10 Best Bcaa Supplements in India

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Working out for 10 years | Has a home gym | CPD (UK) Certificate holder in Fitness

Looking for the best BCAA supplements in India? I would… So that after a leg day, I can sit on the Indian toilet effortlessly without any pain. BCAAs are amino acids that are produced in our bodies naturally. But when you are working hard at the gym then you might need something more. And here comes the best BCAA supplements in India.

The Fast&Up BCAA is the best BCAA supplement in India both in terms of recovery and flavor! I love their cola flavor to death! If you are a pro athlete then you should take the Muscletech Performance Series Amino BCAA. You will be blown away by this!

Namely, BCAA are these three only – leucine, isoleucine, and valine. And it is somewhat considered the ratio of these amino acids to be 2:1:1 for best results.

Best Bcaa Supplements In India

But there are other amino acids that are beneficial also.

Check the BCAA benefits, Side effects, and the Buying guide 🙂

10 best BCAA supplements in india

Fast&Up BCAA

Overall Best bcaa supplement in India

Muscletech Performance Series Amino

Pro level best for Muscle Growth and Performance

MuscleBlaze BCAA Pro

Best bcaa for beginners

Scivation Xtend BCAA

Internationally known brand

GNC Amp Gold Series BCAA Advanced

Digestive enzyme and BCAA blend

MusclePharm Essentials BCAA Powder

Only BCAA componenet from known brand

Optimum Nutrition (ON) Amino Energy BCAA

Contains Caffeine and other necessary elements as pre workout

Advanced MuscleMass BCAA 2 : 1 : 1

Clean BCAA profile (FREE Shaker)

Bigmuscles Nutrition BCAA

Best budget BCAA supplement

Canada Nutrition BCAA 2:1:1

Best Budget BCAA blend with Glutamine

Dosage oF BCAA and time to take?

best bcaa supplements in india

BCAA is best to have with other proteins that makes the digestion of BCAA supplements easier.

BCAA is best to take within 3-5 grams, and most scoops that you will get with BCAA powders are of that size only.

Best time to take BCAA is before, during and after workout.

In these times the muscle starts to breakdown due to workout and bcaa will help prevent muscle breakdown, help with muscle protein synthesis and build muscle mass.

[BCAA under 1000]

[REVIEWS] Best BCAA supplements in India

Fast&Up BCAA

Best bcaa powder in India

10 Best Bcaa Supplements in India 1

Why Should You Buy this BCAA supplements in India

Overall a all in one BCAA blend that touches all the required reasons to eat bcaa.

It will help with endurance, soreness, recovery and stop muscle loss.

Rather than taking the 3 BCAA blends I would pick this.

This 450 grams pack of BCAA by Fast&UP is my first choice. It has the BCAA with 2:1:1 ratio and it got a plethora of necessary amino acids that are needed for bodybuilding.

This 450 gram pack have 30 servings and should last long.

Here are the nutritional values –

  • L-Leucine, L-isoleucine,L-valine in 2:1:1 ratio
  • Glutamine
  • L-arginine
  • Taurine
  • Citrulline
  • Vitamin b1,b2,b6,b12
  • Vitamin C
  • Niacin

Along with it has sodium, potassium chloride and magnesium sulphate.

As you can see along with the bcaa it has glutamine which will help with faster recovery. And the vitamins will help with immunity and other bodily functions.

L-arginine helps with heart health and helps the body to build protein.

Taurine might boost exercise performance.

Citrulline might help with reducing fatigue and so on…

Top Features:

  • BCAA 5000mg, 
  • Glutamine 2500mg
  • Taurine 1000mg
  • Arginine 1000mg
  • Citrulline 1000mg
  • 450 grams pack
  • Electrolytes
  • Vitamins


  • For athletes or who want to perform better at gym the combination of g BCAA (2:1:1) with Added Muscle Activation Boosters such as 2.5 g L-Glutamine, 1g L-Arginine, 1g Taurine, 1g Citrulline, Electrolytes and Vitamins will surely help.
  • This combination of supplements will also help with enhancing recovery, muscle strength and endurance.
  • Good as a BCAA drink for during or after workouts. Can be drank before workout but no performance enhancers or energizers. 
  • Very good for muscle recovery and stopping muscle loss.


