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If you want to get real strong, want real, functional strength for upper body then you definately need a pull up bar. Pull ups one of the toughest and beneficial exercises to develop muscle and strength. And your home gym is incomplete without a versatile pull up bar. When you are up for buying a pull up bar for home India you are offered various choices.

You get door pull up bars for home in India and also get pullup bar for home attached from the ceiling or wall mounted versions. I personally like the wall mounted versions, feels more secure than those portable pull up bars. Pull up stands are also gerat options but they do take some floor space. For apartments you might want to stick to doorway pull up bars if you are on rent. if you own the flat then chin up bar (wall mounted) are better options.

From 900 to 19000 INR, pull up bar prices in India varies between brands, materials used

But which is the best, which is the best budget pull up bar or what pull up bar for home gym in India will suit your needs?

Let’s find out.

Best Buy Pull up Bar (Overall)

I believe if you are going to buy a pull up bar for home then always get a wall mounted pull up bar. A wall mounted chin up bar should be your first choice. A chin up bar for home should be well fit, sturdy and reliable so that you never fear pushing yourself to the limit. Here is our best buy for pull up bar online India.

Cheapest Chin up bar Choice

The hanging rod with chain and some doorway pull up bars are the cheapest option. But not all low cost items are bad quality and not all of them are good quality either.

Most Versatile (Multi Grip Pull-up Bar)

Yes, I am a little biased towards multi grip pull up bar wall mounted. Wall mounted pull up bar are one of the best options when it comes to versatility. You get ab straps, multi grip, chain pulley, lat pull down options as well.

Top 10 Best pull up bar for home india

Pull up Bars

Average Rating Price Range

Magic Home Gym Multi Grip Wall Mounted Pull up Bar for home India

4/5 ₹₹₹₹₹

Kore K-WM Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar for home India with Ab Straps Fitness Combo

4/5 ₹₹₹₹₹

Home Gym Dynamics Multi Grip Professional Level Pull Up Bar for Home India

3/5 ₹₹₹₹₹

PUSH2FIT Dynamic Wall Mounted Chin up Bar Combo

3.5/5 ₹₹₹₹₹

Cockatoo Doorway Pull Up Bar for home India

4/5 ₹₹₹₹₹

Protoner 3 in 1 wall mounted pull up bar for Home India

4/5 ₹₹₹₹

Push2Fit 3 in 1 Dynamic Pull up bar for home in India

3.5/5 ₹₹₹₹

JoyFit – Pull up Bar for Home India

4/5 ₹₹₹

StarX Sangal Steel Chin-Up Bar, Adult 6ft (Black)

3/5 ₹₹₹

Home Gym Dynamics Folding Pull up bar for Home India

3/5 ₹₹₹₹
Best Pull up bar for Home India

Reviews of 10 Best pull up bar for home india

Magic Home Gym Multi Grip Wall Mounted Pull up Bar for home India

Final Verdict:

Definitely this is one of the best pull-up bar for home. I have one similar and the build quality is great even after 2-3 years.

  • Heavy duty design pull up chin up bar
  • Multi grip (Wide, close, neutral, chin up)
  • Length 36 inches, height 10 inches and Depth from wall 23 inches
  • Max weight support – 120kgs

For a single user usages this type of heavy duty materials and multi grip design is perfect. You can do pull up variations depending on your health and strength.

Kore K-WM Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar for home India with Ab Straps Fitness Combo

Final Verdict: This is one of the most popular best pull-up bar for home India. It comes with a pair of ab straps, and it makes it very easy to do hanging leg lift workouts.

  • Heavy duty steel with powder coating.
  • Max weight suported is 120 kg
  • Three grip position (Narrow, Wide, Neutral)
  • Length 38 inches, depth 20 inches.
  • Comes with Abs straps so that you can do leg lifts and some other ab exercises.

This is probably the best pull up bar for home india as it also comes with ab straps and you can do back and ab exercises with it.

