Home Gym Decoration Ideas: How to Make the Most of Your Small Space

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Home Gym Decoration Ideas: Easy home gym designs to follow and focus on what is important!

Since you are here for home gym decoration ideas, I would give you one piece of wisdom right away do not overdo it.

You do not need 5-star hotel-like home gym decoration to get a nice body.

Just keep it clean and use a decent-sized room with some airflow.

Home Gym Decoration Ideas

You do not need much more than this.

The more simple the decorations are, the easier it is to access the gym equipment.

Priority of Top Home Gym Decoration Ideas

What kind of home gym should I have?

What kind of home workout room you would have will depend on the type of workout that you do.

Are you a bodybuilder?

Are you a powerlifter?

Are you just into losing weight?

If you are a bodybuilder or just into fitness then you would need some free weights, a squat rack, rubber flooring etc.

If you are a powerlifter then you will need Olympic barbells, Olympic weight plates, crash pads, quality power racks etc.

For losing weight and not willing to do compound lifts you can look into gym machines. Items like treadmills and exercise cycles can help you burn some calories without harming your joints.

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power tower

What equipment do you need for a home gym?

A set of dumbbells

Dumbells are a must-need for any fitness goal. Be it building muscles or losing weight. I should say that you should buy dumbbells with adjustable weight features. They take up less space and offer great features to use as little or as much weight as needed.

A weight Bench

A weight bench is a great tool for doing bench presses, box squats or other workouts. A good bench might be costly so you might want to consider it later when you have your most preferred gym machines bought first.

Exercise Mat

Exercise mats are not thicker than rubber floor mats. If you are not using heavy-weight plates, or heavy gym types of equipment then usual yoga mats should do.

Barbell and Power Rack

Barbells and power racks are a must if you want to lift some serious weights with exercises like squats, deadlifts etc. With a power rack, you can safely move heavy weights at home.

If you are not moving heavy weights above 60 kg at least, then you can skip the power rack. But do get 28mm 6 feet barbells alongside dumbells.

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Accessories like skipping rope, A set of resistance bands, A medicine ball

You might not need these but they are good to have. For example, if you have a pull-up bar or some edge to do pull-ups then you might not need resistance bands. Or you should not need a skipping rope if you are not into weight loss.

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What is a good size for a home gym?

When it comes to setting up a home gym, size definitely matters. The average person needs about half the space of a regular gym to accommodate a home gym. At least for me a regular bedroom with around 120-200 sq feet is enough.

Under 200 sq feet, you can squeeze in a power rack and still have some room left to do lifts like snatches.

Or just place a treadmill.

If you have less than 200 square feet, you may be able to fit in a small home gym.

If you do not have a single room left for you to use then you should spread out the gym items throughout the home.

This is what I was used to doing and using my entire house as a home gym.

If you’re looking for a way to get fit and improve your health, consider using all the extra space in your home for a gym. By setting up a gym in your spare room, basement, or garage, you can have a convenient and affordable place to work out.

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Home Gym Decoration Ideas & Tips


Ventilation is essential to help remove condensation and stop the room from becoming steamy, and smelly.

You don’t want to get scolded by your mom or wife. Female home gym makers are generally much cleaner than their male counterparts.

The best way to ensure ventilation is through an extractor fan or dehumidifier. If you have a high ceiling then you can get a BLDC ceiling fan as well.

Ventilation is vital to ensure the gym is comfortable and safe. It should keep you away from bacteria, heat and weather conditions.

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Unused home office into gym

If you have any unused area, even an unused home office then you can convert that into a home gym. Being an old home office it should have lights, ventilation and access to a window. You need all these for a home gym anyway.

If you are setting up a gym upstairs then be mindful of the noise that you will make.

You should get crash pads, thick rubber tiles for first floor gyms.

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Revamp a garage

While using a garage for a home gym, you should have a garage with no cars.

Lifting beside cars is not a good idea.

If you have an empty garage then you should consider making it a home gym.

In India, most garages have an opening towards a busy road. So I would keep it closed or remove the door completely to install some windows there instead.

In order to revamp a garage into a home gym, it is important to consider the individual’s fitness goals and objectives. The layout of the home gym should be designed in consultation with the individual’s fitness goals and objectives.

Home gyms require adequate space for equipment, storage, and workout areas. A garage is a good place for that.

Transform an Extra Bedroom

Bedroom decoration has to go away if you are converting it into a home gym. For home gym decoration you should rather have some motivating quote-based posters or pictures of your ideal superhero or bodybuilders.

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Home Gym Decoration Ideas: How to Make the Most of Your Small Space 1

Attic Fitness Room

Attics are generally found in homes in hill areas. They have snow issues thus they have a cone-like shape.

An airy attic is a lovely place to sweat out the stress. You can use this attic as a fitness room. This attic is perfect for people that have odd-shaped spaces in their homes.

If you want to make an attic fitness room, you first need to assess the space.

I imagine it will be tough to place a lot of equipment in the attic. But you can get away with some multi-gym or a single power rack.

And you should be very careful about the build quality of the attic. Certainly, it will be a challenge.

Unless you can not think of any other spaces to decorate your home gym, go to the attic.

Hopefully, you don’t have any ghosts living there.

