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Working out for 10 years | Has a home gym | CPD (UK) Certificate holder in Fitness

Today we will check out the best pull-up bars for home use in India. I am Samarjit and I love pull-ups. I remember when I first stepped into a local gym and cracked 15 pull-ups quickly, the whole gym was looking at me with awe. They skipped pull-ups.

Magic Home Gym Pull-up Bar is the best pull-up bar for a home in India. 

Pull-up is one of the most strenuous and demanding exercises. Be good at it and your upper body strength will reach the sky! I will push wall-mounted pull-up bars as the best for home use since these will provide a solid base that you can pull up from. You do not want a wobbly or weak/loose pull-up bar that fall on your tailbone. So get a drill and pick what you think is best from this list of top pull-up bars.

Best Pull up bar for Home India 1

And your home gym is incomplete without a versatile pull-up bar.

[LIST] 7 Best Pull up bar for Home in India

Pull-up BarAverage Score
Magic Home Gym Multi Grip Wall Mounted Pull-up Bar6.625
Kore K-WM Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar for home7.625
Target2BFit Multi-Grip Pull Up Bar for Home India6
ALLYSON Multifunctional Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar6.625
BullrocK Baboon Pull Up Bar for Home & Commercial Gym8
Protoner 3 In 1 Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar For Home India5
Best Pull up bar for Home India
My multi- grip pull-bar

When you are up for buying a pull-up bar for a home in India, you are offered various choices.

You get door pull-up bars for homes in India and also get pull-up bars for homes attached from the ceiling or wall-mounted versions.

I like the wall-mounted versions, feel more secure than these portable pull-up bars.

Pull-up stands are also great options, but they do take some floor space.

For flats, you might want to stick to doorway pull-up bars if you are on rent. If you own the flat, then a chin-up bar (wall-mounted) are a better option.

From 900 to 19000 INR, pull-up bar prices in India vary between brands, materials used

But which is the best, which is the best budget pull-up bar, or what pull-up bar for a home gym in India will suit your needs?

Let’s find out.

Reviews of 7 Best Pull up bar for Home India

Magic Home Gym Multi Grip Wall Mounted Pull-up Bar for Home India

Our Rating: 6.6/10

Top Use Case: Versatile home gym equipment for pull-ups, chin-ups, and gymnastic exercises.

magic home gym pull up bar

Based on my thorough testing, buy extra 8mm fasteners, as the provided ones are tricky to hammer in. Use a 12mm or 14mm drill bit for optimal grip. To tackle instability, tie the horizontal bar to the straight bar.

During hands-on trials, noticed the sturdy build, but the horizontal bar may shake without reinforcement. Consider using your own 18mm fasteners for a more robust installation.

Installation can be challenging, but once properly done, it offers a reliable and sturdy experience for pull-ups and chin-ups.

Pros and Cons of The Magic Home Gym Multigrip Wall Mounted Chin-Bar

Sturdy and durable for pull-ups and chin-ups.Difficult installation process.
Reliable workout experience.Lack of clear instructions on drill size and length.
Suitable for users up to 80-90 kgs.Additional 2 fasteners not provided in the kit.
Versatile equipment for various exercises.Issues with provided fastener quality.
Good grip with no loose or shaking parts.Some users faced stability problems.
Well-built and heavy-duty design.Screws may become loose over time.
Appreciated for use with gymnastic rings.Complaints about the provided bolts.
Strong build quality with reliable performance.Some found it impractical for domestic use.
Excellent for daily use by teens.Inconsistent feedback on installation ease.
Positive feedback on carpenter-assisted setup.Grips may need replacement for better traction.
Heavy-duty construction for long-lasting use.Discrepancies in the delivered product.
Long delivery time but strong and heavy build.Mixed opinions on the provided bolts’ adequacy.

How we reviewed Magic Home Gym Multigrip Wall Mounted Chin up Bar

CriteriasScore (Out of 10)
Quality and Durability7
Functionality and Versatility8
Customer Support6
Comfort and Ergonomics5
Cost and Value for Money7
Size and Space Requirements8
Maintenance and Care6
Overall user reviews6

Average Score: 6.625

  • Top Use Case: Versatile home gym equipment for pull-ups, chin-ups, and gymnastic exercises.
  • Target Users: Fitness enthusiasts looking for a durable and multifunctional home workout solution.

