Top 10 best bodybuilding supplements in India [Creatine, BCAA, protein and more]

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Written By Samarjit Sinha

Working out for 10 years | Has a home gym | CPD (UK) Certificate holder in Fitness

CreatineIncreases strength and power output
Enhances muscle endurance and reduces fatigue
Promotes muscle growth and aids in recovery
BCAAReduces muscle breakdown and promotes muscle protein synthesis
Improves exercise performance and reduces fatigue
Enhances muscle recovery and reduces soreness
ProteinBuilds and repairs muscle tissue
Increases muscle mass and strength
Helps with weight management and promotes satiety
Boosts immune system and supports overall health
Pre-WorkoutIncreases energy and focus during workouts
Improves endurance and delays fatigue
Enhances strength and power output
Promotes muscle pump and aids in recovery
Omega-3Reduces inflammation and joint pain
Improves heart health and lowers blood pressure
Enhances brain function and reduces depression
Aids in weight management and improves insulin sensitivity
MultivitaminFills nutritional gaps in the diet
Boosts immune system and supports overall health
Enhances energy and reduces fatigue
Improves mental clarity and reduces stress

Key Takeaways!

  • Crucial Supplements: Creatine for strength, muscle growth, and recovery; BCAAs for muscle breakdown reduction and exercise performance; Protein for muscle building, repair, and overall health.
  • Performance Boosters: Pre-workout supplements for energy and focus; Omega-3 for inflammation reduction and joint health.
  • Optional Enhancements: Arginine powder for improved blood flow; Citrulline malate for reduced fatigue.
  • Cautionary Notes: Testosterone boosters for pro-level bodybuilders; Glutamine for faster recovery.
  • Balanced Nutrition: Vitamins, healthy fats, and joint support supplements for overall fitness; Consideration of individual needs for BCAAs, fat burners, and joint support.

What are the best bodybuilding Supplements in India

With tons of supporting data, creatine is the best body-building supplement that you can buy with rupees. It does not burn a hole in your pocket and it literally works in just a few weeks.

So if you are after your best bang for your buck, then you should start with creatine.

bodybuilding supplements

Among other best bodybuilding supplements in India – Whey protein, Omega3 and BCAA should help you with recovery and muscle building.

But one thing is evident no matter what the top 10 bodybuilding supplement brands you use, without hard work, bodybuilding will not work.

And bodybuilding will not make you dull.

And pro-level bodybuilders also do take other substances which can be legal and not so much legal.

But they do take precautions. Do not be your own doctor. Ever.

Necessary bodybuilding supplements?

There are really no necessary bodybuilding supplements that one must take.

For a typical home gym user, a home diet and protein-rich food should do.

If you want something more, something to reduce your recovery time, a supplement to boost your stamina then you might need some supplements!

What Supplements Do Bodybuilders Really Take?

pros and cons whey protein

While it will depend on the bodybuilder completely, they are very likely to take creatine, protein powders, Glutamine, L-Arginine, and omega-3 supplements.

Many might even also take Testosterone boosters and DHEA supplements.

There were bodybuilders before supplements came.

And yes, you might not need them at all, but to excel quickly you have to take supplements.

Whether you take it or not, it is up to you.

Top 10 best bodybuilding supplements in India

In this bodybuilding supplements review, I will start with the following must-need bodybuilding supplements for bodybuilders or for any gym goers.

I have personally taken many of these supplements and they work great with a workout routine.

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best bodybuilding Supplements in India

What is the No 1 supplement for bodybuilding?

Creatine powder bodybuilding (Recommended)

Creatine is the no 1 supplement for bodybuilding. It is proven (1) and works beside you to improve your strength and muscle size.

This is the best supplement for muscle gain and recovery. It is a type of molecule that contains nitrogen, phosphorous, and water. It fills the muscle cells with energy for heavy lifting.

creatine supplementation strategies

While it provides you with ATP, it also accumulates water in your cells, so you appear to be bigger.

The main feature of creatine is that it enables you to lift more heavily. And that makes you strong.

Creatine helps bodybuilders to do that extra set.

And all these small increments in workouts lead them to be much bigger and stronger than before.

This is the creating powder I am using!

Definitely one of the best bodybuilding Supplements in India.

Whey Protein isolate bodybuilding (best lean mass gainer in India) (Recommended)

Best budget whey protein under 1000

Whey proteins are the best lean mass gainers (2) in India.

