Muscleblaze vs asitis – Which brand should you trust with your health?


Muscleblaze vs asitis – Do they deliver same Protein?

I have tried many whey proteins and I have a bad gut health. So my reviews will center around having good digestive system while I do this muscleblaze vs asitis comparisons.

TLDR: If you want digestive enzymes then take Muscleblaze, if you want more protein per scoop at lower price then take AS IT IS.

If you want many flavors, then get Muscleblaze. If you just care about only protein per scoop and willing to skip any flavors, added vitamins, then get AS IT IS.

Muscleblaze vs asitis

More details and common questions answered below!

Muscleblaze vs Asitis

Muscleblaze and As IT IS both sell similar product range aiming towards Indian gym goers.

Muscleblaze has quickly become a favorite due to their ziddy campaign and low prices. But AS IT IS stole our hearts with their purity first mindset. And most of the time, AS IT IS, products are an even way less price than the Muscleblaze ones.

If you look at their products, you will see these two overlap on almost all gym related food item/ supplement category.

But Muscleblaze has few additional items that are unique to them. Like Protein water. I am not sure if any other companies are selling them.

There are few other items that are not available from AS IT IS are peanut butter, protein bars, fish oil etc.

AS IT IS also has few unique products to them if compared with Muscleblaze. For example, Beet root powder, Cinnamon Powder, caffeine capsules, Vitamin C capsules.

Both of the brands are most popular for selling whey proteins.

Both the brands do sell vegan proteins, but not popular for them. Vegetarian proteins themselves are not popular due to the bad taste.

Muscleblaze vs asitis difference

Muscleblaze as a brand has more ad campaigns than AS IT IS. As far as I have seen at online stores, they have more sales too.

But you have to consider that AS IT IS a new brand, but they are doing well too.

As far as products go, AS IT IS only sells unflavored unchanged whey products. Whereas, Muscleblaze offers a wide variety of choices to choose from.

This actually does not harm AS IT IS, since they want to establish themselves as provider of no nonsense whey proteins. And I believe that is working for them very well.

Before them, there was no trend of unflavored whey protein consumption in India. But now almost everybody prefers unflavored whey protein.

I usually do not take their unflavored whey since it does not have any enzymes. But you should test yourself and see if your stomach can take it.

99% people should not have any issues at all.

I have severe acidity issues in general, so I avoid it.

Come to think of it, I do not like Muscleblaze proteins also.

Here are my top whey protein isolates in India.

Muscleblaze on the other hand thrives on variety of same/similar products of whey protein with many flavors and enzymes.

They also focus on mass gainers, which is a no-brainer if you are skinny.

But I would suggest you to check my diet suggestions below:

Here are some herbal mass gainers in India for you.

Some more mass gainers for women in India

I would like you to try muscleblaze whey isolates and creatine. And I would ask you to avoid their beginner’s whey protein.

But here are the best beginners’ whey protein that you can buy!

Muscleblaze vs asitis disease

As far my experience, no whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate will cause any issues at all.

If you are allergic to milk, then stick with isolate whey protein. If not then go with concentrate, that 1 gram fat per serving whey protein will not do any harm.

If you are a pro and want faster absorption, then go for hydrolyzed whey protein.

Having said these, there could be issues like allergies which will vary from person to person. If you see the online reviews of both brands you will see occasional occurring of stomach issues, skin allergies.

Also, if you have some digestion issues then you might want to stick with muscle blaze whey protein since those come with digestive enzymes.

Running make you skinnier?

Muscleblaze vs asitis equivalent

if you are looking for some other brands that are Muscleblaze vs asitis equivalent then you have to look at brands like Abzorrb nutrition, Shoyan and Myfitfuel.

You can see more reviews related to whey protein here.

I am only selecting supplement brands that are Indian, thus not considering brands like Myprotein, ON, Muscletech, Dymatize etc.

Some Popular Product Compare


muscleblaze vs asitis gold

AS-IT-IS Nutrition Whey Protein Concentrate 80% Unflavoured

Actually AS IT IS does not have any gimicky named whey protein named gold. But they sure have whey isolate. And which is Musckeblaze Gold is really is.

Muscleblaze gold almost costs the double, but comes in a few tasty flavors.

You get 25 gram protein per serving of 30 gram.

Each serving provides around 5.1 GRAMS of bcaa and 11.75 grams of EAA.

Now, Asitis Whey isolate on paper brings a lot of value.

At almost half the price, you will get the following:

  • 27 gram whey isolate per scoop of 30 grams
  • 5.9 gram BCAA
  • 12.19 gram EAA

But there is no tasty flavors and digestive enzymes. And since there is nothing added to the protein, there is zero fat, zero carb and zero sugar.

If you are happy with the natural milk tasting whey protein then you should get this AS IT IS whey isolate instead of Muscleblaze.

But if you find issues digesting the protein then you should go for Muscleblaze instead.

To check, you can order a 250 gram pack from AS IT IS website.


MuscleBlaze 100% Whey Protein vs AS IT IS Whey Protein Concentrate

Muscleblaze vs asitis - Which brand should you trust with your health? 1

Firstly Muscleblaze whey concentrate, this is available in a massive 8.8 lb tub. But also available in smaller packs as well.

Per 33 gram scoop, you will get –

  • 25 g of Protein
  • 5.5 g of BCAA
  • 11.7 g of EAA
  • 4.3 g of Glutamic acid

If you double-check, you will see that the protein quantity is the same as in the whey gold.

But the scoop size increases to 33 gram from 30 gram.

It provides around 76% protein per serving.

It does come in various flavor though.

Now AS IT IS whey concentrate

  • From 30 gram scoop you get –
  • You get around 24 gram protein
  • 5.4 gram BCAA
  • 4 gram glutamic acid

So here in between whey isolate and whey concentrate they provide the same scoop.

And you get around 80% whey protein per scoop.

So if you compare with Muscleblaze you get around 4% more protein.

Which muscleblaze protein is best

MuscleBlaze Biozyme Whey Protein Isolate is probably the best whey from Muscleblaze. That you can have.

It provides 80% protein per scoop, and it comes with EA F formula that might help with 50% faster absorption rate and 60% higher BCAA absorption rate.

And this also will not cause discomfort in your stomach as well.

Which As it is protein is best

For, AS IT IS, you are good with their whey isolate.

It provides around 90% whey protein isolate per scoop of 30 gram. It is one of the highest amount of whey protein that you can get in India.

And the unflavored protein works well with most of the shake recipes and dishes you can make with it.

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