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Best mini pedal exerciser India will be that equipment that is small, has a minimum of 2 kg flywheel and is foldable or portable. That’s it.

Do not expect to develop huge muscles using a mini pedal exerciser bike.

Mini cycle exerciser are good for seniors or people that are trying to recover from injuries, joint mobility issues.

No matter the mini cycle pedal exerciser is best seller or not it will not develop muscle, this is best for recovery purposes only.

I do not buy the idea that you can build muscle or lose fat while you watch TV. You will need a mind muscle connection.

And this also does not get high marks when it comes to weight loss also. And all most all of them are for gentle use only.

PS: There is no lazy way of losing or gaining weight.

Best mini pedal exerciser India

Mini Pedal Exerciser IndiaOur Opinion
Vissco New Cycle ExerciserMost honest info provided by seller
Voroly mini cycle pedal exerciserBest Mini exercise cycle with 2kg flywheel
DONDA Mini Pedal Exercise Cycle/BikeMini pedal exerciser bike with Shortest height
Motorised Pedo CycleMotorised mini pedal exercise cycle
HB Mall India – Foot Pedal ExerciserNo assembling required, Good height from ground.
Mini cycle pedal exerciser KOBOFrom a reputed sports brand
Cockatoo Mini Pedal Exerciser with LCD DisplayFrom a reputed sports brand
Abhsant Motorized Mini Cycle Pedal Exerciser150 kg user weight
best mini pedal exerciser india

Mini pedal exerciser review

Vissco New Cycle Exerciser

Vissco New Cycle Exerciser

Final Verdict: Price could be slightly lower otherwise it has a great look and honest outlook on who this product is for, what it can do and how to use mini pedal exerciser. If you have joint mobility issues, some paralyzing issues, parkinson’s, arthritis then it is a good choice. Also good for those who want to increase their joint mobility.

Vissco does not try to misguide people of what a pedal exercise cycle can do or can not do. In my search for a mini pedal exerciser and mini bike pedal exerciser reviews I find this to be most closer to the truth.

This is a rehabilitation aid and orthopaedic support equipment. This can help you greatly with mobility. 

Note: there is no tracker on it, and you probably do not need it as these are not so accurate. 

Height is not adjustable like most of the other mini exercisers.

As per them this is a very low impact exercise which will help greatly incase of improving joint mobility. Also useful incase of arthritis of hips also, as when you cycle it will engage the supporting muscles.

This portable mini bike pedal exerciser is one of the best mini pedal exerciser for seniors.

It has rubber caps on the stand so that it won’t slip.

The pedal straps have a leather look on them otherwise most of the parts are steel and plastic. 

Why buy this:

  • Honest opinion on their product.
  • Simple design.
  • Resistance control knob.


  • Price could be slightly lower.

Voroly mini cycle pedal exerciser

Voroly mini cycle pedal exerciser

Final Verdict: A very good mini pedal exerciser bike by Voroly, it is good for both arms and legs. It has a 5 pound flywheel that helps put your muscles through some resistance. And great for recover, mobility and some form of weight loss.

Voroly mini cycle pedal exerciser is great option for seniors who also want a LCD display. This is great for both arms and legs and fits perfectly on table or under the table.

This is a mini exercise cycle with a 2kg flywheel which is made up of iron.

It offers a smooth and quiet motion with no heating or smell.

The small LCD display can show you exercise time, count, calories burned and distance covered. The monitor should be started by a long press on the red switch.

This portable mini pedal exercise gym bike has rubber feet which is anti slip and will not move even on a table. 

The padel is ergonomically designed for both palm and feet.

Since you will be using it with both arms and legs you may want to wear socks or gloves.

The 5 lbs flywheel can be adjusted with the tension knob and is very easy for seniors to do it too.

You get no assembly help, you have to do it yourself and the process is easy.

Buy this for:

  • 6 months warranty.
  • LED display with tracking.
  • Adjustable resistance level.
  • Compact design.
  • Max load capacity: 100 kg
  • Compact design (14.6″X30.5cm/12″)
  • 2 kg flywheel


  • Costly.

DONDA Mini Pedal Exercise Cycle/Bike

DONDA Mini Pedal Exercise Cycle

Final Verdict: If you want no hassle of assembling a workout machine then this is for you. But note that height from ground is not so much so tall people might have some trouble.

Donda is a portable mini bike pedal exerciser which is also foldable. This helps when you want to keep it shelved for a long time and not use it.

Despite its size it has a lcd display which shows count, time, calories burned. This display needs a power source which is a battery of 1.5v.

Do cycling shoes make you faster

The paddles have a plasticky feel to it and the stand have rubber so it does not slip on table or on the floor.

It has a knob by which you can control the resistance which is not much. But for seniors or people using it for mobility issues that is great.

Also there is no need to assemble the items, you can use it right after you receive it.

To clean this mini bike you can use soap and water and wipe it off with dry cloth. To lubricate, remove the tension control knob and apply lubricant there. Also keep it clean so it functions well.

The dimension of this padel exerciser is: 19.5 inch length, 14.25 inch width, 6.5 inch height.

  • Buy this for:
  • No assembly required.
  • Compact size.
  • Foldable feature.
  • Adjustable resistance.


  • Not so durable.
  • Price could be lower.

Motorised Pedo Cycle

Motorised Pedo Cycle

Final Verdict: If you have the budget and want a motorised pedo cycle for yourself then buy it otherwise you may look for other cost effective options.

This mini pedal exerciser is a very costly one and mostly because it has a motor and a nice control center.

