple levels of resistance, making it suitable for different types of workouts.
  3. I will consider this Fitsy band set as a good value for money, especially for beginners.
  4. Due to the combination of small loop and long resistance tubes with handles almost all exercises can be performed using them without the need for additional equipment. I often do facepulls and clamshells at home to keep my shoulder and hips healthy.
  5. Comes with a helpful guide.
Excellent for beginners. Very easy to use. You can perform almost all exercises with these bands.Biggest issue is suffers from is the length of the tubes. Makes working out most muscles meaningless.
Self-sufficient bands. No need for other equipment.Substandard product. All the tubes broke after 3 months of usage. Do not buy.
Multiple levels of resistance. Comes with a guide for specific body parts.The stitching of grip and loops torn off in two weeks.
Great durability. No wear and tear till now.Handle quality needs to be improved a bit.
Can do exercises for every part using this.Could have done better with extra length in the resistance tubes.
Load is sufficient to tone the muscles.Ok product. But Made in China.
Contrary Pros and Cons as per my opinion and user reviews
FITSY 16 PCS Resistance Bands India for Exercise.webp

Final Verdict: If you have loop bands already then get this set or any other where you can combine multiple resistance bands.

Or you get all attachments like ankle grip, foam bars, door anchor etc.


Like its older brothers, it is a complete resistance band that comes with 3 loop bands.

Many do not understand the importance of those and chose this one but I would not.

The stackable feature is very handy, allows you to hook up these bands to anywhere and use multiple bands together for stronger resistance.

All Fitsy bands are suitable for both men and women.

And like in other band set I do not like the door anchor given, if could be bigger I guess.

This complete set weighs just around 350 grams, and you can carry it even when you are travelling.

Workout band routines are given, but you better checkout YouTube for better routines.

And do not believe that bands could replace free weights.

Fitsy bands are almost shoulder width length, around 1 meter. Great to complement your body weight workouts.

Due to the nature of loop bands, these can be considered as the best resistance bands for dancers as well. But you might find the best cloth resistance bands more suitable as well.

And this study confirms that using a loop band engages your glute muscles more. So to get stronger and fuller glute you should probably use them!

SLOVIC Resistance Band/Tube with Door Anchor for Men & Women with Extensive Guide Containing 30 Plus Exercises

Slovic resistacne band exercise list booklet
Slovic resistacne band tube thickness

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. The product comes with a handy door anchor and exercise guide for beginners.
  2. A few buyers claimed the handle got broken easily. It might cause you some injury – I once broke a resistance band while working out and it smacked me like a whip.
  3. Decent strength for a black colored resistance band.
Good product at a reasonable price, useful during lockdown50 lbs rope may be too heavy for beginners, while 30 lbs rope too light
Easy to use, durable material, good for stretching, back, shoulder, chestToo hard to pull initially, not suitable for beginners
Good, solid, reliable, and portable product for anyone to useThe band tore out during workout and caused injury to the back
Affordable and useful for beginners, comes with door anchor and exercise guideFading color, an unwanting smell of rubber
Good for maintaining body, comes with a door anchor, comfortable pulling rope with door lockImbalance and fear of breaking while stretching
High-quality and long-lastingScratches on the back of the hand while pulling since the joint is made of hard plastic.
Incredible product, high-qualityNone mentioned
Contrary Pros and Cons as per my opinion and user reviews
SLOVIC Resistance Band

Final Verdict: If you are tall and strong, get this one.

Other brand resistance bands in India does not even compare to it.

There is also blue-black option which provides two bands with total 60 lbs of resistance but still this one is awesome.

If you are physically fit and strong then consider this and get some other lower resistance bands for rotator cuff, wrist etc smaller muscles.

Slovic resistacne band tube handles

I know, you want the strongest resistance band ever. You are a strong dude after all 🙂 I did similar 5-6 years ago and bought the single strongest resistance band available at that time.

And now at 2022-2023 you can get this one.

SLOVIC black bands comes with 50lbs of resistance, that is near 25kgs! Can you pull that?

Also comes with a door anchor.

This is one of the best heavy black resistance bands here.

And definitely a heavy-duty resistance bands in India.

This resistance bands are not for the beginner, This band is so strong it can easily be used at the gym.

It does not come with any other attachment like ankle strap, but it is okay.

I probably would need both hands to pull this black band.

Chest press and other home workouts could get more intense or more targeted by using this.

