10 Resistance bands exercises for beginners in India

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If you want to get in shape and start building muscle, resistance bands workouts are a great way to go. Resistance bands exercises for beginners are an excellent starting point for people who have never worked out before or those who just need a little extra help with their training. 

They’re also perfect for those who may be injured or limited in mobility due to injury because they can usually be done from the comfort of your own home.

In this blog post we’ll explore what resistance band exercises are and how you can use them to build muscle at home. 

Resistance bands exercises for beginners

Resistance bands workouts allow you to do a large variety of exercises on your own time that will help you get into shape and build some serious muscle without having to leave the house – which is especially useful when gyms are closed.

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10 best Resistance bands exercises for beginners in India

Firstly, these exercises are aimed at beginners and especially helpful to those who sit with their shoulder forwarded position for a long time.

Be it in an office or work from home set up, these repeated bad posture sitting takes a toll.

So these beginner resistance band exercises will help you correct your postures and improve overall body strength.

But why I am going to tell you more on the posture correction workouts?

Because if you push heavy with a bench press or do heavy workouts on a smith machine with a bad posture.

You will get injured.

I have been there.

I know it.

Since you are a beginner, start right, and you will be able to build a body pain free.

You will enjoy all the strong major muscles, be strong in awkward positions and reach fitness goals quicker.

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You can enjoy and excel with a full-body resistance band workout

10 Resistance bands exercises for beginners in India 1

Squat with Bands: Squat is one of the best bodyweight workouts that you can do. With a loop band around your thighs, it makes it more tough. And it helps with correcting your knee movement and as well as works on the outer thigh muscles.

If you sit all day, then you must do this.

Also, for aerobic fitness you can pick up a long resistance band, hold that at shoulder level and do speed squats. This will challenge your quad muscles as well as your lungs and heart.

Btw squatting down when your poo is good. One benefit of being Indian and using Indian toilet. This what many westerners refer to as Ass to Grass squat position.

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Push up with Bands: Push-ups can be challenging, but after a while it will become easy unless you add some more resistance. Here comes the resistance bands, wrap it around your shoulder and under your palms, and you are good to go.

I am not a certified fitness expert, but this will help a lot with improving arm strength and chest muscles in both male and female.

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Band Punch outs: This workout position is very similar to boxing punches. You will need to tie up the resistance band around a pole or window in my case. And the punch with your fist little above your shoulder height. Your starting position will be with your fists besides your chest or even your face.

And like real boxing, your feet should be on the ground, and you should pivot while you punch.

This will work out your core muscles, boxer muscles, arm and chest muscles together.

Face pulls: This is one of the best upper body exercise to do if you seat all day and do a desk job. This will make the upper back and rotator cuff muscles strong. This is also a great resistance band workout to correct your hunch over posture.

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While doing face pulls you should consider bands with low resistance level. This is not an exercise where you would want to go all out.

Rotator cuff extension: Another great exercise for the rotator cuff or the back of the shoulders. This alone can prevent issues like rounded shoulder, shoulder impingement etc. In the starting position, keep a tension on the band while you hold it near your chest height.

For more detailed how to, you should consider YouTube videos.

Band walk: Hip band walks are great to improve your glute strength. This is good for those people who site a lot. You will need a loop band for it. A tube band will not help much.

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Leg Curl: This is best done with a yoga mat and lying on your belly. You will need tube bands or large loop bands. This is one of the strength training exercises which uses knee bend movement of the hamstring muscles.

Glute bridge with bands: Glute bridges are  one of the best glute workout that you can do. And with bands these are on of the best resistance band leg exercises for a beginner.

With good genetics you might be able to build up strong glute muscles which looks good too.

How to use a resistance band for legs?

Pull downs and Rows: if you are unable to chin-ups then start with resistance bands pull downs. These are easily one of the best upper body workouts for back. These will also help you get that V shaped body.

Pull down exercises vary depending on the hand positions like narrow grip, wide grip, parallel but most of them do target the lats.

And rows with resistance bands will target the mid back more.

These two will generate a lot of muscle strength.

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Calm shells/Bird Dogs: Calm shell and bird dogs are two different exercises which helps your glute and abdominal muscles. These two workouts will provide the necessary strength for doing more advance lifts.

And for now this is it.

These all above exercise will train your entire core muscles, back, arms, and chest muscles. If you want, you can throw in some tricep push downs and bicep curls as well.

For core, you can add diagonal chops, sit-ups and planks.

These workouts that I mentioned are good for maintaining good posture, improve mobility and increase muscle strength.


Are resistance bands good for beginners?

Resistance bands are good for beginners. They come in various colour codes like red, blue, yellow etc.

Each colour tells about their strength. Usually the red colour is one of the easiest band to work with. Beginners can easily workout with these bands for muscle growth and for increasing mobility.

How do beginner exercise bands work?

Exercise bands are a great way to tone and strengthen your muscles. They come in a range of tensions/strength limits, so you can start off with the lightest tension and work up from there.

