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Not strong enough to do full pull ups? Do not worry, we all have been through this and pull ups are no joke. Here you will know about the best pull up assist bands India and why I picked them!

And pull up assistance bands can also help get you strong during the eccentric part of the pull up. Former old school WWE superstar Stevie Richards says so! While you are going down with the resistance band, it makes the descent slower so more muscle under tension 🙂

Also you can try muscle ups as well.

Pull Up Assist Bands India

Key Takeaways

  • Pull-up assist bands in India are essential for building strength and improving pull-up performance.
  • They aid in the eccentric part of pull-ups, making the descent slower and keeping more muscles under tension.
  • To avoid overreliance, it’s recommended to start with regular pull-ups and use bands when fatigued, especially for home workouts without a spotter.
  • Pull-up assist bands offer a cost-effective alternative to expensive pull-up assist machines and are perfect for home gym setups.
  • Top pull-up assist bands in India include WODFitters, Healthtrek 4 Level Power Bands, Kobo Power Loop, Fitlastics Resistance Loop Bands, and IRIS Fitness Pull-Up Assistance Bands.

Note: It says pull up assists band, meaning you would still have to put enough/some effort otherwise you will never grow strong.

Tip: I will also encourage you to do first few pull ups without any bands. Once you get tired then use the bands. Also if you are working out at home with a pull up bar, then just hang from it whenever you can. From personal experience, that helps strengthen the lat muscles.

Top Reason of using pull up assist band: 

  • You do want to spend a stupid amount of money on a pull up assist machine!
  • You workout at home and you do not have a spotter.

Best Pull up assist bands India

  1. WODFitters Pull Up Assist Band
  2. Healthtrek 4 Level Power Bands (Best Combo Buy)
  3. Kobo Power Loop/Resistance Band Rubber Pull Up Assist Bands (Best Overall)
  4. Fitlastics Resistance Loop Bands for Pullup Assist (Best Budget Buy)
  5. IRIS Fitness Pull Up Assistance Band

Best pull up assist bands India [Review]

WODFitters Pull Up Assist Band

Do more with pull up assist bands India 1Do more with pull up assist bands India 2

This grey WODfitters can support up to 200 pounds, enough for any one India who wants to improve their pull ups or chin ups.

You can check their other colored bands with low strength too but I would always get the highest strength that i can spend on. And apart from pull up assist bands you can easily use these strong bands for dead lift and squat and for dips.

And if you can afford it you may get more of these types of loop bands for more resistance if you need it.

Each pull up assist band is 41 inches and thickness is 4.5mm.

But do not completely rely on the band otherwise you will not exactly develop the strength.

Best home gym Mats in India

Healthtrek 4 Level Power Bands

Do more with pull up assist bands India 3Do more with pull up assist bands India 4

Now, pull up assists bars are not to be used so extensively so that you completely rely on it and ultimately do not develop strength at all. This is where healthtrek comes. This package comes with 4 different strengths of resistance band for pull up.

Ab Roller Benefits in Detail

If you are unable to do more than 3 pull ups or chin ups on your own then from the 4th pull up you can use the red first then slowly move up to green. Green pull up assist band is the strongest. So you are not using the strongest band up front rather slowly using all of your muscle strength.

Here are the specifications – 

  • Red – 81.9 x 0.5 x 0.2 Inch
  • Black – 81.9 x 0.9 x 0.2 Inch
  • Purple – 81.9 x 1.3 x 0.2 Inch
  • Green – 81.9 x 1.7 x 0.2 Inch

Level of Resistance:

  • Red: 15 – 35 lb
  • Black: 25 – 65 lb
  • Purple: 35 – 85 lb
  • Green: 50 – 125 lb

And apart from pull ups you can do pilates, yoga etc with these bands too.

Some reviews have mentioned poor quality and high cost but still it is a good choice if you want a 41 inch pull up resistance bands set. This is a must if you are looking for pull up bands set.

Kobo Power Loop/Resistance Band Rubber Pull Up Assist Bands

Do more with pull up assist bands India 5Do more with pull up assist bands India 6

KOBO power loops are available at 41 inch length and with different tension levels of 15 – 35 lbs, 25 – 65 lbs, 35 – 85 lbs, 50 -125 LBS, 5 – 175 LBS.

