Best power rack in India for home gym and Adjustable squat stands

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Written By Samarjit Sinha

Working out for 10 years | Has a home gym | CPD (UK) Certificate holder in Fitness

Here are the best squat racks in India or you can also call them the best power racks in India as well.

While they have their differences, you can use them for the same workouts.

Thus in this entire blog, you will see me using power racks and squat racks words interchangeably.

Sore Today, Strong Tomorrow

Squat rack India - best power rack in India

But if you ask me, I would want you to go for the power racks.

Power racks are bigger, safer, and costlier but for long-term home gym use – you should for power racks only.

Here are the key differences between squat and power racks!

Squat RackPower Rack
Is designed for doing squats and overhead pressesDesigned for multiple exercises such as squats, bench presses, shoulder presses, deadlifts, etc.
Lighter and less expensiveHeavier and more expensive
Has two posts with adjustable height for the barbellHas four posts with adjustable heights for the barbell
Doesn’t have safety bars or spotting armsHas safety bars and spotting arms for safety
Suitable for heavy liftsMade for heavy lifts
Occupies less spaceOccupies more space
Usually requires additional equipment for attachmentHas multiple attachment options for dip bars, pull-up bars, Jammer arms etc.

Buy power rack India (Our Top Picks)

Best Half Rack For Home Gym

For starters, half racks take up a small amount of footprint. And can be considered as the best apartment squat rack just below the adjustable squat stands. This Daemon half-power rack is one of the best half-rack choices in India.

Best power rack with lat pulldown

This is a power rack with lat pull down and you can do more back workouts. This truly is a centerpiece of your home gym.

Check this Gamma model!

The best squat rack for small space

For apartment squat racks if you want to do pull-ups then select this Decathlon wall Rack. But if you have a pull-up bar installed then you can go for an adjustable squat stand.

Best squat rack with pull-up bar

Even if there is not a lat pull-down option a pull-up bar option is a must. has a multi-grip pull-up option so you can change grips and target different muscles.
Check the Mammoth

Top 10 Best Power Squat Rack India

Best Power Racks/Best Squat RacksBest Use Cases
BullRock Gorilla Power Rack 2.0 N and other variationsBest Power Rack in India
BullRock Gorilla Half Rack with Deadlift PlatformPower Rack with Deadlift Platform
Decathlon Fold-Down Weight Training Wall Rack for Squats and Pull UpThe Best Squat Rack for Small Space
Decathlon Gym Weight Training Squat Rack 900Squat Rack with Pull-up Bar
Yoddha POWER CAGE with Smith MachinePower Rack with Smith Machine
LEEWAY Squat RackSquat Rack with Pull up Bar
Seige Power Racks (Full and Half) for different budget and featuresBest Squat Rack with Attachments
HASHTAG FITNESS Power Rack with LAT PulldownBest Power Rack with Lat Pulldown
GAMMA FITNESS Power Squat Rack with LATS Pull Down PR-40Best Squat Rack with Pulley System
Protonar Squat StandBest Squat Rack for Home Gym

We have also included budget power rack options, half racks, and more options to choose from.

This list is not for you if you believe you can lose weight or gain weight by leisurely walking on the treadmill or cycling indoors. I believe getting stronger and more mobile is the best policy – and power racks in India are the best way to do it.

Our main focus in selecting the squat racks for buyers is to allow them to get stronger at home without the need of going to the gym.

Along with the power rack, you will also need an adjustable bench, barbell, and weight plates.

A power rack or more commonly known as a squat rack in India is great multipurpose equipment for a commercial gym or for a home gym.

You can do great exercises with it, load with heavy weights and perform safely.

The cost of a power rack or the cost of a squat rack varies on a lot of attachments and build. For example, the price of a half squat rack with lat pulldown will be higher than a simple half rack in India.

Also power rack with a pulley costs slightly higher than an all-in-one squat rack available online.

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List of squat rack exercises you can do at your home gym

  1. Squats
  2. Deadlift
  3. Romanian Deadlift
  4. RackPull
  5. Bench Press (Need a bench)
  6. Pull up (Need pull-up bar attachment)
  7. Landmines (Need Landmine attachments)

All squat rack machines are adjustable.

Squat racks are also known as squat cages or Power cages because you can do some powerlifting exercises and do them safely.

One of the main reasons that you should buy a power cage or squat rack home gym is because you can do really tough exercises at home safely.

Easily load up the bar without the need for any spotter. You can do similar on a front squat machine also. But the squat rack design is superior, and you would not need a leg press squat machine.

[Top barbell squat alternatives]

Review of Top 10 Squat Rack India

BullRock Gorilla Power Rack 2.0 and other variations

Our Rating: 10/10

Top Use Case: Best Power Rack in India

BullRock Gorilla Power Rack 2.0 and other variations

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. Super costly and takes more than 6 feet vertically and its width is around 4 feet 3 inches..
  2. Upgradeable with many laser-cut holes for attachment placement.
  3. Capable of 454kg static and dynamic load – if you are pro-lifter then it is useful for you!

Positives of BullRock Gorilla Power Rack 2.0

  • The 6 uprights provide greater stability, making it a sturdy and durable rack capable of handling up to 454kg.
  • The advanced J-cups with UHMW plastic liner protect your bar’s knurl and finish, as well as the upright of your rack from scratches.
  • The precision laser cut holes and Westside hole spacing allows finding the optimal spot for your safety attachments for maximum adjustability, and the squat area has 2″ spacing for easy rack bar placement.
  • The inclusion of band pegs and ground bolting option provide additional training options and stability if needed.
  • The upgradeability of the rack means you can add attachments as needed to increase functionality.
  • The 32mm pull-up bar allows for various exercises, including pull-ups and muscle-ups.
  • 10 years structural warranty!

