Indian diet chart for weight gain [550 gram Protein, 8692 kcal Suggestions]

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Honestly, the best Indian diet for weight gain is “Ghar ka khana” and creatine and whey protein shake. In my quest for a healthier physique, I’ve discovered the key to successful weight gain lies in home-cooked meals. Supplements like protein shakes and creatine can be helpful, but a personalized diet plan from a qualified dietician is essential. I offer a diet blueprint with calorie and protein content of Indian foods, catering to different dietary preferences.

Download the PDF and Excel versions of the diet chart to customize it. Monitor your calorie and protein intake to achieve your weight gain goals. We also address health issues faced by skinny individuals and provide recommendations for affordable protein supplements. Join me on this culinary voyage towards a stronger you, and don’t forget to explore our optional workout routine and recommended proteins. At Home Gym India, we’re here to support your journey.

The home cooked food we generally eat is a balance diet with protein, carbs and fats.

Indian Diet for Weight Gain

But if you are training 3-4 times a day then you need some added boost, which will come from protein shakes and creatine.

You do not need any special diet unless you have a specific sports goal or have some deficiency!

A dietician will be the best person to make a customised plan for you.

Key Takeaways!

  • Download the provided Indian diet chart for weight gain with 550g protein and 8692 kcal suggestions.
  • Emphasizes “Ghar ka khana” (home-cooked meals) as the best for weight gain.
  • Recommends supplements like protein shakes and creatine along with a personalized diet plan.
  • Offers a blueprint diet with calorie and protein content of Indian foods.
  • Addresses health issues in skinny individuals and suggests affordable protein supplements.
  • Provides a customizable diet plan for both non-vegetarian and vegetarian preferences.

Indian Diet for Weight Gain

I am providing you with a basic blueprint diet which will help you understand the calorie and protein contents of regular Indian food and how you can eat them to maximise your gains.

Since I am a skinny guy thus I can help you create an Indian diet chart for weight gain. 

My personal Indian diet chart for weight gain is a non veg diet, but I will add pointers for vegetarian diet and also for females.

My recommended diet plans are also ideal for people who suffer from acidity like me :/

And yes, I will at least one protein shake per day and some other supplements as well.

You can directly download the Indian diet chart for weight gain or scroll to view it before downloading it. You will get a PDF and Excel version of the diet suggestions.

PS: view of the weight gain diet chart on mobile is a pain in the a**.

Download the Diet Chart Below

Indian diet chart for weight gain pdf download 💪🏽 550g protein, 8K kcal suggestions!

Email is required so people do not spam the diet plan itself. I will not send you any emails unless it is important.

I am allergic to banana,tomato, eggs, and coconut thus while I am applying the above Indian diet chart for weight gain I am replacing these with different seasonal fruits, more daal, chicken, paneer and soya.

But you can choose them as you please if you are not allergic and use myfitnesspal to track the calories. 

My Recommended Proteins and Mass Gainers

  1. How can I gain weight at home in India?
  2. What are the best Indian food for weight gain?
  3. Indian diet chart for weight gain for females?
  4. Common Health issues in Skinny people!
  5. More questions and Answers!

The only Indian diet chart for weight gain you will need!

I know you are mostly looking for a minimum 3000 calorie Indian diet plan for weight gain and this diet plan closely reaches there.

To increase or decrease the calorie intake you should just change the quantity which is mentioned in grams.

I am also not considering oils, spices, potatoes etc that are generally used in Indian homes.

So ultimately the total calorie intake will raise more than the listed.