Comes with detailed workout guide/ routine with 30+ exercises.

Latex, foam handles quality is premium, and it will not break easily.

This band could be a great item for an experienced fitness freak setting up their budget home gym.

This black band is suitable for heavy workouts and even leg exercises.

Kobo 5 in 1 Resistance Toning Tube Band Set with 2 Foam Handles, 2 Ankle Straps, 1 Door Anchor and Free Workout Guide for Pilates Training, Gym, Physical Therapy

KOBO resistance band shows less force than on package
KOBO resistance band close look

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. The length of each tube is different and not of 66 inches.
  2. KOBO bands are best for home workouts and is a good workout companion during travelling.
  3. Some bands were missing, and some bands were damaged in some purchases.
Quality of the product is superbSome users complain that the yellow and green tube received were slightly damaged
The product is as per the descriptionOnly received 1 green resistance band when ordered a set of 5 resistance tubes, 2 foam handles, 1 door anchor, 2 ankle bands, 1 bag, and exercise chart
Bands seem to be of good quality.Red resistance tube supposed to be 50lbs, but only pulled it up to 19lbs
Worth the priceFor some users, workout guide not available with pack; & MRP label not found.
For some users the bands have lasted for more than 6 months.Quality of product is very poor; band broke on second rep
Handles are big and nicePathetic quality; no strength; cheap quality
Provides good resistanceNo resistance in any band; not flexible
Anchor and holder quality is goodThree of the bands snapped within two weeks
Best for doing home workoutQuality is just okay, not good
Contrary Pros and Cons as per my opinion and user reviews
kobo 5 in 1 resistance tube set

Final Verdict: Get this Kobo resistance bands India if you are not looking for the most premium and strongest bands.

This kobo resistance tube can survive a lot if kept in care, I have a similar set for some time and sometimes I wish I had a stronger one.

But this kobo resistance tube will work for your home gym. 

And I will recommend you this as the best resistance bands for beginners!


Are you looking for another resistance band set that has a nice door anchor? Then this kobo resistance band set is for you.

For quality, I have a set similar to this, and I wish if it could be better.

But that would increase the cost also.

Here are the actual resistance—10 lb yellow tube provide 10 lbs tension, 20 lb blue provide 20 lbs tension, 30 lb green provide 30 lbs tension, 40 lb black provide 40 lbs tension, 50 lb red provide 50 lbs tension.

The light bands are good for doing wide ranges of motions like band pull aparts.

And these light resistance is great for doing mobility exercises as well.

Ideally red elastic band, yellow band are one of the lightest bands that can be used for smaller muscle groups.

For larger muscles you should use the heavier bands but depending on your strength.

In this kobo resistance band review, I would say the band quality is poor if compared to SLOVIC resistance band or Fitsy.

These resistance tubes, I would say, are more suitable for home workout only and that too for toning total body.

There is a booklet of resistance exercise, but refer to YouTube videos for more. 

For Yoga, shoulder blade mobility, body sculpting, Physical therapy, tone up and low impact body exercises these bands are enough.

Either a great addition if you are looking to do home exercise. It is also one of the cheapest resistance band.

Match these bands to increase the level of resistance to increase your muscle strength.

The different resistance level will allow you to use these workout bands with any exercise that you can come up with.

BULMARC™ – Spartan Squad –  Core Sliding Discs with 70 + Exercise Guide

BULMARC™ - Spartan Squad -  Core Sliding Discs.webp
BULMARC resistance band set

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. Bulmarc bandset and discs are compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry around like a gym membership. It also comes with a carry bag for convenience.
  2. The sliding disc and resistance bands are made of premium quality materials, and the bands are durable and retain their elasticity even after rigorous workout sessions.
  3. This combo is suitable for rehab activities.
Great quality resistance bands that are durable and don’t snap easilyNot designed for heavy muscle building
Sliders take your workout to another level and are excellent for building core and stamina without injurySome muscle groups aren’t targeted enough
Good quality resistance bands; even the light band won’t break; sliding discs are a bonus.Some people have broke the bands after using for sometime.
Useful for traveling and HIIT workouts; exercise manual is helpful; compact and neat; helpful guidelines documents and bookletsDoesn’t help with pullups or other workouts requiring high stretch
Contrary Pros and Cons as per my opinion and user reviews
Bulmarc Resistance Loop band with sliding disc

Final Verdict:

If you are into the brand and want to do some tough sliding exercises that can also hit your hamstring hard then get this set.