Negatives of BullRock Gorilla Power Rack 2.0

  • If you have the budget to spend 84k INR on the basic 6 post rack then there are no negative points.

  • Overkill for home gyms unless you are at a certain level and can do 250kg bench presses, and squats easily.

Why Should you buy this!

The 6-Post Gorilla Power Rack is an excellent investment for anyone serious about their fitness routine.

Its sturdy construction, advanced J-cups, laser-cut holes, band pegs, and ground bolting options give me everything I need to have a complete and versatile workout.

I highly recommend this power rack to anyone looking for durability, functionality, and flexibility in their workout equipment.

The numerous laser-cut holes and the attachment options give you flexibility in my workouts.

I can add lat/low row, multi-grip pull-up bars, plate storage, and other attachments as my workout needs change.

The 32mm pull-up bar that comes with the power rack enables me to perform pull-ups, muscle-ups, and many other exercises.

BullRock Gorilla Power Rack 2.0 unique features

Top Features of

  • 6 uprights for greater stability
  • Made of 3″ x 3″ 11-gauge CR steel pipe (3mm thick)
  • Capable of 454kg static & dynamic load
  • 7-tank powder coating for enhanced durability & protection against wear
  • Advanced J-Cups made of 8mm thick steel with 5mm thick all side UHMW plastic liner
  • Precision laser cut Westside hole spacing for an optimal spot for safety attachments
  • Squat area with 2″ spacing for height adjustability
  • 4 band pegs for resistance or assistance band training exercises
  • Ground bolting option for extra stability (not required)
  • Upgradeable with many laser-cut holes and possible attachments such as parallel bar dip, lat/low row, safety straps, multi-grip pull-up bars, and plate storage.
  • Included a 32 mm pull-up bar for performing pull-ups, muscle-ups, and other exercises.

With the additional 2 uprights and 4 cross-members bolted together, this BullRock Gorilla Power Rack 2.0 is extremely sturdy and stable.

The increased depth and space-efficient plate storage option make it perfect for any serious lifting facility.

It does take up a lot of space though.

What sets this rack apart from its competitors is its ability to handle any weight you can lift without having to bolt it down to the floor. The 6-Post design and geometry make this rack a must-have for any serious lifter. The rear extension also provides tremendous storage potential with up to 8 weight horn attachments available.

I appreciate the option to choose a weight horn length between 13” and 6”, adding to the versatility of the rack.

If you are looking for a lifetime power rack with excellent attachment options, look no further than the Gorilla 6-Post Power Rack. As someone who enjoys lifting and values a well-made piece of equipment, I highly recommend this rack.

A few words on the other Gorilla Racks with 4 posts and 24-41 inch depth!

For me, I think the sweet spot is the 30-inch depth or the 41-inch depth version.

I do squat inside the power cage and I love how secure it feels.

I feel the 24-inch depth power cage by Bullrock is low cost compared to these but it will somehow limit my movement.

Also more spread the 4 legs are, the more the power rack will be stable.


  • 24-inch depth Gorilla Rack: 47k INR
  • 30-inch depth Gorilla Rack: 49k INR
  • 41 inch depth Gorilla Rack: 51k INR

Even though the price is quite less than the 6 post model – all the qualities are the same.

The weight handling capacity of all of them is 454 kgs and for a garage gym squat rack – you can not go wrong with them.

And they have many attachments like dip bar attachments, landmine attachments, pulley attachments, and more.

All of them are costly and superbly built.

BullRock Gorilla Half Rack with Deadlift Platform

Our Rating: 10/10

Top Use Case: Power Rack with Deadlift Platform

BullRock Gorilla Half Rack With Deadlift Platform

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  • Compact footprint, 
  • High weight capacity.
  • Premium design.
  • Options to level up with spotter arms and a T platform for the deadlift.

Positives of BullRock Gorilla Half Rack with Deadlift Platform

  • Robust construction with 3×3″ 11-gauge steel tubing and 7-tank black powder coating for durability and protection against wear.
  • Advanced J-Cups made of 8mm thick HR Steel with all-side UHMW plastic liner to protect your bar’s knurl and finish.
  • Laser cut holes, numbers, and Westside hole spacing allow for optimal height adjustability and squatting comfort.
  • Upgradeable with compatible attachments such as a Landmine, Dip Attachment, Spotter Arms, and more.
  • Comes with a 32mm Pull-up bar for versatile exercises.
  • You can add a lot of power rack accessories in this half rack.

Negatives of BullRock Gorilla Half Rack with Deadlift Platform

  • With the platform, it is super costly but if you want a reliable partner, a spotter for you home workouts, you should get it. But apart from the premium finish – if you still want the reliability then you can look into the siege fitness half racks – those are quite good as well.

Why Should you buy this!

Gorilla Half Rack is a top-of-the-line piece of equipment that is built to last and can be customized to fit your individual workout needs. If you’re looking for a reliable and versatile half rack that can grow with your fitness journey, the Gorilla Half Rack is an excellent choice.