Download the Indian diet chart for Weight Gain

TimeThe values below are approximate. you are free to make changes as you please.
orPeanuts,Cashew,Almonds, Dates30 gram7.74170
orMilk + Oats + Honey + Dates + Nuts300ml + 30 gm + 1 spoon + 4 + 1019516
Milk + Oats + Whey300ml + 30 gm + 25 gm35296
Mid Morning
Non Veg Option
Rice + Daal + Egg1 cup + 1 bowl + 2 boiled eggs`27404
orRice + Chicken1 cup + 100 gram34325
Rooti + Daal or Chicken2 nos + 1 bowl + 50 gram chicken20364
Chicken soup + Eggs1 bowl + 2 boiled eggs20170
Pulao + Chicken1 cup + 100 gram chicken25500
Download the Indian diet chart for Weight gain
Veg Options
Rice + Daal + Paneer1 cup + 1 bowl + 56 gram paneer27534
orPaneer + Daal + soya chunks56 gram paneer + 1 bowl + 50 gram51545
orPulao + Seasonal veg + Curd1 cup + 1 bowl + 1 glass11360
NoonYou can pick any alternatives from these options and count the calories to see where you get to.
Non Veg Option
Chicken Soup + Salad1 bowl + 1 bowl32509
orRice + Fish + curd1 cup + 1 piece + 1 cup27357
orPulao + Chicken + Lassi1 cup + 75 gram + 1 glass22554
Veg Options
Pulao + Seasonal veg + Lassi1 cup + 1 bowl + 1 glass7414
orRice + Paneer + curd1 cup + 75 gram + 1 cup22460
orRoti + tofu + Paneer4 nos + 50 gram + 50 gram22355
EveningIf you fail short of your desired calorie and protein intake then increase the amount of foods.
Smoothie with whey1 glass milk + 25 gram whey31150
Smoothie with Creatine1 glass milk/Curd with fruit10150
Soaked/Roasted nuts50 grams13282
My Recommended Proteins and Mass Gainers
Mid Evening
Soaked/Roasted nuts50 grams13282
Non Veg Option
Chicken Soup + Salad1 bowl (50 gram) + 1 cup15280
Pulao + Chicken1 cup + 50 gram30201
Veg Options
Rice + Daal + paneer1 bowl + 1 cup+ 1 bowl27534
Curd Rice1 bowl17300

But how much calorie do you need to gain mass?

As per U.S Department of Health, men need around 2000-3000 calories and females need 1600-2400 calories to maintain their mass. You can also use the formula below:

  • Men: BMR = 88.362 + (13.397 x weight in kg) + (4.799 x height in cm) – (5.677 x age in years)
  • Women: BMR = 447.593 + (9.247 x weight in kg) + (3.098 x height in cm) – (4.330 x age in years) 

Now what you should do is add 200-400 calories with your BMR to gain weight.

This study done in 2019 suggests that, you should add 358 calories to 478 calories in your diet to gain mass or weight.

Make Sure to Count the calories and protein intake to make sure you are reaching your goals.

For example, the below diet contains 116 grams of protein and 1767 calories.

You might need to consume more calories to gain weight thus you may add more food items in your diet.

Whatever you add, add slowly to see how your digestive system works.

You can also check this chart below made by HealthJade, it nicely explais how much calorie one needs based on their lifestyle and age.

You can also check this chart below made by HealthJade, it nicely explais how much calorie one needs based on their lifestyle and age.
IMG source: HealthJade

🏋️ Download Easy workout routine

Sample Indian Weight Gain Diet Plan
BreakfastMilk + Oats + Whey300ml + 30 gm + 25 gm35296
Mid MorningRice + Chicken1 cup + 100 gram34325
NoonPulao + Seasonal veg + Lassi1 cup + 1 bowl + 1 glass7414
EveningSmoothie with Creatine1 glass milk/Curd with fruit10150
Mid EveningSoaked/Roasted nuts50 grams13383
DinnerCurd Rice1 bowl17300

How can I gain weight at home in India?

Principles of weight gain at home with diet

To gain weight at home in India follow my above suggested Indian diet chart for weight gain where you will see the foods are easy to obtain and easy to make.

Combine that with a weight training and you will gain weight. Check the budget home gym making page to get an idea of how much does a gym cost now.

And moreover since I am in India and skinny I have not chosen any food items that are very costly as well.

All the food items are readily available in local markets and shops. 

BeachbodyOndemand diet plan
IMG Source: BeachbodyOndemand diet plan

The gain weight at home in India should contain one or two meals with meat/fish in at least 100-150 grams.

And rest of the 3-4 meals a day should contain other protein rich food items like eggs, soya chunks, nuts, paneer, tofu etc.

All of your snacks should consist of some nuts, dried fruits.

You can eat dried fruits and other seasonal fruits along with your main 5-6 meals also. This way, it becomes easy to eat one fruit daily.

Download the Indian diet chart for Weight gain

Easy Indian Diet chart for Weight Gain

With this above-mentioned suggested diet, you can easily gain weight at home in India.

The above diet is not something that only a deep pocket fellow can afford. This Indian diet for weight gain is meant to be as low cost as it can be.

Speaking of low cost, there are whey and creatine included.

If you can not afford to buy whey then you can skip it and increase your chicken, fish, milk intake.Timing of creatine

But creatinine is cheap, and you should not skip it anyway.

And since I am not a vegetarian and I live in a state where fish,chicken are readily available, my diet suggestions will always include meat and other animal protein.

If you are vegetarian then you have to replace those with paneer, tofu, brown rice, daal etc. You can also opt for plant based protein powder also.

My Recommended Proteins and Mass Gainers

Best Indian food for weight gain

These following Indian foods are good for weight gain!

These are dense in protein and thus it will help you with your muscle gain journey.

