How to Use Fabric Resistance Bands—benefits of fabric loop resistance bands at home

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How to Use Fabric Resistance Bands for workouts at home!

Fabric resistance bands are your regular small loop latex bands with a layer of soft fabric on top of it.

So, the best application of a small loop band can be done with the following exercise –

Top fabric loop resistance band exercises for a mobile body!

These loop resistance band exercises are useful to gain muscle strength and increase mobility and range of motion. These are my favourite thing to do with these loop bands. Sitting for 8-9 hours for office work takes a toll on your body easily.

How to Use Fabric Resistance Bands

Fabric bands make sense if these are loop bands. Because only then they will touch your body. Thus, I am considering the top fabric loop band workouts that you can do at home or at the gym.

  • Clamshells
  • Shoulder external rotation
  • Glute bridge with abduction
  • Side-lying Leg raises
  • Hip Band Walks
  • Squats
  • Glute KickBacks
  • Plank Jacks

You can check the list on as well.

How to Use Fabric Resistance Bands

My top usage with these fabric small bands is related to recovery and mobility.

For example, Clamshells, Side-laying Leg raises, and hip band walks have helped me with knee pain tremendously.

But with these exercises, do you need a fabric band?

Check the benefits section for the answer.

By the way, there are long tube bands with a fabric cover, which I do not recommend buying. Those long bands with handles will not be touching your body, so why bother?

If you are buying small loop bands, then get these fabric bands!

Fabric vs latex resistance bands [Table]

Fabric Resistance BandsLatex resistance bands
Are very durable.Durable but lack the outer cover like fabric bands.
Easy to clean but requires some time to dry properly.Easy to clean and dry, just wipe with a dry cloth.
Easy to store.Latex bands often stick together if you put them in a bag. Better to store them separately, thus requiring multiple bags
Very comfortable for the skin.Latex bands can leave marks on the skin. And can pull hair which is painful.
Affordable.More Affordable.
Comparison Table between Fabric and Rubber Resistance Band

What are the benefits of using fabric loop resistance bands for workouts?

Rubber and Latex bands often leave marks on the soft skin of the legs or shoulder. Also, they pull hair and often stick to the body part with sweat. With fabric bands, that does not happen!

I would urge you to use fabric resistance bands for this very reason only.

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They’re more comfortable than rubber bands

The fabric is soft and comfortable, making it easy to exercise without feeling pain or pulling hairs. Latex bands can be uncomfortable if worn for extended periods of time.

Rubber bands can be difficult to use because they roll up and latex can stick to the skin. O, hairy brother of mine, that is a painful experience.

Fabric bands are durable and provide good resistance strength

The fabric resistance bands have rubber or latex underneath, thus they are naturally durable. And the rubber/latex does not get exposed to the outside world, thus they last longer.

Use fabric resistance band anywhere!
Use fabric resistance band anywhere!

Options to buy fabric tube bands or fabric loop, bands

As you have already seen above, they can be used to do a variety of movements. They also make fabric resistance tube bands with handles. These can be used for other workouts like overhead press, bicep curl, tricep push down etc.

But most of the time they do not touch your body though.

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Priced almost as same as regular latex bands

These fabric bands and usual latex bands do not have much difference in price. So while shopping online in India, you should just pick these fabric bands. They are the best value for money!

Fabric Resistance bands are easy to store

Have you stored resistance bands together in a plastic or the bag that they came with? That results in horrible stickiness. Often these rubber bands capture moisture or melt.

But with a fabric band, you can put them in polythene bags and keep them stored.

These fabric bands also do not get to stick with each other, so they have this advantage over regular rubber bands.

Muscles worked using fabric bands

How to care for my fabric resistance bands at home?

Use normal cloth washing soap, and lukewarm water in a bucket and soak that fabric band in it. Rub gently and it will be cleaned. Just wash like a delicate piece of clothing and that would do.

Then air dries it indoors. Direct sunlight may ruin the color of the fabric resistance bands.

What are some of the most popular brands of fabric resistance bands in India?

Fegsy, Boldfit, Bulmarc, Slovic are the most popular fabric resistance band choices in India.

Can you get a good workout with resistance bands?

Looped resistance band exercises are good enough to keep you mobile and pain-free. These do not help with muscle building, though. For muscle building, you will need long loop bands and resistance bands with handles. But still, free weights are a better choice for muscle building.

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