Best protein powder in India for weight gain

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Since I am a skinny guy thus I have always been looking out for the best protein powder in India for weight gain. There have been some hits and misses.

And there are few best proteins for weight gain in India that I am yet to try but have shortlisted.

But no matter what brand you choose, you have to eat a lot. Otherwise your skinny arms ain’t gonna grow.

Best protein powder in India for weight gain

Top 10 Best protein powder in India for weight gain

These are not the best weight gainer protein in India, I am personally not into mass gainers but you can have them with your protein shake also.

Take mass gainer in the morning and whey protein after workout. That should work very well.

Dymatize Nutrition ISO 100 5 lbs Whey Protein Powder

Best protein powder in India for weight gain

HealthOxide Women Protein

Best protein powder for women’s weight gain in India

AS-IT-IS Nutrition Whey Protein Concentrate 80% Unflavoured

Best raw protein powder for weight gain

Myprotein Impact Whey Protein Powder

best protein supplement for weight gain in India

DREXSPORT – Wild Muscle

Best protein powder for men’s weight gain in India

Muscleblaze 100% Whey Protein Supplement

Best muscle gainer protein powder in India

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Reviews of the best protein powder in India for weight gain

My review of these best protein powders in India for weight gain are based on the protein quantity, brand reputation and my personal experience.

For weight gain you can buy whey concentrate protein in India, it is low cost and packs more calories than isolate. But if you have issues with lactose then you have to go with whey isolate only.

best protein powder in india for weight gain

Dymatize Nutrition ISO 100 5 lbs Whey Protein Powder

Best protein powder in India for weight gain

Why Should You Buy this?

If you are looking to get a whey protein that can help you with muscle gain or weight gain then this premium whey protein can help you.

It mixes well, tastes good, effective and comes in many flavours to choose from.

Dymatize is might even considered among top 10 whey protein brands in world.

Dymatize nutrition offers a great range of whey protein variants with great tasting flavours.

Although on the costlier side they do not compromise on quality.

Top Features:

  • 100% Hydrolyzed whey protein isolate.
  • 110 calories per serving
  • Serving size 30 gram
  • 25 gram protein per scoop
  • Each scoop naturally provides 2.6 gram leucine, 5.5 gram BCAA
  • 4.4 gram glutamine
  • Less than 1 gram sugar per scoop
  • Hydrolyzed whey is lactose free and great for people with allergies.
  • Hydrolyzed whey also digests faster so this is a good choice for those pro athletes and those who are pushing themselves hard for weight gain.
  • Dyamatize mixes well with any drink thus can be used to make high calorie dense protein shakes. The protein itself is 110 kcal per scoop.
  • The glutamine will help with muscle recovery.
  • Naturally occurring BCAA will also help with recovery and DOMS.
  • Overall an effective
  • Price varies per flavours.
  • Have to check the barcode for the original product. Better do this for authenticity after buying.

HealthOxide Women Protein

Best protein powder for women’s weight gain in India

Why Should You Buy this?

If you are looking to eat a protein blend with soya, whey and casein then this is a good option.

At this price this is one of the best protein powder for women to gain weight.

Personally I do feel you do not need any vitamins added, afterall it reduces the protein content.

HealthOxide Women Protein is a great option for women who wants to stay healthy or gain weight.

Although any whey protein or pea/soy protein can be used by women, Healthoxide protein is a great option.

Top Features:

  • This is a blend of whey, casein and soy protein isolates.
  • Although marketed for women, men can use it as well.
  • 24 gram protein per scoop.
  • Each scoop is 30 grams
  • 115 kcal per scoop.
  • Vitamin A,C,D,E and more are added.
  • Added vitamins and minerals are good for daily intake and feel energized.
  • The protein blend is good with fast and slow releasing protein.
  • Contains soya isolate which is generally good for women.
  • Tastes good and mixes easily.
  • The protein blend with a good diet will provide good weight gain in the long term.
  • Good price point which is affordable.
  • Not sure how much whey, casein and soya it has in %

AS-IT-IS Nutrition Whey Protein Concentrate 80% Unflavoured

Best raw protein powder for weight gain

Why Should You Buy this?

If you do not mind tasteless flavour then this budget whey protein is a great option for college students and beginner gym goers.

This will help you bulk up on a budget.

As-IT-Is became popular with their truly pure whey proteins.

I am talking about the whey concentrate here since we want to gain weight but you can take the isolate as well.

Both are very good for weight gain goals.

Top Features:

  • 24 gram protein per 30 gram servings.
  • This also gives 5.4 gram BCAA
  • 4 gram glutamic acid
  • 1.5 gram carbs per scoop
  • No preservatives
  • No flavours
  • Lab tested for quality
  • Since it is unflavoured, it can be used with any dish and can be used to make high calorie protein shakes.
  • The BCAA and glutamic acid is good for muscle recovery and DOMS.
  • Taste is neutral and mixes well with water as well.
  • There are several lab tests proving the protein quantity per scoop.
  • No digestive enzymes might cause problems for some.
  • Few have had serious health issues after consuming this protein.

Myprotein Impact Whey Protein Powder

Best raw protein powder for weight gain

Why Should You Buy this?

This is a great protein source to eat everyday which comes with excellent lab reports and international reputation.

I would suggest that you get the unflavoured version to get maximum protein per scoop.

And as per lab tests many would say myprotein when asked “which protein powder brand is best”

I have used myprotein whey protein when I was bulking and it worked great for me.

If you buy with offers on their website then it will cost less too.