  • Not exactly a con but this BCAA is not to be confused with a pre workout.
  • Per scoop is of 15 grams with 5 grams BCAA with 2:1:1 ratio.

Muscletech Performance Series Amino

10 Best Bcaa Supplements in India 2

Why Should You Buy this BCAA supplements in India

If you are a pro athlete or a bodybuilder and you need proven results then you can try this.

This comes from the USA so mind the expiry date once your order.

If you want something that is tested and made clinically to support max muscle growth then you get the pro amino acid blends.

And here is my favorite Muscletech Performance series which is known to help 1+ kg muscle growth within 6 weeks.

And also this is one of the low cost yet internationally known bcaa blend.

This amino blend is most suitable for athletes or for gym goers who don’t mind spending and getting the best bcaa supplements in India.

Key ingredients –

  • BCAA with 2:1:1 ratio
  • L-Leucine
  • L-isoleucine
  • L-valine

Cell volumizing and recovery Complex:

  • Taurine
  • L-Glutamine
  • L-Alanine

Strength complex

Betaine hydrous

Electrolyte complex

  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Coconut water
  • Watermelon Juice

Top Features:

  • Clinically made and tested amino blend to maximize muscle and strength.
  • Apart from BCAA contains good electrolyte sources and strength, recovery elements.
  • USA made and imported
  • Definitely one of the top 10 bcaa in India


  • Result driven amino acid blend with BCAA
  • Comes in different flavours.
  • Good as pre,post or in between workout drink.
  • Has good balance between recovery, electrolyte and other bcaa elements.


  • Few got old stock!
  • Some had stomach upset after eating it.
  • Few were suspicious of the side effects, if any.
  • Costly.

MuscleBlaze BCAA Pro

MuscleBlaze BCAA Pro

Why Should You Buy this BCAA supplements in India

If you are a pro athlete or a bodybuilder and you need proven results then you can try this.

This comes from the USA so mind the expiry date once your order

I have picked muscleblaze bcaa pro for the value for money pack. It comes with two flavours and loads of benefits.

Muscleblaze bcaa pro comes with 7grams of vegan bcaa blend with electrolytes and glutamine.

And this twin pack has two separate flavors, one is watermelon and fruit splash.

The key ingredients here is – 

L-Leucine, L-isoleucine,L-valine in 2:1:1 ratio with 3.5, 1.75 and 1.75 gram respectively.

There is glutamine which is 2.5 gram and citrulline 1 gram. And there are electrolytes also.

Total scoop size is 15 gram.

Top Features:

  • 2:1:1 BCAA ratio with a total of 7 gram.
  • Another 8 gram consists of glutamine, citrulline and electrolytes. 
  • Comes with two flavours.
  • Budget BCAA option.


  • 100% Vegan blend
  • Good for beginners who want to test if BCAA works for them or not.
  • Cost effective way of getting started with BCAA supplement in India.
  • Can be used during workouts to enhance energy and reduce tiredness.
  • Good for muscle recovery.
  • As far as bcaa powder price in India are concerned this is one of the low cost BCAA you can get.


Only 8 servings per container of 250 grams.

Scivation Xtend BCAA

Scivation Xtend BCAA

Why Should You Buy this BCAA supplements in India

If you are looking for some bcaa blend that is internationally known then this could be a starting point for you.

Although there are duplicates but if you get the original item then that could be one of the best buys.

Scivation Xtend BCAA is a pre workout blend with scoop size of 13.5 gram. This blend has 7 gram bcaa which have clinically shown to support muscle recovery, repair and growth.

There is also 2.5 gram glutamine and 1 gram citrulline malate.

There is also the electrolyte, sodium and potassium. 

The electrolyte and the sodium in this blend is suitable for pre workout.

Top Feature:

  • 2:1:1 blend of BCAA with 2.5 gram glutamine and electrolytes.
  • Comes in many flavours.


  • Excellent as no caffeine pre workout with bcaa.
  • BCAA is under recommended dosage.
  • Glutamine and electrolytes help with workout sessions also.
  • xtend bcaa price in India is on the lower side and that makes it affordable supplement to consume.