Why Should you buy Magic Home Gym Multigrip Wall Mounted Chin up Bar

Based on my thorough testing, the Magic Home Gym Multigrip Wall Mounted Chin up Bar, with its Heavy Design and Angular Grips, offers a sturdy and reliable workout experience. The installation process may be challenging, requiring specific tools and additional fasteners for optimal results.

If you follow the provided instructions meticulously, addressing issues like the provided bolts’ quality and the need for extra fasteners, you can enjoy a robust product that accommodates users up to 80-90 kgs. Despite potential challenges, the Magic Home Gym Multigrip Wall Mounted Chin up Bar stands out for its durability and firm grip, making it a worthwhile investment for effective pull-ups and chin-ups in your home gym setup.

Kore K-WM Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar for home India with Ab Straps Fitness Combo

Our Rating: 7.6/10

Top Use Case: Pull up and Do the Abs

Kore K-WM Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar for home India with Ab Straps Fitness Combo

Having tested the Kore K-WM-CHINUP-BAR, I can confidently say it’s a reliable addition to your home gym. The sturdy build withstands vigorous workouts, supporting up to 90 kg. The pull-up bar, though basic, offers a variety of grip positions for a complete upper-body workout.

Installation Hurdles: The provided M8 bolts fell short in reliability. Opt for M10 bolts for better stability. Professional installation is wise; DIY can lead to wall damage.

Grip and Durability: Foam grips are a bit thick, but removing them improves the experience. The black paint coating is durable, showing no signs of wear after months of use.

Pros and Cons of: Kore K-WM-CHINUP-BAR

Sturdy and good quality buildInstallation process is challenging
Solid construction, withstands weightProvided 8 mm anchor bolts are inadequate
Economical priceBolts need to be upgraded to M10 for better strength
Includes ab straps for hanging workoutsDIY installation requires specific tools and precision
Versatile use – pull-ups, hanging leg raisesGrips quality is subpar and tends to loosen
Padded grips for comfortSome users experienced issues with the paint coating
Can be customized for additional exercisesHoles in the rectangular plate limit adjustment
Suitable for home gym setupInstallation on certain wall types can be challenging
Affordable compared to similar productsInstructions for installation could be clearer
Can be adapted for various exercisesLimited suitability for parallel dips due to height
Strong enough for users up to 105 kgLimited grip durability over time
Paint coating is decentBolts provided may not be suitable for heavier users

How we reviewed Kore K-WM-CHINUP-BAR

CriteriaScore (Out of 10)
Quality and Durability8
Functionality and Versatility9
Customer Support6
Comfort and Ergonomics7
Cost and Value for Money9
Size and Space Requirements8
Maintenance and Care7
Overall user reviews7

Average Score: 7.625

Kore K-WM Wall Mounting Chin Up Bar

Why Should you buy Kore K-WM-CHINUP-BAR

What I’ve seen suggests that the Kore K-WM-CHINUP-BAR is a robust and well-built pull-up bar with sturdy welds and proper dimensions. As a user, I’ve noticed the foam grips provide comfort during workouts. The installation process, however, seems challenging, requiring M10 bolts instead of the provided M8 screws. To ensure secure installation, it’s recommended to consult a professional, adding to the overall cost.

Despite the installation hassle, the gym-quality pull-up bar, ideal for various exercises, proves its worth. Overall, if users are willing to overcome the installation challenges, the Kore K-WM-CHINUP-BAR stands out for its quality and versatility.

Target2BFit Multi-Grip Pull Up Bar for Home India

Our Rating: 3/5

Top Use Case: Budget Monkey Pull-up bar

7 Best Pull Up bar for home India 1

Top Features

  • Heavy Duty steel construction
  • 5 grip pull up position
  • Premium look and sturdy
  • Max weight 120 kg
  • 36 inches length

If you consider the pull-up bar price in India, this is one of the highest cost pull up bar online India.