Or you can get other resistance band and arrange the sliders, that would do too.

To me the sliders do not add to the additional cost! There are benefit of sliding but with that amount of high cost, I would not get this set for myself.

BULMARC is a known fitness brand or community that claims their sliding discs and loop bands will get you in shape. But you will need diet and only these resistance bands, I do not think so.

Every resistance bands India will claim on weight loss, but only discipline and dieting combined with workout can do so. You might want to consider some best exercises bikes for better cardio workouts.

If you are into knee tucks, glute bridges, sliding side lunges like me then consider this as you will get branded sliding disks along with the bands.

These Super Resistance bands themselves are thick, good quality latex made from Thailand.

They provide enough resistance for body building. This is a Spartan Squad, it has 4 mid to X heavy bands.

These latex resistance band has also another Miami set, from color it seems more targeted towards to women.

Since you can do extreme sliding side lunges, you are entering the realm of unilateral workouts.

Be it right foot or left foot, you can tone up just fine.

Even better, you can build some strength and muscle with these looped bands.

There is a carry bag, along with e-book of 70 resistance exercises, which you will get after QR code scan.

The sliders are great addition, although these are popular among athletes and popular in US< UK these are not much available in India.

Sliders or Gliders challenge your body to keep the balance while you workout.

I would personally use these loop resistance band for – HIIT Training, P90X, Physiotherapy and Rehab, Yoga & Pilates, Glute Activation, Abdominal Conditioning. With good diet, you can use them for losing weight and sculpting your body.

Here are some yoga blocks to pair this band with!

Bodylastics Dual Layer Resistance Loop Bands for Pullup Assistance, Pilates, Yoga

Bodylastics Dual Layer Resistance Loop Bands Orange.webp
Bodylastics Dual Layer Resistance Loop Bands door anchor

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. One customer had a bad experience where the band broke after only two weeks of use. Another customer used the orange band consistently for a year and experienced some tears but found it durable overall.
  2. The overall build quality of the bands is considered good, with some minor defects such as abrasions or tears.
  3. The bands are made from natural latex material, which is stretchable and environment-friendly.
  4. Comes with additional features such as a door anchor, which adds more exercise options and value for money.
Easy to use and set upNot durable enough
Overall good build qualitySlight abrasion on one of the bands
Effective for gaining muscleA little hard to use
Highly recommended for light weight resistanceOrange band may not be suitable for beginners
Durable for different exercisesOrange band shows tears after 1 year of use
Contrary Pros and Cons as per my opinion and user reviews
Bodylastics Dual Layer Resistance Loop Green band and door anchor

Final Verdict: Get this latex band set if assisted pull-ups are your main goal. Otherwise, you can use them for shoulder blades, joint mobility exercises.

Guide to buy Pull up bar online

This is a large band set mainly aimed at pull up assistance, Yoga, Pilates and warming up!

This band set also comes with a door anchor. Bands are 41 Inches, thickness is 4.5 Centimetres and the width varies for each band. There are 3 sets here with various strengths.

You can use these resistance training bands India for mobility, rehab, physical therapy.

Since they provide a door anchor, you can use these bands for back workout, like you can do single arm rows with them.

You can also do neck exercises, and you can add them to your squats, deadlifts and if you are creative you can use them with kettlebell also.

If you are getting them for pull up then always get the heaviest bands.

A combo of these professional resistance bands are good for improving mobility and may help you improve your body muscles as well.

With the combo, you can easily do deadlifts with resistance bands, do resistance bands LAT pull-down or do resistance bands push-ups.

You can even combine pushup bars as well.

Fitlastics Resistance Bands India for Squats, Hips & Glutes

Fitlastics Resistance Bands India for Squats, Hips & Glutes 4 bands set
Fitlastics Resistance Bands with cover bag.webp

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. For some user the ‘light’ band has cracked after basic usage.
  2. Easy to assemble and operate
  3. High weight capacity and extreme durability!
  4. The bands come with a handy manual suggesting different exercises that can be done using the bands.
Comes with a pouch for organizationThe ‘light’ band started to crack and is not durable
Four bands with different resistance levelsSome users find the bands too light and not challenging
Provides different sets and exercises that can be done with the bandsThe four levels of stretch aren’t useful for some users
Good for health enthusiasts, beginners, and people who don’t have access to a gymSome users may prefer higher-quality bands
Filastic Resistance Band India

Final Verdict: Get these Fitness bands for stability exercises, exercises for supporting muscles.

