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Get the best rowing machine India your money can buy

Let me help you choose the best rowing machine India for home. For a great cardio workout a rowing machine is a must for a home gym in India. But a Rowing Machine India is will increase your home gym setup cost India.

Now are rowing machines are for weight loss only? NO. Any compact rowing machine for home helps you build your aerobic fitness. A rowing machine for Indian home gym helps build up stamina which we all lack.

Personally I would not got for a single purpose home gym equipment which is as costly as a rowing machine but many do like them. Many do like the fact that rowers can provide a quick, intense weight loss workout at home.

And if you can find just get a rowing machine second hand for your home. You will not need those trackers, just the resistance and the handles should work.

Best rowing machine india Online

There are some great rowers available in online stores in India. And there are different types of them like –

  • Manual rowing machine
  • Magnetic Rowing machine
  • Water Rowers
  • Flywheel Rowing machine
  • Hydraulic Rowing Machine

And if you dig in the internet a little more you will see guides on creating your own homemade rowing machine.

But you do not need to build yourself a rowing machine for your home gym. We do not do body building full time and we have family and work to attend to.

And if you are like me then you would not probably go for costliest rowing machine for home either. Because that does not makes sense for a budget home gym in India with a rowing machine.

Best rowing machine for home workouts should be silent, compact, low maintenance and takes less space.

If you are not bored with elliptical trainers and treadmills then you can skip rowing machines. I find treadmills as the most boring then elliptical trainers and rowing machine. A compact rowing machine is less boring exercise to do at home.

What is the best rowing machine to buy for home use? Here are 10 of them which you can find online in India!

Top 10 Best rowing machine India for home Review

Aerofit AF 803 Rowing Machine with 10 Level Magnetic Resistance and LCD Display

If 10 levels of Magnetic resistance in this rower gets you high, then this for you. Aerofit is almost 70 inches long thus you will need a god size room for it.

It is not suitable for small apartments or people with short body frame.

Max user weight – 135 Kg.

Propel 4 Way Adjustable Resistance FitnessOne’s Rower

It has a elastic rope system which you can pull. Your hands in this rowing machine stays close together. I did not liked it, but it has 4 way of resistance. Not much of a high resistance though and it is foldable.

And the elastic band is almost like a resistance band.

Max user weight – 110kg

Kamachi rowing machine

Finally a rowing machine in India that I like.

Kamachi rowing machine has free movable arms which can mimin the actual rowing of a boat thus more natural. With more natural moving patterns your workouts get more better.

For better movement, cardio and weight loss you can use this rowing machine at home.


A no brainer, low cost rowing machine for people who do not want to spend on fancy tracking and just go on do their workouts! 

At around 10k these have free moving arms, adjustable hydraulic cylinders.

Nothing professional, nothing too good just at this price, it is a good rowing machine.

Cosco Crw 903 Rower

Stunner Fitness SRX-550 Magnetic Rowing Machine with 10 Resistance Levels & LCD Display for Cardio Workout at Home

Aerofit Steel Af 7103 Rowing Machine, 177 cm x 53 cm x 43 (Black)

In my aerofit rowing machine review of this model which is 70 inch long and 17 inch wide! This AF 7103 model also has 10 levels of magnetic resistance.

It has wheels so you can move it around and has display which shows calorie burn, distance etc.

IT has a 5 kg flywheel and is foldable.

PowerMax Fitness RH-250 Foldable Rowing Machine with Digital Display for Home use

Aerofit Rowing Machine HF9134

PowerMax Fitness RH-200 Rowing Machine with Digital Display for Home use

Best Budget rowing machine in India

These are one of the best budget rowing machine in India. Rowing machien are costly and take up a lot of space but these are on the lower side of price. And as the price is lower they also lack some cool features than their big brothers.

Nonetheless if you are up for those tiny bells and whistles then these budget friendly rowing machines are for you.

Check rowing machine price India

Propel 4 Way Adjustable Resistance FitnessOne’s Rower


Make Rowing Machine – DIY Rowing Machine for Home Gym

No special tool needed. (best rowing machine under 500)

Set of exercise bands, Exercise gliders 4.

Rowing is an excellent exercise but should you spend a ton on it? In my opinion you should not. For a basic workout you can even go and use resistance bands for pulling exercises. 

And Rowing machines are not small piece of home gym equipment, They do take a ton of space.

