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Working out for 10 years | Has a home gym | CPD (UK) Certificate holder in Fitness

Top 10 best foam rollers in India

Foam Roller NameOur RatingBest Use Case
Bodylastics Foam Roller Massage Kit India5/5Best Overall Combo
Pummelo Foam Roller for deep Tissue Massage India5/5Deep Tissue Massager Moster
Fitsy Yoga Foam Roller set in India5/5Budget foam roller combo
Strauss Yoga Foam Roller India4/5Decent foam roller
Strauss Grid Foam Roller4/5For those who need strong deep massage
Bodylastics Foam Roller Massage Stick4/5Good for targeted massage
Dr Trust (USA) Long Acupressure Foam Roller4/5Good for normal massages
ACS wooden roller3/5Good for minimal targeted massages
Strauss Dual Yoga Massage Ball3/5Good for targeted massages

The best Foam Roller in India – Painful and Rewarding

I’ve been exploring the world of fitness for over a decade, and one tool that has significantly impacted my routine is the foam roller. In my quest for the “Best Foam Roller in India,” I stumbled upon the Aurion foam roller, and let me tell you, it’s both painful and rewarding. After a strenuous workout, rolling on this small but mighty roller works like magic, banishing muscle tightness.

The key is enduring the discomfort because, afterward, the relief is unparalleled. Having analyzed 905 reviews, I can confidently recommend investing in the Bodylastics Foam Roller Massage Kit – my top choice. This versatile combo, featuring a hollow rugged foam roller, stick roller, and two balls, caters to various athletes’ needs, ensuring a comprehensive and effective massage experience.

The foam roller helps me to relax my muscles after a workout and I have seen my DOMS recovery time improve as well.

Best Foam Roller India

The muscle pain/fatigue gets reduced! As a fellow fitness enthusiast, I would recommend that you get the best foam roller in India as per your budget!

Best foam roller in India as per Our own scoring system

My Best Choice

Bodylastics Foam Roller Massage Kit India

My no 1 choice would be a hollow rugged foam roller.

I believe these are the most versatile and can be used by runners, bodybuilders, swimmers and so on.

As these are hollow these foam rollers in India are no that hard. Although the spikes make up for the softness.

Although there is no special type of foam rollers that is suitable for runners, and swimmers but people always ask questions like which is the best foam roller for runners, which is the best foam roller for swimmers or even which is the best foam roller for back pain.

But I will share my own thoughts and recommendations.

Best foam roller for runners

Pummelo Foam Roller for deep Tissue Massage India

Runners, in my opinion, should use two foam rollers one is the usual hollow foam roller.

And another one would be the stick version.

With the stick version, you can easily grab the ends of it and run over the sides of your shin bone, and thigh.

You can force as much as you want to dig in and release the muscle tightness.

And the hollow foam roller can be used to release and stretch hamstrings, quads, and back!

Buying Guide to the best foam roller India

Best foam roller for back pain

Strauss Yoga Foam Roller India

Chose the foam roller 36-inch variations, it can cover your entire back.

For the neck or upper back you can also opt for the foam roller India which is plain without any bulges.

Best foam roller for hip pain

Sometimes the source of hip pain is something else, I would recommend you get a hollow spiked foam roller for deep tissue massage.

Best foam roller India

Sore after foam rolling?

Damn! Me too.

Oh boy, I used to think foam rolling will be a very pleasant experience but not even a little closer. 

There are definitely benefits from foam rolling but do warm up a bit and prepare for the pain.

If you are new to foam rolling then do not go overboard and roll through the pain, keep it a minimum.

Foam rollers are also great for people who do not work out but have some sort of muscle tightness and pain and who do not these days.

Get a medium or soft foam roller and get some ideas from youtube videos on foam rolling and you are good to go!

All by yourself and you should see the results pretty soon too.

I tend to believe foam rollers work better than electric massagers.

It is actually hard to assume how hard the foam roller will be as our judgment of pain is different from each other.

Some foam rollers will be very hard, and some will be medium intensity but after some time you will get used to it.

