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Best weight lifting belt india

Back in the day when I used to visit the local gym they had one or two back support weight lifting belts. I believe it was aurion gym belt, not sure. It was a leather gym belt India. Back then I did not know the gym belt used at all.


Later when I knew why I used a gym belt then I realised I could have supported my back more with a weight lifting belt and do my workout more safely. Here I would like to present a list of best weight lifting belts in India. In India weight lifting belts are more commonly known as gym belts.


Some popular manufacturers are USI, Aurion, NIVIA, KOBO etc. Apart from leather there are also gym belts that are made of rubber and polyester.

Price comparison chart of Gym belts India, 2020

Weight Lifting Belt India
All prices were last updated on May, 2020 as per Indian online stores

Top List Of Best Power Lifting Belts India

Rank Best gym weight lifting belt Price Range Check Review
1 USI gym belt – Powerlifting – 790PLH ₹₹₹₹₹ Review
2 KOBO gym belt – Powerlifting belt India ₹₹₹₹₹ Review
3 Aurion gym belt for Weight Lifting ₹₹₹ Review
4 XTRIM DURA Weight Lifting Belt India ₹₹₹₹ Review
5 Amazon Basics Weight Lifting Belt India ₹₹₹₹₹ Review
6 KOBO Gym belt – Nylon Made ₹₹₹ Review
7 NIVIA Gym belt – Nylon Made – Freesize ₹₹₹ Review

My best choice for weight lifting belt in India

USI Power Lifting Belt PLH (Heavy) (790PLH)

Best Weight lifting belt india + Powerlifting belts 21Best Weight lifting belt india + Powerlifting belts 22

One of the best powerlifting belt India is this USI gym belt model: 790PLH.

Top reasons to buy: 

Very thick, great support for deadlifts, squats and sports powerlifting.

Great quality leather used, professional use also.

Best budget gym weight lifting belt in India

Sprugal™ EVA Weight Lifting Belt India

Best Weight lifting belt india + Powerlifting belts 23Best Weight lifting belt india + Powerlifting belts 24

If you are not after a powerlifting belt for super heavy lifting with squats/deadlifts and just want to boost confidence and protect your back then this a budget option for you. Probably the best nylon weightlifting belt.

Top reasons to buy:

  • Available in multiple colors
  • Soft edges
  • Comfortable and good quality for the price.

Special Mentioncustom weight lifting belt India

USI Tiranga Power Belt India – (Limited Edition)

Best Weight lifting belt india + Powerlifting belts 25Best Weight lifting belt india + Powerlifting belts 26

USI Tiranga powerlifting belt is an amazing gym belt. This is a limited edition powerlifting belt India. It is tri color like our own national flag. Being a patriotic person I could not ignore it at all. Here it is, in its all glory. Apart from the tri color, it is also made in India product.

And just not the color, it is a beast when it comes to back support weight lifting belt for powerlifting.

Key features:

  • Amazing collection worthy custom weight lifting belt in India.
  • 10mm thickness with 100mm width. Complete back support while doing powerlifting.
  • Non slip leather so that it sticks to your body for optimum support.
  • Comes with closed gap hook holes for best fit.
  • Heavy duty material used with nylon thread.
  • Strong material that does not buckle.

Since this one is a premium usi gym belt – the cost is higher and material quality is also better than other usi gym belts.

This is a very tough product, even can be used in a commercial gym. But if multiple people use it then the Tiranga factor will go down a bit, don’t you think?

A usi gym belt that you can treasure for a long time.

Top 7 best Powerlifting and weight lifting belts India [Review]

USI gym belt – Powerlifting – 790PLH

Best Weight lifting belt india + Powerlifting belts 21Best Weight lifting belt india + Powerlifting belts 22

Final Verdict: A 10mm thick leather made, professional quality powerlifting belt in India. If this line makes your heart beat a little faster then get this gym belt without a second thought. Unless your budget does not permit this.

USI gym belt heavy 790PLH is made of with strong leather, double stitched and really gives you a sense of security and durability. This usi gym belt is quite rigid and may leave rashes on your belly at first. And that rigidity will give you extra confidence that your back is safe. USI themselves mention this is for powerlifting, mainly like the lifts like squats, deadlifts. You can wear it when doing other workouts also. As a main use of gym belt is to allow your to brace your core so that your lower back is safe. And this belt gets a 10/10 marks on that.

