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Working out for 10 years | Has a home gym | CPD (UK) Certificate holder in Fitness

Crossfit equipment in India are yet not available at large scale, but again I have 2 crossfit gyms near my home. These crossfit gym claim to be crossfit as they have some crossfit equipments in them. So to enjoy the benefit of Crossfit do you really need to go to a gym?

Crossfit equipment in India unlocks the potential for dynamic home workouts, addressing the dearth in gym availability. As an enthusiast with a home gym, I explore budget-friendly options. Essential gear like squat racks, pull-up bars, dead balls, and Indian clubs form the foundation. While Crossfit rigs may be elusive in online sales, manufacturers like Schultz on Indimart provide alternatives. Crossfit tire workouts, ranging from 60kgs to 80kgs, elevate strength and endurance.

Paired with Crossfit hammers, around 60-80kgs, they deliver a potent blend of endurance, strength, and cardio. Durable options from USI with varied weight distributions add versatility. Stay tuned for insights on Crossfit machine exercises and a breakdown of setup costs in India.


Can you just set up a crossfit gym at your home?

I am here to help you with selecting crossfit equipment in India that are budget friendly and will enable to you to do a range of crossfit exercises at home.

When I say crossfit equipment in India, what does come to your mind?

Let me tell you. It should a squat rack! Read here – Best squat racks for home use

Let’s see what range of crossfit equipment in India you can get!

Quick Jump – Crossfit hammer online India

Crossfit equipment in india

Crossfit Equipment list

Crossfit equipment in india – All the items at one place

There could be many more items, but for general fitness at home, you do not need all of them. Personally, A squat rack, a pull-up bar, and a dead ball would do, I have these and in future, I would like to have an Indian club.

CrossFit Gym Setup

Crossfit Equipment for sale

Online stores in India do not sell all the Crossfit Equipments, but what are the crossfit equipment for sale anyway?

Crossfit equipment for sales are mostly anything expect a crossfit rig. Crossfit rig in India are available from some crossfit equipment manufacturers like scultz etc. These crossfit equipment manufacturers are mostly available on Indimart. You must check to see if these crossfit equipment manufacturers are in your city, then you can get a good deal and discount on shipping and installation.

Few popular Crossfit Equipment for sale are adjustable bench, free weights, climbing rope, battle rope, Dead ball, medicine ball, Ankle weights etc.

For functional training equipment india – I must say you should begin with doing body weight exercises and with minimum budget you should start with a pull up bar. If you have more budget then do got a squat or power cage. Power cages are good for CrossFit. Power cage with various attachment are popular crossfit equipment for sale.

Check – Best exercise cycle in India

crossfit tyres for sale in india

Yeah, there are crossfit tyres for sale in india while you can do with old truck tyres. But there are brands like USI sell these along with hammers also. You can buy them as gym hammer and tyre combo.

Gym tyre weight ranges from 60kgs and above. gym tyre weight also can cross 80kgs, these tyre heights are usually 5 feet and more.

Tire flipping is a great exercise in Crossfit for developing immense strength. More Gym tyre weight meaning more the opportunity to develop explosive strength. 

Remember when you are doing a tyre flip, start with a low gym tyre weight. His Crossfit exercise is meant to be a full body exercise, you are not meant to lift the tyre by your hand only. Use you legs to drive up the tyre and flip.

One of the tire flip workout benefits can be developing explosive strength and it can also be used develop endurance. Tyre flipping is more fun with a gym buddy with you can enter into a competition. 

With proper diet tire flip workout can also help in weight loss with muscle gain.

Gym Tyre Flip Machine

Gym Tyre Flip Machine

Gym Hammer Online

Crossfit equipment in India 1

Crossfit hammer online india

Crossfit hammer online india sells around 2k, and with a tyre you can get a good crossfit workout that develops endurance, strength and cardio. Gym hammer and tyre crossfit workout are very popular and can done with a group of people on a single tyre.

Crossfit tyres weight around 60kg-80kgs and are strong, but if you are going to do s sledgehammer workout then you might need a backup tyre also.

Among the crossfit hammer online India, i would like to have the gym hammer 10kg version. When you are shopping for a sledge hammer for gym note the weight distribution. Some hammers like the ones from Viva Fitness have all the weight distributed among the stick and the head of the crossfit hammer.

