Best Home Gym Workouts to Do! – Exercises at home Tips!

This is where you get no fluff to the point advise and reviews on everything you need to make your home gym!

Best Home Gym Workouts to Do! – Exercises at home Tips!

Best Home Gym Workouts to Do!

You might think, a home gym is limiting – you will not be able to do all that workout that you can at a commercial gym.

But with proper gym equipment, you can do all those workouts.

But buying commercial gym items will be costly!

Yes, that is true.

But if you can do some jugaad and stick to the basic workouts then you can fit in your home just fine.

In this article, you will see the styles of workouts you can do at your home gym.

The equipment you need and the adjustments that you need to make.

With some sacrifices, and some twists you will reach your fitness goal!

What to consider when Shifting to Home Gym – home gym workouts!

🔥 Your Goal

When creating a home gym workout, your goal should be to create an environment that is comfortable, private, and tailored to your fitness goals.

Additionally, it is important to build a space that will motivate you to stick to your workout program.

If you want to train for Olympic lifts then you will need crash pads, you will need standard Olympic barbells, you will need bumper plates.

On the other hand, if you are training for fitness, you can just get some weight plages, a 28 mm barbell, resistance bands etc.

🎯 Your fitness goal will determine what type of gym equipment you need.

Whether you need something costly, or a hard-to-find item like Atlas ball.

Or can you get away with lifting sand bangs and 🪨?

Since I just train to stay fit and I also do not have a ton of space I stick to usual items like 28 m weight plates, slam balls, barbells, yoga mats etc.

I do not even want to own a treadmill or gym cycle, I am on the skinny side so I do not need much cardio, right?

I do not even need gym station exercise. Free weights are enough for me!

Home Gym Equipment that You Have And Can Afford

When creating a home gym, it’s important to have the right equipment to get the best results and maximize your workouts.

Do you need a separate bench for DB Press?


I would do a dumbbell floor press to save that money!

Actually, I would do dumbbell exercises so that I do not need to use power racks or need a spotter.

Nope, only one bench is enough to combine with your power rack.

Depending on your budget, you can create anything from a full-fledged gym to a more minimalistic setup.

Some of the pieces of equipment you may want to consider to create home gym workouts include treadmills, squat racks, home gym systems, barbells, kettlebells, floor mats, chairs, and sofas for bodyweight exercises, and parallel (dip) bars.

Additionally, you may want to get plyo boxes, exercise rings, and other multi-purpose pieces of equipment that can be used for a variety of exercises.

With the right combination of equipment, you can create your own personalized home gym that fits your needs and lifestyle.

You can check my gym equipment on the about me page and on the home gym set up ideas page!

Workout Schedule and Workout Plan

Going out to the gym after my office at 9:00 PM was such a drag :/ that I made my own home gym.

So if you are struggling to do your workout routine due to time or life management you can make your own home workout routine.

What is the best home workout routine?

An example of a home gym workout routine or schedule could be the GZCL, Starting Strength, PHUL, Phark’s Greyskull etc.

These workouts mentioned above are my favorite and is time tested for results. just keep your diet in check, make your own adjustments and you will see results.

Or you can make your own 3-day split workout?

A three-day split could include chest, shoulders, and triceps on day one; back and biceps on day two; and legs on day three.

On the other days, a push-pull-leg routine can be used where each muscle group is targeted once or twice per week.

You can do cardio if you feel the need of it – Do you need a treadmill? Only if you need it. There are other ways to do cardio, without any machines.

🏋️ Download Easy workout routine

The Best muscle-building Home Gym Workout Plans that You Can Do at Home


Powerbuilding is a weightlifting and fitness program that combines powerlifting-style training with bodybuilding for a dual approach to strength and size.

The Powerbuilding workout guide made by Jeff Nippard is awesome – if you can, you should check that out.

Best Home Gym Workouts to Do! - Exercises at home Tips! 1It focuses on building strength in big, compound lifts, while also developing muscle through more classic bodybuilding exercises and variations.

The main benefit of power building is that it allows lifters to tailor their gym accessories and workouts to achieve a balance between strength and muscle growth.

It is also an efficient way to train, as it combines both powerlifting and bodybuilding techniques in one program.

Powerbuilding includes compound lifts such as the squat, bench press, and deadlift, as well as accessory exercises like bicep curls and calf raises etc.

Meaning you do not need any special gym equipment to get started. This allows for a complete workout with just a few pieces of equipment.