All are made from durable thick rubber which will enable you to use them for a long time. And KOBO is a reputed brand in terms of fitness products.

These are best for home gym and you do not need any spoter to help you do a good number of pull ups.

The green KOBO pull Up Assist Bands India is more popular since it can also be used for stretching. 

The black 41 inch band is 540 grams and can provide upto 175 lbs of tension. This can be used by the complete beginner in pull ups. Also can be used to make exercises like squat, deadlift more tougher.

Fitlastics Resistance Loop Bands for Pullup Assist

Do more with pull up assist bands India 7Do more with pull up assist bands India 8

Fitlastics are a very good resistance band brand and their 41 inch pull up assist bands  are top notch as well. These are one of the best pull up assist bands that you can buy online. These have 4.5m thickness like the wodfitters bands and width is around 29mm. 

Pretty thick and wide for your feet to place in. These are made with natural latex and can last for years. 

Apart from getting good at pull up and chin ups you can use these bands for mobility and lower body exercises.

The red fitlastic pull up assist band has the highest tension level of 125 lbs. This is lower than the KOBO power loop band but may work for you.

IRIS Fitness Pull Up Assistance Band

IRIS pull up assist band India

These bands are made from natural latex with 15 layered construction and are almost 2 inch wide. Ideal for pull ups, muscle ups, chin ups yoga and any workout where you can fit the band into.

Like all other bands this can als be used for crossfit but maybe you would prefer some wider band for that. This red  loop band has somewhat lower tension so for stretching and intermediate chin up it will be great.

Pull up assist band workout

Just slip your one leg in the 41 inch pull up assist band and you will get the extra leverage for pull up. This is the most common pull up resistance bands exercises. You can use this same band for deadlifts and squats, and if you have a dip bar then you can use it to assist you for dips too.

Even if a shoulder injury or shoulder pain is stopping you from doing full pull ups, with the bands it will be easy. I too have some rotator cuff issues and the bands do help. Although I do not use them anymore.

[Barbell Squats with Resistance Bands]

Resistance band pull ups without bar

You can do and mimic the lat pulldown exercise mechanism but still, nothing beats the pull-up.

Apart from lat pulldown with resistance bands of 41 inch, you can do shotgun row (), Single arm pulldown with bands, and straight arm pull down also.

And if you have weights then you can do dumbbell rows as well.

But.. nothing eats the pull ups and chin ups.

How to use a pull-up assist band India

If you have a standard wall mounted pull up bar then you can tie the resistance band in the middle of it. Then put your feet into it, place the band right around the middle of the feet. Be careful not to move that foot around, otherwise the loop band may slip. Now put your other foot on the top and you can do pull ups now.

With pull up assist bands your eccentric portion of the pull up or chin up will be slower, which is a good thing for muscle growth.

Now pull up assist bands are not for only beginners, experienced people can also use loop bands to do some more pull ups and increase their time under tension.

Can you do pull ups without a bar?

You can hang on some ledge around your house or use resistance bands to do lat pull down, lat pull down and more.

What exercise can I do instead of pull ups?

Lat pull down, renegade row, dumbbell row, straight arm pull down and more options are there.

What resistance band do I need for pull ups?

You will need 41 inch pull up bands, you can get a set so that you can change up the resistance as needed.

Do resistance bands help with pull ups?

Yes, the resistance band acts as a pull up assist band that can help you squeeze out a few more reps. But to be truly good at doing pull ups you have to focus on form and doing without bands.

In conclusion, pull-up assist bands in India offer numerous benefits for enhancing your fitness journey. They help you perform more pull-ups and build strength with variable tension bands. These bands are especially useful during the eccentric part of the pull-up, slowing down the descent and keeping muscles under tension.

They also provide extra leverage for pull-ups and can be used for exercises like deadlifts and squats. However, it’s important to avoid relying too heavily on these bands, as it may hinder natural strength development. Some user reviews have raised concerns about certain bands’ quality and cost, so choose wisely.

Using assist bands extensively may also limit potential strength gains. Lastly, if you need a workout spotter, these bands may not be the best choice as they are primarily designed for independent use. Balancing the positives and negatives is crucial for maximizing the benefits of these fitness tools.

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