I highly recommend the Gorilla Half Rack. With its robust construction, made from 3×3″ 11-gauge CR steel tubing and 8mm thick reinforced triangle plates, this half rack provides the stability and sturdiness necessary for lifting heavier weights. It also features a 7-tank black powder coating process that protects against wear and ensures durability.

BullRock Gorilla Power Rack 2.0 unique features

Top Features of

Gorilla Half Rack Combo with T Platform: [I think you should get this, at 1 lakh+ INR, you get a premium, and durable power rack cage for home gym]

Included Products:

  • Gorilla Squat Stand 3.0
  • Gorilla Half Rack Conversion Kit
  • 2 x Gorilla Weight Horns – 13″ (Pair)
  • 1 x Gorilla Weight Horns – 6″ (Pair)
  • 1 x Gorilla Safety Spotter Arms (Pair)
  • T Platform for Half Rack – Strike Edition [No  damage to the gym room floor]

BullRock Gorilla Half Rack with Deadlift Platform combo is probably the best combo if you are a powerlifter and working out in a home gym!

The compact footprint of 49” x 47” is perfect for our limited space, and the 454kg weight capacity ensures that I can lift heavy without any worries.

Compared to other power racks in the market, the Gorilla Half Rack stands out for its extended 70” uprights, which provide more attachment compatibility and a space-efficient plate storage option.

I also appreciate the added stability of two additional uprights and cross-members bolted together with reinforced triangle plates.

The combo package, which includes two pairs of 13” weight horns, a couple of 6” weight horns, and spotters arms is a great value for the price. I find the weight plate storage close to the rack very convenient for loading, unloading, and reracking the weights.

The safety spotter arms are a must-have for any serious lifter, and they have undoubtedly saved me from accidents during heavy lifts. 

The Gorilla Half Rack Combo with T platform is an even better package, with the Strike Edition T platform adding a layer of protection to my equipment and floor during knee height and overhead drops.

Drop those deadlifts without worrying about damaging the floor or waking up the neighbor!

Overall, I highly recommend the Gorilla Half Rack Combo to anyone looking for a high-quality, versatile, and space-saving power rack solution.

Decathlon Fold-Down Weight Training Wall Rack for Squats and Pull Up

Our Rating: 8/10

Top Use Case: Power Rack with Deadlift Platform

Decathlon Fold-Down Weight Training Wall Rack for Squats and Pull Up

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  • For the price, this wall rack is great for small apartments.
  • The rack can accommodate a punching bag attachment.
  • No bolts are given, you have to install it yourself.

Positives of Decathlon Fold-Down Weight Training Wall Rack

  • This is a compact wall power rack at low cost and that is from Decathlon.
  • The overall quality is great and the added wooden planks help with installation.
  • It can support up to 200 kgs which is plenty for a home gym!
  • Buy this wall rack, if you have a small room or no particular room to do your gym work.
  • Dip bars, J-hook attachments, and punching bag attachment included for added functionality.

Negatives of Decathlon Fold-Down Weight Training Wall Rack

  • You will need at least a 5-inch thick brick wall for this.

Why Should you buy this!

As someone who is always on the go, I need a gym that can keep up with my lifestyle. That’s why the customizable, compact design of this product is perfect for me. With numerous accessories, including dip bars, J-hook attachments, and a punching bag attachment, it’s practical and versatile, making it easy to adapt to my workout needs.

Not only can I use it for weight training, but it also allows me to do a wide variety of bodyweight exercises.

The fact that it folds in less than 1 minute and extends only 12 cm from the wall once folded, makes it easy to put away and perfect for those who don’t have enough space for bulky gym equipment.

Overall, anyone who wants a practical, versatile, and customizable gym rack that doesn’t take up too much space should consider purchasing this product.

Decathlon Fold-Down Weight Training Wall Rack for Squats and Pull Up

Top Features of

  • Can be customized with numerous accessories
  • Includes dip bars, J-hook attachments, and punching bag attachment
  • Accessories make the rack more practical and versatile.
  • Compact design that folds in less than 1 min and extends only 12 cm from the wall once folded.
  • Flexibility with a support bar (50mm, adapts to 28mm) and removable supports.
  • Versatility for a wide variety of exercises using free weights, guided weights, or body weight.
  • Lightweight at around 59 kgs and can support around 200kgs of weight.

Decathlon CORENGTH wall rack is impressive.

It has been tested with weights up to 200 kg and I can confidently say that it can handle heavy loads.

The chin-ups bar has a maximum capacity of 150 kg which is great for people who are looking to build their upper body strength.

It is equipped with a support bar that adapts to 28mm and is 50mm thick. All supports are removable, making it easy to customize the rack to fit my needs.

There are numerous accessories that can be added to the rack to make it even more practical. This includes dip bars, J-hook attachments, and punching bag attachments.

Decathlon Fold-Down Weight Training Wall Rack for Squats and Pull Up in a home gym

Best squat rack for small space

The best Squat rack for a small space could definitely not be a power cage. Power cages or full squat racks with pull-up bars take up almost 4 feet in width and length and also there is height.

For your small apartment an adjustable squat stands in India makes more sense.

The horizontal bars on the adjustable squat stands are separate so while not working out you can simply store them in a corner.

Some adjustable squat stands are highly durable and made of high-quality steel.

Yet again, a wall squat rack is the best, simple option when it comes to getting the best squat rack for a small space.

