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Written By Samarjit Sinha

Working out for 10 years | Has a home gym | CPD (UK) Certificate holder in Fitness

Looking for the best site to buy gym equipment in India? Amazon and Flipkart top the list, offering hassle-free returns and a plethora of online payment options. They boast around 60 brands, featuring a wide range of fitness gear, from exercise bikes to dumbbells and resistance bands.

But, if you’re in the market for specialized or high-end gym equipment, direct seller contact may be required. Be mindful; some websites lack SSL security. As someone who’s set up a home gym by shopping from various Indian online stores, I’ll guide you through the process.

In short, if you want easy returns, plethora of online payment facilities then pick amazon or flipkart as the best site to buy gym equipment in India.

best site to buy gym equipment in India

But if you have some special requirement or if you are looking for some heavy, highly expensive piece of gym equipment, then it might not be listed on these two.

For that you may have to contact the online seller via their website, sometimes you will find many unique items there. But many times the website does not have SSL or proper design.

I have looked at many gym equipment online seller websites to search for deals and unique items, and here is all the info.

Here I have mostly looked at general fitness/strength training only and not into sports-specific training. 

Key Takeaways

  • Amazon and Flipkart are the top choices for buying gym equipment in India, offering easy returns and various online payment options.
  • These platforms host a wide selection of fitness gear, including exercise bikes, dumbbells, and more.
  • For specialized or high-end equipment, you may need to contact sellers through their websites, which might lack SSL security.
  • USI excels in boxing and martial arts gear, while PowerMax specializes in treadmills and elliptical trainers.
  • Aurion offers dumbbells and gym belts, but its website lacks SSL security.
  • Brands like Cockatoo and KORE rely on Amazon and Flipkart for sales.

Best site to buy gym equipment in India

Website to buy Gym EquipmentMy Thoughts
AmazonBest all round online seller.
FlipkartSecond best all round online seller.
USINo online purchase facility
PowerMaxHave SSL and can purchase some products directly.
AurionNo SSL
CockatooNot Working Website
KORENo Website
StraussNo SSL
VIVANo Buying option but send enquiry
JoyFitNice designed website and you can buy directly.


Of course this will be the number one. From great offers, great timely delivery and good customer care is one stop shop for all fitness gears.

And presently almost 60 brands are on selling products like exercise bikes, dumbbells, resistance bands, treadmills, hand grippers and what not!

Here are the Fitness brands that are now on Amazon (Just copied)

See all fitness products on Amazon

  • Amazonbasics (21)
  • Aurion (266)
  • Body maxx (7)
  • Bodygrip (7)
  • Cobra (3)
  • Consonantiam (24)
  • Diablo (64)
  • Diswa (2)
  • Egab (4)
  • Eranqo (4)
  • Fegsy (10)
  • Gee (9)
  • Generic (1,164)
  • Goank (1)
  • Gocart with g logo (33)
  • Gsquare (1)
  • Hard bodies (4)
  • Strauss (60)
  • Hashtag fitness (13)
  • Holme’s (12)
  • Ibs (185)
  • Inditradition (9)
  • Izoo (5)
  • Jmo27deals (23)
  • Joyfit (10)
  • Klikfit (2)
  • Kobo (109)
  • Kore (197)
  • Kriva (3)
  • Ks healthcare (4)
  • Marklif (1)
  • Slyk (6)
  • Souxe (2)
  • Sportsoul (2)
  • Nivia (25)
  • Stvin (3)
  • Sunley (3)
  • V22 (26)
  • Velocity (1)
  • Vencho (5)
  • Vifitkit (1)
  • Vpn fitness and service with device (40)
  • Wearslim (13)
  • Pro365 (1)
  • Protoner (39)
  • Quick shel (2)
  • Skera (23)
  • Oddish; way to fitness (18)
  • Piesome (2)
  • Starx (25)
  • Nirva with device of women picture (40)

Website feature and usability: You should choose amazon for your fitness equipment for customer support, quick deliveries and the all the offers they run from time to time.


Flipkart is another giant in the ecommerce online business and have almost as many varieties of fitness equipment in India. It also varies in categories like 

You will find great deals every now and then get good deals on your desired gym equipment.

Flipkart shows they have 3707+ brands in the exercise and fitness category.