The speeds are adjustable and it is easy to control.

Also the paddles are foldable and can be used for both arms and legs.

The outer side is made with ABS plastic and the overall look is very pleasing and modern.

Note: You will need a 230V electric supply to run it.

The total weight of the mini padel is 4.5 kg and comes with 3 months warranty only.

Buy this for:

  • Motorised feature.


  • Price.
  • Short warranty period.

HB Mall India Cycle-Foot Pedal Exerciser

Best mini pedal exerciser India 1

Final Verdict: This is very similar to the other offerings of the same designs, the prices of these items always fluctuate so you may pick the one you like.

I feel these are all chinese made and from the same supplier.

HB Mall fitness cycle is a small, less space taking fitness equipment that can be used at home or at the office at ease.

It is similar to some of the items in this list above and probably these all are made in China.

It has a very small amount of resistance and there is a knob that can control it.

The small LCD can show you calorie, time, count etc.

The height is 9 inch, length is 19.30 inches and width is around 14.17 inches.

The paddles are anti slip but have plastic feeling. The stands have rubber caps so it will not slip.

Buy this for:

  • Short height.
  • Compact design.
  • No need of assembling.


  • Pricey.

Mini cycle pedal exerciser kOBO

Mini cycle pedal exerciser kobo

Final Verdict: If you are not a hardcore KOBO fan then do not consider this much, this is a good piece of equipment but costs are really high at the moment.

KOBO is a reputed brand when it comes to fitness equipment and their pedal exerciser is good too.

Unlike other designs it comes under a plastic case and has a small display that can show you time, distance, calorie etc.

The legs have rubber caps with anti-skid feature.

The resistance is very very low but can be adjusted with a knob.

Overall the product has great finish and polished look.

Also it is lightweight and portable and easy to assemble.

Buy this for:

  • Outer body.
  • Brand Name.


  • Too costly.

Cockatoo Mini Pedal Exerciser with LCD Display

Cockatoo Mini Pedal Exerciser With LCD Display

Final Verdict: At the moment the prices are really high and you could do with other similar piece of workout equipment as well.

Cockatoo Mini Pedal Exerciser has same approach like the KOBO pedal exerciser. These are very similar product with tiny changes.

It has a sturdy built and feet has anti skid feature as well.

The pedal straps are soft and padel looks okay for both hand and feet.

The tiny display can show you the calorie, count, time etc.

This can be put on the table or under the table when you are using it. But this is not foldable and takes some space when not in use.

But it is lightweight. 

And this low impact workout is great for joint pain, mobility issues and other ways as your doctor prescribes it.

Why buy this:

  • Comes from a god brand.
  • Looks good.


  • Too much pricey.

Abhsant Motorized Mini Cycle Pedal Exerciser

Abhsant Motorized Mini Cycle Pedal Exerciser

Final Verdict: If you want a simple, lean design then get this Abshant mini cycle pedal exerciser. It does not have any flywheel or motor so no resistance control.

No, you do not build arm or leg muscles with this but this is a very compact mini pedal exerciser with very small footprint. It can be used both on table or under table.

Although it is compact, it has a height of 14.17 inches and length of 19.29 inches and width of 12.60 inches.

Despite having a lean design it has a display that can show you time, distance, calorie etc.

Buy this for:

  • 150 kg user weight.
  • Mostly plastic parts with steel frames.
  • Plastic parts do not feel of quality.


  • No flywheel
  • No motor.
  • Costly.

Mini pedal exerciser benefits

  1. Mobility: Sometimes due to some disease like arthritis, parkinson’s we lose some of our nimbleness in our joints and most of the physiotherapy and very low impact workout is the way to recover from it. These small workout equipment help in that area.
  2. Helps with joint or muscle stiffness.
  3. Helps with blood circulation.
  4. Can use these tiny portable mini bike pedal exerciser while working, watching TV etc. You can multitask.
  5. Can use almost anywhere, portable.
  6. May help with weight loss.
  7. May help brighten your mood.
  8. May keep the joints healthy.

Mini pedal exerciser disadvantages

  1. Will get boring after sometime. But if your doctor have prescribed then you should continue.
  2. Some mini padel exercises have very less height, tall people will have issues with it.
  3. If not taken care properly it will get noisy.
  4. Not all of them are really sturdy.
  5. Some are really costly and cost almost half of a gym cycle in India.


Are mini pedal exercisers effective?

These definitely work if you use them for their intended purpose. Which is joint mobility and rehabilitation and not weight loss or muscle gain. Do mini pedal exercisers work? This is a question of many. And now you know.

Which mini pedal exerciser machine is best?

To me Voroly and Vissco have good offers. Voroly provides a 2kg flywheel and Vissco pedal exerciser has a very bare minimum design and both works for the intended purpose.

Who can use the mini exerciser?

People who have joint or mobility issues with arms or legs or hips. Beneficial for Recovering from injuries.
People who want to do Multi tasks.

Who should not use a mini pedal exerciser?

Who wants to lose weight. ANd Those who are hadcore fitness freaks should not use this.

How to use mini pedal exerciser?

If you are planning on using it on your arms then put the mini pedal exerciser on a table at comfortable height. Then start the pedaling and you may adjust the tension if there is a knob.For legs put the machine under the table or in front of you, you must be sitting comfortably in a chair/sofa/bed.

The start pedaling and you may adjust the resistance using the knob.

You should stop and take breaks as needed or do as you would do in any exercise.

A set of 3 with 5 minutes of pedalling. You can also go fast or slow or use your comfortable pace.

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