Whey isolates are also good for people with lactose allergies since whey comes from milk.  It is the purest form of whey protein that bodybuilders always take.

These whey isolates provide the highest quality and highest quantity of whey isolate per scoop.

Whey protein under 1k INR

If you are wondering how many proteins shakes a day?

As per a good deal of research, you can take up to 2-3 protein shakes per day with no issues.

How much protein is required for muscle-building?

Protein, Scoop Size and Protein % under 1000,1500,2000
Protein, Scoop Size and Protein % under 1000,1500,2000

If your body weight is 78 kg, then you will need at least 78 grams of protein. Generally, it is recommended to take .8 to 1 gram per kg of body weight.

But bodybuilders training under pro trainers may take more than that amount to grow faster.

You can take protein shakes in the mornings and before/after workouts. Whey can increase protein synthesis by 70% (3), meaning that your recovery time gets smaller and you gain muscle quicker.

See if there are any deals on Amazon for whey isolates.

Best whey isolates in India

But if you can, then you can just eat real food. Wrestlers of rural India do not know what whey is. But they do consume a lot of milk and paneer.

Arginine powder bodybuilding (Optional)

Arginine powder is known to improve blood flow. Arginine also promotes endurance and vascularity as well.

Do you need it for yourself?

Either your doctor or trainer will be the best judge for that. But many best arginine supplement bodybuilding is available on Amazon anyway.

I have taken around 1 gram per day for some time, and I have noticed a slight improvement in stamina. (4)

This is the one of best bodybuilding Supplements in India which can help with recovery and improving stamina.

Can cycling increase testosterone level?

Citrulline malate for bodybuilding (Optional)

Citrulline malate has few known benefits when it comes to bodybuilding. This is a combination of L-citrulline and malic acid.

It can reduce fatigue and increase endurance which might help you with athletics. (5)

But more research and tests needed to be done!

Testosterone Boosters (Optional)

Testosterone Boosters can be like the DHEA or can be organic like gokshura and ashwagandha combo.

But there is a serious lack of research so no coach will recommend you T booster supplement since there is no effective data to consume the T booster safely, and effectively.(6)

This hormone is known to help with increasing strength and muscle size.

Best glutamine in India

Glutamine (Optional)

Pro bodybuilders will use the best glutamine in India and that could be very costly. But there are other low cost glutamine powders available as well.

Glutamine may help you recover faster and improve your recovery rate (6) after an intense workout.

This also reduces muscle damage. Glutamine also might help with intestine health.

Vitamins (Optional)

Vitamins can be received from the usual food easily. You will rarely need vitamin tablets.

For example, if you are only doing work from home and not giong out at all. Then you might get some vitamin D deficiency.

Occessionally you can eat some vitamin tablets but do not depend on them. 

Many choose to take calcium and vitamin D for stronger bones.


Yes, you read that right. You will need healthy fat for bodybuilding. The best choice would be peanut butter (for gym) and other natural food sources ghee, butter etc.

Best joint support supplement for bodybuilding

There is a well-reviewed joint supplement by Fast&Up on amazon that you can take.

If you are into ayurveda, you can check Hadjod.

Otherwise, for cartilage repair, there is a tablet named Jointace.

You can take a look at it. But most importantly consult your doctor first.

Best supplements for pump and vascularity

L-arginine, Yohimbe, Vitamin D, etc supplements improve blood flow and thus help with pumping and vascularity.

Many would also vote for beetroot extract, and pomegranate extracts as natural sources too.

Bcaa powder for bodybuilding

If you are taking enough protein in your diet then you will not BCAA supplements.

But many bodybuilders under the supervision of their trainers may take BCAA supplements too.

This might help them build more muscle and recover faster.

Bcaa tablets are also popular.

Top BCAA supplements in India

Top 10 best bodybuilding supplements in India [Creatine, BCAA, protein and more] 1

Which is the best vitamin supplement?

In India, if you want to compare cost and quality, revital capsules are the best bet.

It is available for both women and contains all the necessary minerals and vitamins.

Do you need amino powder for bodybuilding?

If you are referring to BCAA as amino powder, then you can take them.

Otherwise, I have seen brands selling low-quality protein blends with the name amino powder, so be careful what you buy and consume.

Bodybuilding supplements, fat burner?

