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Best weighted vest India – Top 5

Weighted Vest India are rare items, you can find them in some crossfit gyms but for personal use at the home gym very few people use them. Best weighted vest for calisthenics could be a great addition to your existing gym set up.

Weighted vest can bring extreme challenges to your body weight workouts. If you love doing body weight exercises like push up, pull ups, squats then a weighted vest will help increase your strength dramatically.

You can also add weighted vest while you are running on a treadmill, doing agility drills or doing feet work. If you weight around 60kgs and you add 15kgs of weight vest on you, then you are moving extra 15kgs which will put extra pressure on your muscles and nerves. Weighted vest will make you build muscles also.

Reviews of Best Weighted Vest India

Kobo CTA-20 Nylon Weighted Vest india, Adult 15Kg (Black)

Best Weighted vest india - Crossfit - Running 11Best Weighted vest india - Crossfit - Running 12

Final Verdict: One of the best multi purpose weighted vest in India that you can have and use for jogging, sprints,  cardio and compound exercises like squats, pull ups etc. This is one of the best weight vest for running in India on a treadmill or outside.

KOBO CTA-20 is my first recommended weighted vest in India.

This weighted vest has soft padding so it makes it comfortable wearing for a long time. But do not wear unnecessarily and put pressure on your neck and spine.

Fully adjustable with velcro straps, fits most adults you can tighten or loosen it as you require.

Mostly made with nylon type material and have evenly distributed weight pouches.

It has 38 sand filled pockets instead of steel weights thus the 15kg limits might not be 100% accurate. But 15kg weight is included so you can start working out as soon as you get it.

This weighted vest in India can also be worn under a tshirt and one size fits all.

People have been using this for cardio and some are also using this for mountain climbing training. Imaging wearing this with 15kgs of weight then backapck and climbing stairs as exercises. Sounds awesome.

Some also consider this weighted vest in India as best fit or functional training. 

Cons: Sand filled pockets. I do not trust workout equipments with sand, they do not feel sturdy to me. I always feel that the sand will leak out.

Sahni Sports Pro Adjustable Weighted Vest India

Best Weighted vest india - Crossfit - Running 13Best Weighted vest india - Crossfit - Running 14

Pros: Major pros is iron bars and build quality. Some do complain on size fit but overall a great product for working out. Get this over the KOBO because of the Iron/Steel weight bars.

A great addition to your home gym but note the total home gym setup cost in India.

Sahini themselves claim that their vest is the best vest in the market for men and women.

Also this weighted vest in India is handcrafted and the waise can be adjusted for better fit. And only one size is available that fits all.

This is also one of the weighted vest 20kg india and also available at weight vest 10kg.

People do recommend this vest over others due to the heavy materials used and they feel this is a more sturdy one. 

Apart from the heavy materials used they give iron bars as adjustable weight. Iron bars are always better than sand pouches. Weights will be accurate and easy to adjust. This weighted vest is available in 10kg and 20kg version.

Whether you can buy additional iron weights for this vest or not I am not sure.

For 20kg versions you get 40 iron bars! That means you can go a lot of tiny adjustments in weight. That is really impressive!

Cons: I do not see any Cons in this except the price could go higher as iron weight bars are being used.

IRIS Fitness Adjustable Weighted Vest India for Men Women Exercise, Fat Loss, Strength

Best Weighted vest india - Crossfit - Running 15Best Weighted vest india - Crossfit - Running 16

Final Verdict: If you get a good deal and want to use it for running then get this, otherwise skip. This could be one of the cheap weighted vest you can buy.

IRIS weighted vest in India is mere entry level vest with only 5kg weight support. It is great for running and cardio workouts only.  If you are looking for weight jacket 5kg – then it is the best option for you.

One plus point could be the color or pattern options.

Since it is an entry level weighted vest India, it comes with sand bags.

Apart from 5kg version it is also available in 10kg version.

CFF Adjustable Weighted Vest 30 Kg/66 Lbs – Great for Cross Training & Fireman Training

Best Weighted vest india - Crossfit - Running 17Best Weighted vest india - Crossfit - Running 18

Final Verdict: if you are looking to buy weight vest 30kg in India then this is the choice you have. But depending on the cost you can skip this get weighted vest 20kg India as well.

Could be a great addition to your Power Squat rack India.

I used to believe weighted vest 20kg india is a limit, then I saw this weighted vest of 30kg in India.

A great feature regarding higher weight as you will get stronger you will require more resistance to to build stamina and muscle. 

It is a really well built vest with weight pockets both front and back for optimum balance.

You can increase or decrease the weights by 2.2 pounds or 1kg. Lots of tiny adjustments can be done here. And with velcro straps you can adjust how it fits your body.