As per the home gym set up guide, a squat rack/power rack is a must-have in this case.

Any power-building programs can be tailored to the needs of the individual depending on the lift and equipment available.

Powerbuilding is a great option for home gyms, as it provides an efficient way to build strength and muscle mass with minimal equipment.

Most of the time, I focus on powerbuilding as well. It is very easy to do with the small number of gym equipment that I have.

Powerbuilding routines can also be considered as best beginner exercises set too. Since it will help you gain strength and aesthetics.

◯‍◯‍◯‍◯‍◯ Olympic Weightlifting

Olympic weightlifting is a sport that involves lifting a barbell loaded with weights in two different lifts: the snatch and the clean and jerk.

If you are an athlete then you can also include lifts like Clean and Press, Different types of cleans like – Power clean, Hang clean, thrusters etc. as well.

Olympic barbell

These lifts require explosive power, speed, and technique to successfully lift heavy weights overhead.

Olympic weightlifting is also a popular training method for athletes looking to improve their power, strength, and overall performance.

Every 1 month I do a full week of Olympic lifts since I like them. I do not go too heavy since I do not have protective gym items like a wooden platform, rubber mats etc.

I do not know if doing them for a week in one month does any good to me. But I like them – and I feel it’s okay!

The lifts require 7.2 feet Olympic standard barbell and bumper plates, which can be dropped safely without damaging the floor or the plates.

You will still need at least 1-inch thick crumb rubber tiles or a weight-lifting platform.

Leeway olympic barbell

Olympic weightlifting is a great way to build full-body strength, power, and explosiveness as it engages multiple muscle groups.

It can also be adapted to fit various fitness levels and abilities, making it accessible to beginners or those with mobility limitations.

Olympic weightlifting also requires mental focus and concentration, as well as physical strength.

It can be a fun and challenging way to add variety to your home gym workouts, offering a unique way to challenge your body and push your limits.

Overall, Olympic weightlifting can be a great addition to a home gym with the right equipment and guidance.

It offers an effective way to build strength, power, and explosiveness at your home.

An Olympic weightlifting-based beginner workout routine would be the one made by Glenn Pendlay.


Bodybuilding is a type of strength training that focuses on building muscle mass and definition.

This is a great option for a beginner workout who wants to focus on high-rep muscle hypertrophy benefits.

Who should do hack squats

It typically involves a variety of exercises targeting specific muscle groups, with the goal of creating a balanced and aesthetically pleasing physique.

Bodybuilding workouts can be beneficial for home gym users.

  • They are highly customizable and can be adapted to fit various fitness levels and goals.
  • You do not need any special workout equipment.
  • Bodybuilding will build a ton of strength and aesthetics.

Overall, bodybuilding workouts can be a highly effective and customizable training method for home gym users, offering a variety of benefits for increased muscle mass, strength, and overall physical health.

You will need basic gym equipment like weight plates, dumbbells, barbells, racks, benches, etc.

You certainly do not need calf raise machine, incline bench press machine, ab crunch station, smith machine etc.

These machines are good for volume training workout programs but these are stupidly costly as well.

You can train your muscle fibres with free weights as well.

For eg: To do calf raises just use a loaded barbell. To do incline presses use a multi-purpose bench etc.

If you happen to have all of them great, if not then find suitable alternative workouts to do.

You can make your body-building gym workout plan or get one online.


CrossFit is a branded fitness regimen that involves constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.

I do not like this and I feel it is a shortcut to injury.

But well, you will probably get a lot faster with this…

It is designed to improve overall physical fitness and health, and it can be beneficial for home gyms since it does have special exercises.

But the way of doing the exercise is slightly different.

Some popular crossfit workouts are Murph, Cindy etc. But you might need an outdoor place to do these.

CrossFit exercises typically involve bodyweight exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups, squats, and lunges, which require little to no equipment. And you will not need any multi-gym workout machines.

However, having access to strength and conditioning equipment such as kettlebells and weightlifting barbells can enhance the effectiveness of the workouts.

CrossFit also has a competitive aspect through the CrossFit Games which is an annual athletic competition.

With the right gym equipment, such as barbells, pull-up bars, kettlebells, jump ropes, plyo boxes, gymnastics rings, medicine balls, and rowing machines, CrossFit can be an effective and enjoyable way to achieve your fitness goals.

You check this list of Crossfit equipment here! – you might need some more equipments.

I do not think Crossfit can fit as a beginner workout routine!