Check on Amazon

Positives of Target2BFit Multi Grip Pull Up Bar

  • Max weight by a user is 120 kg, so it should work well.
  • This KORE pull up bar comes with ab straps, so you can do leg raises. Leg raises are awesome to make your abs stronger.
  • Buyers love the build quality of this simple pull-up bar.
  • You can do wide, chin-up and neutral grip pull-ups on this.

Negatives of Target2BFit Multi Grip Pull Up Bar

  • People hate the bolts that were given with the pull-up bar.
  • Can not do muscle ups.

Why Should you buy this!

This is surely one of the best wall mounted pull-up bar that has a monkey bar like feature. This chin up bar for home gyms is costly, but is unique.

You can use multiple hand grips without wasting anytime installing/uninstaling grip options.

ALLYSON Multifunctional Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

Our Rating: 6.6/10

Top Use Case: Dips and Pull up bar combo

ALLYSON Multifunctional Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

Having tested the ALLYSON FITNESS 3 IN 1 heavy-duty multifunctional pull-up bar, here’s the real deal. Assembling is a breeze, but here’s the kicker—the wall mount hooks are a letdown. Flimsy and hard to find, they cost an extra 600 Rs. and a half-day of running around. Others reported the same issue. So, it’s not just a pull-up bar; it’s a quest. The build quality is solid, but those 12mm wall hilti screws aren’t up to snuff. Expect extra costs and time fixing the manufacturer’s flaws.

The pull-up bar is versatile, good for various exercises, but it comes at a cost. The hooks are a headache. To avoid this fitness fiasco, consider alternatives with better hook solutions. The missing weight loading pin and small chain round pin are oversights. Beware, the product may arrive with missing or damaged parts.

The hooks, often overlooked, become the Achilles’ heel. The missing anti-skid wall grip and less-than-ideal finish may irk perfectionists. Some buyers received deformed bars and parts, making the assembly puzzle trickier. The concept is grand, but the devil is in the details.

“Sweat now, shine later. Every workout is a step closer to your goals.”

Pros and Cons of The ALLYSON FITNESS 3 IN 1 heavy duty multifunctional pull up bar

Easy to assembleWall mount hooks are poorly produced and not usable.
Sturdy build qualityDifficulty in finding replacement hooks, leading to extra time and cost.
Versatile for various exercisesAdditional expenses of Rs. 600 for hooks and transportation.
Allows for multiple exercise variationsSome users reported issues with missing or low-quality parts.
Suitable for upper body and core workoutsAssembly accessories may not be provided or of poor quality.
Can support additional accessoriesInconsistencies in product design and alignment.
Can be used for jogging purposesPotential safety concerns due to variations in leg sizes.
Durable steel constructionMisleading product images regarding size and weight.
Suitable for users up to 130 kgSome users experienced difficulties in installation and alignment.
Can be installed with easeLack of a user manual for installation.
Provides value for moneyQuality of nuts, bolts, and screws may not meet safety standards.
Can be used for pull-ups, dips, and morePulley system may have stability issues and difficulty holding weight.

How we reviewed ALLYSON FITNESS 3 IN 1 heavy duty multifunctional pull up bar

CriteriasScore (Out of 10)
Quality and Durability7
Functionality and Versatility8
Customer Support5
Comfort and Ergonomics6
Cost and Value for Money6
Size and Space Requirements9
Maintenance and Care6
Overall user reviews7

Average Score: 6.625

It’s clear to me that the ALLYSON FITNESS 3 IN 1 heavy-duty multifunctional pull-up bar has received a rating of 6.625 out of 10 based on the mentioned criteria. From my perspective as a home gym user, during my time with this fitness equipment, I’d mention that it excels in size and space requirements with a sturdy build but falls short in customer support, comfort, and value for money.

The top use case of this product is for a variety of upper body and core exercises, providing a versatile workout experience.

For those who are looking for a compact and versatile home workout solution, this product is ideal. As a user who values both functionality and space efficiency, I must admit that it caters well to the needs of individuals aiming for a comprehensive home fitness routine.

Top Features!

