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Not everyone wants to form and keep calluses (would you not want a battle scar?) on their palms from pull up bars or from dumbbells.

For those here are the best gym gloves in India. They surely love gym gloves. umm.. gym loves gloves.. [minus the G from the gloves, makes it loves] oh! I am just trying to make a rhyme! Ignore this please!

In my opinion, you should go for weight lifting gloves with wrist support.

Wrist support and padded weight lifting gloves should always be the first choice.

For real heavy weights, you might want to use straps as well.

My top reasons to use the best gym gloves with Wrist Support: I have injured my middle finger (Don’t laugh) due to bad grip using pull-ups.

Almost injured my wrist during a heavy overhead press.

With a padded gym glove and wrist support, the chances would have been much lower.

Best Gym Gloves in India

If you are not into best padded workout gloves, then you may buy wrist support bands only.

But your fingers and palm would be open. 

In 1955 Charles A. Caswell and Richard K. Davis invented the first weight lifting gloves.

Best Gym Gloves India

Gym Gloves NameBest Suited For!
Nike Extreme Lightweight Men’s GlovesTop Imported Gym Glove
Kobo CTG-03 Mesh Gym GlovesBest Full Finger
Nivia Python Gym GlovesBest Low Budget Option
GymWar Workout Gloves with Wrist SupportTop Open style Gym Glove
Burnlab Flex Gym Gloves for Men and WomenWell padded and Versatile Workout Gloves
OxOFit Ventilated GlovesBest for Sweaty Palms
XTRIM – AEGIS – HOT PINKBest for Women
Kobo Leather Fitness GlovesLow budget versatile gloves
Kobo Fitness Gel Gym GlovesTop Gel Padded gloves for extra grip and Support

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If you are gonna wear gloves when you lift, just make sure they match your purse.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Weight Lifting Gloves India [Reviews]

Nike Extreme Lightweight Men’s Gloves

Nike Extreme Lightweight Men's Gloves

Final Verdict: Personally I believe the cost could be more economic, there are other similar type of fitness gloves available.

Most probably this Nike glove is being imported, so the import duty increases the price.

The same model is being sold worldwide. If you love the brand, then go with it.

Definitely for those who are a pro or lift heavy every day!

The material is tough and is also breathable.

The wrist grip or wrist support in not much big so good for exercises where wrist mobility is highly needed.

This Nike extreme weight lifting gloves tries to fit all the realm of body building. 


  • Overall, the best weight lifting gloves in India with a combination of sturdiness and breath ability.
  • Padding in the right places.
  • Washable.
  • Available in 3 sizes.


  • Too costly.

Kobo CTG-03 Mesh Gym Gloves (Best Full Finger)

Kobo CTG-03 Mesh Gym Gloves (Best Full Finger)

Final Verdict: Costly but If you require full fingered gym gloves with wrist support then this is the best one that you should get.

This is a full finger gym glove with mesh. But it is strictly not for those who live in really humid areas and sweat a lot. It has good padding and full protection of your hand.

This is also useful for climbers, strongman, powerlifting and more. The grip at the palm of your hand is made from synthetic leather with cuts made for air to pass. The top of the hand is made of mesh like material to allow ventilation.

Due to this the mesh gym glove is lightweight and breathable and will not stink of sweat for long time.

The wrist grip is adequate and allows free wrist movements. The stitch and materiel quality is also good.


  • Fully covered.
  • Good material used.
  • Durable.
  • Extra stitching for durability.


  • Costly.
  • Padding could be little better.

Nivia Python Gym Gloves (Best Low Budget)

Nivia Python Gym Gloves (Best Low Budget)

Final Verdict: Not into premium look or quality and just want a budget gym gloves that will protect your palm, then you can get this one!
The upper material has a nice feel to it, but the sewing is not to the perfection, but I am sure you would not mind it much.

Nivia python gym gloves are a very popular model, but note they do not have the highest padding or the best grip.

This is a very cost friendly model with decent built and grip quality.

This is a half finger gym gloves in India without the wrist grip.