Home Gym Dynamics Multi Grip Professional Level Pull Up Bar for Home India

Final Verdict: This is surely one of the best wall mounted pull-up bar that has a monkey bar like feature. This chin up bar for home in India is costly but is very unique.

  • Heavy Duty steel construction
  • 5 grip pull up position
  • Premium look and sturdy
  • Max weight 120 kg
  • 36 inches length

If you consider the pull up bar price in india, this is one of the highest cost pull up bar online India.

PUSH2FIT Dynamic Wall Mounted Chin up Bar Combo

Final Verdict: If you are interested in pull up bar workout then this multi functional pull up chin bar will do wonders for your home gym.

  • This pull up bar comes with many accessories. (1 Chin Up Bar, 1 Lats Pully, 1 V-Bar, 1 Pair Ab Straps, 1 Tricep Bar, 1 Roller Pull and 1 Extension Chain)
  • 2 Grip chinup bar
  • Can do tricep, lat pull up down exercises as it comes with a chain
  • Any type of weight plates can be used

If you are into buying pull up bar online india and want that pull up ba to do a lot of things, then this is for you.

Probably not for heavy usages as it does not look study like other pull up bars which do one thing. Pullups only.

Cockatoo Doorway Pull Up Bar for home India

Final Verdict: This is an authentic product that will help with strong grip, developing strong back muscles and more upper body strength.

Cockatoo has many products and this their door pull bar in India. The material is iron and plastic and plastic is on that part where it gets attached to the door!

So it  could be risky. Personally I do not like Door PUll up bar.

It is on this list as it is one of the best door pull up bar online India. But if possible always choose wall mounted pull up bar for home online india.

Protoner 3 in 1 wall mounted pull up bar for Home India

Final Verdict: This is a great option when it comes to doing pull up bar workouts. This model is also kind of a no screw pull-up bar in India.

  • This protoner wall mounted pull up bar or wall mounted home gym combo is really something else.
  • 3 in 1 (Pull up bar, Dips bar, Push up bar)
  • Max weight 95kg
  • Wall mounted Pull up bar (Can be taken off and kept away thus somewhat portable)
  • Steel construction with powder coating.

Push2Fit 3 in 1 Dynamic Pull up bar for home in India

Final Verdict: If you have a small home gym and you want to get the best bang for the buck then you can simply get this best pull up bar for low ceiling. You can do a variety of exercises with this one.

  • Another 3 in 1 bar, why i kept two of them here in a pull up abr list? Cause you can do pull ups with them and do a lot more, which might needed for people who can not spend more on multiple equipments.
  • 3 in 1 (Push up bar, Dips bar, Pull up bar)
  • Steel made
  • Max weight – 95kg
  • Wall mounted pull up bar, can be taken off. Comes with J hook

JoyFit – Pull up Bar for Home India

Final Verdict: This doorway pull up bar has padded grips and is a good hanging rod for home/gym. You can also set it up in a lower angle and use this as a triceps bar as well.

  • A door pull up bar in India for Door pull ups lover, as stated before I ma not a fan of these. I do not feel secure with door pull up bars at all.
  • But if you do not have space on thee wall then it is a great option to do chin ups or pull ups.
  • Low foot print, small size
  • Fits standard doorway – 65cm to 100cm
  • Max weight 136kgs – I doubt it folks!
  • Comes with foam grips

StarX Sangal Steel Chin-Up Bar, Adult 6ft (Black)

  • The cheapest pull up bar online India. At only 425 INR this provides great value for budget home gym makers.
  • Steel material
  • Ceiling mounted
  • 4 feet length

It gets hanged from where we would have a ceiling fan, so if you do not have that anchor at the ceiling in a good place, then do not buy it.

Also you might consider if the chain is strong enough for your weight. Otherwise this hanging chin up bar is space saving option for a home gym.

Home Gym Dynamics Folding Pull up bar for Home India

This pull up bar is for someone who also wants to pulling exercises like lat pull down, tricep push down etc.

Correction, this is not a pull up bar but a home lat pull down machine where you can add up your weight plates and start working out on tricep and lats.