Decathlon Gym Weight Training Squat Rack 900

Our Rating: 7/10

Top Use Case: Budget power rack for home gym

Decathlon Gym Weight Training Squat Rack 900

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. Can handle upto 200 kgs of weight.
  2. Comes with a monkey pull-up bar.
  3. Can use 28mm and 50mm barbells.
  4. Comes with a pulley so you can train your back easily!

Positives of Decathlon 900

  • With the monkey pullup bar, you can do neutral and wide pull-ups.
  • The chain pulley is also a timesaver and a space saver since it is built into the power cage.
  • It can support weight up to 200kgs, which will seem low compared with other power racks which can support upto 500 kgs of weight. But for home workouts, 200kgs might be sufficient for some.
  • Comes with Jhooks and you can add many other adaptors like for dip attachments or pegs for weight plates.
  • Spotter arms are thick and seem to be durable.
  • People over 6 feet have no issues so tiny guys like me will also have no issues.

Exercises you can do with this: Arms: Cable rope Overhead triceps extension, Chin-ups, Cable biceps curls, Triceps pushdown Chest: Barbell Bench press (flat, incline, decline) Shoulders: Cable face pulls, Seated Overhead Press, Cable lateral raises Back: Lat pulldown, Pull-ups, Seated cable rows Legs: Squats (front, back)

Negatives of Decathlon 900

  • Some buyers have complained about the cable being broken after just 3 months.
  • Buyers also complain about the pulley for the noise it makes.

Why Should you buy this!

If you’re looking for a high-quality heavy cage with a cable system attached, I highly recommend this product. It comes with the trust of Decathlon.

The paint and finishing are top-notch, giving it an overall pleasing appearance. The cage was very easy to install, and it includes everything you need to get started.

The provided spanners work well, but I’d recommend using a T spanner or torque wrench to speed up the process. I use 28-mm weight plates with this cage and a 7ft barbell.

Decathlon Gym Weight Training Squat Rack 900

Top Features of

  • You can do chin-ups up to 150 kg max!
  • You can do a wide variety of exercises using free weights, guided weights, or body weights!
  • And you can just reposition the bar support pegs depending on the exercise, which adds more flexibility!
  • Bar support pegs can be positioned precisely from 55 to 180 cm, in 5 cm intervals, which is great for anatomic design!
  • Includes 28 and 50-mm weight adaptors, making it extremely versatile!

The Power Rack 900 has some impressive specifications. I’ve tested it with weights up to 200 kg without any issues, and during chin-ups, it can handle a maximum weight of 150 kg. That’s a significant weight capacity that gives me peace of mind while using it.

One of the standout features of the Power Rack 900 is its versatility. It allows me to do a wide variety of exercises, from free weights to guided weights to bodyweight workouts. The ability to switch up my routines has prevented boredom and plateauing in my workouts.

Yoddha POWER CAGE with Smith Machine

Our Rating: 8/10

Top Use Case: Budget power rack for home gym

Yoddha POWER CAGE with Smith Machine

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. The YODDHA FITNESS POWER RACK COMPLETE offers a wide range of exercises including pull ups, squats, bench press, tricep dips, bicep curls, and lat pulldowns.
  2. The product is not designed to be bolted on the ground, which makes it easy to move to another location.
  3. It has a inbuilt smith machine. So you can use the smith machine or use your own barbells – it is up to you!
  4. It also has a pulley machine so you do not need to buy any other machine at all!

Positives of Yoddha POWER CAGE with Smith Machine

  • Enjoy almost limitless training versatility with the pull-up bars, dip bars, and bicep curls bar included in this functional fitness station.
  • Comes with eight plate storage holders, a pair of J-CUPS, and a pair of 20″ safety spotters for added convenience and safety.
  • The load capacity for the Power Cage – Bench and Squat is max. 400 kg, for Plate Loaded it’s 100 kg, and for the Smith Machine, it’s 150 kg. So that is plenty for home use.
  • Ideal for home gyms, commercial, CrossFit®, functional, and outdoor gyms. So no matter the way you train, you can use this squat rack/power rack.
  • If you mail them or call them they can customize the length, height, and width of the rack as per your requirement. I would not change the measurements unless I know exactly what I am doing.
  • Additional accessories like Dip Bar, landmine, etc. are available for extra cost.
  • It is made with 11 gauge steel pipe with 3*3 square – so it is super strong.
  • The width in the side is around 42 inches and the depth is 64 inches – it has good room to perform with the smith machine bar.
  • The pulley works well and smoothly. It has all the equipment that you would need to work out!

Negatives of Yoddha POWER CAGE with Smith Machine

  • It will take up a lot of space.
  • Can be costly for a home gym user.

Why Should you buy this!

I highly recommend this high load capacity rack to anyone who wants to take their home gym setup to the next level. With a maximum weight capacity of 400 kg for Power Cage – Bench and Squat exercises, 100 kg for Plate Loaded, and 150 kg for Smith Machine workouts, this rack provides excellent support for a variety of exercises.

One of the standout features of this rack is its versatility. You can use it with a Power Cage for bench presses and squats, or with a Smith Machine for controlled lifting movements.

You can add on extra accessories such as dip bars or a landmine attachment (at extra cost) to further enhance your workout routine and target specific muscle groups.