And for some USI Crossfit hammer the weight is at the head only!

When weight is at the head only of crossfit hammer online India that makes it tough to maneuver the hammer. You have to be extra careful, take measures for balance before swing it. 

Crossfit hammer workout or sledge hammer workout requires a lot of energy and strength. Sledgehammer workout can be used for developing explosive strength, cardio and weight loss.

Crossfit workout like this can get you a lean toned body.

And you might want to use the 4kg hammer throw gloves india to protect your palms.

Please check gym hammer price here.

Best 4 crossfit hammer online india

  • USI Gym Crossfit Hammer/Sledgehammer Fitness Workout Functional Training Hammer Weight 3Kg 6 Kg 10Kg
  • B FIT Gym 2-16 Kg Hammer/Sledgehammer Functional Training Cross Fit at home
  • Viva Fitness Sledge Hammer online India
  • Python Gym Hammer with 3G Indestructible Fiberglass Handle

Review of Crossfit Hammer Online India

USI Gym Crossfit Hammer/Sledgehammer Fitness Workout Functional Training Hammer Weight 3Kg 6 Kg 10Kg

USI Gym Crossfit Hammer/Sledgehammer Fitness Workout Functional Training Hammer Weight 3Kg 6 Kg 10Kg

I love USI product and their durable crossfit hammers or sledge hammers comes in three weight types. Crossfit hammers in India by USI comes with 3 kg, 6kg and 10kg variation and I will recommend you to get the 10kg version. USI gym hammer 10kg costs around 4399 INR

USI Gym Hammer 3kg price is around 2200 INR

USI Gym Hammer 6kg price is around 2999 INR

Top features of USI Crossfit Hammer Online India –

  • Fiberglass handles with Rubber coat making griping easier and safer
  • This sledge Hammer is well balanced and feels comfortable in hand.
  • Weight head is made of steel and welded.
  • The head is where the most weight is and that means this sledge hammer will challenge will you more to keep it balanced.

Final verdict: Get this fibre handles sledge hammer, it has a good weight of 10kg and most of it in the head thus handling it is more challenging. And I am not sure you are afraid of a challenge.

B FIT Gym 2-16 Kg Hammer/Sledgehammer Functional Training Cross Fit at home

B FIT Gym 2-16 Kg Hammer/Sledgehammer Functional Training Cross Fit at home

B FIT crossfit hammer looks and feels really sturdy and safe, The head is welded to the handle and all is made of steel. A good crossfit equipment for home gym.

  • B Fit Gym Hammer 2kg price – 1899 INR
  • B Fit Gym Hammer 4kg Price – 2399 INR
  • B Fit Gym Hammer 6kg Price – 3199 INR
  • B Fit Gym Hammer 8kg Price – 3999 INR
  • B Fit Gym 10kg hammer price – 5299 INR
  • B Fit Gym Hammer 12kg Price – 6499 INR
  • B Fit Gym Hammer 16kg Price – 7599 INR

The prices might change when you are reading this blog. 

Top features of B Fit Gym sledgehammer India –

  • 2-16 kg weight
  • One piece material, increased safety
  • Total length is 72 cm which is enough
  • 90% of the crossfit hammer is machine knurled for better grip.

Final verdict: A well balanced, seemingly safe crossfit hammer in India. And they are the only one who provides a 16kg gym crossfit hammer in India! That is a lot of weight if you can wield it. No wonder you are Thor if you can. Would you like to see if you are worthy?

Viva Fitness Sledge Hammer online India

Viva Fitness Sledge Hammer online India

It is a similar gym hamer like the KOBO with black color and single piece body. It comes in 4,6, and 10kg variant. I will recommend getting the 10kg crossfit hammer. VIva gym hammer 10kg costs around 4700 INR.

  • Viva fitness gym hammer 4kg price – 2275 INR
  • Viva fitness gym hammer 6kg price – 2850 INR
  • Viva fitness gym hammer 10kg price – 4700 INR

Final verdict:– Steel made full black color if appeals to you then go for it. But the costs are little higher.