If you just ramp up the quantity and increase the amount of foods like rice, sweet potato, rooti then you will be able to eat much higher calories as well.

You can surely get over 3000 calories per day from these foods and my tips.

Chicken: Great source of lean protein and not so costly either.

Eggs: The most simple way to get protein. Just boil and eat. You can however separate the yolk since it is more beneficial.

Fish: fish are a great source of healthy fat and protein. It is not easy to cook and is costly, but good to have.

Whey vs Soy
Whey vs Soy

Soya chunks: Good for vegetarian weight gainers. Easy to cook and not costly as well. Especially cheap if you are looking to eat only the soybeans and not other soya derived products.

Btw a 2018 study found out that when it comes to muscle growth soy and animal proteins had the same effect.

But whey got a few advantages though.

Tofu: Tofu is made from soya and can be eaten like paneer but contains a much higher degree of protein.

Paneer: Paneer or channa can be eaten raw without any cooking. And even if you cook then do not make it spicy, and you are good.

All lentils: all types of daals are healthy with protein and other nutrients. So eating around 50-60 gram of daal per day is a very good route to take.

Milk: Milk is a great food option which provides protein and all nutrients there is. Usually it will be a great option as breakfast.

Curd: Curd is made from milk thus contains all the goodness of milk and moreover has good bacteria that help with keeping up gut health.

All nuts: All types of nuts are rich in nutrients and protein. Nuts are also rich in healthy fat.

Rice: Rice is an easy to digest carbohydrate which will be a great addition when you want to increase your daily calorie count.

Banana: Banana is a good food source filled with nutrition and if you have notice most athletes do love this fruit.

Benefits of Sweet potato
IMG source: Myfitnesspal

Works great as pre- and post-workout food.

Sweet Potato: sweet potato is nutrient dense and high carb food good for weight gain purpose.

Water: Drinking enough water allows our bodies to properly function and we are almost 70% made of water.

My Recommended Proteins and Mass Gainers

Download the Indian diet chart for Weight Gain

[SHORT version] Indian diet chart for weight gain for female

Sample Indian Weight Gain Diet Plan Female Vegetarian
BreakfastMilk + Oats + Whey300ml + 30 gm + 25 gm35296
Mid MorningPaneer + Daal + soya chunks56 gram paneer + 1 bowl + 50 gram51545
NoonRoti + tofu + Paneer1 cup + 1 bowl + 1 glass22355
EveningSmoothie with Creatine1 glass milk/Curd with fruit10150
Mid EveningSoaked/Roasted nuts50 grams13282
DinnerCurd Rice1 bowl17300

Follow this diet chart/food suggestions as it is but you can increase your soya intake. Be it male or female we are human and any diet should work for the both of us.

Download the Indian diet chart for Weight Gain

Best weight gain powder for females in India

But as a female extra soya chunks/soya protein will help you gain weight more.

And no matter what workout, you will not look muscular like boys but will look lean and strong.

And someone have truely said, strong is beautiful 🙂

Common Health issues in Skinny people!

Chronic cold and flu: Due to low immunity power you are suspected to get flu more often. During my childhood I always had the flu, cough and cold.

Dizziness: This can happen too if you are dehydrated or not eating properly or does not have the calories to use throughout the day.

Headache: With dizziness headache comes too.

Fatigue: Not eating enough might lead to tiredness.

Hormonal imbalance: lack of proper nutrition which leads to low body weight might lead to hormonal imbalance as well.

Anemia: Not eating enough might lead to anemia which can be a reason for fatigue.

Low bone density: Lack of nutrition in skinny people might lead to low bone density and it can turn into worse bone related disease later. This can also lead to poor dental health.

Download the Indian diet chart for Weight Gain

My Recommended Proteins and Mass Gainers


How can vegetarians gain weight in India?

Eat a lot of paneer, lentils and milk and you should be able to get your daily dose of protein intake.
For calories you should depend on brown rice, rooti etc. It will be better if you can avoid onion, tomato etc if you have acidity issues. Check this vegetarian diet for weight gain here!

How can I gain 5 kg weight in one month?

Eat 5-6 meals per day. Each meal should have one protein content, like chicken, paneer etc. For snacks you should have nuts, chickpeas, soya beans etc. And along with this diet you should lift 3 day per week. Include exercises like squat, bench press, pullups etc.

How can I gain weight in 7 days?

Surely by eating high calorie foods 5-6 meals a day you will gain weight in 7 days. But no one can tell how much or if that weight will stay on your body. And in this 7 days increase your water intake also since we are 70% water anyway. But still this is not a long term solution for weight gain. You should maintain a protein rich diet with workout routine to gain weight naturally.

Which fruits increase weight?