If you absolutely need a wrist support then skip this one and check the next best gym glove next.

The upper part has mesh, and it looks good and stylish.

The pads at the palm are at the right place to provide support.

This is best for the casual gym goer.

Python gloves are made of stretchable micro leather.


  • Good quality gym glove.
  • The thumb part can be used to sweep off sweat.
  • Good for both men and women.


  • Stitches can be made better.

GymWar Workout Gloves with Wrist Support

GymWar Workout Gloves with Wrist Support

Final Verdict: If you want max air flow in your hand as you sweat a lot then you can pick this model.

This is a great option for me, I get sweaty and this open back gloves has good support, stability, wrist support, yet it is breathable.

A comfortable wrist support and the breath ability is the main design aspect here. The top part of the hand is completely open so your hand will sweat less.

The palm area has leather and silicone padding and has a textured area for maximising grip.

This is a versatile half finger gym glove that can be used for pull ups, weight lifting, calisthenics, deadlifts, chin-ups, bench press and more.

Your plan is completely protected from exposing to the iron so you will not bet tears, blisters and calluses.

Good support for your wrist with adjustable straps. straps are 19 inches long.


  • Palm is completely protected with the top part exposed for maximum air flow.
  • Versatile
  • Has good wrist wrap for stability.


  • Average quality.

Burnlab Flex Gym Gloves for Men and Women

burnlab flex gym gloves

Final Verdict: I would say this glove is not that much breathable but has a good quality built.
The burnlab gloves are also very colorful, and you can use them for cycling, crossfit as well.
I feel these are suitable for someone who lifts weight causally and likes to do various activities in moderation.

Burnlab gym gloves are well padded with half fingers. These fingers have some loops to go with for better fit. These gloves come with some aggressive designs and colors both suitable for men and women.

These gloves are multipurpose for weight lifting, crossfit, cycling etc.

There is minimal wrist support so if you need a full wrist brace then look for another.

This is made up with spandex material which is lightweight and offers good compression.

The palm area have gel infused padding and a textured surface for max grip.

The finger loops also help with removing the gloves and also help with better fit.

Burnlab gloves are available in small, medium, large, X-large size.


  • Sweat gets away from your skin.
  • Good material and designs.
  • Stretchable so fits perfectly.
  • Gym gloves for both men and women.


  • Not so breathable.
  • Can smell a bit.

OxOFit Ventilated Gloves (Best for Sweaty Palms)

OxOFit Heavy Duty Ventilated Padded Gloves

Final Verdict: This gym glove is almost like a wrist support with palm attachment since the top part is completely open.

Good for people who have sweaty palms.

However, I feel the wrist support is not enough for heavy lifts or Olympic weight lifting.

These OxOFit gloves provide very good ventilation as the top part of the hand is almost open. This is a half finger design and comes with a wrist Support.

It offers full palm protection and it has rubber paddings for extra grip and comfort. Rest of the padding material is made of silicon printed neoprene.

The wrist wrap is long and can be wrapped around the wrist as needed to make a perfect fit.

This gloves can be used for activities like – weight-lifting, crossfit , body building workouts, pull ups and more. These are not suitable for cycling or rock climbing at all.


  • Great ventilation for sweaty palms.
  • Good wrist support.
  • Good padded palm support.


Somewhat costly.

Kobo Leather Fitness Gloves

Kobo Leather Fitness Gloves

Final Verdict: If you only work out with low weights or only body weight workouts, then it might be a good buy for you.
This is a thin type gloves, so it may not do well under heavy load.
However, this should work well for a hobbyist gym goer super well!

This KOBO gym glove in India is one of the best budget option ever. It can double as cycling and biking gloves too along with being a budget gym gloves.

The palm is padded, it comes with a short velcro strap. There is no wrist support at this price point.

The padding is enough to withstand that usual gym activity. Not as comfortable as some of the higher priced items in this list.

The upper material is some type of synthetic material it looks good.


  • Good budget option.
  • Looks stylish.
  • Also good for cycling.


