Top 10 Squat rack India online for Home Gyms


Choose your squat rack or power rack from the top squat racks for Indian home gym from this list below!

We have also included budget options, half racks and more options to choose from.

This list is not for you if you believe you can lose weight or gain weight by leisurely walking on the treadmill or cycling indoors.

I believe getting stronger and mobile is the best policy – and power racks in India are the best way to do it.

Our main focus on selecting the squat racks for buyers is to allow them to get stronger at home without the need of going to the gym.

Along with the power rack you will also need a adjustable bench, barbell, weight plates.

A power rack or more commonly known as squat rack in india are a great multipurpose equipment for commercial gym or for home gym.

You can do great exercises with it, load with heavy weights and perform with safety.

Cost of power rack or cost of a squat rack varies on lot of attachments and build. For example, price of a half squat rack with lat pulldown will be higher than a simple half rack in India.

Also power rack with pulley costs slightly higher than an all in one squat rack available online.

Top 10 Best Power Squat Rack India

Power Rack Name

Max Weight capacity Price Range

Gold Fitness power Rack 4*2

700 kgs ₹₹₹₹

Sporto Fitness Power Rack

500 kgs ₹₹₹₹

Jazzier power Rack PR-06

500 kgs ₹₹₹₹₹

Gold Fitness Power Rack with lat Pull Down

700 kgs ₹₹₹₹₹
GOLD FITNESS Power Squat Rack CAGE with LAT/Pull Down +Ground Pulley  700 kgs ₹₹₹₹₹

BodyLean Power Squat Rack Pr-01

200 kgs ₹₹₹₹

Jazzier power Rack PR-02

500 kgs ₹₹₹₹

GoFitPro Steel Power Rack

500 kgs ₹₹₹₹

Sporto Fitness Half Power Rack

200 kgs ₹₹₹₹

BODYLEAN Power Squat Rack

200 kgs ₹₹₹₹
Best Squat Rack India

Best Half Rack For Home Gym

For starters half racks take up small amount of footprint. And can be considered as best apartment squat rack just below the adjustable squat stands. This Sporto half power rack is the best half rack choice in India.

Best power rack with lat pulldown

This is a power rack with lat pull down and you can do more back workouts. This truly is a centerpiece of your home gym.

Best squat rack for small space

For apartment squat racks if you want to do pull ups then select this Gofitpro power racks. But if you have a pull up bar installed then you can go for a adjustable squat stand.

Best squat rack with pull up bar

Even if there is not a lat pull down option a pull up bar option is a must. This Jazzier Power rack has multi grip pull up option so you can change grips and target different muscles.

buy power rack india (Our top Picks)

List of squat rack exercises you can do at your home gym

  1. Squats
  2. DeadLift
  3. Romanian Deadlift
  4. RackPull
  5. Bench Press (Need a bench)
  6. Pull up (Need pull up bar attachment)
  7. Landmines (Need Landmine attachments)

All squat rack machines are all adjustable.

Squat racks are also known as squat cage or Power cage because you can do some power lifting exercises and do them safely.

One of the main reasons that you should buy a power cage or squat rack home gym because you can do real tough exercises at home safely.

Easily load up the bar without the need of any spotter. You can do similar on a front squat machine also. But the squat rack design is superior and you would not need a leg press squat machine.

Review of Top 10 Squat Rack India

Gold Fitness power Rack 4*2

This Gold Fitness Power rack has 96 inch of height and 48 inch breadth.

This power rack for home gym fits 7ft plain rod (25mm)

As per Gold gym this can support 700kg, this definitely looks that it is built well and will help you workout for years to come. But 700kg, may be not!

And note Gold fitness power rack does not have any attachments.

Sporto Fitness Power Rack

This Fitness power squat rack by Sporto Fitness is build well with 2 *2 steel bars, you will also see chrome so it is stylish also.

It got many attachments like a pullup bar, low row attachments, attachments for lat pull down, tricep push down.

This power rack in India is almost 85 inches tall with inside depth of 45 inches. Quite specious for doing workouts at home. At the same time this Sporto power rack may also take more space in your home gym

But you can do a variety of push and pull workouts with this power cage at home.

Support bar can go low as 17.5 inches to as high as 68 inches. I would try heavy overhead presses while sitting on a bench with this kind of support.

Jazzier power Rack PR-06

Jazzier power squat rack solidly build with steel bars.

This power rack India stands as 8ft tall and 4ft wide and upon ordering you can customize it too.

This Power rack with pull up bar attachments and that chrome support and chrome finishes looks great. I will also count this as one of the best crossfit equipment in India.

The weight rack at the back can hold a lot of weights as well. Considering this is a very simple rack, it is great for any home gym in India.

Gold Fitness Power Rack with lat Pull Down

This well built power squat rack features 4*2 layout with 96 inches height and 48 inches width.

Gold Fitness power rack comes with blue or black color and can handle 700kgs (as per them).

Apart from lat pull down extension, they give you 2 additional Jhooks.

And this squat rack got lots of space to rack up your weight plates so that you can keep the cleaning part of your home gym east.