Use a foam roller for better muscle growth and use these bands for rehab!

Looking for only a loop band set for squats, hips and glutes? Then this band set is for you.

Comes with 4 sets of bands that can be used for the supermodel like glute or to strengthen your abductor and adductor muscles for better squats.

Combine Filastics with gliders and you can do a lot more like knee tucks and other sliding hamstring exercises.

These also comes with some workout guides and some exercise in them are innovative.

These are not geared towards bodybuilding or strength development or muscle development. These are mainly for supporting muscles which will aid if you do the heavy squats with your best squat racks in India.

With these you can do the corrective exercises easily in your daily workout routine. Many also refer to this set as women’s resistance bands as well. But as you know, this is just their personal opinion, anyone can use these bands.

And you can also consider this as one of the
best resistance bands for yoga. These are good for corrective and stretching exercises.

SLOVIC Resistance Band/Pull Up Band/Resistance Bands 42 Inch with Door Anchor for Calisthenics

SLOVIC Resistance Band Orange

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. The bands come in different resistance levels – lightest being the red band and heaviest being the Orange/Green band.
  2. The black and orange bands are challenging for beginners, while the red band can be used by people who have gone to the gym for a few months.
  3. The wide resistance bands can cause palm pain while pulling since there is no handle, and gloves or cloth may be required.
  4. These can be used for exercises that require pully machines and can be used for all body parts.
Offers good stretch and resistance, good for warming up and doing mobility workSome users reported that the material’s elasticity and durability is not good, and the bands developed cracks within weeks
Can help to train almost every muscle, good for home workoutsSome users reported that the bands may be too strong for beginners, and that thicker bands are needed for some exercises
Comes with a booklet of exercises and door supportSome users found the booklet with exercises to have poor form or not useful
Good quality, durable, and strongSome users found the band difficult to adjust and use, or to have a weight capacity that was too low for their needs
Useful for beginners, good for people who can’t manage time for the gymSome users were fearful of the band snapping and hitting them back
Can be used as an alternative to weights and rodsSome users preferred using weights or rods over the bands
Slovic Resistance band Review

Final Verdict: Go for the Orange band, it will feel rigid at first but soon it will be okay. It will give you ample support and strength while working out.

Use these types of heavy bands for maximum strength and to build muscle with resistance bands.

I always want the heaviest band to support me when I do pull ups or do calisthenics, I would get this band just for that. These SLOVIC band provides almost 105Lbs (50kgs) of force enough for overweight people trying pull ups.

These do not have any handles thus not versatile like the other SLOVIC or Fitsy bands on this list but it does its job.

Comes with a door anchor and using that one can do other core (Wood choppers) or back exercises just fine.

Some claim to use this band to relieve back pain while just hanging from the pull up bar, of that I am not sure though. But this band can mimic heavy weights and is better than many other cheaper brands.

But doing some core exercises, pull up assistance and shoulder mobility exercises would do just fine!

By the way, if you can tie it up to say your squat rack then you can also do tricep, forearm exercises also! This Slovic bands is one of the best rubber resistance bands for men’s resistance bands workout at home.

Comes with a booklet of Resistance band workouts related to this model.

Everlast CL2095 Single Tube Handle and Resistance Band

Everlast single Tube Handle
10+ Best resistance bands in India 1

Final Verdict – Everlast gives the option keep the cost low and get only what you want but you can not use multiple bands together thus if you need more resistance you can not get it. You can only use one single band at a time.

Everlast, if you are a boxing fan then you know their name! And Everlast do stand for their quality material.

If you want to go low cost yet get quality material then you might look into this set up of resistance bands India.

Everlast sells their single tube handles separately, model CL2095 and they also sell tube resistance bans separately. And if you buy them you can only chose the band you need.No bands sets! You buy exactly what resistance you need and you get it.

Fitting the tube into the handle is also easy. And can do a lot of band workouts like you would do with any other band. This is a great option as the handles seem premium with soft foam for home workout

You can combine these set up with body weight exercises. And this Everlast Powerband is one of the best power resistance bands in India.