Top Features:

  • 20.5 gram protein per 25 gram scoop.
  • Protein content goes higher if you choose unflavoured.
  • Due to the small scoop size, one 2.5kg bag will run for a long time.
  • 4.5 gram BCAA
  • 3.6 gram glutamine
  • 1 gram carbohydrates
  • Available in many flavours.
  • Various test reports of protein are available.
  • Well known European brand
  • A lot of scoops per bag due to the low size of the scoops. Thus you do not have to buy protein for the long time.
  • The unflavoured protein can be mixed with any food item and can be used with mass gainer shakes.
  • Many flavours are available and few like malt, mango tastes great.
  • Enough BCAA and glutamine to expedite recovery and reduce DOMS.
  • Mixes well with almost anything.
  • Costly if compared with Indian protein brands.

DREXSPORT – Wild Muscle – All Natural Muscle Builder

Best protein powder for men’s weight gain in India

Why Should You Buy this?

There is a benefit of having creatine and ashwagandha along with whey.

If you do not wish to buy separately then this blend is a sure buy for you.

But there are many benefits of buying creatine and ashwagandha separately as well.

DREXSPORT wild muscle is a blend of creatine, whey protein concentrate.

This automatically curbs the need of buying and creating.

And you can make good protein shakes with it for weight gain purposes.

Top Features:

  • 31 gram scoops with 100 calories per scoop.
  • 23 gram protein per scoop
  • 1000mg BCAA
  • 2000mg glutamine
  • 500mg creatine
  • 500mg of ashwagandha
  • 2 gram cabs
  • This whey protein blend consists of isolate and concentrate. It contains 15 gram whey isolate and 12 gram whey concentrate per scoop.
  • Creatine will help with muscle growth and help you perform better in the gym.
  • The ashwagandha will help with sleep and alertness that you will need while working out.
  • This wild muscle blend is good for muscle growth and the creatine does help.
  • Mixes well with almost anything.
  • Many do not like the flavour.
  • Costly.

Muscleblaze 100% Whey Protein Supplement

Best muscle gainer protein powder in India

Why Should You Buy this?

If you are into buying Indian brands, then give muscleblaze a shot.

Otherwise it is a pretty average protein powder in my opinion.

Muscleblaze is a popular Indian brand with a wide range of whey protein supplements which can be used for weight gain.

Top features:

  • 32 gram per serving with 25 gram protein.
  • 121.60 kcal per scoop.
  • 2.72 grams of carbs per scoop.
  • 4.38 gram glutamine
  • 5.5 gram BCAA
  • Comes with digestive enzymes
  • Good quality protein with low price.
  • Enough BCAA and glutamine for recovery and reduce DOMS.
  • Mixes well with milk and water.
  • Flavours are more than average.
  • Does not offer any unflavoured version.
  • 78% protein per scoop.
  • Few have encountered allergies and upset stomachs.


Is protein powder safe for weight gain?

Yes, a whey protein shake is safe for weight gain. Also pea or brown rice protein is also safe for weight gain. For weight gain you have to make your shake calorie dense with milk, fruits, oats etc.

What is the quickest way to gain weight?

The quickest way to gain weight is to eat frequently and add protein in each meal with caloric surplus. And to put those calories to good use you should do compound exercises to increase muscle mass.

How can a skinny girl gain weight?

Girl or not you have to eat at least 5 meals a day. Each meal should have protein in it. The total calories consumed in a day should also be higher than you spend per day. And finally you have to do compound exercises to stimulate muscle growth.

What should I eat to gain weight in 7 days?

You can eat a lot but 7 days is a very short window to gain weight. However you should eat chicken, soya, whey, fruits and any carbohydrate type food to gain weight.

What is the best weight gainer?

Mix oats ,bananas, peanut butter and one scoop of any whey protein and you can build your own weight gainer. This type of shake contains enough carbs, calories and protein for weight gain.

How can a skinny person gain weight fast?

No, you can not gain weight fast even if you eat junk food. But junk food will give you a fat belly quickly. Being skinny I know it will take at least 4-6 months of 3 workout/week with a protein rich diet. Unless you are a bollywood celebrity and have access to world class coaches, cooks, supplements and drugs.

How can I eat 3000 calories a day?

Eating 3k calories of food per day is challenging. You have to eat a lot of food in every meal. And you have to slowly ramp it rather than just consuming a lot of food suddenly. You can also opt for mass gainer shakes but most of the calories should come from calorie dense food.

Which fruit is good for weight gain?

All types of dried fruits are good for weight gain. Those are dense in calorie and nutrients. Other than this you can rely on all types of nuts and fruits like mango, coconut etc.

What is a good lunch to gain weight?

Indian lunch is usually filled with meat/fish/eggs/paneer and rice/roti. This gives a complete meal and is good for weight gain. I would suggest you to eat more protein rich food items like chicken, eggs, moong daal, paneer etc.

How can a skinny guy gain weight?

A skinny guy can gain weight by eating a lot and working out with compound lifts. Skinny guys should eat at least 5-6 meals per day and each meal should contain some protein in it. Also protein shakes and mass gainers should also help.

Does Omega 3 help gain weight?

Omega 3 alone will not help you gain weight but it will surely help with DOMS and reduce fatigue and muscle pain. This will indirectly enable you to workout better and efficiently with full force.

Which supplement can I use to gain weight?

Whey protein and creatine should be your go to go supplements for weight gain in India. These will help you fuel your muscles with food and will help you push yourself harder in the gym for longer. And with real food and overall high calorie diet you will gain weight.

How can I gain weight overnight?

Eating a lot of carbs might cause overnight weight gain. But it is more unlikely to happen in my opinion of course.

Supporting Research: Effects of protein on weight gain

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