In India you should consider all dried fruits for weight gain. Dried fruits like dates, raisins, figs are great for a weight gain diet. You can also try to eat mango, banana etc.

How can I gain 12 kg weight?

I have gained 12kg within 7-8 months with a typical Indian diet. I was used to eat chicken, fish, milk, soay, dried fruits, mango, all kinds of nuts, and peanut butters. And for lunch and dinner I always had rice with seasonal vegetables and chicken/fish.

I have also had whey and creatine and thus I was able to gain weight. You can eat these food items spanned between 5-6 meals a day and you will also be able to gain weight.

How much chapati should I eat in a day?

Depends on your calorie intake goals. If you are looking to gain weight then you can easily eat 3-4 chapatis per day with chicken, paneer sabji etc. remember with each meal you should have some proteins.

How can I eat 3000 calories a day cheap in India?

To get 3000 calories in low cost you have to eat a lot and along with that you have to much on a lot of lentils. And if milk is available in your budget then milk,paneer should be on your menu as well.

If you are not allergic to eggs then, at least 2-3 eggs per day will provide good protein and calories.

And of course if you can afford at least 50 grams a chicken per day that would be awesome. Apart from this you should get your main calories from rice. And that is how you can eat 3k calories of food in India.

How can a skinny person gain weight?

A well known way for a skinny person to gain weight is to eat frequently and include a protein rich food in every meal. Along with this 5-6 times a day eating schedule you should do weight lifting to get lean mass on your body.

What foods make you gain weight?

All kind of nuts, dried fruits, chicken, rice are good food sources to make you gain weight. You can use creatine and protein shakes as well to gain weight.

Can you gain 2 kgs in a day?

With a lot of food in your belly it is possible to gain 2kgs in a day. But those are not permanent and you will soon lose them. For long term weight gain you should rely on proper protein rich diet and workouts.

Does Chana increase weight?

Channa, soaked or roasted or sattu can help with weight loss if your total daily calorie intake is higher than you expense. For that you can eat soaked chana in the mornings and drink sattuu whenever you feel right. And you better not make the dish into something spicy otherwise your stomach might act up. Especially if you have acidity issues like me.

How can I eat more?

The only tip you need when you want to eat more is to increase your snacking frequency. And those snacks should fall in between your main meals and should consist of calorie dense and protein rich foods like nuts, chicken, protein shakes. And your main meals should also have at least one protein portion and carbs.

Does banana make you fat?

Bananas are not calorie dense food but if you are too much of this fruit and you are going well over your daily calorie threshold then you might accumulate fat.

Is 1kg weight gain noticeable?

Not much though, if the 1kg weight gain is only fat and that too near the belly area then it might be noticeable. But other than that 1kg weight gain is noticeable.

Do eggs help gain weight?

Yes eggs are rich in protein and that protein is easily digestible for our body. You can also eat only the eff yolks since those are the most healthy part of an egg. If you are a regular gym goer then you should eat at least 2-3 eggs everyday for weight gain.

Is Rice better than chapati?

Rice is a quick digesting source of carbs which will give you quick energy and chapatis are more rich in fiber and are slow digesting. If you need more fiber and try not to eat a lot then chapati is more suited to you.

And if you are not watching your weight, you have no diabetic issues then rice all the way.

I personally eat rice since it suits my digestive system better. Rice does not cause any stomach issues at all, for anyone.

Does Roti increase weight?

Roti or Rice does not have the power to increase weight unless you are taking them in large quantities throughout the day. Thus if Roti suits you then you can eat roti. One advantage of roti is that it contains more fibres than rice thus you will feel fuller for longer and fibers are good for the digestive system also.

Which Dal is best for weight gain?

Moong daal is rich in protein and thus eating moong will get you closer to your daily protein intake goals. With more protein you will gain more muscle and will gain weight. But apart from moong you should eat all other types of dals as well so that you get many other minerals as well.

In conclusion, the Indian diet chart for weight gain has several positive aspects that can aid individuals in their quest for a healthier physique. It emphasizes the importance of home-cooked meals and provides insights into the calorie and protein content of Indian foods.

The diet plan is inclusive, offering options for vegetarians and females, and is easily accessible through downloadable versions. By highlighting the significance of counting calories and protein intake, individuals can take charge of their nutrition and reach their weight gain goals.

However, it’s important to consider limitations such as the potential underestimation of calorie intake due to oils and spices, and the non-vegetarian options may not suit all readers. The article could provide more comprehensive information on health issues and address concerns about affordability and potential side effects of supplements. Additionally, exploring the effectiveness and success rate of the diet plan would provide a more balanced perspective.

Ref: India Diet and Obesity

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