Types of Rowing Machines

Hydraulic Rowing Machine

For a small home gym in India where space is very less then a Hydraulic rowing machine makes more sense if the budget allows. These do comes with displays and trackers. But hydraulic rowers do not provide natural motion like other magnetic or flywheel rowing machines.

Flywheel Rowing Machines

If getting cold wind during workout is your thing, then Flywheel Rowing machine is best for you. More you put your effort in more the resistance increases. 

Magnetic Resistance Indoor Rowers

Quite and smooth movement – Magnetic Rowers do this best and do not break the bank to get one for your home. Resistance can easily be changed and always comes with displays and tracking.

The WaterRower

The water rowers literally have a tank full of water, and more the water level more the resistance. I do not like the fact that I have to pour in water and maintain it so I do not recommend it for a busy office goer.

Choosing rowing machine for apartments

How to Choose The Right Rowing Machine For Home Exercise

  1. Cost of the Rowing Machine

    A good/average quality rowing machine like the ones in Decathlon costs around 29000 INR. Is it worth for a commercial gym? Yes. Rowing machine workouts are intense and help in fat loss and muscle building. But for an average Indian who wants to build his own home gym? Mm nope. A high costly rowing machines does not makes sense unless you want it or love it.

  2. Space Required for the Rowing Machine

    Average rower is almost 7-8 feet long. With small rooms you can not use a rowing machine. Also people who live in apartments or in small houses – rowers are not a good choice.

  3. Space Required

    Display with all types of tracking, and the display should be big with clear texts. And apart from tracking there is water rowing, full wooden rowers and more, more features almost equals to more price.

  4. Usability

    A durable rowing machine will serve you years! And with benefits like aerobic workout, fat loss and upper body strength workouts rowing machines are quite usable. Its up to you to decide either a rowing machine is required or not as you can do similar workouts or other type of aerobic workouts with no equipments also.

  5. Durability of the Rowing Machine for Home

    A well made rowing machine will be useful or at least 10 years unless there is some failure. I believe magnetic and flywheel based rowing machine will be more durable than other types.

The shortest rowing machine buy online guide

Price, space, features, durability and usability should be your top concern. But among them for an average Indian this particular machine should not cost a lot of money. I would suggest that you stick with the budget options but seek for a durable one.

Rowing machine best workout sample

Rowing machines basically mimic or try to mimic rowing a boat. In this way they are mostly work on upper body when it comes to building muscle and strength. And since a lot of movement is required, with proper diet rowing can also serve as weight loss exercise.

Also it can build stamina.

For stamina, row 1 minute, 2 minute, 3 minute, 4 minute straight with 30 sec rests. You do not have you crazy fast in this. Instead of minutes you can also row for longer distance, that would also build your stamina.

For Full body training, where things go interesting – 

Row 100 meters

Squat – 20 reps

Row 100 meters

Push up – 20 reps

Split squat – 20 reps

Row 100 meters


Row 100 meters


Row 100 meters


By combining rowing with your workouts or doing rows during your rest periods you can squeeze out extra benefits from your workout sessions.

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Rowing machine Benefits

There are definitely some benefits of rowing everyday one is weight loss. For bodybuilding benefits you will lose fat so your muscles will become more prominent.

Main rowing machine muscles targeted

  • Upper back
  • Obliques
  • Abdominal muscles
  • Arms
  • Pectoral

Also some lower body muscle that rowing machine muscles targeted

  • Calves
  • Glutes
  • Quads

Now here are the core Rowing machine Benefits

Full body workout with no chance of injury

If you are not doing the rows in extremely bad form then there are no chance that you are going to injure yourself. And this is a full body workout so you end up using more muscles and more calories.

Can train more frequently

Less chance of injury, less chance of muscle pain so you can train more often and burn more calories.

Better Posture

If you are like me doing computer/desk job then you are in a hunched position and damaging your posture. A strong upper back can prevent that. And with rowing you can develop strong back muscles that will prevent bad postures. This is a great benefit of doing upper back exercises.

Great Stamina Builder

Since all of your muscles are being used and whole body is being moved you are using your heart and lungs to extreme. More blood flow and more oxygen is needed for your body if you are doing rows. Thus you build stamina very quickly! 

Alternatives to Treadmill

Rowing machines are great alternatives to exercise bikes and Treadmills. While on treadmill can damage your knees there are no chances of that with a rowing machine.

Can a rowing machine be used for muscle gain?

I believe it is mostly for cardio and fat loss so not so much muscle building.

Frequently asked questions on Rowing Machines

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