And here are few of them –

  • Adrenex by flipkart
  • Krx
  • Powermax fitness
  • Exoctic silver
  • Color yard
  • Rocket sales
  •  Head turners
  •  5 o’clock sports
  • Zyrah
  • Zylocare
  • Zycon
  • Zuru bunch
  • Zunbella
  • Zuke
  • Zucllin
  • Vivan surgical export and import
  • Vivaan
  • Viva fitness
  • Viva fitness
  • Vitrag
  • Vitrag
  • Vithani
  • Vitane perfekt
  • Yozika
  • Youth craft
  • Yourhom
  • Yonex
  • Yogpro
  • Yogpro
  • Yogimat
  • Yogi darshan
  • Tornado fitness
  • Torex
  • Tordils
  • Viva
  • Tynor
  • The phenomenal
  • Tender care
  • Tendenza
  • Tempest
  • Telebuy
  • Telebrands
  • Teconica
  • Techtest
  • Techobucks
  • Technuv
  • Techno rare
  • Tech-x
  • Tech-x
  • Tci star health product
  • Task
  • Tashkurst
  • Tarun surgicals
  • Tapas
  • Taos

Website feature and usability: Flipkart like amazon is a great site with lots of deals and brands to choose from. Personally I have seen some equipment prices are higher in flipkart than Amazon.2

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If you are into boxing or in a specific sport then you must have stumbled upon USI. They have wide range of crossfit equipment, boxing and martial arts equipment. I have personally used their products many times and have owned a few of the items and all of them were great quality.

Here are the gym equipment that they sell in India –

Gloves ▾ competition gloves sparring gloves punching/bag gloves

Protection ▾ abdo guards head guards hand wraps mouth guards


Corner accessories ▾ eye iron

Boxing rings apparel

Mma ▾

Gloves ▾ competition gloves training gloves stand up gloves

Mma pads shin pads accessories apparel

Fitness ▾ gloves/grips skipping ropes

Conditioning ▾ expanders medicine balls grips wrist training massage slam ball gym ball stepper

Strength training ▾ belts weights accessories wraps & straps

Functional training ▾ kettlebells push up bars

Ropes ▾ bar resistance trainer battling rope

Gravity training strength bags balance ab wheel rigs

Door gyms apparel gym timer mats

Bodybuilding ▾ posing trunk

Shakers yoga pull ups/sleds plyometric box ankle cuff

Martial arts ▾ judo

Karate ▾ head guards chestguard apparel gloves shin pads foot protector

Taekwondo ▾ head guards chest guard gloves apparel shin pads foot protector arm guard

Wushu ▾ gloves headguard chest guard shin pads

Muay thai wrestling soft weapons

Training ▾ punch/kick bags stands/bag hangers free standing bags speed balls double end balls shields / thai pads focus pad kick pads tiles & bricks leg stretchers

Other sports ▾

Weight lifting ▾ belts wraps & straps suit mats

Powerlifting ▾ belts wraps & straps barbells

Cricket baseball softball arm wrestling table


Apparel ▾ boxing mma fitness

Martial arts ▾ judo karate taekwondo wrestling muay thai

Weightlifting holdall bags jiu jitsu dress

Hardware ▾ bag chains stands/bag hangers boxing rings

Boxing » gloves protection footwear corner accessories boxing rings apparel

Mma » gloves mma pads shin pads accessories apparel

Fitness » gloves/grips skipping ropes conditioning strength training functional training door gyms apparel gym timer mats bodybuilding shakers yoga pull ups/sleds plyometric box ankle cuff

Martial arts » arts judo karate taekwondo wushu muay thai wrestling soft weapons

Training » punch/kick bags stands/bag hangers free standing bags speed balls double end balls shields / thai pads focus pad kick pads tiles & bricks leg stretchers

Other sports » sports weightlifting powerlifting cricket baseball softball arm wrestling table


Apparel » boxing mma fitness martial arts weightlifting holdall bags jiu jitsu dress

Hardware » backhardware bag chains stands/bag hangers boxing rings

They have almost anything that you can think of and many known gyms regularly use their products. Specially martials arts gyms. 

Website feature and usability: USI website looks old school and they do not have any ecommerce option. You basically fill up a form so that they can contact you back. I onced wanted to buy a slam ball and then they pointed me to their amazon listing. They quickly re activated the listing so that I can buy.

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Powermax is synonym to treadmill. They have all sorts of treadmills for all sorts of buyers. Be it a manual treadmill or a high end commercial treadmill. They are mostly famous to us for their mid range 2-4.5 HP treadmills which has great motors along with great features.

Apart from treadmills you get many variations of elliptical trainers from 15k to 50k. 

There are also massagers, smith machines, benches etc.

Also they deal in all of these – 

  • Home use 
  • Treadmill
  • Exercise bikes
  • Cross trainer
  • Multi gyms
  • Rowers
  • Weight & bars
  • Commercial use 
  • Commercial cardio treadmill
  • Cross trainer
  • Exercise bikes
  • Motion trainer
  • Rower
  • Stair climber
  • Bench & racks
  • O series
  • Proclub line
  • Weight & bars
  • Multi gym
  • Crossfit 360
  • Gym pack
  • Massagers 
  • Massage chair
  • Leg massager
  • Vibration plate
  • Others weight scale
  • Digital stabilizer
  • Silicone spray
  • Gym shakers

Website feature and usability: Website looks good and you can directly buy products from this one. But maybe you should look for the same models in flipkart and amazon for better prices.


