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If you are looking for the best skipping rope in India then you are either looking for it to do some weight loss or to increase cardiovascular performance. If you are not into fancy weighted jump rope in India then you can get really low cost and best skipping rope for weight loss. For cardio and some strength for wrists I would go for a heavy jump rope in India.

Jump into the Best Skipping Rope India recommendations for a tailored fitness experience. Carefully curated by Samarjit, the guide explores various options, including heavy jump ropes for comprehensive workouts. From Vector X to Burnlab Weighted Jump Rope, each entry receives a thorough evaluation, offering readers a quick reference for their skipping rope needs. The comprehensive list, with pros and cons, ensures that individuals find the perfect fit for their weight loss or cardio regimen. Explore the top 10 skipping ropes in India and discover premium options for your fitness journey.

For general fitness get speed ropes, those things skipping ropes with spring in the middle would do just fine. Those are also adjustable jump ropes.

skipping rope

I do have one skipping rope which is similar to the Vector X, it is fast while moving. Although I would prefer something a little heavy. But I am not into weight loss and I do not skip much so cheaper options worked fine for me.

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Note: Jump carefully, too many high jumps will cause issues at the knee. Also try to avoid cement floors or wear cushioned shoes. You can easily do 10 minutes jumping and Cooper Institute found out that those 10 minutes are equal to a 30 minute run.

Safety First: Before you speed up, always maintain a good tempo and form. It is not pleasant to get hit by a skipping rope at feet, back.

Best Skipping Rope for weight Loss in India

Vector X Skipping Rope

AmazonBasics Aluminum Speed Rope

Why is this one of the best skipping ropes for weight loss in India? This is a speed jumping rope, and these types are the best jump rope for cardio.

Speed jumping ropes are made of vinyl, suitable for indoor use and most of the time the length is adjustable. These skipping ropes are very fast and enable you to speed up very quickly. And for that you ultimately end up using more calories.

Best heavy jump rope in India

Burnlab Weighted jump Rope India

Crossrope India

Upper Body strength and cardio, get benefit of both words using heavy jump ropes. Heavier the jump rope is, the more control and strength it requires to spin it around your body. Also heavy jump ropes have great momentum (Physics 101). And all that momentum is controlled by your upper body. If you are into building some upper body strength and also do great cardio workout then these heavy jump ropes are great.

Top 10 best skipping rope India

Skipping Rope in IndiaOur Rating

Crossrope India


Burnlab Weighted jump Rope India


AmazonBasics Aluminum and Grip Speed Jump Rope


Reebok RARP-11081BL Skipping Rope India


Vector X Skipping Rope India

REEBOK Leather Skipping Rope3.5/5

Gillz Skipping Rope Wooden


USI PRO Jump Rope – 629CJ


Nike Fundamental Speed Rope

Burnlab Pro Performance Skipping Rope3.5/5

Crossrope India

Best skipping rope India 1Best skipping rope India 2

Final Verdict: A premium heavy jump rope in India where the weighted rope can be changed. Although the weight is not significantly high but after some repetition of skipping your shoulders will tell you that you might need a break soon.

It is an almost 500 gram skipping rope in India and it is imported. The handles are soft and the weight is somewhat adjustable. It has 4 lengths – 

Small (8 feet) for people with height 4’.9” – 5’.3”

Medium (8 feet 6 inches) for people with height 5’.3” – 5’.8.5”

Large (9 feet) for people with height 5’9 – 6’.1”

Extra Large (9 feet 6 inches) for people with height 6’.2” – 6’.9”

You also get two sets of ropes of different weights – approx, 250 gram and 500 gram.

They also have an app to track your workout.

Burnlab Weighted jump Rope India

Best skipping rope India 3Best skipping rope India 4

Final Verdict: A medium weight heavy jump rope in India that can help you get in shape by both weight loss and upper body toning. The plastic cup at the handle should be dealt with care.

This is one of the best heavy rope in India, the rope itself weighs around 280 grams. And this heavy rope in India can provide you a good workout of arms along with a cardio workout.

Compared to a regular light weight skipping rope which depends on fast paced workouts for calorie burn this depends on the weight. And some may argue that the heavy jump ropes are more beneficial. You will try hard to keep a fast pace with this heavy rope.

Foam handles are comfortable, and the rope length is adjustable. The rope is around 9 feet and you can put weights inside the handle.

One potential downside is that ropes attach with the handles via a plastic cup.

AmazonBasics Aluminum and Grip Speed Jump Rope

Best skipping rope India 5Best skipping rope India 6

Final Verdict: A mid range skipping rope in India that comes with a 1 year warranty from amazon, if that sounds good then you can get this one.

A aluminium handle, adjustable rope and lightweight body makes this a good choice when you are looking for a speed jump rope. As with all speed jump ropes this skipping rope in India is also great for increasing the heart rate, increasing coordination and toning of glutes, arms muscles.

The cord is PVC, total length is 9 feet and that is adjustable. You get a one year warranty on this jump rope but if you are not using it outdoors then very likely it will survive for more than a year.

