Himalaya gokshura review [Benefits in Bodybuilding]

  • Good for boosting testosterone. You can feel it after 2-3 weeks of taking 2 tablets daily once.
  • Testosterone indirectly can help with muscle/strength increase.
  • Not for bodybuilding usages. Scientific research shoes that there is no direct relation between working out benefits and taking gokhsura.
  • Not be consumed as a medicine for acute/serious illness.
Review Overview
For Bodybuilding
For Testosterone
Use with Ashwagandha

I have personally used Himalaya gokhsura for a month and during that time I was working out at home with weights.

I am not a beginner when it comes to strength training thus I have passed the newbie gain stage. And I am a skinny fellow so I can talk about the effects of Himalaya gokhsura on muscle building.


I have emptied 2-3 jars of himalaya gokshura and in my Himalaya gokshura review I would say that it does work. 

But not like magic. And the effects will vary from person to person if you are using this for muscle building.

Usually the benefits will be very minimal if you are wishing to take gokshura for bodybuilding.

It does however help with boosting testosterone and other goodness that this hormone brings.

Himalaya gokshura review


  • In this himalaya gokshura user review I would say the best feature is the tablet form. It is not messy and you can easily gulp it down with water.
  • Each tablet provides 250mg of gokshura and two tablets a day gives a good dosage.
  • The gokshura tablets by Himalaya are made from good quality material.
  • Each jar contains 60 tabs of gokshura with 250mg dosages.
  • One of the low cost gokshura tablets by Himalaya. 
  • Himalaya gokshura tribulus might help with erectile dysfunction as per some research suggests.
  • No sugar.
  • 100% vegetarian.
  • No color, or preservatives added.
  • Gives a smell like gokshura herb.

Himalaya gokshura benefits in bodybuilding

As per research Gokhsura will improve your strength and lean muscle mass if you take it continuously. But for how long you have to take it, that is unsure.

It may improve athletic performance since it can boost testosterone.

The himalaya gokshura men’s wellness review, I can say it might help to boost testosterone hormone and you will notice it after a few weeks. I did and it was uncomfortable sometimes with tight clothes.

If you understand what I mean.

Apart from this there are no benefits of gokshura in bodybuilding. I am not saying this or making this up but there is no scientific view on gokshura on athleticism.

You can eat gokshura with ashwagandha for better results

And you can also check the other ayurvedic supplements for bodybuilding and whey proteins as well.

Himalaya gokshura customer review

I have personally taken 1-2 himalaya gokshura tablet with water. Many do confuse taking a gokshura tablet with milk or water.. But water is just fine.

I usually took them in the morning.

And after 15-20 days I could tell that there was a slight change in my body. Mind it I was doing strength training at that time.

And I believe even if I did not take gokshura, it would not matter much. Yep that is the truth.

But gokshura will help you with vitality elsewhere and will improve vigour.

Again not like a magic blue pill but still it would work a bit.

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Himalaya Gokshura Review [Benefits In Bodybuilding]

How to use himalaya gokshura tablets

The recommended dosage of Himalaya Gokshura tablets is 1-2 two tablets twice daily. So use the himalaya gokshura tablets under the recommended dosages only.

Taking them with water after a meal is just fine.

I am used to taking this in the morning on only one tablet. And this is enough for a moderately healthy person to boost testosterone.

But if you are after really boosting testosterone and if you believe you have some deficiency then doctor is your best bet.

Otherwise you can try gokshura for boosting vitality and testosterone.

And if you are considering gokshura for bodybuilding then I would suggest that you take creatine instead of gokshura.

Creatine is a proven eatable supplement that helps everyone with muscle and strength building.

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Ref: Scientific Research on Gokhsura

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