Python Gym Hammer with 3G Indestructible Fiberglass Handle

Python Gym Hammer with 3G Indestructible Fiberglass Handle

Python gym hammer sits around 4.5kgs of weight and they claim to have a indestructible fiberglass handle. Fiberglass are durable and light weight. This make it challenging to wield the weight as all the weight is on the head of the sledge hammer now.

Top features –

The weighted at the end is fixed with epoxy, impossible to remove.

Unbreakable fiberglass handle.

34” length.

Gym hammer 4.5kg costs around 2182 INR

Final verdict:– Overall even if the fiber handle is light it ads some weight, you get around 5.4 kgs of total weight. And users do say the handle is thin but still holding up somehow. And the handle is long enough for a 6 feet guy, a good budget crossfit hammer in India.

Crossfit machine exercises

Many crossfit exercises do not need any particular machine, i believe you would not call a barbell a crossfit machine. But yet some crossfit machine exercises pull up, bench press, squats, overhead press.

Crossfit machine you would need for them is a crossfit rig or a squat rack. You will also need bumper plates/weight plates and barbell.

Here are some popular Crossfit machine exercises – 

Air Squat – Ball Slams – Back / Hip Extension – Box Jumps – Burpees – Clean & Jerk – Double-unders – Dumbell Snatch – Dumbell Split Lifts – Front Lever Pull-ups – Front Squat – OHO Sit-Up – Handstand Hold – Handstand Push-up – Hang Clean – Hang Power Clean – Hang Power Snatch – Hang Snatch – Heaving Snatch Balance – Hip / Back Extension 

– Jerk – Jerk (behind head) – Jumping Squats – Jumping Pull-ups – Kettlebell Swings – Kipping Handstand Push-up – Kipping Pull-up – Knees to Elbows – L-sit Hold – L Pull-up – Medicine Ball Cleans – Muscle-up, Bar – Muscle-up, Rings – Overhead Squat – Pistols – Power Clean – Power Snatch – Pressing Snatch Balance – Push Jerk – Push Jerk (behind head) 

– Push Press – Push Press (behind head) – Push-up – Ring Dips – Rope Climb – Shoulder Press – Snatch – Snatch Balance – Squat – Strict Pull-up – Tabata – Thruster – Toes to Bars – Towel Pull-up – Wall-Balls – Walking Lunges – Walking Overhead LungesWeighted Pull-upsWeighted Push-ups – Sumo Deadlift – Box Squat – Box Jump – Weighted Dips and more!

Total crossfit gym setup cost in india

Let’s consider the main crossfit rig India first and the check the small equipments, I have not added a barbell or free weights to this list.

Crossfit equipment price

  • A squat rack – Cost around 12000 INR
  • Jumping Box, Plyo box set – 300 INR
  • Full Crossfit Rig India – 50,000 INR
  • Pull up bar – 2000 INR
  • Gymnastics Ring – 2500 INR
  • Tricep Rope – 1500 INR
  • Adjustable Bench – 3000 INR
  • Gym Gloves – 500 INR
  • Agility Ladder – 399 INR
  • Jump Rope – 190 INR
  • Dead Ball – 2000 INR
  • Battle Rope – 4500 INR
  • Climbing Rope – 1500 INR
  • Rubber Mats – 2000 INR
Jazzier Power Squat Rack 4 by 2 Square Pipe PR-02

This could be the most equipment you would ever need for a Crossfit Gym, many small Crossfit gym do not have all of these too.

If you get with the Full Crossfit Rig India, you get a lot of cool items which really helps with functional training. And you will not need other functional training equipment india .

Here for a semi commercial or commercial Crossfit gym in India the cost can be around – 1,00,000. Including Free weights, and barbells.

Crossfit equipment for home

Do you really want to spend 100000 INR+ for your home gym? If you really do not then read further.

For Crossfit equipment for home you might not need a full crossfit rig India, these are costly, need really athletic ability use all the features. You might get away with a adjustable squat rack or just a half rack.

But if you really want to get a crossfit rig india then o buy one. You will get plenty of attachments like – Pull up bar, monkey bar, Bench press, Squat station and more.