So if you can take care of security and safety then you can do Crossfit at home with minimum gym equipment.

💪🏻 Mass Gain workouts

Stronglifts 5*5 workout

A muscle-building workout routine free weight training program is designed to build muscle mass as fast as possible and includes exercises such as squats, deadlifts, bench presses, rows, chin-ups/pull-ups, and dips.

Since I am skinny I tend to do reps with 8-12 repetitions and for 5 sets.

If you are skinny then you can also opt for the German Volume Training. High reps will surely put some mass on you.(1)

For max mass gain in the shortest time possible, you can opt for rep schemes like rest pause, and drop set methods.

Basically, you can change your bodybuilding or Powerbuilding workout into a mass gain workout.


Cardio, or cardiovascular exercise, is any type of physical activity that increases the heart rate and breathing rate.

Examples of cardio exercises include running, jogging, swimming, cycling, stair climbing, brisk walking, skipping rope, rowing, hiking and dancing.

At home, good workouts for cardio include running in place, burpees, jumping jacks, squat jumps, kickboxing, dancing, and jogging in place.

Best Home Gym Workouts to Do! - Exercises at home Tips! 2

For those looking to create a cardio-focused home gym, there are several pieces of equipment that may be considered.

A treadmill is a classic piece of cardio equipment that is great for running, walking, and jogging indoors and burning a lot of calories (2).

Welcare Elliptical Cross Trainer WC6044

An exercise bike is another popular piece of cardio equipment that can be used for indoor cycling workouts.

This will be knee friendly as well.

An elliptical trainer will also provide low-impact workouts that can be easier on the joints compared to running or jogging as well.

On the other hand, a rowing machine provides a full-body cardio workout that can help improve endurance and strength.

If you do not want to buy expensive equipment but still want to do cardio at home, you should just jump rope, run in the spot, and climb stairs. These will burn a ton of calories.


Cycling falls under cardio and it will increase your stamina and tone your body.

You might want to opt for spin bikes – which have high-weight flywheels and durable frames for long-duration of workouts.

calories Bruned by Cycling as per Bodyweight

Cycling is an efficient workout that can improve cardiovascular health, lower-body strength, core strength, and range of motion in the joints.

However, if your goal is fat loss then you should also do weight training. Studies have shown that weight training can have a high metabolism effect for 38 hours. So it has a long-term effect on fat loss.

But cycling is an easy exercise to start with that does not require any special training or complex movements.

And you can always combine cyclin with weight lifting in your home gym.


Running is a cardiovascular exercise that involves moving your body at a continuous and sustained pace.

Running has some psychological benefits as well. (4)

Running on treadmill vs road

But for this you will need a treadmill. Motorized treadmills are a better choice for this and these are costly as well.

I would rather do a dumbbell walking lunge instead of doing treadmill runs.

But if you have the money to spend on a treadmill for your garage gym then do it.

You might have a priority for running – in that case you will need one.

Before buying check the weight limit and service centers.


Yoga is an ancient practice that originated here in India and is now popular around the world for its ability to promote physical and mental well-being.

In the home gym, yoga can be used for stretching, strengthening, and relaxation.

Best time to do yoga for weight gain

To create a yoga space in the home gym, you will need a yoga mat, which provides cushioning and stability for poses.

Even if you do something like bodybuilding, Powerbuilding you can do yoga to get that flexibility back. It will help with recovery as well.(5)

Optional equipment such as blocks, straps, bolsters, blankets, and wheels can also be helpful, but a yoga mat and comfortable clothing are the only essential items needed to start a home yoga practice.

Yoga is an excellent way to increase flexibility, build strength, and improve balance, all while providing a calming environment. With regular practice, yoga can bring physical and mental benefits that will last a lifetime.

Strong Man

Yes, it is possible to do strongman training in a home gym but the road is tough.

Strongman training requires exceptional functional strength that is not achieved through basic resistance training.

It requires strength, power, movement coordination, plus a ton of core and grip strength.

If you want to build the level of strength required for strongman competitions, then legit strongman equipment such as barbells, axle bars, log presses, farmers walk handles, yokes, sleds, tires, kegs, sandbags, stone molds, chains, and grip equipment will be needed.

With the right equipment, space, and dedication, you can train for strongman events in the comfort of your own home.

But getting actual strong-man equipment will be very tough in India.

Can a home workout be as effective as a gym workout?

