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Horlicks protein plus review

In this Horlicks protein plus review we will see how our childhood drink has evolved into something that many fitness freaks using now a days.

Horlicks protein plus nutrition information & horlicks protein plus Ingredients

  • Protein (Whey, Soy) – 38%
  • Casein – 1.1%
  • Milk Solids – 5.5%
  • Cereal extract – 24%
  • Cocoa Powder
  • Minerals
  • Wheat Gluten
  • Flavour (chemicals)
  • Colors (chemicals)
  • Vitamins
  • Acidity regulators (normal)
horlicks protein plus review

In short if you are thinking muscle gain body building then do not get horlicks.

Is it any good?

Let’s see what Horlicks Protein Plus says themselves –  Horlicks protein plus says it is necessary for those at or above 30 years of age. After 30 years of age people start to lose muscles. Adult can lose 3-8% muscle mass every year. And yes, more older you get more muscle mass you will lose.

High quality protein intake and adequate workout can save your muscle mass. And you will be  keep fit and stay fit for a longer period of time.

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horlicks protein plus Review content – Proteins

Now, in this horlicks protein plus review let’s see what type of protein it contains. Horlicks protein plus says they have 3 type of protein. This is one of the key advertised horlicks protein plus benefits. But is it a horlicks protein plus benefit?

Horlicks Protein Plus Content – Whey

No 1 Protein Whey: Whey protein is a all time favorite milk based protein that is widely used for people from all paths of life but mostly in athletes and body builders. But why do athletes and bodybuilders use Whey protein?

In pure layman’s terms whey is absorbed much faster in our body. And bioavailability of whey protein is highest. Bio availability is a number that says how much our body can use that food item, absorb all the nutrients in it. Whey is no 1 in this list, there are also eggs, soy etc.But whey protein is on another level.

Now are all whey are built equal? No. Whey has two type of qualities, one is Concentrate another one is Isolate.

Isolate is much higher quality as per protein content per gram while concentrate contains other items like lactose so whey concentrate is lower quality per gram than Isolate.

In this Horlicks protein plus review I shall make clear that Horlicks Protein Plus contains only 38% Protein contents. Out of that total 38% protein content it has only 30% Whey protein concentrate. 

Meaning out of 100 gram horlicks protein plus, you get 33 gram of protein. Out of which only 9.9 gram is whey concentrate.

Means out of 100gram horlicks protein plus only 9.9 gram is whey concentrate.

If you are looking to get benefits of whey for bodybuilding then skip horlicks protein plus.

Horlicks Protein Plus Content – Soy

No 2 Protein Soy: Soy is a good quality veg protein which have biological value of 74 where Whey is at 104. Soy did get some negative press as some studies suggested soy increase estrogen hormone which is a female hormone. But we have been eating whey for 5000 years and soy is almost in anything that we eat so not to worry.  

Soy is definitely not better than whey but is a good source of vegan protein. And soy is a complete protein where each amino acid present which helps in body building.

As horlicks protein plus contains 33 gram protein per 100g and soy protein is only 8%. What 8% out of 33 gram!!! Out of 100 gram!

Why even put it there!!

Now 30+8 is 38% of protein that I said earlier in this horlicks protein plus review but where is the third protein.

Horlicks Protein Plus Content – Casein

The third protein is Casein which is mere 1.1% in its true form in this horlicks protein plus.

Protein wise horlicks protein plus benefits is ver low, if you are thinking of horlicks protein plus for bodybuilding then do not.

Let’s finish the third protein first which they include for horlicks protein plus benefits.

No 3 Protein in horlicks protein plus – casein which is only 1.1%. Casein is a milk based protein which is not absorbed quickly and best taken before bedtime. Why? Because casein is a low release protein unlike whey which is absorbed fast in our body. With casein it stays in your blood longer help muscle recover from workout.

I can count this as horlicks protein plus benefits while the casein is only 1.1% horlicks protein plus have 5.5% milk solids. Milk is almost 80% casein so you can count that in.

And if you are not using 30 gram protein scoops then just imagine the protein in 1 spoon of horlicks.