There are some issues with correct sizing, but I would say always measure around your naval. It is a not regular belt. If your waist size is 36 then you can go for M and if your waist size is around 30 then got for S. And also check for the entire length of this USI gym belt while buying.

KOBO gym belt – Powerlifting belt India

Best Weight lifting belt india + Powerlifting belts 29Best Weight lifting belt india + Powerlifting belts 30

Final Verdict: This kobo gym belt is my second best choice after the USI gym belt. It is also a 10mm thick weight lifting belt. Looks and feels really durable, this kobo gym belt is lower priced than the no 1 weight lifting belt in India bit still a great choice for serious weight lifters.

Kobo gym belt can also be used as a power lifting belt which can provide your great support to your lower back during deadlifts, squats etc. This kobo gym belt is 10mm thick and 4 mm wide. The solid material and built of this gym belt makes it really easy to go heavy on all exercises without any worries. There are no soft pads on the back and the strong leather may leave some mark on your skin but that is worth the strength you can gain with this gym belt. Generally the size runs a little short, you might have to buy and return 2 times to get the size right.

Some might complain that the leather made kobo gym belt is too hard, well it is meant to be. It will soften a bit with repeated usages but it is meant to be hard.

Aurion gym belt for Weight Lifting

Best Weight lifting belt india + Powerlifting belts 31Best Weight lifting belt india + Powerlifting belts 32

Final Verdict: Aurion gym belt is a budget leather gym belt in India. And Aurion gym belt is one of the best gym belt in sub 1000 INR range. This weight lifting belt is 4 inch wide, thickness is around 6m only.

Aurion gym belt is a budget weight lifting belt in India. It is not very thick, neither made of actual leather. This gym belt manufacturer made this with artificial leather.

Like with all other gym belts, there are some issues with proper waist size, generally for Aurion gym belt xl size will fit waist size 34. Since this aurion weight lifting belt is made of artificial leather it is available in leather looking multiple colors like grey, maroon etc.

Aurion gym belt could be a good choice for people working out at home with their budget power cage gym.

XTRIM DURA Weight Lifting Belt India

Best Weight lifting belt india + Powerlifting belts 33Best Weight lifting belt india + Powerlifting belts 34

Final Verdict: A new gym belt manufacturer with a 4 inch wide leather type gym belt in India. The thickness is 8mm so perfectly fits the mid range of weight lifting belts in India.

If you are wearing this belth then you must be hitting 100kg in squats – not for professional power lifters but for fitness enthusiasts this would do. Many do recommend this gym belt in India than kobo gym belt or USI gym belt as they did not like the thickness of 10mm.

And keep in mind yo might need a power rack o/ Smith machine or an adjustable gym bench.

Amazon Basics Weight Lifting Belt India

Best Weight lifting belt india + Powerlifting belts 35Best Weight lifting belt india + Powerlifting belts 36

Final Verdict: A 6 inch amazon basics branded weight lifting belt anyone? At a glance a 6 inch gym belt is not for pro level powerlifting. But it is greatly suited for gym lovers who would want to push a little more into their PR of squat and deadlifts. Don’t get your hopes up, not a leather made, it is made of faux leather.

A key feature of this gym belt would be the huge back support, it is wide enough to provide comfort (padded). This weight lifting belt is Ideal for body building and home gym users. 115 by 15.2 by 0.76 cm (LxWxH; large) with 1 year warranty.

There are mixed reviews for this gym belt, for some it is comfortable and for some it is not.

I was quite surprised to see this brand selling gym belts, as well as hex dumbell sets.

KOBO Gym belt – Nylon Made

Best Weight lifting belt india + Powerlifting belts 33Best Weight lifting belt india + Powerlifting belts 34

Final Verdict: This Kobo gym belt is nylon made and is 6 inch wide and has 7mm thickness. This is made with neoprene foam with nylon stitches to the sides for maximum comfort. NOt for heavy powerlifting but for a home gym user who does not want to lift 180 kgs, this may work.

Velcro strap, nylon made and neoprene foam is all that this kobo gym belt has and in a good package. This is not aimed for pro level power lifting rather this gym belt in India is for causal gym lovers who want better security and brace their core while doing deadlifts or squats.