Absolutely! With the right plan and equipment, you can get the same level of quality in terms of benefits and results from home training as you can from a gym.

There are many advantages to working out at home – you can do it in your own time, with no distractions, and with access to the right equipment.

Plus, you can save money on gym memberships and create a workout environment that’s tailored to your needs.

So, if you’re looking for a way to stay fit without the hassle of a gym, give home training a try!

Here is a mega list of home gym workouts that you can do!

ExerciseMuscles worked
Atlas stonesFull-body strength, endurance
Barbell bench pressChest, shoulders, triceps
Barbell curlsBiceps
Barbell hip thrustsGlutes, hamstrings
Barbell lungesGlutes, quads, hamstrings
Barbell overhead pressShoulders, triceps
Barbell rowsBack, biceps
Barbell squatsGlutes, quads, hamstrings
Bench dipsTriceps, chest, shoulders
Bicep curlsBiceps
Bicycle crunchesAbdominal muscles, obliques
Box jumpsQuads, glutes
Box squatsGlutes, quads, hamstrings
Bulgarian split squatsGlutes, quads, hamstrings
BurpeesFull-body cardio, strength
Cable curlsBiceps
Cable flyesChest
Cable lateral raisesShoulders
Cable rowsBack, biceps
Cable tricep pushdownsTriceps
Calf raisesCalves
Chest pressChest
Close-grip bench pressTriceps, chest
DeadliftsGlutes, hamstrings, lower back
DeadliftsGlutes, hamstrings, lower back
Decline bench pressLower chest, triceps, shoulders
Decline push-upsLower chest, triceps, shoulders
Diamond push-upsTriceps, chest
DipsTriceps, chest, shoulders
Dumbbell bench pressChest, shoulders, triceps
Dumbbell curlsBiceps
Dumbbell flyesChest
Dumbbell lateral raisesShoulders
Dumbbell rowsBack, biceps
Dumbbell rowsBack, biceps
Farmer’s walksForearms, grip strength, core
Front squatsQuads, glutes, core
Glute bridgesGlutes, hamstrings, lower back
Goblet squatsGlutes, quads, hamstrings
Good morningsLower back, hamstrings
Hack squatGlutes, quads, hamstrings
Hammer curlsForearms, biceps
Hammer curlsForearms, biceps
Incline bench pressUpper chest, shoulders, triceps
Incline push-upsUpper chest, shoulders, triceps
Jumping jacksFull-body cardio
Kettlebell swingsGlutes, hamstrings, lower back
Lateral raisesShoulders
Leg liftsAbdominal muscles, hip flexors
Leg pressGlutes, quads, hamstrings
Log pressesShoulders, triceps, core
LungesGlutes, quads, hamstrings
Mountain climbersFull-body cardio, core muscles
Overhead pressShoulders
PlankCore muscles, shoulders
Power cleansFull-body strength, explosiveness
Pull-upsBack, biceps, shoulders
Push-upsChest, shoulders, triceps
Resistance band calf raisesCalves
Resistance band chest pressChest
Resistance band clamshellsGlutes, hip abductors
Resistance band curlsBiceps
Resistance band deadliftsGlutes, hamstrings, lower back
Resistance band dipsTriceps, chest, shoulders
Resistance band flyesChest
Resistance band lateral walksGlutes, hip abductors
Resistance band leg curlsHamstrings
Resistance band lungesGlutes, quads, hamstrings
Resistance band pull-apartsShoulders
Resistance band pull-upsBack, biceps, shoulders
Resistance band pushdownsTriceps
Resistance band rowsBack, biceps
Resistance band squatsGlutes, quads, hamstrings
Reverse flyesShoulders, upper back
Reverse grip bench pressTriceps, chest
Reverse hypersLower back, glutes
Romanian deadliftsGlutes, hamstrings, lower back
Romanian deadliftsGlutes, hamstrings, lower back
Russian twistsAbdominal muscles, obliques
Sandbag carriesFull-body strength, endurance
Shoulder pressShoulders
Sit-ups/CrunchesAbdominal muscles
Skull crushersTriceps
SnatchesFull-body strength, explosiveness
SquatsGlutes, quads, hamstrings
Sumo deadliftsGlutes, hamstrings, lower back
SupermanLower back muscles
Tire flipsFull-body strength, endurance
Tricep extensionsTriceps
Tricep kickbacksTriceps
Upright rowsShoulders, traps
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Thus, I needed a home that I can access at any moment!
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