I have tried to create a list of the best foam rollers in India and I presently use two.

My foam rollers have been with me for more than 2 years and they work great for releasing tight muscles.

I used to ignore tight muscles especially the hamstring, and glutes which resulted in low back pain. Also, there were some tight upper back and chest muscles.

Initially, I used to think I am getting up a pump and needed to drink a lot of water as I was taking creatine.

[Push-up stand benefits]

But it was ultimately tight muscles that needed a massage and 3 years ago I searched for foam rollers in India and bought myself one dual yoga ball and a grid foam roller.

With these two many issues of muscle tightness and pain were solved. I used to have a calf and pain around my shin bone too, probably due to walking a lot.

How to start with the foam roller

Also, I am used to sitting in the office for a long time so my thigh and hamstring were tight.

After office, I would warm up a bit and endure the foam roller punishment and after some time it was great.

A great feeling of no pain!

Also if you generally work out at home and can not depend on other people to do the massage for you then foam roller in India is a great choice.

Reviews of the Top 10 Best Foam Roller India

Bodylastics Foam Roller Massage Kit India

Bodylastics large Size Foam Roller Kit

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  • PVC pipe inside roller may break under high load.
  • Good for blood flow and stretching routines.
  • Perfect size for covering the whole back.
  • Good value for money with multiple options.
  • Variety of massage equipment included in combo.
  • Ergonomic and comfortable design.
  • Good for soft tissue release and increasing flexibility.
  • Spiky foam roller may be too hard on the back.

Final Verdict: If you are looking for a complete massage foam roller pack in India then you can get this one.

Fulfill requirements of runners, swimmers, bodybuilders, everyone.

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Bodylastic foam roller in India created a massage kit with the stick roller, hallowed out rigged foam roller, and two balls.

It also comes with a bag.

It is a great foam roller combo in India that is very versatile for any athlete, be it a swimmer, bodybuilder etc.

With the rigged foam roller you can massage your back.

With the balls, you can pinpoint any knots in your muscle. And with the handheld stick, you can force as you require on the legs or lower back. 

The rigged hallowed foam roller can hold out till 140 kgs of body weight.

The rigged side is foam and the inner side is PVC.

The bodylastic massage stick is supposed to have a steel rod in it. As long as its rolls, its good.

Pummelo Foam Roller for deep Tissue Massage in India

Pummelo 2 in 1 Foam Roller for deep tissue massage

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. The outer shell foam is firm, but the foam itself is soft.
  2. The grid foam roller is of perfect density.
  3. The two rollers can be carried with one inside the other and fit well in the provided bag.
  4. The product is good for athletes to relax muscles after tough training and traveling.
  5. The foam roller combo is a value-for-money product.
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Final Verdict: I believe we all should have a soft roller and this comes in the package of hard and soft options. They areas where you feel more pain can be tackled by the soft roller with ease. You should get this if you need (you may need) both hard and soft foam rollers in India.

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Many of us are not fond of the rigged-only foam roller, especially for susceptible muscles of IT bands or even triceps or Lats!

Pummelo foam roller decided to solve this problem with a 2 in 1 package of a foam roller in India.

This foam roller brand packs one rigged foam roller and another soft smooth foam roller. The soft foam roller goes inside the hollow-rigged foam roller and you also get a bag for storage.

The rigged roller is a medium-density roller that can help quickly break lactic acid after workouts and massage fascia.

Also helps quickly to relieve muscle pain.

The soft foam roller is low-density and doesn’t hurt much. This is more relaxing and for some may be suitable for warming up before the workout.

The outer multi pressure point roller has 33cm in length and 14cm in diameter.

The inner smooth roller has 32cm length and 9.5 cm inner diameter.

Fitsy Yoga Foam Roller set in India

Fitsy Yoga Foam Roller set

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. The kit includes various tools like the foam roller, muscle roller stick, yoga stretching strap, squeeze ball, spikey ball, and peanut ball to massage, stretch, and roll the pain away.
  2. It is travel-friendly and comes with its own carrying bag.
  3. It can be used for total-body relief, targeting deep-tissue pain and tight muscles.