  • Sodium content seems to be high for me.
  • Many buyers are getting duplicate items, you should scan the barcode to know.

GNC Amp Gold Series BCAA Advanced

GNC Amp Gold Series BCAA Advanced

Why Should You Buy this BCAA supplements in India

One of the best BCAA supplements in India that does not have additional items.

And many buyers do mention that it works better than muscleblaze.

Gnc bcaa price in India is also very affordable.

GNC amp gold series is one of the most popular bcaa supplements in India. 

This has the clinically proven 7 grams of bcaa with 2:1:1 ratio and the 400 gram pack gives around 30 servings.

Here are the ingredients – 

3.5g Leucine, 1.75g Iso-Leucine, 1.75g Valine, 1g of L-Citrulline & 1g of L-Glutamine

And this is a complete vegetarian product.

By the nature of this bcaa blend it can be used as both pre or post workout drink.

Top Features:

  • Clean 7 grams of BCAA blend with 2:1:1 ratio
  • Available in multiple flavours.
  • Comes with glutamine and Vitamin b6.


  • Helps with better muscle growth.
  • Prevents muscle breakdown.
  • Will improve recovery time by reducing DOMS.
  • No caffeine.


Not to be confused with pre workout drinks.

MusclePharm Essentials BCAA Powder

MusclePharm Essentials BCAA Powder

Why Should You Buy this BCAA supplements in India

If you are into just bcaa and not any other chemicals/supplements then this could be a good option for you.

The ratio of bcaa here is 3:2:1. And this is good for recovery.

Musclepharm is a known brand when it comes to BCAA or other sports supplement.

This BCAA is rightfully on this list of best bcaa supplements in India due to its amazing contents.

The key ingredients are as follows – 

  • Leucine 3 gram
  • Iso-Leucine 2 gram
  • Valine 1 gram

That’s it. 

There is off course the sucralose, flavor etc but other than those, this is one of the barebone bcaa powder in India.

Top Features:

  • Leucine 3 gram
  • Iso-Leucine 2 gram
  • Valine 1 gram
  • 6 grams of bcaa per serving


  • Can be used as pre, post and during the workout.
  • 6 grams of bcaa is enough and is within the recommended dose.
  • 0 calories so good for weight watchers.
  • This is one of the top bcaa supplements


  • Many do suspect they got duplicate items.
  • Many buyers felt it caused bloating.

Optimum Nutrition (ON) Amino Energy BCAA

Optimum Nutrition (ON) Amino Energy BCAA

Why Should You Buy this BCAA supplements in India

If you are into getting internationally known and reliable amino acids then this could be for you.

ON products are well known for their quality and results they generate.

Be sure to check the authenticity and expiry date of the bcaa supplement.

ON is famous for their whey protein and their amino blend is well made also.

This Amino energy is more suitable as a pre workout drink as it has caffeine as green coffee extract.

One dose of this will give you 5 grams of amino acids and 100mg of caffeine which is enough for a workout session.

Along with bcaa, this blend by Optimum Nutrition also has glutamine, taurine, L-arginine, Beta-alanine and more.

This is good for those who just do not want a BCAA drink, rather want a combo of all the needed amino acids to grow their muscles.

Top Features:

  • BCAA and Glutamine, Taurine, Arginine, L-histidine and more.
  • Green Coffee extract is great for energy boost
  • Great pre workout drink
  • Good for recovery
  • Probably the best bcaa brand in India


  • A great pre workout drink by a known brand.
  • With 2 scoops you can get 5 grams of amino acid.
  • Can use more scoops with more water to make a much more strong drink.
  • Comes from USA


  • Must check the expiry date once the product arrives.
  • Scan for original product is a must.
  • Not for those who have restrictions on caffeine.

Advance MuscleMass BCAA 2 : 1 : 1

Advance MuscleMass BCAA

Why Should You Buy this BCAA supplements in India

Great for beginners who are looking for a faster recovery and shorten the soreness after a workout!

This is a budget buy and can be used by any Indian gym goers.

Advance muscle mass BCAA has bcaa with 2:1:1 ratio and you get around 7 grams of bcaa per serving. 