Burnlab Fabric Resistance Band Set

Burnlab Anti Slip Fabric Resistance Bands

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. The fabric resistance bands is tighter than latex ones, which may not be suitable for everyone, but the resistance is good.
  2. The bands are non-slip and very wide, which prevents them from scrunching up and hurting when the legs are too wide apart.
  3. These fabric bands is great for glutes and squats workout, and for improving knee stability for those suffering from knock knee, weak knee, or glutes. It is not suitable for arm or upper body workout.
Non-slip and wideExpensive
Sturdy and needs time to stretch outStiff for certain physio exercises
Better than rubber bandsNot for arm or upper body workout
Good for glutes and squats workoutSmall size impractical to stretch leg
Easy on the skinToo tight for normal use, can’t use on ankles
10+ Best resistance bands in India 2

Another Lower Cost Variant is the Fashnex Anti-Slip Fabric Resistance Loop Bands

Fashnex Anti Slip Fabric-Resistance-Loop-Bands for Women Men

Final Verdict – A great fabric covered resistance band for dynamic movement related to hip, glute muscles etc. good for strength and recovery.

There are beautiful strong latex bands but still why do we need fabric bands? For one reason only fabric covered bands are less prone to slip. This is beneficial for the exercises like hip band walks where you are moving constantly and and wearing the loop band around your thigh.

These bands are made with high quality cotton-blended, stretchable fabric material. These will not slip, slide or roll up when you workout.

Along with fabric it is made with high quality latex material with two interlacing layers of grippy material. And since these are covered with fabric, these braided resistance bands will last a long time.

In this burnlab set of fabric bands comes with 3 sets of bands of different resistance. 

  • Small band: 7 – 10 lb of resistance
  • Medium Band: 10 – 20 lb of resistance
  • Large Band: 20 – 30 lb of resistance

These are the best resistance bands for thighs, good for glutes, hamstrings, quads. You can do a lot of resistance bands glute workout with this.

This set of fabric resistance bands come with a bg and the whole set is very portable. You can workout almost anywhere even when you are travelling a lot.

In my personal opinion these loop bands are good for recovery, hip strength, glute strength. Basically, if you are looking for the best resistance bands for booty then Fashenx bands is for you.

Various Resistance band exercises

How I use resistance bands at home – I have two different types of black resistance band with pull strength id 9 kg. The older resistance band has lost its elasticity over 5-6 years of time.

And with the right combo of bands you can get a Total body workout of them.

Yes, if taken care then even cheapest resistance bands can survive really long.


I have another full set of multiple colored resistance bands with handles, door anchor, straps.

I also have a gray loop band.

Now how to use them!

The tubular bands I use them for body building and strength. For example – I use them for chest flyes or cable cross overs.

I also use them for lats, or back exercises like rotator cuff extensions, straight arm push down.

But resistance bands can not replace dumbbells, when not pulled apart then the resistance is as lowest.

Imagine you are doing bicep curls but when you are lowering your arm then the resistance goes down.

For this your muscles are not under tension always.

If you are creative then you can use resistance bands for tricep, hip flexors, bicep, core, pectoral muscles and more.

You can use more than 2-3 resistance bands to increase the resistance dramatically. You can decrease the distance between you and the anchor to increase the resistance also.

The resistance band exercise list below is a good starting point bur you will need some free weights for optimum growth as well.


Here my top resistance band Workouts for home

  1. Leg curls
  2. Rotator cuff extensions
  3. Calm shells (loop bands)
  4. Bent over rows
  5. Diagonal wood chops
  6. Chest flyes
  7. Cable crossover
  8. Abduction exercise
  9. Lat pull downs (various angles)
  10. Band walks (loop bands)
  11. Push up and walk with loop bands

Workouts to do with Loop Bands small

  • Standing Leg Abduction
  • Standing Hip Extensions
  • Seated bicep Curl
  • Standing Hamstring Curl
  • Overhead Outward push
  • Clamshell Opening
  • Leg Curl prone
  • Scapular Retraction
  • Lying Lateral Leg Raises

Workouts to do with Resistance tube

  • Bicep Curl
  • Tricep Extension
  • Tricep Push down
  • Chest Press – incline- decline
  • Chest Fly
  • Crunches
  • Front raise
  • Lateral raise
  • Internal/External Rotation
  • Leg extension
  • Squats
  • Calf raises
  • Leg Curls

Benefits of resistance bands

Easy on Joints: There are no impact injuries while working with any resistance bands. Your joints are safe. Even more resistance band workouts are used to strengthen the muscle around your joints to make them stronger.

Portable: Resistance band sets or single bands are portable and even come with their own carry bag. Since flat bands are easily foldable, you can keep them in your laptop bag also. For tube bands you better not fold them but keep them rounded.

