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As a fitness enthusiast with over a decade of experience, I understand the significance of having a reliable and convenient workout setup. In my exploration of the best fitness equipment, I’ve come to appreciate the practicality of hex dumbbell sets in India. Many of us do not like to change weight plates on our dumbbells. It is just very easy and convenient to use hex dumbbell sets in India. Hex dumbbell sets in India are found in various weights like 2kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg, and more. 

While the price of hex dumbbells varies, with options like 10kg priced at around 2000 INR and 30kg at 6000 INR, the convenience they offer makes them a compelling choice for those committed to strength training.

Hex dumbbells are generally rubber coated so that they do not make a sound and save the floor if you drop. But old-school hex dumbbell sets in India are of iron and they do make the sweet clang sound. But be careful of dropping them on the floor, that will leave a mark.

Best Hex Dumbbell Set India

Also, hex dumbbell sets in India are suitable if you have a high budget as these are costly and you will also need a dumbbell rack in India to keep them. And the home gym cost in India will rise. In that case, you can opt for dumbbell rods. 

Now if you have a car or can buy dumbbell from local shops then you can get a better deal than online stores. Otherwise buy dumbbells online – and while writing of this content COVID-19 is running wild and you should buy dumbbells online anyway.

A quick price check of hex dumbbell set India

  • Hex dumbbells 10kg price – 2000 INR approx
  • Hex 20 kg dumbbell price – 4000 INR approx
  • Hex dumbbells 8kg price – 1400 INR approx
  • Hex dumbbells 30kg price – 6000 INR approx

Hex dumbbell Review

Cockatoo Rubber coated Professional Hex dumbbells (Pack of Two) ; Hex Dumbbells (32.5 Kg (Each) Pack Of Two)

Best hex dumbbell set India 1Best hex dumbbell set India 2

Final Verdict: I would recommend this as the best hex dumbbell. And it is also a great hex dumbbell set India. It is costly but if you want to life heavy things and get strong there is no other way.

This is the heaviest and costliest hex dumbbell set India. It is 32.5kg each and sold as a pair. A must for someone who is into fitness or bodybuilding. But this should not be the first hex dumbbell if you are a beginner. 

If you are looking to buy dumbbells online and can lift heavy then buy this hex dumbbell set.

The total weight of this hex dumbbell set would be 65kg. 

It is rubber coated.

Rigged handle bar for better grip.

AmazonBasics Rubber Encased Hex Dumbbell India Weight – 20.4 Kg, 14.2 x 6.5 x 5.8 Inches

Best hex dumbbell set India 3Best hex dumbbell set India 4

Final Verdict: Want heavy hex dumbbells but budget is on the lower side then get this AmazonBasics hex dumbbell. It may have the rubbery smell from the coating.

AmazonBasics has many products and I would consider them in a list of the best hex dumbbell set that I did not think of. But here it is! This hex dumbbell is sold individually, each weighing about 20.4 kg.

It has a 1 year limited warranty.

It is rubber coated

Hexagon shape

Chrome rigged handle for better grip and comfort

Cost is low if you consider the Cockatoo hex dumbbells despite the higher weight of them.

KORE DM-HEXA-COMBO16 Dumbbells Kit India

Best hex dumbbell set India 5Best hex dumbbell set India 6

Final Verdict: If you are okay with using gym gloves and bear with no branding and not so accurate weight then you can buy this dumbbell online.

Kore hex dumbbells are found from 1kg pair to 15kg pair. You can chose the hex dumbbell pair as per your capability. I will alway recommend buying a little heavy dumbbell as you will grow strong pretty soon.

These hex dumbbell sets are rubber coated and have steel chrome plated handles.

Some users have found the weights are not always accurate. 

The handlebars are not very comfortable so you must use gym gloves.

Costs of this hex dumbbell set in India are not higher than the number 1 hex dumbbell set but also of lower quality.

Cockatoo Rubber Coated Professional Hex Dumbbell Set

Best hex dumbbell set India 5Best hex dumbbell set India 6

Final Verdict: If you want a good quality hex dumbbell and do not mind the cost much then you can buy this. Highest weight you can get is 15kg and that is enough for many people working out at home.

Cockatoo Rubber Coated Professional Hex Dumbbell Set comes 15kg pair. These are good quality hex dumbbell set that you can buy online.

Weights are accurate and come with branding on the dumbbells.

Chrome plated handles are comfortable.

There will be a rubber smell which will go away after some usage.

AmazonBasics Cast Iron Hexagon Dumbbell

Best hex dumbbell set India 9Best hex dumbbell set India 10

Final Verdict: Some do complain that this is not as good as other hex dumbbells online. And cost is similar to the other hex dumbbells India. If you are in doubt then go for other brands and rubberised versions.

This is a hex dumbbell set which has no rubber coating. This is cast iron hex dumbbell that are sold individually. Highest weight you can buy is 11.3kgs.

For a single hex dumbbell this is costly but it is appear to be a good product.