Each 8 gram serving provides 3.8 g of L-Leucine, 1.9 g of L-Isoleucine and 1.9 g of L-Valine.

They also say that they use the less or non allergic sunflower lecithin instead of the soy lecithin.

Top Features:

  • 2:1:1 (L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine & L-Valine)
  • No sugar
  • Made in India
  • Free Shaker


  • No banned substances and no other supplements are added.
  • Minimizes supplement consumption for those who only want to have BCAA.
  • Budget buy for new gym goers or for the casual gym goer.
  • May help with muscle size, strength, performance.


None, unless you are looking for a sports specific, premium branded item.

Bigmuscles Nutrition BCAA

Bigmuscles Nutrition BCAA

Why Should You Buy this BCAA supplements in India

Many buyers are absolutely impressed with the quality that this made in India bcaa supplement provides.

And considering the price you get more servings per container so it lasts for quite a while.

Bigmuscles Nutrition BCAA is a known brand in India which caters to the Indian body builders.

This BCAA is one of the purest forms available in India. This has only the L-Leucine, L-isoleucine,L-valine.

They say that for best results you can eat 4 scoops a day.

But then with 5 grams of each serving you would be reaching the highest intake limit of bcaa. I would not do that will stick to one scoop per day.

Otherwise the bcaa jar will get empty very quick.

Top Features:

  • Vegan BCAA
  • 0 calorie
  • 0 sugar
  • Many flavours


  • May help with muscle size, strength, performance.
  • May help reduce muscle soreness after workout.
  • Made in India.
  • Value for money product.


Few buyers had stomach upset.

Canada Nutrition BCAA 2:1:1

Canada Nutrition BCAA

Why Should You Buy this BCAA supplements in India

Free shaker, low price and a blend of bcaa and glutamine, this is one of the best bcaa supplements in India which is a must for fitness enthusiastic people to reduce soreness and increase muscle growth.

This is a new company making BCAA and also offers a free shaker. And the BCAA quality is also good.

Apart from the 2:1:1 bcaa this blend also provides taurine, glutamine, sodium and potassium. Each scoop is 6.5 gram and the container has 30 servings.

And this comes under 100 inr so, it is a good buy for middle class gym goers like us who want to get a good bcaa blend with glutamine.

Top Features:

  • 2:1:1 bcaa with glutamine, taurine.
  • Get a Free Shaker
  • Good for recovery
  • Good for reducing soreness


  • If you want to have something extra than a 2:1:1 BCAA drink.
  • Contains glutamine which supports protein synthesis.
  • Speeds up muscle recovery and stops muscle loss.



How to buy best bcaa supplements in India

Price: I as a regular fitness enthusiastic will not pay a very high amount for BCAA supplements. I would rather eat whey protein and real protein rich food items with that money. But whey isolates are way costlier and some research suggest that bcaa supplements works better than whey protein. Considering a scoop of whey also provides around 5 grams of BCAA.

But protein rich foods are a must.

BCAA Ratio: The recommended BCAA ratio is 2:1:1 consisting, leucine, isoleucine, and valine. But there are other amino acids which might help with muscle building and other bodily functions as well.

Other Ingredients: Apart from the usual BCAA I would also like to have other items like Glutamine, L-Arginine etc. The scoop will be bigger in this case as the BCAA alone should take around 5 grams. But I would say get something which offers more than those 3 amino acids.

Powder or Tablet: BCAA is found in tablet or as powder format. While powder is good to take with whey protein shakes or other drinks. And as fluid it will be easy to digest and can be taken while working out. But tablets are better for convenience. Since there is no mixing involved, you can take it anywhere as long as you have a glass of water with you.

Mixability: Having lumps and not being able to mix the BCAA with the drink of your choice is a big no. While many brand struggle with this, some do better.

Good mixability makes it easy to make good pre workout supplements in India.

Brand: For the average gym lover brand will not matter much but premium brands offer better mixability and quality assurance.

BCAA Benefits

Here are some proven benefits of taking BCAA.

Increase muscle mass: Amino acids are building blocks for protein and protein helps build muscle. With consumption of a good Indian diet and BCAA it helps in increasing the chances of muscle gain.