Yoddha POWER CAGE with Smith Machine

Top Features of

  • Train a variety of muscles with its functional fitness station, including arms, shoulders, legs, back, and chest.
  • Takes up a lot of space since it has a smith machine and a pulley built in.
  • Can you use your own barbell or use the smith machine barbell.
  • The added smith machine is great if you want to do some controlled movement.
  • Experience limitless training versatility with its Smith Machine, lat pulldown machine, pull up bars, dip bars, and bicep curls bar. Keep your training fresh and enjoyable with a range of different exercises.
  • Assemble with ease using included nuts and bolts.
  • Enjoy peace of mind with a 5-year warranty on certain parts.
  • They can customize the rack’s dimensions to fit your specific needs.
  • Ideal for home gyms, commercial gyms, CrossFit®, functional fitness, and outdoor gyms.

The versatility of this functional fitness station is almost limitless, allowing me to perform a variety of exercises including pull-ups, squats, bench press, and tricep dips with ease. The Smith Machine is a game-changer, providing a smooth and safe range of motion for various exercises.

LEEWAY Squat Rack

Our Rating: 6/10

Top Use Case: Budget power rack for home gym

LEEWAY Squat Rack

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. The product is reliable, practical, and of good quality, making it value for money.

  2. The j-hooks that come with the product are not fully flat or precisely manufactured, causing the bar to rest on one side, leading to instability.

  3. The finishing and welding work of the product can be improved for the price range of around 12k.

Positives of LEEWAY Squat Rack

  • The finish of the product is premium, especially the color and coating.
  • The product is easy to assemble, move, and adjust as needed.
  • The weight capacity of the product is unclear, but it may be for a 350 kg static loading, and it sways when returning 150 kg after squatting horizontally.
  • The maximum height extension of the product may not be suitable for people taller than 5’8″.
  • The product is stable and sturdy, but screw holes are not properly aligned, creating instability in some cases.

Negatives of LEEWAY Squat Rack

  • The hooks do not have rubber protection, which may cause scratches on the bar.
  • The spotter arms are a bit short for some users’ liking.

Why Should you buy this!

The maximum height may not be suitable for taller people. Some customers have reported issues with screw holes and the alignment of j-hooks.

Despite these minor issues, the product is highly recommended for home use and suitable for performing squats, bench presses, bicep curls with rod, deadlifts, shoulder presses, and many other exercises.

LEEWAY Squat Rack features

Top Features of

  • The maximum load capacity of 350kg
  • 17 adjustable heights for customizable workouts
  • Suitable for a variety of height requirements
  • Multi-functional fitness equipment for biceps and triceps exercises
  • T-shaped base for stability and security support
  • Thick square tube used in the main frame for enhanced stability
  • Folding squat rack for easy storage
  • 100% guaranteed satisfaction and replacement for damage.

The Barbell High Jump Stand is also a multi-functional fitness equipment. 

It offers a combination of all gym equipment for the perfect workout, making it a versatile choice for those who want to do biceps & triceps exercises, pull-ups, squats and other workouts.

One of the key aspects of this product that sets it apart from its competitors is the security support that it offers. 

The power cage base is T-shaped, which prevents it from turning over, and the thick square tube used in the main frame enhances the stability of the entire folding squat rack. 

You should feel secure and confident while using it, and it helps me to push myself harder during my workouts.

Seige Power Racks (Full and Half) for different budget and features

Our Rating: 10/10

Top Use Case: Budget power rack for home gym

Mammoth Power Rack - 6 Post/4 Post

Mammoth Power Rack – 6 Post/4 Post

The Mammoth rack features 11 gauge, 33 CR Steel Tubes that provide a robust framework for workouts. With a massive working area of 48*70″, I had plenty of space to move around and perform various exercises.

You will need a huge room to accommodate it.

One of the unique features of the Mammoth 6 is its floor runner design with reinforced brace plates, which provided rock-solid stability during use. 

The coating on the rack is a 9 stage Powder Coating Finish that provides excellent durability and ensures that the rack will look great for years to come.

Seige mamoth

The Mammoth 6 is also relatively easy to set up, with a footprint of 59” x 88” and a weight of 215 KGs. It stands at a height of 92”, which was perfect for tall people, and the steel section measures 3“ x 3” with a steel gauge of 11 gauge, 3 mm.

11 gauge steel are pretty standard for heavy-duty power cages and can support a lot of working weight.

The poles with a hole size of 16 mm and hole spacing of 2″ throughout. 

The pullup bar is a 34mm Dia straight bar and cambered multigrip bar, which provides excellent grip and is comfortable to use. 

The rack comes with 2 box safeties with uhmw plastic lining or Safety Straps, and 2 swivel and clasp hooks with UHMW Plastic Lining, which will not damage the knurling on the barbell.

The rack also comes with 2 Sets of Weight Storage Pins and Barbell Storage, which is a great feature for keeping the gym space organized.

The Mammoth 6 offers additional accessories that can be purchased separately, such as Spotter Arms, Adjustable Dip Bars, Landmine, and Jammer Arms.

In comparison to other power racks, the Mammoth 6 stands out with its unique features, such as the floor runner design, reinforced brace plates, and 9 stage Powder Coating Finish. The hardware and accessories are also impressive, making the rack incredibly versatile.

Who is it for?

I would highly recommend the Mammoth 6 power rack to anyone who is serious about their fitness.

By seriousness either you are a pro bodybuilder, athlete who settles for nothing but the best.

Unless you are going like 5x your body weight, this would be a waste for your home gym!

Apart from lifting heavy, you can also use the two pull-up bars, one is straight and another is a monkey grip bar. 

The 4 post version is also bigger but not as big as the 6 post but more or less the features are the same. The 4 post version is also suitable for pro only!