  • Concrete or brick wall suggested for mounting, not suitable for drywall, plaster walls, and cavity.
  • Heavy-duty steel construction for stability, supports up to 220kg.
  • Multifunctional design for chin-ups, push-ups, dip station, and leg raises.
  • Tear-resistant, well-padded, high-density cushions for comfort during workouts.
  • Easy to assemble with 4 (10mm) strong suspension anchors.
  • Requires a hammer drill with 10-12mm (15/32 In) for concrete or brick walls.

Why Should you buy ALLYSON FITNESS 3 IN 1 heavy duty multifunctional pull up bar

It’s clear to me that the ALLYSON FITNESS 3 IN 1 pull up bar stands out with its heavy-duty steel construction, supporting up to 220kg. During my time with this fitness equipment, I’ve found it versatile for chest, arms, back, and core exercises, such as chin-ups and leg raises. The well-padded cushions ensure comfort, but it’s crucial to note the challenge I faced with the wall mount hooks, requiring extra effort and Rs. 600. Overall, I feel that for a home gym user, the ALLYSON FITNESS 3 IN 1 pull up bar offers sturdiness and multifunctionality but may require additional investment for proper installation.

BullrocK Baboon Pull Up Bar for Home & Commercial Gym

Our Rating: 4/5

Top Use Case: Calisthenics & Muscle Ups!

BullrocK Baboon Pull Up Bar for Home & Commercial Gym

Positives of Bullrock Multifunctional Pull Up Bar

  • You can use this bar for pull-ups and muscle ups.
  • Suitable for multiple people usages.
  • Commercial grade durability and reliability.
  • They give you two pull up bars to choose from, the smooth one is more favourable for muscle ups.
  • Another option is to buy neutral grip attachments.
  • Made with thick steel and feels rock solid when doing dynamic movements like muscle ups.
  • 250 kg max weight capacity surely gives a peace of mind.

Negatives of Bullrock Multifunctional Pull Up Bar

  • It can really be a drag when it comes to changing the pipes.
  • Needs a thick (5+ or 9 inches) wall.
  • Costly item for a budget home gym.

Why Should you buy this!

If you want to do muscle ups at home then this simple yet sturdy pull up bar will help you. Billrock made a solid bar that installs confidence in me when doing muscle ups. It feels so reliable, but it will burn a hole in your pocket if you get out to collect all the attachments.

Also, this Bullrock pull up bar is the most durable of them all.

Only one thing that I despise is that I have to spend some time on fixing the knurl or plain or the neutral grip attachments to it.

bullrock pull up bar with two pipe option

Top Features

  • Heavy-duty metal bars.
  • 250 kg max user weight supported.
  • Thick steel made support angles are given.
  • Frame made with 12-gauge steel (3mm).
  • Pipe made with 10-gauge steel.
  • The whole pull up bar is powder-coated.
  • Comes with bolts, so you can install it by yourself. But this thing weighs around 19 kgs and big in size. You will need some helping hands for sure.
bullrock pull up bar compatibility chart

Check the exercises’ compatibility between plain and knurled type bar.

I would pick the knurled option since I like to dead hang.

I do not like to muscle ups, so if my budget permits I would get the knurled version.

Protoner 3 In 1 Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar For Home India

Our Rating: 5/10

Top Use Case: Dips and Pull-ups combo in Small Space

Protoner 3 In 1 Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar For Home India

Based on my extensive use of the Protoner 3 in 1 Pull Up Bar, I’m impressed by the unique concept offering versatile exercises like chin-ups, double-bar, and crunches. The overall weight and sturdy steel construction satisfy the price point, making it pocket-friendly. However, beware of potential drawbacks: damaged packaging may affect elbow supports, handle covers, and forearm pads.

Some users reported issues with 8mm bolts, recommending 10mm for added strength. Despite a lack of installation instructions, assembling is manageable, providing a good home workout option. Remember, investing in your fitness journey is always worth it!