The extra BCAA helps when your muscle breaks down and starts building it up immediately, (MSP or muscle protein synthesis) resulting in muscle gain.

Thus BCAA is good for bodybuilding.

Reduce DOMS*: BCAA reduces the pain in the muscle that you get after workout. Since BCAA jumps in when your muscle starts to breakdown it quickly starts  helping to rebuild it.This has shown to reduce DOMS. And trust me it helps after a Leg day when you go to the bathroom.

Reduce fatigue: BCAA is also known to reduce the fatigue and it is best to take BCAA during and before workout for this reason. For this, BCAA can be a reasonable sports supplements in India.

Increase recovery rate: BCAA might also help with making your recovery time lesser due to the fact it helps with muscle breakdown! And eating a full meal with other protein food items helps with recovery also.

Prevents Muscle Breakdown: When we workout, muscle protein constantly breaks down and rebuilds itself and uses BCAA during the whole process. The rebuilt is known as muscle protein synthesis and if you breakdown more muscle protein than rebuilding then you will lose muscle. BCAa will prevent that as it will balance the break down of the muscle and the MSP. 

Check out the best bodybuilding supplements in India

BCAA powder side effects

There are no side effects of BCAA when taking in recommended dosages. But high dosages might cause headaches, nausea, fatigue.

Unless your doctor wants you not to take BCAA then you can take BCAA. 


Which BCAA is best in India?

The Fast&Up BCAA with Taurine, Citrulline, Glutamina and other vitamins and electrolytes will be the best BCAA in India.

Which BCAA is best?

The BCAA supplement which has the blend with 2:1:1 ratio is the best. And apart from it you can also try the BCAA which also have other vitamins, electrolytes, glutamine etc. Buy from reputed sellers and you will get the original supplements in India.

Do BCAA supplements really work?

BCAA supplements do work and they help with muscle repair, relieve soreness and might also help with reducing fatigue from gym.

Is it OK to take BCAA everyday?

The recommended dosages for taking BCAA is around 4-20 grams a day and there should not be any issues. Taking the recommended dosages of BCAA might have positive results in your health.

Are bcaa supplements a waste of money?

In hospital the BCAA is used to slow down muscle loss and stop and when working out this might help you built muscle.

But if you have adequate protein intake along with other food items then you do not need any BCAA supplements at all.

But are bcss supplements a waste of money?

When to eat bcaa supplements pre or post workout?

Depends on what type of bcaa you are eating. If it has caffeine or similar then it should be eaten as a pre workout.

Otherwise you can eat bcaa as post workout, during the workout and also as a pre workout drink.

Can bcaa supplements cause acne?

BCAA can not cause acne directly but the protein intake might increase the cell division and that might cause acne but nothing major at all.

Does taking bcaa break a fast?

They do cause insulin to rise so they do break fast. And BCAA is known to gain weight.

Do bcaa supplements cause hair loss?

Extra bcaa will not do any hair loss. Bcaa can actually help with hair growth. Buy BCAA from best nutrition supplements brands in India like Fast&UP, Muscleblaze and they should not have any side effects at all.

Do bcaa supplements cause constipation?

Like some protein it can cause some bloating, nausea etc but bcaa supplements can not cause constipation as per many online data.

Where do bcaa supplements come from?

Bcaa supplements come from factories since these are supplements. But naturally bcaa is found in all protein items such as chicken, milk, eggs etc.

Will taking bcaa cause weight gain?

High calorie intake and adequate protein will help with weight gain. Consuming bcaa supplement might help with weight gain too but these are unnecessary if you eat enough protein. But bcaa supplements is good for muscle recovery.

Do bcaa supplements have calories?

No, bcaa supplements have 0 or near zero calories in them.

Do bcaa supplements have caffeine?

If you are consuming a pre workout drink that might contain caffeine in it. But generally bcaa should not have caffeine at all.

Will taking bcaa keep me awake?

Unless the bcaa blend that you are going to consume has caffeine or similar then it will not keep you away at night.

Can taking bcaa make you fat?

BCAA might help you lose fat and gain muscle so by taking bcaa you can not get fat.

How often to take bcaa supplements?

I would take bcaa supplements 15 minutes before or after workouts.

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