But to workout with a all in one home gym machine, this might do.

NIVIA Gym belt – Nylon Made – Freesize

Best Weight lifting belt india + Powerlifting belts 39Best Weight lifting belt india + Powerlifting belts 40

Final Verdict: The most budget friendly weight lifting belt in India, Nivia gym belt is free size and mostly made of nylon and straps are also made of nylon with velcro strap. If you are not into powerlifting belt India and just want some extra back support then get this nivia gym belt.

One of the key feature of this Nivia gym belt is that it has a wide back support and velcro strap. While the velcro strap sounds really unreliable but many do like this system. This is a free size version which supports waist size from 34-40 inches.

If you are going to buy this Nivia gym belt note that if your belly is smaller than 34 inches then it will not fit you. And since it fastens with a velcro strap, it may loosen up with time. Not a professional grade material and not to be confused with power lifting belts India.

What Are the Benefits of Weightlifting Belts and do You Need One?

The no 1 gym belt use is to reduce overall stress on your lower back and spine. Doing really heavy deadlifts like 100 kgs+ then you are putting your spine and lower back in danger. A gym belt helps you brace your core better and take the load off your spine better.

Secondly, we tend to bend forward or tilt at a side, with a belt around your belly you are more conscious. And a gym belt helps us reduce the unnecessary flexions thus making us use our legs more. 

How to choose the Right weight lifting belt for You!

If you are into doing more dynamic workouts like clean and jerk, clean and press then too rigid or too thick weight lifting belt is not suitable for you. For genetic weight lifting and all you can get away with thinner belts, even nylon belts.

But for powerlifting or strongman acts you should get thicker belts

How and When to Use Weightlifting Belts

To wear the gym belt you do not need someone elses help. Generally a gym belt is worn over the belly/abdomen but not too low or not too high. It should stay above the pelvis around 3 inches approx. Comfort level will vary from user to user but you should be able to fully extend and contract your abs. You should be also able to push against the belt to create a pressure and instill stability while lifting.

Types of Weight Lifting Belts in India

  • Powerlifting belts/ level belts. (Most 10mm thick belts)
  • Tapered Belt (Most 8mm thick, 4 inch wide belts)
  • Strongman belts
  • Weight lifting belts

By the material used, these are the weight lifting belt in India

  • Full leather, like our USI gym belt.
  • Faux leather like the Amazon gym belt.
  • Nylon gym belt like the Nivia gym belt.

Leather vs nylon lifting straps – Leather or at least faux leather are better but those are costly as well. If you are not going heavy into powerlifting or something then a nylon made model might work, otherwise you would need a leather model.

Lifting belt price in India can range from 500 INR to around 3200 INR. Higher the cost, higher the quality and durability. And lower the cost you will see nylon made gym belts and higher the cost, you will see leather made items.

Powerlifting exercises where you would need a Gym belt

Mostly there are two instances where yo would need a gym belt, competition and doing max lifts or PRs. 

  1. Deadlift
  2. Back and Front Squat
  3. Clean and Jerk
  4. Bench Press
  5. Barbell Row

These are the most heavy workout where you would need the extra support for your spine.

  1. What is the best weight lifting belt?

    For fixed pattern movements like deadlift or squat, thick leather gym belts are good. For dynamic movements like clean and jerk little less thick belts are more usable.

  2. What size lifting belt should I get?

    In India, weight lifting belts run different sizes, check with the seller to get your size correct.

  3. Is a weightlifting belt necessary?

    For a fitness lover who is not keen on reaching his/her max potential a gym belt is not necessary. But if you are someone who is on a mission to lift really heavy like 100kg + on a squat then a weight lifting belt is necessary. And you can also wear a weight lifting belt for protective purposes also.

  4. What are weight belts for lifting?

    Squat, Deadlift, Clean and Jerk are few workouts where you would require to wear a weight lifting belt.

  5. How Does a Weightlifting Belt Work?

    Weight lifting belts provide support to your spine so that you do not bend forward or backwards unnecessarily. You can brace your abdominal muscles, contract or expand and this way a gym belt helps you lift more heavy.

  6. Is Using a Weightlifting Belt Cheating?

    I would not call that cheating, all you are doing is bracing your spine so that your body can lift the weight safer thus the end result is better performance.

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