13 Best Exercise Equipment for Small Spaces – Making a mini gym at home

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13 Best Exercise Equipment for Small Spaces to Make a Small Home Gym

Here are the top exercise equipment for small spaces that you can easily buy and set up by yourself. Strength training machines like smith machine, kettlebell weights or other fitness equipment like a bench can do wonders for your small home gym.

Best Exercise Equipment for Small Spaces

What are the best small gym equipment for small spaces?

When selecting workout equipment I would choose exercise machines if you have a really small room for your gym. Free weights are the best small gym equipment that you should consider first, in my opinion.

Best Exercise Equipment for Small Spaces

If not, then I would prefer doing dumbbell exercises and one exercise machine like a power rack. And a foldable gym bench to the mix.

I like to do my training sessions with resistance bands and free weights more. But for you, I am listing a combination of both dumbells, kettlebells and some gym machines.

Check these cardio workout machines as home gym equipment first!

Folding Treadmill

13 Best Exercise Equipment for Small Spaces - Making a mini gym at home 1

A treadmill that folds up for easy storage is a great option for people who have limited space.

People who don’t have enough room to store a traditional treadmill can use foldable treadmills, which are also known as compact treadmills.

These treadmills typically take up much less space than regular treadmills and are easy to move from one location to another.

Foldable treadmills are also great for people who want to use them at home but don’t have enough room in their living room or bedroom.

They can easily be set up in any spot with enough clearance of length.

If you’re looking for an affordable way to improve your weight loss fitness routine and relieve some of the stress of working out in a small space, a foldable treadmill is a great option.

But if you focus on running more and weight loss is one of your primary goals then you should get a treadmill. Otherwise, I would not spend 20k INR on the treadmill.

Check – how to make a home gym on a budget!


Gym cycle vs cross trainer.

An elliptical trainer is a type of cardio machine that uses an elliptical motion to work the body. You can train your entire body with this machine and it is a weird workout experience for me to be honest.

I can not master the movement but maybe you can.

And ellipticals are good for toning and losing weight but I am skinny so not a good fit for me.

Ellipticals are often considered the best exercise equipment for people who want to get in shape but don’t have a lot of space or time.

They’re also a great option if you’re injured or have joint pain and still want to get a full-body workout.

Ellipticals are really good for toning your entire body – not just your legs and butt!

If you’re looking for a quality cardio machine that won’t take up too much space, an elliptical is definitely worth considering.

Best elliptical trainers in India!

Mini Stepper

A mini stepper is a small, compact machine that helps people with cardiovascular fitness and weight loss.

These are not generally considered not good for knees.

Mini steppers are perfect for people who have limited space or who want to work out on their own.

You can add full-body cardio to their routine without having to go to the gym.

Because they’re so portable, mini steppers are a great way to get started with cardiovascular exercise and weight loss.

These are not readily available and are not pocket-friendly as well.

Space-Saving Rowing Machine

Best Rowing Machine for Home in India

A rowing machine is good gym equipment that takes just around 6 feet of space. You can train like a rower at home or do cardio worouts.

Rowing is a low impact workout which burns a lot of calories and builds your arms and back muscles as well.

Rowing machines can be costly and noisy though.

Pros and cons of rowing machines

Weightlifting is a type of exercise that uses weights to increase the strength and size of muscles in the body. The most common weights are free weights, barbells and dumbbells, which are often made from metal, plastic, or another sturdy material.

People use them to increase or decrease the mass of something else by lifting it up and putting it back down.

Strength Training Machines for Your Small Home Gym

A Home Exercise Kit or Gym Lifting Equipment

Jazzier Power Squat Rack 4 by 2 Square Pipe PR-02

Get a power rack or a squat rack and a combo of the barbell, and weight plates. These would take around 40-60 sq feet in your room and it should help you build muscle mass, and get lean and stronger.

Personally, I would prefer this over any rowing machine, treadmill etc.

Free weights and a power rack, are all that you need in your small home gym.

Pulley/Cable Gym

A pulley system is a type of exercise equipment that uses ropes, pulleys, or cables to move the weight.

You can do various back exercises, cable cross cover (if you have a cable machine) etc.

However, the pulley might need a longer space to pull the pulley to do some back exercises.

They’re not easy to set up and can not be moved from one room to another.

Using a pulley and free weights is a good way to add some muscle mass to your upper body.

Resistance bands can be used instead of a pulley system as well.

Progressive overload can be tricky with bands though. But physical therapy exercises can be done better with resistance bands.

You can buy a full cable gym for the cable machine experience as well. But this tends to work better with a large room.

Dumbbell Set

13 Best Exercise Equipment for Small Spaces - Making a mini gym at home 2

Dumbbells are a great way to increase muscle strength and endurance because they allow you to work different parts of the body at the same time.