  • Anti swing mechanism so that you do not damage your wall.
  • Wall mounted pull up bar India
  • 70 kgs of weight can be mounted on.
  • However be careful and do not pull fast.

If you are mainly inclined to doing chin ups then mostly skip the hanging rod pull up door bar. Better get pull up bar instead.

Special mention – The decathlon pullup bar india

Bonus: pull up bar decathlon india mini review

Decathlon have many store so you can always go to the store and check the pull up bar there. It is a sturdy wall mounted pull up bar or home gym.

  • Multi grip
  • Sturdy build
  • Can be folded up, takes less space
  • Max weight 130kgs
  • And if there is something wrong with the pull up bar then they replace it, most of the time.
  • Cost – 3299 INR, a bit pricer.

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Types of pull up bar in india

Here are the common types of pull up bar that you will find for your home gym. Each one have their pros and cons and among them the wall mounted pull up bar is the most common.

I would also say that the wall mounted pull up bar is the most reliable.

Now, can a resistance band in India replace a Pull up bar? Nope. It might soudn tempting with the heaviest resistance band but it doesn’t work, ti can not replace pull ups. I tried and I know and I have installed a pull up bar now.

Free Standing Pull up bar India

Best pull up bar stand for home

Pros: No installation charges as no drilling holes. Can do dips, leg raises, push ups.

Cons: Takes almost 7 feet vertical and 3 sq feet of space.

Well if you do not have the permission to make holes in a wall to install a wall mounted pull up bar then I guess a standing pull up bar stand or a power tower is your bet bet. Most of the time if you are living in a rented apartment then you can chose this.

A pull up bar stand will be around 7 feet tall and will be supported on a stable square style platform. And apart from just doing pull ups you can use this free standing pull up bar in India for doing dips, leg raises with back support, can do dips and push ups. These pull up bar freestanding versions are also known as power towers. This magic home gym free standing pull up bar is our best choice so far.

A pull up bar + Dips bar which does not need to be drilled into a wall then this is for you! Generally made with heavy duty steel. 

As the name suggests this style of workout equipment stands on the floor.

General Pros – NO wall damage, if you live in rent or do not want to drill holes in walls then this is for you.

Can do multi grip pull up variations and Dips. And Leg raises.

Here is one for your home gym – Magic Home Gym Dynamics Power Tower Challenger

Back Support

Max Weight 120 kg

Height 84 inches

I would recommend setting this up against a wall – you know for safety reasons.

Best Wall mounted Pull up bar India

Final Verdict: The various angles of the pull up bars helps with doing a wide range of upper body exercises, And the pull up bar has comfortable grips as well.

The safest option when it comes to best at home pull up bars. NO worry about whether the suction cups are secured or not taking up 7 feet of vertical space all the time like the pull up stands.

Also unlike the hanging rod with a chain which is quite unstable (it swings and more challenging for beginners) and can not do much with it anyway.

I have one multi-grip wall mounted chin-up pull-up bar at home and one of the best home gym equipment I got myself.

The most common style of pull up bar India, I find them most sturdy and reliable. But you need to drill good and fix them properly. 

Generally steel made with multi grip options. 

Powder coated to avoid corrosion, that is very much needed for Indian homes.

Usually max weight is around 120kg.

My own pull up bar at home is a wall mounted pull up bar. This stays above our head, no obstruction like a pull up stand and when I work out it is easily available!

Best doorway pull up bar india

Door Pull up bar in India comes in two types, one with screw and without screw. Definitely without screw version is more dangerous than the screwed door pull up bars in India.

These door pull up bars will require a space around 65cm to 100cm to attached to. You can also use wall to attach to.

I am not fond of these as they block the door and do not feel safe. Your weight will hang on 4 screws only.

Ceiling Mounted Pull up bar India

Ceiling Mounted Pull up bar India looks really good, also comes with many grips. But as with many Indian homes we have a ceiling fan so it becomes tough to install one. These are not common in homes too.