Final Verdict: Final Verdict: Fitsy provides 180 days replacement guarantee from their side.

Overall a good medium-intensity foam roller with a massage stick and balls.

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Fitsy foam rollers are available in two colors and a set, the blue is costlier than the green as of 21st March 2023.

It is a heavily rigged foam roller for deep massage and pain relief.

And the deep and pointed foam roller more the chance of being painful increases.

This set comes with a heavily rigged foam roller and with a massage roller stick along with 3 balls.

It is a medium-density foam roller that is hollowed out. This foam roller in India is available in three sizes.

13-inch Foam roller India: If you are on the shorter side or want to target small areas only then this is for you.

18-inch foam roller in India: Average size which suits almost any muscle group and body type.

23-inch foam roller for back: Very suitable for the back or if you are quite taller.

Although there are foam rollers that are larger and denser for back Myofascial Release this would do too.

Strauss Yoga Foam Roller in India

Strauss Yoga Foam Roller in India

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. Dimples on the foam roller are good for muscle pain.
  2. Good for beginners and strikes a balance between soft and hard
  3. Some believe the firm and small pattern of the foam roller is better than bigger pattern foam rollers
Strauss Yoga Foam Roller in India
Best foam roller India [Reviews] + best Buys 1
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Final Verdict: The tubular bumps on the EVA-made foam roller may give some different myofascial release effects.

All in one a good buy for who are looking for a soft EVA-made, anti-slip foam rollers in India.

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Strauss Foam roller is a solid yet soft foam roller in India but it has some tubular bumps on the outer side which are supposed to mimic human fingers.

Yeah, you read that right.

Perhaps an attempt to remind you that this foam roller cares for you as humanly as possible 🙂

But honestly,, that could work for some!

This EVA foam roller is soft and gentle and aims to give you a world-class therapeutic massage.

This foal roller is available in different sizes and the large size is good for the back and legs. Comes in various colors also.

Strauss Grid Foam Roller

Strauss Grid Foam Roller

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. The spikes on the foam roller may cause fatigue initially but are rewarding for pain relief.
  2. Some customers have reported that the product collapsed or broke after a few uses, indicating poor durability.
  3. There is a discrepancy in the quality of the spikes/grips, which may result in discomfort during exercise.

Final Verdict: It may suit more professional athletes, like swimmers, and bodybuilders.

Some complain that the teeth are too strong and that some have broken the inner plastic mold within 15 days.

But if you need a medium to strong EVA foam roller you can pick this one.

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For the braveheart and for those who need something strong to untie their muscle knots and loosen them up this grid foam roller is perfect for that.

I would not try to massage my necks, it might hurt with this model.

There is also a gap in the design that you can lie on your back.

And that way the spikes on this grid foam roller will not touch your spine.

Heavy pointed spikes on grid foam rollers are a big no for the spine or any other joints if that matters.

They also provide some of the best combos of best foam rollers in India.

You can get a yoga block, massage ball, hand/feet massager,, and more.

This is a lightweight EVA foam roller that is soft, there is no odor and this is anti-slip as well.

The usual length of the foam roller is 33cm to 45cm.

Bodylastics Foam Roller Massage Stick

Bodylastics Foam Roller Massage Stick

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. The massage roller stick is available at a very low cost and is considered a value-for-money deal.
  2. The product is addictive as it helps relax muscles and recover after a good workout.
  3. The build quality of the product is good and it is multipurpose.
Bodylastics Deep Tissue Massage Roller Stick to Relieve Muscles Soreness on thigh muscles

Final Verdict: A really easy to use good quality massage roller stick for anyone.
It is a great alternative to general cylinder-shaped foam rollers in India.
You can adjust the pressure easily, requiring less space for storage and while doing workouts.
Also can pinpoint the parts where you want to massage.

The massage stick is perfect when you want to pinpoint an area and do not want to lie down on the ground or mat.

I like that I can massage my traps, lower back, and thighs with the pressure that I can handle.

The total length of this foam roller stick is 18 inches, the handle is ergonomic and the middle part contains 9 massager rollers.