The best thing about these bands is that they’re easy to travel with! You can take them anywhere, and their compact design means they won’t take up much space in your luggage or backpack. If you’re looking for an affordable fitness routine that will give you results without breaking the bank, try exercise bands today!

Which resistance bands are best for beginners?

Resistance bands are an easy and versatile way to get a full body workout. They provide a good introduction for beginners as they can be used for many exercises in the gym, at home, or on the go. 

For those just starting out, we recommend getting a full set of red, blue, yellow, black bands with handles and a light loop bands. While you can do your strength training with those tube bands, the loop band will help with doing mobility workouts to improve your range of motion.

What are the disadvantages of resistance bands?

The main disadvantage of a resistance bands is the inability to make long term progressions because they do not provide progressive tension levels like weights would.

As a beginner this does not matter but once you start to progress to higher levels then you would definitely need real iron weights to grow your muscles.

Do resistance bands burn fat?

Resistance bands are not as popular as weights when it comes to burning fat.

But, they may still be a good option for you if you’re looking for an alternative way to exercise your muscles and want the convenience of being able to take them with you wherever you go.

And if you are doing your workouts with a target reps method, then you can definitely burn more fat with resistance bands. And always keep in mind that your diet plays a key role.

Can you use resistance bands every day?

Resistance bands are a great way to add resistance training to your everyday routine, but it’s important that you don’t overdo it.

If you use them too much or for the wrong exercises, they can actually cause muscle imbalances and injuries. 

If you’re someone who trains with weights on top of using resistance bands daily, this may be an issue for you. But only if you are overtraining and not resting enough. If you are like me who goes to office, does a 9 hours shift then 1-hour workout, 3 days per week is good enough.

Do resistance bands make your bum bigger?

Resistance bands force you to engage the muscles being exercised, which causes them to contract and release a number of times over a period of time.
If you have been working on exercises targeting the glutes (buttocks) then it’s possible that these muscles will become stronger through use with resistance band exercises.
However, this does not translate into any significant change for buttock size because it’s difficult for people to gain muscle mass in their buttocks without deadlifts and genetics.

Are resistance bands better than weights?

Resistance bands can be a great tool for building muscle and burning fat. They are inexpensive, easy to store, and portable. But not better than weights.

Weights allow a great option to overload your muscles, so you can fain muscle faster. Using both resistance bands and weights gives the best results in terms of muscle building.

Do resistance bands build muscle?

Resistance bands are a great way to work out. They provide an effective workout for all muscles and joints, plus they’re easy on the body.

Resistance bands can be used in place of weights at home or as part of a fitness routine with machines at the gym, but it’s not quite clear whether resistance band training is enough to build muscle mass.

You have to add a lot of resistance bands to do progressive overload to get some muscle building benefits.

Do resistance bands help tone legs?

Yes! The resistance of the bands will work on your leg muscles in ways you never thought possible.

They also help with balance and coordination, which makes them perfect for athletes or regular gym goers. You can train leg adductors, glutes and calves with ease with resistance bands and these will help with toning your legs.

What should I look for when buying resistance bands?

Look for warranty and variety when buying resistance bands. Warranty will make sure that the bands are of good quality and using quality rubber or latex.

And a variety of light, medium, heavy, very heavy bands will make sure that you can load up your workout heavy pretty easily while doing. Resistance band exercise.

What is the best workout with resistance bands?

Any pulling exercise that involves your back muscles are a great fit for resistance bands.

These bands help to do many more varieties of exercises with any fitness level. My top resistance band workouts will be pull downs, biceps curls, rows, rotator cuff extensions etc.

And you can do many core strength exercises with these loop or tubular bands easily.

What are the disadvantages of bands?

Although you can do many type of exercises, resistance bands can not provide a huge amount of resistance to train big muscles like chest, legs etc. If you are going pro or getting stronger quickly, then these bands will not be helpful for you.

Are resistance bands bad for your knees?

Resistance bands are not bad for your knees. These are a great tool to work on your knee strengthening. You might need ankle straps and a light/medium tube band, and you can do workouts to improve your stabilizing muscles as well.

How often should you train with resistance bands?

If you are using loop bands or other lightweight resistance bands or this therapy band for improving your range of motion, then train every day. But if you are using resistance bands for increasing strength, then you might consider a 3/week workout routine.

Can you walk with resistance bands?

Band walks are great for hips and glutes, and you might want to use them more creatively if you wish. You can walk with resistance bands and those help with improving mobility and strength.

Can resistance bands break?

My oldest resistance band is around 5 years old, but they do break all the time. Not all the bands are made the same and also heavy usages will wear those bands out. Especially many tube bands have thin layer. And usually the centre of band does not break, it is usually breaks at the end.

Are resistance bands considered strength training?

Resistance bands can be used for strength training since your muscles do not know if you are using weights or bands.

They care about the resistance and those bands can give them enough. But only resistance bands workouts will not turn you into a hulk.

But keeping a variety of bands for strength training makes sense.

How do you strengthen your shoulders with resistance bands?

For shoulder blades you can do face pulls, you can do incline presses with bands as well which will work the front deltoids. For rear shoulders or anterior deltoids, you can do rows as well.

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