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Decathlon has a few pull up bars, some are great and some are not so great. My Decathlon pull-up bar review is based on my experience with them on their store! You can always get a look at them if you visit their huge stores near your location.

Now Decathlon pull-up bars are doorway pull-up bars, and screwed-in wall pull-up bar.

There is also a squat rack type pull-up bar which is a free-standing pull-up bar.

Decathlon pull up bar review

Let’s see which model is what – 

Domyos / Decathlon pull up bar Review

Domyos pull up bar are the door pull up bars. These door pull up bar decathlon are not so expensive.  Since you will be installing in a door frame that might damage the door. These are also known as decathlon chin up bar or hanging bar too.

You can fix them with crews or let the vacuum work to make it stick to the door frame, wall. But using the screws to fix teh chin up bars from decathlon is safer idea.

Domyos pull up / Chin up bar 70cm

Domyos pull up / Chin up bar 70cm
Domyos pull up / Chin up bar 70cm

This is a removable chin up bar by decathlon, if you use it in the removable option that is using no screws to permanently attaching the chin up bar to the frame then it can support 100kgs.

When permanently fixed it can support around 130kgs of body weight.

It is a plain bar with no hand adjustments, so you can do chin ups or pull ups or just hang.

The cool thing is they provide 2 years warranty on it. And if something goes wrong they may give you full refund.

The Domyos pull up or Domyos chin up bar 70cm is made up with 100% steel, 100% Foam, and rubberised material.

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Domyos pull up / Chin up bar 100 cm

Domyos pull up / Chin up bar 100 cm

This pull up bar is identical to the Domyos chin up bar 70cm but is larger. The diameter is 30mm and length is adjustable between 95 to 120cm. At full length the bar may seem thinner for the large hands.

Just like the Domyos chin up bar 70cm, chin up bar 100cm also supports max user weight of 130kg.

This is also removable but more safer if you permanently fix this with screws. 

It has 2 years of warranty.

Made with steel, foam and rubberised grips.

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Decathlon pull up bar 900

doing leg raises using Decathlon pull up bar 900 multigrip foldable pull up bar
Decathlon pull up bar 900 multigrip foldable pull up bar in folded position
Decathlon pull up bar 900 multigrip foldable pull up bar

Now it is somewhat professional looking pull up bar with multi grip option.

This is a well built pull up bar which is wall mounted. Can support upto 130kg user weight.

It offers 3 grip types: Narrow, Wide, Hammer (less stress on shoulder). 

The grip handles can be dismantled and folded for space saving after your workout is done. Although many who would opt for this decathlon 900 pull up bar must have some space for it.

Pull up bar 900 is backed up by a 2 year warranty and most of the time for manufacturing defects they offer exchange from their near by physical store.

Total length is 115cm with depth of 58cm meaning this size fits all. It neither too long or too short.

100% steel and rubber grips used.

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Free standing pull up bar decathlon

Free standing pull up bar decathlon

Weight Training Dips Station 900 or the DS compact are two products from Decathlon that can be used for dips and pull-ups.

If you do not want to tell any holes in your home or I don’t want to damage any doorway then you should look into these two products.

Along with pull ups and dips you can do leg raises for abs and push ups.

These two cost above 10000 INR each.

Training station 900 can support up to 150 kgs. The backrest is adjustable and there is a foot rest so users of any height can use it.

It takes around 1 square metre of area with height of 215 cm Floor width: 93 cm Floor depth: 117 cm.

Like the other pull up bars this also have 2 years warranty. It is made of 100% Steel and the backrest is made of foam.

Some say the stand wobbles doing dips but that is quite natural.

If you have the budget and like the idea if this home gym machine then give it a try.

Decathlon pull up bar installation

They do not provide any screws so you have to find it as per your wall. In India for brick wall you can use bolts used for the outdoor ac unit.

If not confident on installing any of the pull up/chin up bars of Decathlon by yourself then call for a AC repair guy.

They have the drills to do the job but tell them what is your plan.

For the domyos 70cm and 100cm chin up bars you can start with no screws. You squeeze them tight in between walls or door. But at some point of time, the grip will go loose.

So to avoid any injury use screws.

Screws will hold up any pull up bars from decathlon much longer.

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