This foam roller massage stick can be used on quads, hamstrings, calves, traps, shoulders, neck, lower back, and more.
Not on joints.

The handle has a premium polypropylene handle with a thermoplastic rubber anti-slip mat.

Dr Trust (USA) Long Acupressure Foam Roller

Dr Trust (USA) Long Acupressure Foam Roller

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1.  Dr. Trust is a highly reputed and renowned global leader in healthcare and wellness products, especially in the medical instruments field.
  2. Some negative reviews suggested that the hardness of the roller is not suitable for exercises, it can cause injuries, and the product is of low quality.
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Final Verdict: A normal, usual USA-branded foam roller that is not overpriced.

If you want grid foam rollers then you can get them.

I do not think that it is from USA and holds any special value but the cost is economical and the product is as per the price.

They call a part of their foam roller as 3D massage points, like any other marketing gimmick it is also that.

Almost all foam rollers have these spiked parts which aim to imitate hard fingers, some parts are aimed to imitate thumbs and some are meant to be palms.

It has a weight of 950 grams, almost similar to other foam rollers in this list.

Height is 13 inches, 5.5 inch diameter.

ACS wooden roller

ACS Acupro foam roller

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. Be sure to grip the roller firmly when using it beneath the back as it may slip or cause back injury. People of old age or already suffering from slipped disc or other spine issues should use it only after consultation with a physician or refrain from using it at the back.
  2. Avoid exposing the product to water, direct sunlight or heat, oil, dirt, or pointed surfaces or structures
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Final Verdict: Wood quality could be an issue but it will be a different feeling than a foam roller.

You can try local shops, some ayurvedic shops must have them.

I know these are not foam rollers but these are the rollers that I first encountered with wondered can it really help reduce pain.

This is a combo pack consisting of various wooden roller, balls, magnetic mat, rings etc.

There are no detailed instructions on how to use all the items but Youtube will help and in function, all the rollers are the same whether they are foam or not.

Strauss Dual Yoga Massage Ball

Strauss Dual Yoga Massage Ball

Key Decision-Making Factors!

  1. The product is hard as rock.
  2. Too costly for its size, similar to a hard tennis ball
  3. The surface is rough like emery paper.
Best foam roller India [Reviews] + best Buys 2
Check on Amazon

Final Verdict: This is hard so be cautious when doing self-massage.

But it is useful when you want to pinpoint muscle pain.

I personally use this one almost daily when I am sitting at home.

This also not a typical foam roller but a Yoga dual-head ball.

Dual head balls make it easy to hold and apply pressure as needed. And since it is a hard ball, foot massage seems great.

This is also good for massaging the muscles just beside the spine.


  • Great for deep muscle tissue therapy and trigger point release.
  • Ergonomic design for spine, lower back, and neck massage.
  • Made of high-quality rubber, doesn’t leave hands smelling like rubber.
  • Provides relief for foot pain and discomfort.
  • Helps with plantar fascia muscle pain
    Good for sportspeople, fitness experts, and yoga teachers.
  • Can be used for rehabilitation purposes
    Hard yet soft enough to provide effective massage.
  • Portable and easy to use anywhere.

Buying Guide to the best foam roller India

If you believe you can endure the pain or not a beginner then go for a closed-cell foam roller. These do not have a hole inside and are dense. These foam rollers in India will be more durable and sturdy for the long run.

If you want to cover the whole back of yours then go for 36-inch foam roller or 40-inch foam rollers.

These are generally dense and without any spikes.

If you are focused on quads and calves only and do not need to foam roll your back. Or if you believe you can not handle much pressure or pain then stick to the handheld stick versions. Here you can control the pressure.

If you are a beginner and want to have the best of everything then buy a hollow foam roller. There will be pain, depending on the tightness of your muscles but it will be rewarding as well.

You can also buy combo packs which contain mini foam rollers, lacrosse balls, yoga balls and handheld foam roller sticks.

How To Use Foam Roller

I would use foam roller after workout, foam rollers are ot a walk in the park and you should warm up a little. Best time to do foam rolling is after a heavy workout.