These fat burners do not work. There is no magic pill that will burn will fat and get the six-packs out.

Bodybuilding protein reviews

Optimum nutrition whey is most sought after when it comes to whey proteins for bodybuilders. But there are many more that you can try.

Whey proteins are also one of the most popular bodybuilding supplements.

Mass Gainer Reviews for Bodybuilding

Mass gainers are great for consuming huge amounts of calories in small quantities of food. But do not make mass gainers your daily food of choice. These usually contain a lot of sugar. You can make your own mass gainer using oats, whey, and fruits.

Top 10 best bodybuilding supplements in India [Creatine, BCAA, protein and more] 2

Tribulus bodybuilding reviews

Tribulus is known for boosting testosterone, and it is a natural ayurvedic herb. Ashwagandha is also a very popular herb to take with gokshura to boost alertness, mental fitness, and energy levels.

Bodybuilding supplements good or bad

A supplement is a supplement, it should not replace your food completely. And if you are wondering, there are plenty of fake bodybuilding supplements in India.

But those scammers generally make copies of costly supplements like ON, BPI, Dymatize etc.

Are resistance bands good for building muscle?

How to tell the real from fakes?

When buying any bodybuilding supplements, always check the manufacturing date. Then start with the barcode. A barcode check with the importer and manufacturer will help you know if the supplement in genuine or not.

Best website for bodybuilding supplements

Ideally, is a great choice with its customer-first mindset. But you can also try manufacturer-direct websites as well. Like myprotien, nutrabay etc.

best bodybuilding supplements in India infographics

Pre-workout recipes for bodybuilding

Coffee could be the simplest pre workout recipe.

But whey, creatine makes a good pre workout recipe as well.

Top 10 best bodybuilding supplements in India [Creatine, BCAA, protein and more] 3


Which supplement is best for muscle gain in India?

The best value for money supplement for muscle gain in India is creatine. There is no doubt about it. Creatine is well-researched, well-tolerated, and works great for anyone. Creatine is the best supplement in India that you can get for muscle building.

How can I gain muscle mass fast?

Creatine, heavy compound lifts, and you are set for muscle gain. How fast will probably depend on your genetics and your personal trainer? Yes, personal trainer. To gain muscle fast, you will need professional help with diet and workout suggestions.

Does HealthKart sell fake products?

No, they are a reputed brand and does not sell fake products, but you have to check the barcode and see if the product is original.

Which WHEY brand is best?

In India, ON, dymatize, BPI, and myprotein are reputed brands selling whey protein. Whey isolates or whey concentrate, and even hydroxylate are being sold by these companies. And all the variants are good.

Which protein is best for daily use?

Whey protein is generally considered the best overall. If you are allergic to lactose, then you can consume whey isolates. But that is costly.

And if you want to go completely vegan then you can eat pea protein, rice protein etc, but these taste awful.

Do mass gainers actually work?

If you are unable to eat your daily caloric goals, then mas gainers makes sense. Otherwise, you are better at making your own mass gainers with whey, oats and fruits.

Are weight gainers healthy?

Good quality weight gainers are healthy. They contain a lot of carbs and protein. And if that carb is not sugar then it is better. Otherwise, you should skip weight gainers.

What builds muscle faster, weight or reps?

If you are after building just muscle bigger and pumped, then only the best bodybuilding supplements for muscle growth will not work. Usually, a lighter weight with a higher rep range will do better. And for strength, heavyweight with low weight works better.

How can I get huge arms?

For huge arms, you have to pick one tricep exercise and one bicep exercise. You can also pick one forearm exercise as well.  And you should do them at least once or twice every day no matter what workout day you are doing. This is a sure-shot way of getting big arms.

How ladies can build muscle?

Men and women both have the same muscles, it is just that women have some different hormones than men. So the same workout routine that worked for men will work for women also. But the overall diet will determine whether you are bulking or cutting.

What drinks help build muscle?

Apart from protein shakes, there is protein water that you can consume but protein shakes are the way to go when it comes to drinks to build muscle.

Which Creatine is best?

There are many types of creatine available as per the best creatine in India article. And creatine monohydrate in India is the most favorable version of creatine which is of low cost as well as effective.

What is the top-selling supplement?

Top-selling supplement in India has to be protein powders. With the rise of low-cost protein makers in India now almost anybody can afford to take these supplements.

Reference: Bodybuilding diet research paper

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