Buy Best Portable Pull up bar India

Final Verdict: This is a good hanging rod for the home /gym that fits on the doorway. With this you would have to do pull-ups with overhand grip mostly.

Portable Pull up bar in India are of two types, one is that you can unhook from the wall and keep aside while not working.

Another one is telescopic pull up bar or doorway pull up bars. If you do not screw them tight then you can just push the ends of a doorway pull up bar together to make them small.

If you travel a lot or live in an apartment then doorway pull up bars are your best choice. And always make sure that the bar is secured before you do pull ups.

There is a pull bar from Decathlon which is somewhat portable and wall pull up bar, Dip stations are somewhat portable. Other than that one type of ceiling mounted pull up bar that comes with a chain is portable.

You can unhook from the hook and store it away. Example – Push to Fit 3 in 1

Otherwise portable pull up bars are not sturdy like the fixed ones. It has to support your entire body weight and motion.

Best pull up bar for apartment

Pros: For rented apartments, no wall damage. Can be removed from the doorway so takes up no space at all.

Cons: Not safer than wall mounted pull up bars in India.

If you are in a rented apartment then a portable hanging bar is your best choice. Almost any heavy duty doorway pull up bar would do. But as a caution always double check if the suction caps at the end of the telescopic pull up bar are holding up correctly. And if you are not using them then just pluck it from the doorway and keep it away.

There are also some multi grip doorway pull up bars which can also be used for apartments. These offer neutral grips and great for people who want something more than just a straight doorway pull up bar.

Tips on Selecting Your Pull up bar online India

Chose with multi grip option. A multi grip allows you to change pull up variations. If you feel your shoulders are sore you can simply switch to neutral grip. If you can not do more wide grip pull ups you can switch to close or neutral grip pull ups.

Chose Sturdy, Powder coated Pull up bars. Look for steel, colored or powder coated pull up bars. These are more durable and will support you for a long time.

Pull up bar buying guidelines

Max weight: When buying a pull up bar you should first check the max user weight capacity it can handle. You do not want to buy a pull up bar that can not handle your weight and will bend or fall off. Usually wall mounted pull up bars are more capable and can hold user weight almost more than 120kgs.

Length: usually the pull up bars are almost 2.5 to 3 feet long, for portable pull up bars they have the length mentioned. Those are usually meant to fit within a door frame so they do not get larger.

Grips: Doorway pull up bar has only one hand position to use but multi grip pull up bars can have almost 5 different hand positions. Different hand positions target different hand and back muscles. And neutral grip is easy on your shoulders if you have any shoulder issue like me.

Portable/Permanent: If you want to carry your pull up bar while you travel or live on a rent and can not make holes on the wall then you should get a portable/doorway pull up bar. And if you have your own house/apartment and value stability and sturdiness the most then get a pull up stand, wall mounted pull up bar etc.

Lat Pull downs?: Some also prefer to have more than one gym equipment. Some pull up bars come with lat pull down options which are also great if you want to do tricep extensions. And definitely you can do lat pull downs.

Cost: Better steel and sturdiness demands higher cost – check your budget if you can spend that much for a pull up bar.

Multi grip vs Straight pull up bar

Multi grips wall mounted pull up bars are useful in three scenarios, see below:

  1. You can target different back muscles including or excluding latissimus dorsi.
  2. If you have shoulder pain like me then you can do neutral grip and close grip pull ups so that you shoulder pain does not increase.
  3. Imagine you got tired doing wide grip pull ups at rep 7, so you stopped and took a small rest. But what if you did not take the rest instead jumped up and pushed yourself doing 2-3 more reps on the neutral grip. More pressure is put on the muscle and chance of better growth.

With Straight Pull up bar you miss this opportunity and only end up doing wide, narrow and chin ups. With multi grip bars depending on the angle, you will feel the muscles worked differently.