Workout anywhere: Out of home, in the garden, travelling, have no one to support you? No worries. You can work out anywhere with any resistance bands. If you have long loop bands you can use your body, if you have small loop bands you can use your body as resistance as well.

Slovic resistance bands review

And if you have tube bands you can use anchors or use your body as well.

Strength Training: The longer the distance between you’re holding the resistance band and the anchor, the more the resistance will be. And you can develop some serious strength using bands. I have used resistance instead of cable row machines, for lat pull downs and for bicep curls. And it works for all the body muscle that you have easily! The varying resistance of a set allows heavy workout and with diet you should see some lean muscle gain!

Mobility Training: Apart from strength, we all suffer from mobility issues. Specially in the hip and shoulder. With resistance loop bands you can do various useful exercises like clamshell opening etc which is great for hip mobility. And also do rotator cuff training to make your shoulder more stable and mobile. I often use resistance bands to increase my range of motion. And with the wide range of resistance bands, I can adjust to my needs and improve my range of motion easily.

How To Clean Resistance Bands

Full body workout: With resistance bands you can workout your back, legs, chest, calves, abs. You can train your whole body easily. Definitely it will not replace a full gym and weight experience but still you can train full body with resistance bands.

Adaptable for all fitness levels: Resistance bands come with 5 resistance levels as follows

  • Green– 5-10 lbs
  • Blue- 10-15 lbs
  • Yellow- 15-20 lbs
  • Red- 20-30 lbs
  • Black- 30-40 lbs

You can choose your favourable resistance level as per your fitness level and use higher resistance bands when you are getting stronger.

The band will provide you the highest strength when the bands in the end position/most extended position.

Low Cost: Resistance bands are one of the lowest cost fitness equipment that you can buy in India. One single band depending on the strength level may start from 500 INR only.

Disadvantages of using resistance bands

Apart from all the advantages/ benefits of resistance bands there are some disadvantages as well. Resistance bands are not meant to last forever. My oldest resistance band is 5+ years and it is kind of melting. It is still usable but sticky. If you compare this with iron, then you might get disappointed. 

Another thing is when you are pulling the resistance band, be it bicep curl or squats. Only then you feel the resistance, in the eccentric part of the workout you do not feel any force at all. As the band is getting shorter or going back to its starting point the resistance gets lower.

With free weights there is always some constant resistance.

Resistance Bands buying guide

  1. Know if you have some specific goals: For example you want your glute to look good and strong then buy loop bands. Want help with pull up then buy pull up assist bands. Want overall full body workouts then get resistance tube set along with a loop band.
  2. Buy a set of bands with different resistance level. It is not easy to know at which fitness level you are. Thus buying a set of bands allows you to start from the lowest strength and work upto the highest or just start from the strongest band itself.
  3. Choose band Style: Some resistance band comes with a fabric on top which feels great when touched and does not slip. If that is your requirement you can chose that. Also many resistance tube bands come with anchors with detachable handles, these provide maximum flexibility and versatility. Check these factors before you buy your training bands.
  4. Accessories: With resistance bands sets you will get handles, door anchor, ankle straps. You may need all these items if you want to get a full body workout from resistance bands. And you might have to buy carabiner to attach the bands to some anchor points in some cases. PS: I have two carabiner for this.
  5. Types of bands: Tube bands: Best for strength and muscle building and also can be used to build up endurance.

Mini bands: Flat small bands that are mainly used for recovery, hip, glute activation and strength development. 

Figure 8 bands: These bans are not so useful or versatile. It is mainly used for upper body workout and specifically for isometric training.

10+ Best resistance bands in India 3

Also note that many mini band and lower resistance bands are used for rehab and physiotherapy.

6. Price: fabric covered bands and resistance band sets are costly. Resistance band sets are versatile and you might not have to buy any other bands soon. Also more costlier bands tend to be more durable and long lasting. Check prices and features before you buy a resistance band.

Best material for resistance bands

For a non-sensitive skin simple rubber or latex material is good enough. But for the sensitive skin you should get something like the Burnlab Fabric Resistance Band sets. These are very useful when you are doing yoga and do not want your skin to be bruised.


Best Resistance Bands For Seniors

Get resistance tubes or flat bands of low to medium difficulty. Seniors can do Yoga, stretching exercises for various joints like shoulder, knees etc.

Best Flat Resistance Bands

Flat resistance bands help with assisted pull ups, recovery, yoga – these are not for building muscle but mainly for stretching, toning.