Daemon Half Rack

Daemon Half Rack

This half rack is not only precision engineered but also boasts an aesthetically stunning design. 

The half rack stands at 160 kg, which is considerably heavier than most of its competitors, making it the most stable and safe half rack that you will ever use!

The Daemon comes standard with heavy-duty spotter arms and two sets of weight storage pins, which is extremely convenient which will save you some additional rupees in the future. 

It is compatible with every single Siege Fitness Rack Accessory, giving me the flexibility to upgrade my workout routine without having to purchase a new half rack.

Siege accessories are costly like their squat racks but those are all well built as well.

The 9-stage Powder Coating Finish also gives it an elegant look, making it a perfect fit for any gym setup.

daemon half rack features

The half rack has a footprint of 47″ width x 48″ depth (inclusive of feet), which is a standard size and should fit comfortably in your home gym.

If you do not have this much space then you can try wall power racks by Sfhealthtech, Siege or Decathlon.

The height of 84” and back post height of 72″ provides enough space to perform a range of exercises, including overhead presses and pull-ups.

I can easily jump and reach the pull-up bars it seems.

 This should be suitable for taller people as well. 

The 3“ x 3” steel section of The Daemon, combined with the 11 Gauge, 3 mm steel gauge, and 16 mm (5/8”) hardware, gives it unparalleled strength and durability. 

The hole size of 16 mm and hole spacing of 2″ throughout, make it easy to adjust the J hooks and spotter arms, making my workout routine smoother and safer.

The J hooks come with 2 swivel and clasp hooks with UHMW Plastic Lining, which provide superior grip and prevent any damage to the barbell.

The 34mm Dia Pull-up bar is also a welcome addition, allowing me to perform different variations of pull-ups with ease.

Who is it for?

Overall, The Daemon from Siege Fitness is a top-of-the-line half rack that offers exceptional performance and durability. 

Its compatibility with every single Siege Fitness Rack Accessory and the additional accessories available for purchase (Landmine Attachment, Dip Bars, Patriot Jammer Arms) makes it an all-in-one solution for all gym needs. 

If you are looking for a reliable and sturdy half rack, The Daemon should definitely be on your radar.

This rack is suitable for people who lift heavy but do not have a space for a standard 4 or 6 post power rack.

HASHTAG FITNESS Power Rack with LAT Pulldown

Our Rating: 6/10

Top Use Case: Professional gym belt


Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. The cable length for lateral pull could have been longer.
  2. The movement of the collar over the steel frame creates noise.
  3. Sturdy but difficult to assemble, may require hiring help.

Positives of HASHTAG FITNESS Power Rack

  • Heavy-duty construction for serious weight capacity and durability
  • 24 exercises can be performed on this power cage
  • Multi-grip chin-up/pull-up bars can handle up to 250 kg weight capacity
  • 15 adjustable safety bar positions for various exercises like squats, shrugs, deadlifts etc.
  • Lats pull capacity of up to 120 kg for muscle building
  • Replacement is provided free of cost in case of any damages or manufacturing defects
  • Perfect for a home workout with various exercise options available

Negatives of HASHTAG FITNESS Power Rack

  • It makes some noise while using the rack.

Why Should you buy this!

The HASHTAG FITNESS Power cage is a must-have piece of equipment for serious weightlifters and fitness enthusiasts alike. As someone who is passionate about maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle.

With a weight capacity of up to 300 kg, this professional Power Cage can handle even the most heavy-duty workouts. 

Just rack up the weights and push harder, this power cage will help you all the way to it.

Best power rack in India for home gym and Adjustable squat stands 1

Top Features of

  • Made of 2/2 ms pipe
  • Can handle up to 300 kg weight capacity
  • Over 24 exercises can be performed
  • Heavy-duty mild steel frame construction
  • Multi-grip chin-up/pull-up bars with 250 kg weight capacity
  • 15 holes to adjust the position of the safety bars
  • Can be used for exercises such as squats, shrugs, deadlifts, etc.
  • Lats pull capacity of up to 120 kg

This well-built power squat rack features 4*2 layout with 85 inches height and 40 inches width, 56-inch length.

Gold Fitness power rack comes in blue or black color and can handle 300 kgs (as per them).

It is built with a steel frame so it should be a good fit for your home gym.

Comes with safety bars, J hooks, and a Leg rest.

It has a multi-grip chin-up bar with a capacity of 250 kgs and the lat pull capacity of 120 kgs.

The lat pull system uses 28 mm weight plates.

And this squat rack has lots of space to rack up your weight plates to keep the cleaning part of your home gym easy.

GAMMA FITNESS Power Squat Rack with LATS Pull Down PR-40

Our Rating: 7/10

Top Use Case: Professional gym belt

GAMMA FITNESS Power Squat Rack with LATS Pull Down PR-40

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. Require a friend or handyman to help with assembly.
  2. The safety rods provided do not align with the power rack.
  3. The power rack is not properly welded with gaps in joints.
  4. Compared to Hashtag power rack, this seems to be durable.

Positives of GAMMA FITNESS Power Squat Rack with LATS Pull Down PR-40

  • The squat rack or power rack has a premium look and the pipe dimension is enough for home use. But the premium look is nowhere near the ones like from Bullock, Seige, Sfhealthtech, etc.
  • The lat pulley down is very smooth and you get additional pulley attachments like the Bicep-Tricep handlebar.
  • The multi-grip pull-up bar is decent and sturdy.
  • The lat pull can handle around 100kgs of weight which is enough for home usage. You will need 100kgs of plates though.
  • Gamma Fitness is willing to replace broken, torn rubber parts – so good customer service.