Put Down Rubber Flooring

Full black rubber flooring works the best for decorating I would say. 1 inch thick crumb rubber tiles do look good and protect the floor easily.

You should get bright lights to pair with the rubber tiles, otherwise, the whole gym may look too dark.

Speaking of being too dark, some rubber tiles are available in colors like red, grey as well.

But those colors can get dirty quickly.

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Workout in Color

Your workout room should be a place that motivates you to stay active, and one way to do that is by adding some color to the space. Bright colors are known to be stimulating, so consider painting your walls yellow or another bright hue.

You could also add some colorful workout equipment or accessories to really make the space pop. Whatever you do, just make sure your workout room is a place you enjoy spending time in so you’ll be more likely to stick with your fitness goals.

I would suggest you add bright colors to the walls and use proper lights. This will liven up your mood anytime you enter into the home gym.

Wall colors do not cost a lot in India, and once done they should last for a long time.

Motivation Decoration

Your home gym should be a place where you feel relaxed and comfortable while working out. However, it can be difficult to stay motivated when working out at home. One way to help stay motivated is to decorate your home gym in a way that is fun and inviting.

One way to decorate your home gym is to use fun patterns and colors. This will help create an inviting space that you will want to work out in. Another way to decorate your home gym is to make it the main attraction of your home. This can be done by using fun patterns and colors that will catch the eye and make working out more enjoyable.

Get Creative Gym Equipment

If you’re looking for ways to be more creative with your home gym equipment, try adding a climbing wall, monkey bar etc.

These two pieces of equipment can help you work different muscle groups and get a great workout. If you have the space, adding a speed bag can also be a great way to add variety to your workouts.

You will need a large area both in width and height to use monkey bar or climbing wall thus it might be hard to do so.

Presently many of use live in small flats so it can be very tough to install these as well.

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Get a TV

If you are not getting distracted then a TV can help you stay entertained while working out, and it can also help you keep track of time. You can use a TV to stream your favorite shows or movies, or you can use it to set timers and alarms. Having a TV in your home gym will ensure that you never get bored while working out.

I would try to check the news while working out.

Put in a Sound System

Place a hands-free device like Amazon Echo or Google Home in the room to change playlists without having to get off the treadmill.

Install speakers in the top corners of your home gym. If the room is small around 200 sq feet then having the music system at one side works well too.

A Chalkboard/White Board!

A chalkboard wall is a great way to stay focused while working out at home. It can be used to track reps, routines, and fitness goals. This wall decor idea is an easy way to change up your daily workout mantra and inspiration.

Chalk can get dusty and make your whole gym dirty. Thus for a small or closed off gym you should use white board and marker.

You can write entire routines, progress data etc on the board.

This will surely give a boost of motivation.


Weight plates and dumbells should be organized in their racks. I would ask you not to place them on the floor unless you have plenty of space.

A rack for dumbells and weight plates are best way to access and store them.

If you have a full fledged power rack, then it will have some storage space for weight plates as well.

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Other Storage

If you need more storage space to keep yoga mats, bottles and anything that comes to your mind. To set up storage space, I would suggest you to utilize the spaces near the ceiling.

A fullszied cabinet can also be used if you have the space. A corner shelf works well too.

Store Equipment with a Pegboard

A pegboard is a great way to organize your gym equipment. Pegboards are an easy way to organize your gym equipment. Pegboards are a great way to keep your gym area clean and organized. Pegboards can help you easily find and organize your gym equipment. Pegboards are inexpensive and easy to install in your home gym area.

Use a Coat Rack for Exercise Bands

If you have a coat rack in your home, you can use it to store your exercise bands. Hang the bands on the hooks on the coat rack. You can also hang jump ropes and sweatbands from the hooks. The coat rack can also be used to store other gym supplies, such as mats and towels.

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Add a Ceiling Fan

If you have a home gym, you know that proper ventilation is key to keeping your space comfortable and cool. A ceiling fan is a great way to improve the airflow in your gym, and can help keep the temperature down without running the AC.

Wall fans, standing fans, and rotating fans are also ideal if you’re trying to keep the temperature down in your workout room. By circulating the air, these fans can help prevent stuffiness and make your gym more comfortable overall.

So if you’re looking for a way to improve the ventilation in your home gym, consider adding a ceiling fan. It’s an easy and effective way to keep your space cool and comfortable – no matter how hard you work out!

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Mirrors are a must for any gym to check your form while doing the exercise. If you are doing body building poses then you would need a mirror as well.

Choose the right location for your mirrors. Make sure the mirrors are installed at the correct height. Use mirror clips or adhesive strips to secure the mirrors in place.

Hang a full-length mirror in your home gym for optimal results.

Home Gym Decoration Ideas: How to Make the Most of Your Small Space 2

What is the best color for a workout room?

When it comes to working out, the color of your surroundings can actually have an impact on how effective your workout is.

For example, studies have shown that brighter, more stimulating colors can help to increase energy levels and motivation during a workout. On the other hand, softer, more calming colors can be beneficial for yoga or other relaxation-based exercises.

And remember, natural colors and textures often have the most calming effect so incorporating these into your design can also help create a serene and peaceful environment.

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