Benefits of Pull up bar for Home India

  1. Are you skinny? Looking forward to build overall muscle all over your body? Pull up can develop some serious strength on your upper body and pack some muscles on your back. Since it is a multi joint exercise your whole body works in sync and burns more fat and builds more muscle.
  2. Different grip positions allows you to target different arm and back muscles, see below pull up variations for the same.
  3. Bicep Development, many use curls and curl variations only but a chin up always makes the bicep work harder, at least for me.
  4. Increase grip strength, while doing pull ups you need to grip the bar at full strength at lift your body up. This develops immense grip and forearm strength. And while you will do heavy deadlifts it will make a difference. You will see the effects of the pull ups as the gains are transferable to other exercises.
  5. Joint friendly, pull ups are joint friendly and you can do almost everyday.
  6. Increase explosiveness, If you do fast movement on the pull up bar then you can increase your explosiveness. Speed + Power = explosiveness and with pull ups you can build that. And that strength can be used for various exercises like clean and jerk, clean and press, deadlift etc.
  7. Want a strong core or abs? Do leg raises on a pull up bar. This will develop core strength as well as grip strength and also work on stabilizer muscles. I do not like ab straps that come with pull up bars. I believe if you hang from the bar and raise your legs you are putting more pressure on your body and your core work overtime to keep you stable.
  8. Functional Strength, we do a lot of movement in our daily life. Pull up and other full body exercises increase stability and strength so much that our daily lives get better.
  9. Posture correction, most of the time due to weak back muscles we get hunched and results in back and neck pain. With pull ups you can develop strong back muscles which will support you and help you get better posture.

Wall mounted pull up bar exercises for home in India

Tarzan: Grab the bar in the middle, pull yourself up then pull your body to the right then lower yourself down and repeat for the left side.

SIde-to-side: Exhale and pull yourself to the top, move across to the right or left in a kinda semi-circular motion before coming down.

Leg Raises: A great ab exercises or core exercises that one must do. Hang from the bar and lift your legs straight parallel. To make this pull up bar exercise more tough you can lift your body up to the bar and then raise the legs.

Knee Twist: Pull yourself up, pull your kneed towards your chest and twist to the left and right and then lower yourself down.

Thurst: Pull yourself to the top and swing your legs back and forth to create momentum. A wall mounted pull up bar in India is required for this.

Towel grip: Towel grip test your grip strengths. Wrap the towel around the pull up bar so that you can grab two ends of the towel almost shoulder width apart.





Super easy to install and take off.

Drilling the wall is not easy.

No installation required.

Space saving but can not close the door.

Space saving but needs cleaning.

Takes floor space and needs cleaning.

Door length needs to be checked

Brick wall work best.

Just need almost 3 feet wide floor space.

Ideal for home gym in rented houses.

Ideal home gym.

Ideal for big homes and offices.

Only safe to do pull ups and crunches.

Safe to do pull ups, chin ups and others.

Safe to do pull ups, chin ups and others.. 

Low cost

Expensive than doorway pull up bar

Expensive than both variants.


How to get better at Pull ups

Have the bar set up everyday, anytime. Wall mounted pull up bar works best in this matter. And just go and do one two pull ups every hour or every 2-3 hours. This will help you build a habit and strength to do better while you are actually doing reps.

Pull up Grip variations to try with pull up bar for Home in India

Wide Grip Pull up: The hardest pull up variation and the pull up variation that will build great strength. Wide grip pull ups are lat dominant and hard to master. You will not see many going above 12 reps in each set doing wide grip pull ups.

Neutral Grip Pull up: If wide grip pull ups (wiki) are hard to do then you can try the next hardest pull up which is neutral grip pull up. Here some of the pressure goes off from lats to the brachialis and middle back. Some also do this pull up for middle back development.

Narrow Grip Pull up: This is one of the easiest variations to do, here your palms stay close and overhead grip. This pull up variation is mostly forearm and brachialis dominant.

Chin up or Underhand Pull up: This is one the easiest pull up to do at home in India, here most of the pressure is on the biceps and less on the back. 

Do you see a pattern here? You can build the most strength with the most hardest version of pull up. But all pull up variations build strengths and muscle.

FAQ – Best Pull up bar India

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