Negatives of GAMMA FITNESS Power Squat Rack with LATS Pull Down PR-40

  • The spotter arm is kind of small.
  • The Jhooks have no cover so it might damage your barbell in the long run.

Why Should you buy this!

Based on the reviews, it seems to be a good value-for-money product. The power rack is sturdy and can handle a decent amount of weight.

The lat pull-down machine adds value to the product and provides a good home workout setup. Customer support is exceptional and helpful in case of any issues with the product.

The package comes with all the necessary parts and the quality is excellent. Overall, this power rack is a great option for those who want to work out alone and safely at home.

However, there are some negative reviews that highlight issues with packaging, missing parts, and inaccurate pictures. In those cases, the seller-provided assistance and sent replacements free of cost. It’s important to carefully read the product details and reviews before making a purchase. Some reviewers even suggest seeking help from a friend or handyman for assembly.

So if you’re looking for an affordable, well-built, and professional-looking power rack, the Power Rack PR-40 from Gamma Fitness is a great option. With proper care and maintenance, it can serve your workout needs for years to come.

GAMMA FITNESS Power Squat Rack with LATS Pull Down PR-40 at a home

Top Features of

  • Made with 2.5 x 2.5 inches heavy tensile pipe
  • Semi-commercial or home gym use
  • Super sturdy
  • Smooth workout experience
  • Lats bar and Bi-Tri Handle included
  • J-hooks included
  • Safety Panels included
  • Dips included
  • Interlocking technology for strong and safe use
  • Recommended for heavy use
  • Weight capacity of over 500 kg

This GAMMA fitness power squat rack also have a lower ground pulley and also a lat pull-down. This is also well built with 96 inches in height and 48 inches in length.

If you wish you can get matching benches and weights from them too. And your squat rack will be ready.

This adjustable squat rack is great for extreme workouts, and you can work out with max load easily. No matter the brutal routines you use the industrial strength hardware will handle it all.

There are also few squat racks with cable crossover but the Olympic bench and squat rack combo makes more sense, But for those who have shoulder issues might want to look for a cable crossover to do incline shoulder press, chest flyes. For them, the weight bench and squat rack combo could become painful if not careful.

Cheapest budget-friendly Squat Power Rack India


Protonar Adjustable Squat Stands

As the name suggests this is not a squat rack but for low budget and low space this could be your starting point.

Unlike some other models this squat stand is highly durable with a middle support attached.

But if money is not a problem then always go for cage-styled squat racks or power cages. They are safer and obviously better.

If you still want low space consumption then go for the wall racks!

Check on Amazon

Smith Machine Vs power Rack for home gym India

A smith machine is workout or strength training tool that restricts your bar movements. This allows the user to move the bar in a fixed pattern and do it in a much safer way.

Since there the movement pattern of the bar is fixed, your own natural movements are restricted. Smith machines take away most of the balancing part from the exercise.

Smith Machine in India

But the main advantage of smith machine is safety, if you are unable to move during an exercise you just need to twist the bar and it will look into the hooks.

And main disadvantage will be the loss of free movement.

Power racks or Power Cages or sometimes also referred to as squat cage are similar to smith machines where you would do similar exercises.

In this case there are no movement restrictions, you are in a cage-like structure that provides safety. And there is ample space in the power cage to do your lifts.

Power Rack Squat Cage Bench Cross fit Pull up in 2 X 2 Square Pipe

With Power Racks, you ensure that there is nothing that restricts your movement pattern. You can also set the safety bar locations so that if you fail the bar does not fall on you.

 Major disadvantages of power rack/squat rack India could be this–One, you can not secure the bar mid-range, you have to set it at ease where you have set the safety bars. The bar, you are buying it where with smith machine it comes with it. And you will have to safely load up the bar, check the safety bars at both sides. 

A power rack also needs to be secured with the floor and could be large for some homeowners.

Power cage vs Power rack vs Squat rack

Power cage or Power rack are the same thing and even the Squat rack is interchangeable. If you are heavy lifter or want to lift heavy but work out at home alone, then you must have these beasts.

A power rack or power cage works as your spotter and saves you if any accident occurs.

The power cage of the squat rack is four-legged, has four strong pillars which you will install firmly at your gym room floor. A power rack also needs a somewhat tall or normal ceiling as most of them come with a pull up bar.

Many squat rack also comes with a lat pull-down bar, but I do not like the pulley attachment with a power rack. SPORTO FITNESS Power Rack Olympic Squat Cage

A power rack has two catchers or hookers at both sides which acts as your security when you are doing heavy bench presses or heavy squats. Also, you can use them while performing rack pulls.

With a squat rack imagine a scenario where you are squatting with your 1 Rep Max and trying to do a second or third rep. What if you fail? Either you drop the bar at the floor, damaging it.

Best Squat Rack India

Or go down with the heavy barbell and injure yourself. But with a power cage you have the liberty to fall either forward or backward. The cage will take care of the barbell.

No property damage, no personal damage.

With a high ceiling, you can also do heavy overhead presses and set the catchers at the side as you need. Sometimes suddenly fatigue sets in we can not lift any more overhead, with a power rack you can just let the weight go.