The aluminium handles also have a foam cover.

Reebok RARP-11081BL Skipping Rope India

Best skipping rope India 7Best skipping rope India 8

Final Verdict: Pricey for mostly plastic made jumping rope in India. You can find some other options at lower costs. And all plastic things are not generally durable.

This is a lightweight almost 9 feet 8 inches long skipping rope in India, this jump rope is mostly made up of plastic material. And this is good for carotid workouts.

This rope length can be adjusted as well, who needs a 9 feet long jumping rope anyway. Only 6 feet or above people will need it.

Vector X Skipping Rope India

Best skipping rope India 9Best skipping rope India 10

Final Verdict: Want a cheap and fast skipping rope to burn fat then get this jump rope.

Vector X skipping rope is a nicely made very popular and one of the best skipping rope in India. The immense popularity comes from the price and the quality that you get at this price. Amazonbasics has a similar model but this is great too.

It is available in blue, black, orange and in Green. 

It is mode up with nylon rope and the rope is adjustable and the handle is non slip. During high intensity workout it will not go out of your palm. This skipping rope is not a heavy jump rope rather a high speed skipping rope which can be mostly used for cardio and weight loss purposes.

The length of this rope is a little short of the usual 3 meters.

And personally I do not like all plastic/nylon made jump ropes. But it may suit you.

Weight Loss Gym Equipments

REEBOK Leather Skipping Rope – Black

Best skipping rope India 11Best skipping rope India 12

Final Verdict: A high priced skipping rope in India which has weights in the handle that definitely works up the wrist.

One unique thing about this reebok skipping rope India is that the handles have 90 grams steel core/weight in them. The rope is 271 cm long and the handlebars are comfortable.

Reebok says its leather, I am not sure but it is of good quality.

Gillz Skipping Rope Wooden

Best skipping rope India 13Best skipping rope India 14

Final Verdict: Best jump rope for kids and people who do not require long skipping ropes. Also those wooden handles are sure to bring back some childhood memories.

Some really like wooden handles on the jump ropes. Jump ropes in India were originally made with wooden handles and rope. This skipping rope has wooden handles but much more durable steel wire.

This is not exactly a speed jump rope, the whole rope weighs around 200 gram.

But the rope length is not adjustable and also not suitable for a tall person.

USI PRO Jump Rope – 629CJ

Best skipping rope India 15Best skipping rope India 16

Final Verdict: It is made with durable material and build to last for a long time.

USI Pro skipping rope is a lightweight and made of metal handle with foam grip and the cable is also made of metal. The wire is 3mm thick and the handles are anti slip. This can be used for double under as it enables a smooth spinning movement with minimum wristwork.

The metal rope is around 9 feet length and that is adjustable so it is suitable for tall people. Also this is from one of the best skipping rope brand in India. And due to the nature of adjustable ropes this can also be the best jump rope for kids.

Nike Fundamental Speed Rope

Best skipping rope India 17Best skipping rope India 18

Final Verdict: Costly and should only use indoors otherwise with constant hits with the floor the rope might break.

Nike skipping ropes are one of the best skipping rope brands in India and this could also be a very good choice as a best skipping rope for weight loss. 

This jump rope is 9 feet in length and it is adjustable, this is also a great choice as a skipping rope for kids. It is lightweight, fast, smooth operation and soft grip.

And the rope is also non-tangled.

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Burnlab Pro Performance Skipping Rope

Best skipping rope India 19Best skipping rope India 20

Final Verdict: This skipping rope is India has very smooth movements and has a premium design. The cost is little higher usually but some other entries in this list of best skipping rope in India are of higher price.

Burnlab pro provides 2 sets of wires of different thickness with this jump rope set in India. This can be used for Gym, Crossfit, Double Unders, Speed Jumping, Boxing, Cardio and Weight Loss.

The handles are Anti Slip, the ropes are Adjustable and comes with Ball Bearing Design.

The ropes come with 2.5mm and 3.5mm thickness. The ball bearing makes the spinning movement speeider and smooth. The entire jump rope is around 9 feet 8 inches and thus suitable for tall people also.

Here is a Jump rope workout that I did for some time!

50 jump ropes

10 Burpees

50 jump ropes

20 squats

50 jump ropes

20 Mountain Climbers


Use of jumps are mostly limited to cardio so if you are bulking up then doing jump ropes every day does not make sense. On the other hand if you are into doing some extra workout for the arms while skipping then do use the heavy jump ropes.

Whether you’re aiming for weight loss, cardio enhancement, or full-body toning, the blog delves into options like Vector X, Burnlab Weighted Jump Rope, Crossrope India, and AmazonBasics Aluminum Speed Rope. To further enrich the discussion, I emphasize heavy jump ropes, elevating workouts for those desiring intensified cardiovascular performance and upper body strength.

Drawing upon my own decade-long workout journey, ownership of a home gym I bring a credible voice to the fitness dialogue. Safety remains paramount, as the blog advocates cautious jumping to prevent knee issues and underscores the importance of suitable surfaces and footwear for a secure workout environment.

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