Foam rolling helps relieve muscle tightness, soreness and inflammation. I would recommend foam rolling to your cool down session after a workout. You will recover better. 

And better recovery may lead to building muscle from foam rolling.

You can foam roll every day, I only do after workouts and my foam rolling sessions are limited to 15 minutes only.

Top muscles to target using the best foam roller exercises

Quads, Hamstrings, calf, Hip flexor, Groin, IT band, Back, Lats, neck. I never really liked foam rolling my deltoids. And to me the most painful was quads.

For quads, you will be on your belly; for rest, you will be on your back. Do not roll on the concrete floor. Better use some gym mats.

If you have some active injury then do not use the foam roller, take the advice of a doctor or physiotherapist first.

And you will see grid foam rollers have three sections, Grid point massage zone, Plain section and another section is striped. Grid points will dig into the muscle and relive more pain but also give you more pain!

Benefits Of Foam Rolling

I started foam rolling when I realized my tight muscles are making my life painful and making my range of motion short.

Sitting 8 hours on a chair and working out takes a toll on your body. Tight muscles can lead to injury thus I started foam rolling.

You do not need a fancy vibrating foam roller in India at all. The usual ones would do just fine, you can even get yourself wooden versions.

  • A foam roller can help release muscle tightness.
  • Foam rolling can improve blood flow.
  • Can help recover from injuries.
  • Can help loosen tight soft tissue.
  • Can help in stretching, I use it for upper back and neck stretches.

Foam Rolling Vs Stretching [Table]

FactorsFoam rollingStretching
DefinitionA form of self-massage that uses a foam roller
A method to elongate the muscle or joints
BenefitsHelps improve flexibility, and circulation, and reduces muscle soreness
Relaxes muscles increases flexibility and reduces the risk of injury
Types of movementRolling back and forth, applying gentle pressure to target body parts
Holding a stretch for some time or pulling the muscle to experience a stretch
Specific areas of the bodyGenerally targets larger muscle groups, such as quads, hamstrings, and calves
Can focus on a specific muscle or joint
Pre-workout or post-workoutIt can be done before or after a workout
It is recommended to do it after a workout or during rest days
Time requiredEach muscle or muscle group should be wheeled for approximately 30-60 seconds
Every stretch should be held for 15-30 seconds and repeated 2-4 times
Equipment requiredFoam roller
No equipment required
Risks/DisadvantagesOveruse or rolling too hard may cause bruising or injury
Over-stretching can lead to injury or decreased muscle strength
Cost-effectiveFoam rollers are affordable and last long
Free cost-effective method

Is it good to foam roll after a workout?

A short foam roll session will help relax your sore muscles and start up the recovery process. It will help you cope with DOMS (1). Foam roller after a workout helps your muscles loosen and relax. In this way, foam rolling will help you with speeding up the recovery process at.

Does foam rolling help muscle growth?

Although there are no studies that confirm that foam rolling has any direct result on muscle growth. Foam rollers can help jump-start muscle recovery after your workout so indirectly they can help the muscle-building process.

Should you foam roll every day?

You can foam roll every day, I would keep my time with foam roll under 15 minutes. Consult with doctors first. It’s important to listen to your body and not overdo it. If you experience any pain or discomfort while foam rolling, take a break or reduce the frequency.

Can foam rolling be harmful?

Do not foam roll on joints, especially small joints of the elbow or even knee joint. Foam roll works best on muscles. Also, you should not do foam rolls when you have serious injuries like muscle tears. Other than these scenarios, foam rolling does not have any harm in the long term. (2)

How long should you foam roll for?

Top 15 minutes or less. Start with your calves, then quads, hamstring, and upper body parts like the back. More than that means you are probably spending 25% of your time in just rolling on the ground!

Why does the foam roller hurt so much?

When the foam roller puts pressure on the knotted band of muscle or on the tight muscle, the foam roller also puts pressure on the pain nerves so we feel the pain. Although still in theory.

Quick Read –

Ref: Research data on foam rolling effects

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