Get the – Best gymnastic Rings for your Power Cage

Power rack vs Squat Stand

A squat stand is a piece of home gym equipment that is solely built to place the barbell. Squat stands are also mostly known as a squat rack, as you basically put the barbell there and keep it.

Table: Power Rack Vs Squat Stand

FeaturesPower RackSquat Stand
SizeLargeSmall to Medium
StabilityHighly stableLess stable
AdjustabilityHigh adjustabilityLower adjustability
Weight CapacityHigh weight capacityLower weight capacity
Safety FeaturesSafety arms, J-hooks, and pull-up barFewer safety features
Attachment optionsMore attachment options availableFewer attachment options
CostHigher costLower cost
Space requiredLarge space requiredSmaller space required
Ease of useMay require more setup time and effortEasier to set up
Quick Note
A squat stand is basically two metal stands, sometimes inner connected at the base for more stability. Squat stands can only be used from the front and going underneath the bar. Either you do bench press or squats this is the only way.

Unlike using the power rack, using a squat stand in your home gym gives you some challenges. You can safely rack and unrack the barbell but if you fail in the middle of a repetition, then nothing is saving you. You may damage the floor or get an injury.

Powertec Workbench Power Rack
From a safety point of view, the power rack wins every time.

But if you have a small home, an adjustable squat stand is your best bet. While a power cage might take 10 sq feet place, a squat stand takes only half. But a some squat stands may be larger.

If you want to do Olympic lifts like clean and jerks, snatches then power rack might not be a good idea. Power rack may hinder your free movements while doing these lifts. In that case a squat stand may work very well. And using snatch or clean and jerk you are not going to lift too heavy either.

But when doing the exercises in front of a power rack you can use it as a place to rack the barbell. It will act as a squat stand then while you do Olympic lifts.

Power racks also have a huge capacity to store weight plates very neatly. Best of everything I would say.

And it all comes down to space, budget and exercise type.

If you have enough space, an entire 120-150 sq feet room for your home gym, then get a power cage. Otherwise, you might want to stick to adjustable squat stands. Or you can only do dumbbell moves.

If the budget does not matter, you might as well get both. Or a huge power cage with multiple attachments like monkey bar, landmines, everything. You will need a large area for that.

BODYLEAN Power Squat Rack 2.5 Square Pipe PR-01

Why are Squat Racks So Expensive? Why do the squat rack cost so much?

How much does a squat rack cost? Why are squat racks so expensive? squat racks costs high because there some factors that are not allowing it to be cheaper!

Check Now!

If you are into traditional raw strength development workouts like 5 X 5 doing heavy lifts with bench press, squats then you might want to consider power rack. Or if you are a newbie but want to go heavier then also consider a power cage. But if you mostly do dynamic moves like clean and press then a squat stand might suit you well.

Also note
The type of barbell you use, most squat stands in India does not support the Olympic 7 feet barbell. Unless the feet of the squat stand can be separated and that makes the stand not so stable for Olympic bar grade weights.

Most power cages or racks support any standard Olympic barbell.

Top Advantages of Power Rack: Versatility and Safety.

Top Advantages of Squat stand: Small place requirement and low cost than power rack.

Get the – Best Crossfit Equipment Online in India

Power rack vs Half rack

Remove the front two iron/steel pillars half and you get a half power rack(wiki) or a half rack. A half rack provides less safety to inexperienced lifters. You do not have the luxury to fall at every side if you should fail to lift the weight. But half power rack misses some steel so it is less costly and takes less space in your home.

If you are experienced in lifting heavy then you may go for a half rack, half racks also allow some more freedom while doing dynamic movements. Some half-squat rack comes with lat pull down and almost every half squat rack comes with a pull up bar.

I would recommend you to get Full power rack for all possible workout maneuver. With a full power rack you should not have any issues with active and passive squat-stand maneuver at all. This will give you the maximum muscle gain.

How to choose a squat rack home gym India

Quick tips for choosing a squat rack for your home gym – 

  1. Squat Stand – Minimum safety, lowest cost
  2. Half Rack – Safe, costlier than squat stand, not many attachments.
  3. Full squat rack or Power cage – Costly, Safe, Many attachments thus most versatile.

Among these 3 types of power rack the power cage will take up most of the space in your home gym, and it is more versatile than others.

Regarding materials, look for good welding around the joints, and look for steel used. In India in the budget segment, they use around 1-inch thick steel.

And I would recommend the most versatile well built power rack.

Safety, Attachment capability and durability should be your key sets to watch before you buy a power rack.

Also to keep the power rack rust free you can opt for a powder coat finish as well. A powder-coated power rack with a sturdy frame will also have a high weight capacity.


Are Power Rack in India and Squat Rack India are same?

While power rack and squat rack are different. But in India you will see people referring them to be the same thing.

Do you need a power rack in your home gym?

Absolutely, in your home gym in India safety comes first. A squat rack or power rack helps you or enables you to lift heavy weights safely. And without the need of a spotter.

Are squat rack and bench with weights any good for home?

If you are absolutely sure with the overall quality then go for a complete set of squat rack online with bench and weight. But the cost will be high and if you are not careful with your choices you will get a bad product. Thus getting the rack, bench and weight separately makes more sense.

How much does a power rack cost for a home gym in India?

If you check the squat racks or power cage online in India, you will see the range starts from around 10,000 INR and goes all the way up to 50000 INR. Depends on your choice. Look for steel quality, pull up bar attachments, if other attachments like ladmine can be installed etc.

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