Apart from adjustable squat racks, I would recommend that you get a Dead ball. Dead balls are not medicine balls that jump when you throw them. Dead ball do not bounce and thus safer when you throw them on the ground or wall.

Read here for best Slam ball, Medicine ball or Dead balls here.

Among other must have crossfit equipment for home you must get some free weight, barbell to do clean, clean and press, snatch exercises.

If you want you can do these exercises with adjustable dumbbells also, like I do.

The most budget friendly home crossfit gym ideas –

  1. Rubber Mat
  2. Pull up Bar

Second home Crossfit gym ideas

  1. Rubber Mat
  2. Pull up Bar
  3. Free weight
  4. Adjustable dumbbell rod

With these above set up you can do snatch, clean and press, floor press – you are set for a beginner crossfit gym!

Third home Crossfit gym ideas – 

  1. Rubber Mat
  2. Pull up Bar
  3. Free weight
  4. Adjustable dumbbell rod
  5. Adjustable Bench
  6. Barbell
  7. Power Rack

With this third home crossfit gym idea you can do weight squats, weighted deadlifts, pull ups safely. With the bench you can safely do bulgarian splits and more!

Fourth Home Crossfit Gym Ideas – 

  1. Rubber Mat
  2. Pull up Bar
  3. Free weight
  4. Adjustable dumbbell rod
  5. Adjustable Bench
  6. Barbell
  7. Crossfit Rig
  8. Battle Rope
  9. Slam Ball

With this fourth home crossfit gym ideas I have included some accessories like slam ball, battle rope to develop more endurance and power. These will also clear up any boredom.

With the crossfit rig you have now the ability to do monkey bar exercises and Pulling exercises like tricep pushdowns and more.

Crossfit equipment price will be significantly higher for the fourth home crossfit gym ideas. You can also check online for Crossfit gym layout plans.

If you also want to include some sprints, slade workout then you will need a long hallway type place.

But you can always mix crossfit equipment in india to make your dream crossfit home gym.

Crossfit workouts at home

Here is some 6 day crossfit workout program at home sample



  • 4 sets
  • 200 meter sprint
  • Rest 2min between sets
  • woD
  • 21-15-9 (21 reps, 15 reps, 9 reps)
  • Overhead squat (w/ PVC pipe)
  • Push-ups
  • Lunge w/ weights
  • Sit ups



  • Strict pull ups
  • 6 sets x 7-9 reps
  • woD
  • Option #1: Bike 6 miles
  • Option #2: run 3 miles



  • Overhead squat
  • 5 sets x 10 reps
  • woD
  • 12 min EMOM (Every Minute On The
  • Minute)
  • Stationary bike – even minute
  • Push-up – odd minute


Rest Day


  • Stretch
  • Yoga
  • Walk



  • Squats w/ weights (heavy weights!, throw your kid on your shoulders)
  • 8, 5, 3, 8, 5, 3 (reps)
  • woD
  • 50 air squats
  • 25 push-ups
  • 50 sit ups
  • 25 push-ups
  • 50 single jump rope
  • 25 push-ups
  • 50 air squat



  • 4 sets
  • 100 meter lunges w/ weights
  • 10 pull ups
  • woD
  • 12 min AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)
  • 30 jump rope double unders
  • 5 hand stand push ups

The Last Rep!

Crossfit enthusiasts in India have access to essential equipment in select gyms, and the option of home setups provides a practical alternative for engaging in Crossfit workouts. Manufacturers like Schultz on Indimart offer diverse options, including squat racks, pull-up bars, dead balls, and Indian clubs, enhancing accessibility in the Indian market. Crossfit tire workouts, ranging from 60kgs to 80kgs, contribute significantly to building strength and endurance, while durable hammers from popular brands like USI, weighing around 60-80kgs, paired with tires, offer comprehensive workouts.

However, the availability of Crossfit equipment for sale in India often excludes Crossfit rigs, limiting comprehensive setups. Online stores in India may not offer the full range of Crossfit equipment, posing challenges for enthusiasts. The cost of setting up a Crossfit gym in India varies, with a full rig costing around 50,000 INR, making it a substantial investment, and the overall availability of Crossfit equipment in India is limited, creating hurdles for those seeking a wide range of options for their fitness journey.

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