Pros and Cons of The Protoner 3 in 1 Pull up Bar

Sturdy steel construction, offering a unique 3-in-1 concept.Damaged goods upon receipt; plans for self-replacement.
Versatile for chin-ups, double-bar, and crunches.Bolts (8mm) not heavy-duty; suggest upgrading to 10mm.
Good packaging; all parts well-covered.Plates attached to the wall not strong; may bend during use.
Pocket-friendly; overall weight is satisfactory.Forearm rest cover damaged in transit; minor tear in arm pad.
Easy assembly; clear from other customer photos.Awkward for taller users during leg raises; elbows may touch.
Multiple variations of pull-ups and dips possible.No wall mounts provided; users need to fabricate their own.
Build quality and true fitting are commendable.Paintjob not well-done; may stain the wall.
Undamaged product delivered with good packaging.Feels a bit flimsy for long-term use.
Padded supports for forearms and back need improvement.Measurement and manufacture defects; difficult replacement.
Easy assembly with provided bolts, or use chemical anchoring.J hook may feel weak and bend during use.
Solid product once correctly assembled.Clamp bolts require a hammer drill for wall installation.
Comes with necessary bolts; best price offered.Inconsistent responses from seller; additional spending needed.

How we reviewed Protoner 3 in 1 Pull up Bar

CriteriasScore (Out of 10)
Quality and Durability5
Functionality and Versatility6
Customer Support3
Comfort and Ergonomics4
Cost and Value for Money7
Size and Space Requirements8
Maintenance and Care6
Overall user reviews5

Average Score: 5.375 out of 10

Protoner 3 in 1 Pull up Bar received this rating based on several factors. While it offers good value for money, easy assembly, and versatile functionality, it falls short in terms of durability, customer support, and overall user satisfaction.

Top Use Case: To provide a versatile home workout solution with multiple exercises like chin-ups, double-bar, and crunches.

Target Users: Individuals looking for a cost-effective and space-saving home workout equipment with basic functionality.

Top Features of Protoner 3 in 1 Pull up Bar

  • Padded foam grips for hand comfort
  • Heavy-duty steel construction with black powder coating
  • Ideal for pull-ups, push-ups, chin-ups, crunches
  • Works out backs, shoulders, chest, arms, triceps, biceps, lats, and abs
  • Very easy to use and remove for different adjustments
  • May require professional help for fixing j hooks on the wall
  • Comes with complete assembling guide and tools
  • In-Box Contents: 1 x Protoner Multi Chin Up Bar Dips Bar Push Up Bar Home Gym Wall Removable Model with fitting accessories

Why Should you buy Protoner 3 in 1 Pull up Bar

If you’re considering the Protoner 3 in 1 Pull-up Bar, I’ve experienced its durability issues, including bent hooks and weak paint quality. While some praised its unique design, it’s crucial to note concerns like incorrect measurements and missing clamps. As a user, I found the product lacking in quality, requiring additional investment for improvements. However, if you prioritize cost-efficiency and don’t mind occasional flaws, it could be a budget-friendly option. Still, from my vantage point, I’d suggest exploring alternatives for a more reliable and hassle-free home workout solution.

Special mention – The decathlon pullup bar india

Bonus: pull-up bar decathlon India mini review

Decathlon has many stores so you can always go to the store and check the pull up bar there. It is a sturdy wall-mounted pull-up bar or home gym.

  • Multi-grip
  • Sturdy build
  • Can be folded up, takes less space
  • Max weight 130kgs
  • And if there is something wrong with the pull-up bar then they replace it, most of the time.
  • Cost – 3299 INR, a bit pricey.

-> Best Rowing Machines India

-> Smith Machines + Pull-up bar attachment

Best Pull up bar for Home India
pull up muscle activation data

PU = Pull-up; s-LP = Seated Lat-Pulldown; k-LP = Kneeling Lat-Pulldown; aPU = Assisted Pull-up; RA = Rectus Abdominis; Bi = Biceps Brachii; LAT = Latissimus Dorsi; TRAP = Trapezius.

From the study on 2018.

How to get better at Pull ups

The Last Rep!

When setting up a home gym, consider opting for a wall-mounted pull-up bar for unrivaled reliability and versatility. These fixtures offer multiple grips and exercises for a well-rounded upper-body workout. While door pull-up bars may pose potential safety concerns, portable pull-up bars are convenient for travelers or renters but may lack the sturdiness of fixed bars.

Investing in a well-chosen wall-mounted pull-up bar is essential for durability and stability, completing your home gym setup with its versatility. Always prioritize safety and confidence when selecting the right pull-up bar for your home gym in India.


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