Alpino all natural peanut butter review

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Alpino peanut butter very quickly became an well known brand due their promotion and peanut butter quality. In my alpino peanut butter review I will tell you what I liked and what I disliked about the brand and their product. I always like the the honey roasted peanut butter for taste, but for alpino I had ordered the all natural one and the chocolate one. I never received the chocolate peanut butter so can not review that but the 1kg of natural peanut butter came right!

For the sheer amount of protein content, I will recommend body builders, athletes to use Alpino with other protein sources for a balanced diet.

Best Peanut Butter for Gym in India

Alpino peanut butter review

Did you know?

Alpino Peanut butter and Pintola Peanut butter are manufactured by the same company?

Das Foodtech, 1234, Sonasan, Prantij, Sabarkantha – 383210, Gujrat, India.

But is the taste same? I believe there are some subtle difference in taste. What you think?

Quick Alpino Peanut Butter Review

Alpino Peanut butters all have some decent amount of protein per serving in them. In this Alpino peanut butter review the all natureal alpino peanut butter has 9grams of protein, so far the highest number of protein per serving of 32 grams in Indian market. If you want to buy peanut butter online then Alpino could be your best choice as per peanut protein content.

While all other variants of Alpino peanut butter has 7-8 grams of protein per serving of 32 grams. More the flavour, more the taste more peanut protein you lose.

I honestly do not think only 1 gram of protein will matter much, in my alpino peanut butter review I would say experiment with the variants and see what taste you like more. You are more likely to eat the butter as breakfast so might want to chose something as per your taste to make your day better.

Alpino all natural peanut butter review 1Alpino all natural peanut butter review 2

You can also consider the taste depending on how you are going to use the Alpino peanut butter. A protein shake, use it with whey? On sandwich?

If you are looking for multi-purpose use then you might go for the all natural no sugar version. Alpino taste of all natural version is like a paste of peanut butter with great smell of peanuts.

Many do not like the smell or taste of peanut butter, but 9 grams of protein from Alpino peanut butter is good food for the muscle and brain for growth.

Alpino Peanut butter is a great source of energy, healthy fat and dietary fibre, protein.

And peanut butter are a friend of those who want to bulk muscle or gain weight.

If you are going for Alpino peanut butter, in my review I would say buy the 1kg version which is often low cost. If you plan to eat peanut butter daily you should buy the bigger version.

Alpino Peanut butter ingredients

Roasted Peanuts is the main ingredient. No hydrogenated oils, no added sugar, no added salt, no trans fat, no cholesterol.

Alpino Natural Peanut butter Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts

Per Serve (32 gram)

Per 100 grams

Energy (Kcal)



Protein (g)



Carbohydrate (Total, Fibre, Sugar)



Total Fat(Saturated Fat)



Sodium (mg)



Cholesterol (mg): 0

Added Sugar (gram): 0

Trans Fat (gram): 0

Fact: Calorie, Protein are higher than Pintola and Carbs are lower.

Now if you compare the nutritional ingredients here with my Sundrop and Pintola peanut butter review, you will see that Alpino is really better on some parts, specially protein content. And this I recommend this for body builders or athletes.

Alpino Peanut butter benefits

Dietary fibre, no cholesterol, no trans fat are common traits of all peanut butter but in written Alpino has 1 gram extra protein than other variants.

That one extra gram of protein might not be that good when it comes to practicality but I believe when you are going to buy you will chose the highest protein version.

Alpino peanut butter are good for muscle building, accruing healthy fat and keep a healthy digestive system. Although comparing all peanut butters, Alpino has lower amount of fibres.

There is a some amount of sodium and no Trans fat, no added sugar and no cholesterol makes it a good source of heart friendly protein. But if you want to lose weight then note that peanut butters are calorie dense and best suited for weight gains. But you can contact your dietitian for a meal plan which includes peanut butter.

In this Alpino peanut butter review I would suggest that you use it as a source of protein, high energy food source. Since it is really calorie dense then breakfast with oats can work better.

How to use Alpino Peanut butter

Alpino all natural with a sandwich, it tasted good. I never tried it with Oats or protein shakes. You can spread it over fruits, sandwiches. Alpino seem to develop more oil layer than other peanut butters I have used.

Alpino Peanut butter variants

Alpino all natural peanut butter review 3Alpino all natural peanut butter review 4
Alpino all natural peanut butter review 5Alpino all natural peanut butter review 6
Alpino all natural peanut butter review 7Alpino all natural peanut butter review 8

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Best peanut butter to gain weight in India
Best peanut butter to gain weight in India