Still do not take horlicks protein plus for bodybuilding. It is a bad investment if you take horlicks protein plus for bodybuilding.

Now the proteins are done – Now let’s see horlicks protein plus nutrition information – 

  • Cereal extract – 24%
  • Cocoa Powder
  • Minerals
  • Wheat Gluten
  • Flavour (chemicals)
  • Colors (chemicals)
  • Vitamins
  • Acidity regulators (normal)

Now that we know what type of protein horlicks have now see other horlicks protein plus benefits – 

Protein wise horlicks protein plus benefits

Horlicks protein plus for bodybuilding? No. Invest in actual whey or casein proteins. Per scoop of 25 gram you can get 19-20 gram of protein of Myprotein. That is 80% protein unlike horlicks protein plus for bodybuilding which have only 30% per 100 gram.

Another horlicks protein plus benefits is that it has all required vitamins and minerals required for a human body. Definitely horlicks protein plus benefits does not mean that you do not need to eat actual food item, this is just a supplement.

A must include horlicks protein plus benefits is that it has Biotin 30mcg. Biotin is something that helps promote hair growth. It can ensure that you have some hair on your scalp after you are 30. But this is not the horlicks protein plus benefits that you should buy it from.

If you do not have a focused goal like building muscle, hair growth or anything then buy horlicks protein plus like any other health drink.

Horlicks protein plus for bodybuilding and none horlicks protein plus benefits makes sense if you are an athlete or want to build a body.

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Horlicks protein plus side effects

Horlicks protein plus side effects, did you notice the kcal, it is 370 per 100 gram not much for a skinny guy like me. But if you are on the opposite side of the weight scale then you might need to watch it.

Carbohydrate is 55 gram and half of it is sugar. Intake of high quantity sugar is not advisable and this can be an issue for some. 

And it is a concern if you are looking to gain weight or buying this for body building. Sugar is only calorie, it does not help.

There are no other known horlicks protein plus side effects. Unless you consider the horlicks protein plus price which is kina premium.

Horlicks Protein Plus FAQ

  1. Horlicks protein plus for which age?

    They brand it as after 30 products but it does not matter. The horlicks protein plus content are not harmful and you can drink it be it male or female or whatever age. Definitely not for infants.

    And there should not be any horlicks protein plus side effects.

  2. Does horlicks protein plus increase height?

    No chance in hell, I do not know any supplement that can help increase your height.

  3. Is horlicks protein plus good for weight loss?

    Not really, workout and low calorie food can only help. Check – Best workout machine for weight loss

  4. Is Horlicks protein plus good for muscle gain?

    NO, with only 9.9 gram of whey per scoop you can not get any significant result related to body building.

  5. Does Horlicks gain weight?

    Not really, for weight gain you will need lots of food. Not junk food and if you are skinny like me then you would need only high quality food, preferably home cooked and compound exercises. Also if you are going to drink horlicks protein plus for gaining weight then mix it with milk, Oats, dry fruits, honey thus making the drink more calorie dense and nutritious.

  6. Is Horlicks protein plus good for gym?

    No, with only horlicks protein plus you will not get much benefits. You will need creatine and a protein powder that have high quality protein in good contents.

  7. What is side effect of protein powder?

    If you drink too much protein shakes or if you eat too much protein then your kidney could be affected. Generally with normal dosages of protein you will be fine.

  8. Can children drink horlicks protein plus?

    I do not any issues with drinking horlicks protein plus. Children drink milk, milk has both whey and casein and soy is in almost any food. But check with a dietitian if required.

  9. Is horlicks protein plus good for diabetics?

    In my horlicks protein plus review I see that it has 55 gram of carbohydrates and out of which 50% is from sugar. This is not suitable for diabetics. There are some drinks like B-Protein which is sugar free and also comes in Chocolate flavour.

  10. How to make horlicks protein plus?

    Adding milk makes the taste better for me. Also adding milk means you are adding some amount of whey and casein into it making the drink better. Also you can try adding in oats, dalia, dry fruits to make the taste better. It will also make the drink nutrition rich and also calorie dense.

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