GOLD FITNESS Power Squat Rack CAGE with LAT/Pull Down +Ground Pulley Attachment and 700 KGS Capacity

This gold fitness power squat rack also have a lower ground pulley and also a lat pull down. This is also well built with 96 inches height and 48 inches length.

If you wish you can get matching bench and weights from them too. And your squat rack will be ready.

This adjustable squat rack is great for extreme workouts, and you can work out with max load easily. No matter the brutal routines you use the industrial strength hardware will handle it all.

There are also few squat racks with cable crossover but Olympic bench and squat rack combo makes more sense, But for those who have shoulder issues might want to loook for a cable cross over to do incline shoulder press, chest flyes. For them, weight bench and squat rack combo could become painful if not being careful.

BodyLean Power Squat Rack Pr-01

This power squat rack is built to last and from the looks of it this can be very well be suited for commercial gyms also.

Built with 2.5 square steel pipe and weights almost 234kg itself.

You may gift this to your grandchildren if only used in home.

Jazzier power Rack PR-02

Crossfit enthusiastic, this power cage or squat rack available on amazon is for you.

Well built, professional colors. Front weight hooks for front squats and gladiator attachments.

This Power Rack also have many attachments, pullup bar, hooks and most of them are adjustable.

There are many power rack accessories already attached with this one. This is the most epic garage gym squat rack you can have,

GoFitPro Steel Power Rack

This is a steel made 4*2 format 94 mm x 47 mm power rack in India. This is very basic without any fancy attachments. This is a power rack with pull up bar.

Weight handling capacity is 500kg.

For pull up around 95kg is supported.

Sporto Fitness Half Power Rack

For the money spent this is an amazing half power rack for your home gym.

You get additional dip bar attachments along with usual pullup attachments. The entrance of the half squat bar is wide and suitable for home and personal use.

This is one of the best free weight squat rack/half squat rack for sale in India. 

BODYLEAN Power Squat Rack

This is one of the simplest products by Bodylean, weight handling capacity of 200kgs and short footprint this could be your ideal home gym squat rack.

This power cage or squat rack online in India have weight racks and pull up bar.

Top budget friendly Squat Power rack India

Protonar Squat Stand

As the name suggests this is not squat rack but for low budget amd low space this could be your starting point.

Stand is adjustable and height can go upto 52 inches and lowest is 42 inches.

GofitPro 47*47 power rack

This lean power rack has pullup bar and made of steel. This has an height of 7ft and width of 3 ft.

Although if you are heavy I would not recommend this.

This is a lower end power rack or squat rack in India and suitable occasional home use.

I would only recommend 2 items in this budget segment, I would also suggest to go for full power rack or power cages. The cages provide more security, durability and more bang for the bucks.

Best squat rack for small space

Best Squat rack for a small space could definitely not be a power cage. Power cages or ful squat rack with pull up bars take up almost 4 feet width and length and also there is height.

For your small apartment an adjustable squat stands in India makes more sense.

The horizontal bars on the adjustable squat stands are separate so while not working out you can simply store them in a corner.

Some adjustable squat stand are highly durable and made of high quality steel.

But personally speaking squat stands may be best for small space but they do not provide the safety of a power cage.

If you slip, trip then you could be injuring yourself or worse injuring your family members.

Here are the top 5 Adjustable Squat Stand India

Protoner 4LEGS Adjustable Squat Stand
Top 10 Squat rack India online for Home Gyms 1Top 10 Squat rack India online for Home Gyms 2

GOLD FITNESS Squat Stand with Adjustable Height

Top 10 Squat rack India online for Home Gyms 3Top 10 Squat rack India online for Home Gyms 4


Top 10 Squat rack India online for Home Gyms 5Top 10 Squat rack India online for Home Gyms 6

MADHRUN 4 Legs Adjustable Squat Stand (Black)

Top 10 Squat rack India online for Home Gyms 7Top 10 Squat rack India online for Home Gyms 8

Smith Machine Vs power Rack for home gym India

A smith machine is workout or strength training tool which restricts your bar movements. This allows the user to move the bar in a fixed pattern and do it in a much safer way.

Since there the movement pattern of the bar is fixed, your own natural movements are restricted. Smith machines take away most of the balancing part from the exercise.

But the main advantages of smith machine is safety, if you are unable to move during a exercise you just need to twist the bar and it will look into the hooks.

And main disadvantage will be the loss of free movement.

Power rack or Power Cages or sometimes also referred to as squat cage are similar to smith machines where you would do similar exercises.

In this case there are no movement restrictions, you are in a cage like structure which provides safety. And there are ample space in the power cage to do your lifts.

Buy our top suggested power rack india (Our top Picks)

With Power Racks you ensure that there are nothing that restricts your movement pattern. You can also set the safety bar locations so that if you fail the bar does not fall on you.

Major disadvantages of power rack/squat rack india could be these – One, you can not secure the bar mid range, you have to set it at ease where you have set the safety bars. The bar, you are buying it where with smith machine it comes with it. And you will have to safely load up the bar, check the safety bars at both sides.