Pros: Sturdy product, loved by internationals buyers as well. Metal/Iron weights for accurate weight and adjustments.

Forfar Adjustable Dural Weight Training Jacket 20kg

Best Weighted vest india - Crossfit - Running 19Best Weighted vest india - Crossfit - Running 20

Buy this weight vest India if you have adjustable weights that fits this vest.

High density oxford fabric used, made to last, hopefully will survive outdoor runs too.

Have 16 slots to insert iron/steel plates.

Major Cons: no weights provided, this is the only jacket and nothing else.

If you have weights lying around only then it is usable.

Weighted vest benefits

Depending on your usages weighted vest benefits walking, wearing a weighted vest all day or weight vest benefits for running will be different. I personally do not support wearing a weighted vest all day. Too much pressure on neck I would say.

Here are the top Weighted vest benefits

  1. Burn calories
  2. Improve stamina
  3. Build muscle
  4. Get strong
  5. Better balance
  6. Increase bone strength
  7. Strong cardio

Workouts to do with Weighted Vest India

  1. Weighted Vest Burpees
  2. Weighted Vest Squats
  3. Weighted Vest Split Squats
  4. Weighted vest walking, running, sprints
  5. Weighted vest pull ups
  6. Planks
  7. Dips

And with your imagination you can do a lot more, for example – I can do a turkish get up with dumbbells at my hand and wearing a weighted vest.

If you are also looking into weighted vest decathlon, you can go for them. Best way to buy a weighted vest decathlon would be visiting their store and trying it up! They have plenty of stores and you can get experience of wearing their weighted vest India.

To me Decathlon vests are a little bulky than KOBO weighted vest or SAHINI sports weighted vest. But from my past experience in my decathlon weighted vest review I will say their products are durable and standard.

FAQ – Best Weighted Vest in India

  1. Are weighted vest worth it?

    In my opinion if you strictly want to  increase difficulty of sprinting, cardio workouts or enhance body weight exercises then get a weighted vest. Also if you are training for joining the fire fighting force then a weighted vest is a great buy. But if you are not into specialized training then you can build a great home gym or workout routine without a weighted vest.

  2. What does a weight vest do to your body?

    Weighted Vest adds extra 10-20kgs or more weight to your body to make your workout more intense. For example you can not run or speed walk holding dumbbells. But with a weighted vest you can do your speed training, agility training and more with intensity of your choice.

  3. Do weighted vests help build muscle?

    Compound exercises with progressive overload builds muscle. While weighted vests are very good at maximizing effects of cardio workouts. But to bear the extra weight your body will grow strong. In other words you will build muscle.

  4. Can I wear a weighted vest all day?

    You should not put that much stress on your neck and spine all day. We already suffer from bad posture and now you want to add extra 20kgs to that? Only wear a weighted vest while you are working out. Pair up a weighted vest with a pull up bar India – that is a good workout. Some do recommend wearing a weighted vest like you see in Dragon ball Z or Rock Lee from naruto that might help in developing strength and improve weight loss.

  5. What are the benefits of wearing a weighted vest?

    No 1 benefit in my opinion you can now make your cardio trainings like running more intense! You are adding additional weight thus making every move you make more difficult. Also a weighted vest benefits when you are doing squats, pull ups or any moves like Turkish get up when your whole body is moving. Weighted vest can help you gain muscles also.

  6. Are weighted vests bad?

    Since you are wearing the weighted vest your body bears the additional weight. And if you have neck or spine problems then you should be very careful with weighted vests in India. You should talk to your doctor first before starting any workout.

  7. How heavy should weighted vest be?

    Get yourself an adjustable weight vest where you can increase or decrease the weight as needed. In India weighted vests start from 10kgs and can go upto 50kgs. Start with low weight and see how you perform.

  8. What do weighted vests do for autism?

    Some believe a weighted vest can help in improve focus, attention and learning in autism kids.

  9. Does walking with a weighted vest build muscle?

    Although wearing a weighted vest in India are more beneficial for burning calories while doing sprints or cardio but… wearing a weighted vest while doing other workouts or just walking can build muscle. You are putting your body through resistance, your body will need to grow strong and it will build muscle.

  10. How long should a weighted vest be worn?

    As per – weighted vest should not be worn no longer than one hour and the weight should not be more than 10% of your bodyweight. Ideally as per my opinion wear the weighted vest only when doing workout. Weighted Vest in India are not known for super comfortable material so do not wear for longer times.

  11. Why do kids wear weighted vests?

    Some recommend children with autism wear weighted vest who have sensory processing disorder.

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