We all know aurion for their dumbbell, weight plates and gym belts. But they also have swimming accessories, boxing equipment and some skate gear.

My favourite aurion equipment will be their dumbbell rods, steel dumbbells. These are really good items. Also from aurion you can buy PVC home gym combo options at low price.

Here are some of their top products – 

  • Aurion 50 kg home gym with PVC weights
  • Aurion Chrome steel home gym pack
  • Aurion 48 inches Olive green punching bag
  • Aurion 20 kg support home gym bench
  • Aurion chrome plated HEX dumbbells.

Here are the product categories as per their website – 

  • Swimming accessories
  • Bikes and skates
  • Gym and fitness accessories
  • Boxing
  • Home gym
  • Pvc dumbell
  • Hex dumbbells

Can you buy gym instruments from Aurion online website?

This site does not have SSL certificate so it is not safe to insert your payment details. If Aurion is reading then I would say that they should put up a FREE SSL certificate and the run some low budget FB ads and people may buy from their website also.


At the very moment their own website is not working but their products are available in amazon and flipkart. Cockatoo is known for their dumbbells, treadmills elliptical trainers, yoga balls and more.

You can buy them from flipkart and amazon.


You can find KORE gym equipments but they do not have a site to buy gym equipment in India. Again you have to rely on amazon and flipkart


Struss is another popular brand from which you can buy various types of fitness equipment. They have 4 main category like fitness, sports, yoga, power.

They have wide range of push bars, wrist straps, tummy trimmers, hand grippers etc. 

Website feature and usability: This has no SSL so better not buy directly from their own website.


I have liked their high end treadmills and gym benches. They also have website which have domestic and commercial gym equipment separated.

Here are the product categories that you can check on their own website in India – 

Commercial Equipment

Treadmills Elliptical Trainers Bikes Strength Cross Training Pilates Rowers Unique Products

Domestic Equipment 

Treadmills Elliptical Trainers Bikes Strength X Series Vibrators

Some of their products reach almost a lakh or more and you can not buy them on their website, you may send your enquiry and then buy accordingly.


Joyfit fitness brand in India sells a lot of fitness equipment online, they are easily found on amazon or flipkart and they do have their own website.

Here are the top categories where they deal in –

Gym accessories

  • Weight lifting straps
  • Gym gloves
  • Ankle straps
  • Ankle weights
  • Knee sleeve
  • Knee wraps


  • Knee support
  • Ankle support
  • Finger Support
  • Finger support
  • Kinesiology tape
  • Wrist support

Strength Training

  • Ab roller
  • Pull up bars
  • Suspension straps
  • Resistance Bands
  • Dumbbells

Yoga Accessories

  • Yoga mat
  • Yoga ball

My review on best sites to buy gym equipment online

Gym equipment names for home

Treadmill, Exercise Cycle, Spinning Bike, Dumbbell, Barbell, squat racks. Among all other gym instruments names you might be more familiar with easy weight loss equipment like gym bikes, treadmills but not heard of cable pulley machines which are more bodybuilding focused.

What is the best gym equipment to buy for home?

best site to buy gym equipment in India

Ask me and I will say the power rack, pair that with dumbbells and a bench and you may not need any other gym equipment at all. Sporto, Jazzier are some companies who make these squat racks. Although costly at a glance they can be used for bulking as well as losing weight. Also it is a versatile combination that can be used for all the body parts.

Which brand is best for gym equipment?

Powermax, USI, KOBO, Fitsy, Cockatoo are all good brands for gym equipment.

Can you buy gym equipment during lockdown?

Most of the top websites are sending out product with no contact delivery so you can definitely buy gym products now.

The Last Rep!

In the quest to find the best site for purchasing gym equipment in India, we have several standout positive options. Amazon and Flipkart shine as the top choices, offering a plethora of online payment facilities and an impressive range of fitness products. Their well-designed websites make it a breeze to purchase directly, and they provide easy returns, making them the best all-round online sellers in the market. However, it’s worth noting that if you have specialized requirements or are in search of heavy, highly expensive gym equipment, you may not find them listed on these two platforms, which could be a drawback for some fitness enthusiasts.

On the flip side, when evaluating the negative aspects, we discover that several alternatives present limitations. Some websites lack crucial SSL certificates, raising concerns about the security of payment information. Others simply do not offer online purchase facilities, requiring potential buyers to send inquiries, which can be inconvenient. Additionally, a few websites have non-functional or poorly designed interfaces, hindering the overall user experience. Finally, in certain cases, the pricing of products may be more competitive on platforms like Amazon and Flipkart, urging consumers to explore multiple options before making their gym equipment purchases.

Ref: Trend of gym equipment buying by businesswire

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