They’re also a good choice for people who want to get stronger. They are one of the most versatile gym equipment that you should use no matter what is your goal.

They take up small space as well.

And you can consider Hex dumbbells as well.

Kettlebell Weights

13 Best Exercise Equipment for Small Spaces - Making a mini gym at home 3

Kettlebells are a type of weightlifting equipment that consists of a bell-shaped device made out of metal, plastic, or cast iron.

Kettlebells are popular because they’re versatile like dumbells. You can use them for cardio or strength training. They’re also relatively easy to learn how to use, so even beginners can start exercising with them right away.

Because kettlebells require little space and can be stored easily, they’re perfect for home gym or small gym spaces.

Plus, you can work out safely with these weights but just do not drop them even with gym mats.

Medicine balls for home workouts

A medicine ball is a weight that is used for balance and training in various fitness activities. They are typically made of rubber or plastic, and weigh between 2 and 4 pounds.

Medicine balls are a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of purposes, including balance training, Pilates exercises, core work, and more.

They can be easily moved around the room or gym, and provide an intense workout.

I actually use a dead ball or slam ball which does not bounce back like a medicine ball.

[Med ball benefits for home gym workouts]

Weighted Vests and Ankle Weights


Wearable weights are small body attachments that people can attach to their bodies in order to increase their physical activity.

Remember Rock Lee from Naruto :p

Wearable weights can be used for a variety of purposes, including improving weight loss or increasing overall fitness.

They are also a great way to stay active when it’s difficult to get out and exercise.

Wearing a 10 kg vest on your body and doing workouts like pull-ups, and squats will increase your muscle mass and strength.

By using leg weights, vest it is thought that you’re able to increase your movement speed and power.

Exercise balls or Gym balls!

Exercise balls are small, lightweight objects that can be used for a variety of fitness goals but are mostly related to mobility.

They are often included in home gyms and exercise studios as part of an aerobic or resistance-training routine.

Exercise balls are typically made from a soft, rubber or plastic material.

Exercise balls offer many benefits for people who want to improve their fitness routine.

They’re easy to store and transport, making them ideal for use at home or in the gym.

Exercise balls can help increase flexibility and range of motion, build muscle strength and endurance, reduce inflammation, and improve balance skills.

If you are doing weight training then you can consider gym balls for increasing your mobility and stretching your muscles.

Resistance bands

Gocart Set of Exercise Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are elastic bands that help you work out your muscle groups in a number of different exercises.

Resistance bands come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so they can be used for a variety of exercises. They can also be attached to handles or poles to make them easier to use.

Resistance band workouts are versatile and can be done at home or in the gym. They are an easy way to add more exercise into your routine and help you lose weight or tone your muscles.

Resistance Bands Exercises For Beginners In India

Yoga & exercise mats

13 Best Exercise Equipment for Small Spaces - Making a mini gym at home 4

Yoga and exercise mats are designed to protect floors while people are doing their exercises. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours to suit any room.

Yoga for bodybuilders!

Many people use yoga or exercise mats as part of their everyday routine.

They’re often placed on the floor near where the person is exercising so that they don’t slip and fall.

Exercise mats can be used for a variety of activities, such as stretching, balance training, Pilates, and more.

Yoga mats come in a variety of colours, materials and designs to suit any room. They’re also easy to clean because they can be wiped down with a damp cloth or vacuumed.

Foam rollers

13 Best Exercise Equipment for Small Spaces - Making a mini gym at home 5

Foam rollers are a great way to release tension and improve flexibility.

They are also a popular tool for athletes, people who work out regularly, and those who suffer from pain or inflammation.

Top Foam Rollers in India

Foam rollers can be used to release tension in the neck, shoulders, upper back, hips, knees, and feet.

They are also helpful for people who suffer from pain or inflammation because they help to stretch the muscles and tendons in those areas.

I sometimes use one to roll my back and legs on after a strength workout. It is kinda painful while you are doing it though.

Skipping or Jump ropes

skipping rope

Skipping rope can be done using both feet at the same time or alternating feet. It is an excellent exercise for improving heart health and overall fitness.

Weighted skipping rope

Skipping rope can also be used as a warm-up exercise before other cardiovascular activities, such as running or biking.

The benefits of skipping rope include enhanced cardio, increased muscle strength and flexibility, better balance, better breathing, and improved coordination.

What Are the Benefits of Using Exercise Equipment for Small Spaces?

The benefits of using exercise equipment for small spaces include improved health, better physical and mental wellbeing, and increased energy levels.

Otherwise working out in a small room can be tiring and demotivating.

Using exercise equipment for small spaces can improve your overall health by helping you to lose weight or increase muscle mass.

It can also help you reduce stress levels, improve your moods, and increase your energy levels.

Home workout benefits in detail!

Ref: Home Gym India on Youtube

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