A power rack also needs to be secured with the floor and could be large for some homeowners.

Power cage vs Power rack vs Squat rack

Power cage or Power rack are the same thing and even the Squat rack is interchangeable. If you are heavy lifter or want to lift heavy but workout at home alone, then you must have these beasts. A power rack or power cage works as your spotter and saves you if any accident occurs.

A power cage of squat rack is four legged, has four strong pillars which you will install firmly at your gym room floor. A power rack also needs a somewhat tall or normal ceiling as most of them comes with a pull up bar. Many squat rack also comes with a lat pull down bar, but I do not like the pulley attachment with a power rack.

A power rack has two catchers or hookers at both sides which acts as your security when you are doing heavy bench presses or heavy squats. Also you can use them while performing rack pulls.

With a squat rack imagine a scenario where you are squatting with your 1 Rep Max and trying to do a second or third rep. What if you fail? Either you drop the bar at the floor, damaging it. Or go down with the heavy barbell and injure yourself. But with a power cage you have the liberty to fall either forward or backward. The cage will take care of the barbell.

No property damage, no personal damage.

With a high ceiling you can also do heavy overhead presses and set the catchers at the side as you need. Sometimes suddenly fatigue sets in we can not lift any more overhead, with a power rack you can just let the weight go.

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Power rack vs Squat stand

A squat stand is a piece of home gym equipment which is solely built to place the barbell. Squat stands are also mostly known as squat rack, as you basically put the barbell there and keep it.

A squat stand is basically a two metal stands, sometimes inner connected at the base for more stability. Squat stands can only be used from the front and going underneath the bar. Either you do bench press or squats this is the only way.

Unlike using the power rack, using a squat stand in your home gym gives you some challenges. You can safely rack and unrack the barbell but if you fail in the middle of a repetition, then nothing is saving you. You may damage the floor or get an injury.

From a safety point of view, the power rack wins everytime.

But if you have a small home, an adjustable squat stand is your best bet. While a power cage might take 10 sq feet place, a squat stand takes only half. But a some squat stands may be larger.

Get top 5 Adjustable Squat Stand India

If you want to do olympic lifts like clean and jerks, snatches then power rack might not be a good idea. Power rack may hinder your free movements while doing these lift.s In that case a squat stand may work very well. And using snatch or clean and jerk you are not going to lift too heavy either.

But when doing the exercises in front a power rack you can use it as a place to rack the barbell. It will act as a squat stand then while you do olympic lifts.

Power racks also have huge capacity to store weight plates very neatly. Best of everything I would say.

And it all comes down to space, budget and exercise type.

If you have enough space, an entire 120-150 sq feet room for your home gym, then get a power cage. Otherwise you might want to stick to adjustable squat stands. Or you can only do dumbbell moves.

If budget does not matter, you might as well get both. Or a huge power cage with multiple attachments like monkey bar, landmines, everything. You will need a large area for that.

If you are into traditional raw strength development workouts like 5 X 5 doing heavy lifts with bench press, squats then you might want to consider power rack. Or if you are a newbie but want to go heavier then also consider a power cage. But if you mostly do dynamic moves like clean and press then a squat stand might suit you well.

Also note the type of barbell you use, most squat stands in India does not support Olympic 7 feet barbell. Unless the feet of the squat stand can be separated and that makes the stand not so stable for olympic bar grade weights.

Most power cages or racks support any standard olympic barbell.

Top Advantages of Power Rack: Versatility and Safety.

Top Advantages of Squat stand: Small place requirement and low cost than power rack.

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Power rack vs Half rack

Remove the front two iron/steel pillars half and you get a half power rack(wiki) or a half rack. A half rack provides less safety to inexperienced lifters. You do not have the luxury to fall at every side if you should fail to lift the weight. But half power rack misses some steel so it is less costly and takes less space in your home.

If you are experienced in lifting heavy then you may go for a half rack, half racks also allows some more freedom while doing dynamic movements. Some half squat rack comes with lat pull down and almost every half squat rack comes with a pull up bar.

I would recommend you to get Full power rack for all possible workout maneuver. With a full power rack you should not have any issues with active and passive squat-stand maneuver at all. This will give you the maximum muscle gain.

How to choose a squat rack home gym india

Quick tips choosing a squat rack for your home gym – 

  1. Squat Stand – Minimum safety, lowest cost
  2. Half Rack – Safe, costlier than squat stand, not many attachments.
  3. Full squat rack or Power cage – Costly, Safe, Many attachments thus most versatile.

Among these 3 types of power rack the power cage will take up most of the space in your home gym, and it is more versatile than others.

Regarding materials, look for good welding around the joints, look for steel used. In India in the budget segment they use around 1inch thick steel.

And I would recommend with the most versatile well built power rack.

Safety, Attachment capability and durability should be your key sets to watch before you buy a power rack.

Also to keep the power rack rust free you can opt for powder coat finish as well. A powder coated power rack with sturdy frame will have high weight capacity as well.

FAQ on squat racks

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