Does a resistance band work?

Resistance bands can not replace a rowing machine, a power rack or even a pull-up bar, but it has their place. These are compact, low cost and easy-to-use exercise equipment. Resistance bands can help you with various pulling and pushing exercises. It might not turn you into a beast but will help you to some extent.

Can you get ripped with just resistance bands?

You can get ripped without even resistance bands. But by using resistance bands, you can put your core and muscle under some more pressure than body weight. But a good diet is a must for a ripped body.

Which resistance band do I need?

Get a set of resistance bands with handles. I first got a black one, and it was hard to pull as I wasn’t strong enough. Later I got a set of bands with anchor points, straps etc and also got loop bands.

What can you use instead of resistance bands?

Of course, dumbbells, and pull up bars are your best bet then. These will help you put muscles and strength faster than resistance bands.

What color resistance band has the most resistance?

The Black or Grey colored Resistance band in India has the most resistance.

How often should you do resistance band training?

As long as you can recover you can work out, generally always do workouts on alternative days.
Let’s mix resistance band training and resistance band exercises daily whenever you work out. Do leg workouts, then try a hip band walk or leg curls. That way you are not just using resistance bands and you would be using a variety of training. This way you do not need to think about how often you should do resistance band training.

How long do resistance bands last?

My Cougar black resistance band has lost its elasticity, not like how it was when I bought it but it still works. It has been 5 years now. I also have a set of multi-colour resistance bands which I am using for the last 1-2 years. If you keep them safe, away from the heat, they will last really long.

Do resistance bands damage doors?

Not at all, you will have door anchor which fits easily using the hinges in the door. There will be no damage to the door. But be careful to lock the door, unless the band will snap right back to your face. And from personal experience, I can tell that does not feel good.

Do resistance bands break easily?

My Cougar band which is black is quite thick and still going strong after 5 years but many other resistance bands are thin tubes. Those resistance bands can break. Always try to select the thickest band out there.

Do resistance bands actually work?

Hard work and training work, your muscles do not know if you are using resistance bands or all-in-one home gym equipment. Resistance bands do work—and best works for conditioning and movement training. Even this 8 week study found out that the elastic bands did not have much effect on mass and strength development in adults.

How much weight do resistance bands add?

The strongest resistance band can add almost 9-15 kg pull strength. Some brands have red colored bands which can have up to 15kg strength.

Do resistance bands build muscle?

Definitely, coupled with good diet and workout plans resistance bands can build muscle. But do not compare with pull-up bar, power rack, bench press etc

Which resistance bands are the best?

If you need help with pull ups then go for the ones which are long loop and can carry around 100kgs. These are generally green or red.

For loop bands get the Grey bands, these are the strongest. For working on the smaller muscles get the red ones here.

For general purpose get all the color combination, you can add them to create a much stronger resistance force.

Can resistance bands build biceps?

Yes, you can do curls but when lowering the hand the resistance will go down. So to build bicep you can also try elevating your hand then curl. The band in this case will be fitted horizontal to your body.

Do resistance bands burn fat?

You can not exactly do cardio workouts with resistance bands, but with low-calorie diet you can burn fat.

Which is better resistance bands or weights?

Weights and bands both have a place in my training at home. I use weights for squats, bicep curls, and overhead presses. For every exercise that requires pressing movements, weights do better. But for pulling muscles apart from a pull-up bar resistance bands help. Eg workout—straight arm push down, one arm row, cable cross-overs etc.

What size resistance band for glutes?

Any loop resistance bands are good for glutes, these are usually 1 feet long. Alternatively, you can use tube bands which have anchors with velcro strap. You can do hamstring curls then.

What size resistance band for pull ups?

These bands are really long and thick, most of these bands are 40 inch long.

The Last Rep!

Hopefully I have been helpful in suggesting you the best quality resistance bands in India. If you are into the best resistance bands for beginners, then I would suggest you to get a set of tube bands. These resistance bands with hadnles will help you with stretching and bodybuilding as well.

With the set you can do squats, bicep curls etc.

A set of heavy-duty resistance bands should last for years. Most of the recommendations here are from the top resistance band brands.

But if you are working out for many years, then you can start with the strongest resistance band. With time hte heavy duty resistance band will loosen up.

If you have any question about selecting a resistance band, just contact me and I will reply back 🙂

Ref: Resistance band (Wikipedia)

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