Aurion HEX Rubber Coated Cast Iron Dumbbell India (Pack of Two)

Best hex dumbbell set India 5Best hex dumbbell set India 6

Final Verdict: These are fairly low cost than other items on this best hex dumbbell set India. These are also rubber coated. Some complain that the handlebars are not so good to hold and you may require a gym glove. But this is also common with other hex dumbbells available in this range.

If you are beginner and looking for buying dumbbells online then you can consider this hex dumbbell set India. This only has high weight limit of 5kg pair. And that is a good amount of weight for ladies and beginners.

Best Dumbbell exercises for home India

Dumbbell Goblet Squat

With best hex dumbbells you can do goblet squats, this will work on your quads also on the posterior chain. You can use one or two dumbbells as per your strength. If you are a male then you should target Hex dumbbell set 20kg for workout.

Dumbbell Dead Lift

You can use a lot of weight doing deadlifts as your hamstring and all back muscles will be used. But you will need excellent grip strength to hold Hex dumbbell set 20kg or Hex dumbbell set 30kg.

Dumbbell Floor Press

I do no have an adjustable bench at home but bench press is a good exercises to do for strength and size so I do floor press. I do have some shoulder issues so I use 20kg dumbbell set. You can use a rubber coated hex dumbbell set India.

Dumbbell Rows

A great back exercises and I would recommend that you use heavy hex dumbbells 10kg or more. If you want to go more heavy then you can do single arm bent over row with support.

Dumbbell Overhead Press

Keep your elbows to the front and lift dumbbells up over your head. Use dumbbells as per your strength. If your grip is weak there is a chance that the dumbbell will fall on your head.

Front Raises

Another shoulder exercises but for the front deltoids. Use light weight dumbbells like dumbbell set 2kg or hex dumbbells 5kg each. Front deltoids are small muscles and not suitable for heavy lifts.

Tricep Overhead extensions

A great tricep builder which many also call french curl. Use a hex dumbbell weight you can carry as if the dumbbell falls you will destroy the floor. I used to hold my elbow tight near the ear with my other arm and it works great for the long head of the tricep.

DB Curls

We all love big biceps. This dumbbell curl will do that for you. Use moderat weight of rubber dumbbells set and you can switch between heavy and light weights.

Dumbbell Snatch

Do not start with heavy Hex dumbbell set 20kg each hand. This is a full body explosive workout, there is a high risk of injury and property destruction if you slip the dumbbell from your hand. Better start with Hex dumbbell 5kg set or 5kg each hand.

Dumbbell Clean and Press

It is another explosive exercises that will also increase strength and stamina. And this is also should not be rushed with heavy dumbbell sets. Start light and progress slowly.

Dumbbell Lunges

Unilateral exercises are best to cure weakness of limb muscles. Like we sometimes feel that our left arm is weaker than right, in this case unilateral exercises help. Single leg dumbbell lunges help with better strength development and balance.

Apart from this here are beginner dumbbell workout weight loss

DB squat Thruster

Squats are great and add an overhead press and you get a full body fat burner and strength exercise. Hold dumbbells at your shoulder level, squat down, get up and push the weights high over your head.

Lunge and Curl

Lunges are great lower body exercise and when you are at the lower level then do the curls. A mix of both upper body and lower body exercise. Use dumbbells that you are comfortable using and can do at least 8 reps per set.

Renegade Row

A unique workout that I find hard to do. This will test your core strength and you will develop upper back muscles.

Side to Side lunge

With best hex dumbbells you can do side to side lunges and target the leg muscles at a different angle.

Wood Chopper

Hold a dumbbell with your both hands that you are comfortable with and mimic a motion of wood chopping and you get a fat burning dumbbell exercise.

DB hollow hold

A core exercise that you can do on your back lying. Hold a dumbbell then lift your legs with no bending at the knees. Also lift your upper body you will fill the burn in the abs.

DB Core stabilization

Stand up with a dumbbell in your hand and slowly twist side to side and keep your abs tight. And keep you arm extended in front of you with dumbbell in your hand.

Most of the exercises I am listing are compound dumbbell workouts. These are the items that I personally do at home. I do not have a barbell yet and with dumbbells you can do most of the things. So to keep the home gym cost India low you can opt for dumbbells. Although you will need a dumbbell rack India to keep them.

I learned most of these from the Internet and mostly from Athleanx. I have their Beasxt and that is a good routine later I intend to add the monster. If you have difficulty understanding the workouts then just go to Youtube to see how to do it.

The Last Rep!

Exploring hex dumbbells in India reveals their convenience for fitness enthusiasts, offering noise-free workouts and floor protection. These versatile sets, available in various weights, cater to different fitness levels and provide effective strength training solutions.

Recommendations for specific sets highlight quality, branding, and comfortable handles. While some concerns include the dislike for changing weight plates and potential floor damage with old school iron dumbbells, the positives outweigh the drawbacks, making them a suitable choice for effective home workouts.

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