  • Not for someone who visits gym regularly and lifts really heavy.

Kobo Fitness Gel Gym Gloves

Kobo Fitness Gel Gym Gloves

Final Verdict: Good for weekend gym users, not for regular use. Good for breath-ability also.

Kobo gym gloves has a gel padded front palm which is useful as it provides some extra grip while handling weight.

Rest of the gloves are made up with mesh type material to promote air flow. There are no wrist support or wrist strap.

The padded part is not too thick so this is not for pro athletes. Not for cycling also.

The overall design looks good, it also has a finger-loop to remove the gloves quicker.


  • Mid range, good looking weight lifting gloves.
  • Mesh used for breath ability.


  • Not very thick for heavy weights or prolonged usages.

XTRIM – AEGIS – HOT PINK (Best for Women)

Women generally have smaller hands if height and weight are the same with a male counterpart.

But otherwise there are no differences.

But some women may prefer more padded and more after inside material, as they definitely do not want their palms getting tough/rough.

XTRIM - AEGIS - HOT PINK gym gloves

Final Verdict: If you are a woman and looking for gym gloves that say made for women then you can go for this, otherwise you can do with other gloves from other brands.

This gym gloves is completely designed for women, It has a leather palm unlike synthetic part.

These have better grips than synthetic versions.

This glove can relieve pressure on your hands on doing heavy workouts or using barbell.

The interior is very soft, so your palms are protected from all blisters.

These are finger less gloves and the top material takes the sweat away from the hand.

The mesh used is also anti-microbial.

The wrist strap is made up with PU leather, note there is no wrist support.

The gloves are washable despite having leather.

The glove is available in 3 sizes,

  • small – 6-7 inches
  • Medium – 7-8 inches
  • Large – 8-9 inches.


  • Good material, Good stitches.
  • Thickness is enough.
  • Washable.


  • Some have reported with gloves size issues. 

Types of Gym gloves

Finger Palm and back side open gym glovesFinger Palm and back side open: Some do get sweaty a lot, and closing off your palm completely gets it really bad.

And too much sweat not able to escape will result in bad odour and if unlucky then some skin infection.

Here the palm both outside and inside are open along with the fingertips.

This gym glove design can have heavy wrist support along with padding to avoid blisters.


Palm and Back side Closed: Here the fingers are open, but there are no breathable areas.

But this style, most have wrist support.

Grip Pads: These are mostly used to avoid the sweat and without sweat you will not lose your weight. 

Fully covered gym glovesFull Covered: Full finger and both sides of your palm would be covered with leather or nylon material build.

These are one of the best hand gloves for gym especially if you live in cold areas.

Most of these designs are heavily padded and also provide wrist support.

But I would say that you stick with the gym gloves that have not covered the fingertip, our fingertips can help better with hooking the bar.


Gym glove with wrist support


With or Without Wrist Support: Best weight lifting gloves with wrist support are not hard to find, and they are the most popular ones.

This design provides ample support to your wrist while you do heavy bench press or military press.

This can have an open finger and palm, but most are heavily padded with soft foam to protect your palm and keep it soft.

The ones without any wrist support are made of soft material and mostly can protect your palm only.

Best gym gloves India that you can not go without 1Lightweight: These gloves do not do much and can just only provide some grip to the bar or weights.

Most of them do not have any wrist support and made of thin material.

This is most useful where your wrist mobility is needed, such as dumbbell clean and press.

These are really lightweight and made of thin material, though durable.

Most also have some mesh area in them for air to pass.

Gym gloves benefits!

Grips of gym glovesGrip: You will see some leather gloves and some gloves that are well padded along with some rough surface at the palm.

They do it to increase the friction between your palm and the barbell or weight plates.

No need for using chalks, and it is great for home gyms as you do not need to clean much after the chalk has spread over.

But you will not see gymnastics use gloves over chalk, the wrist flexibility requirement is very high which can not be met using the gym gloves.

Best gym gloves India that you can not go without 2

Finger Protection: No matter if you have the best workout gloves, your grip should be perfect and the load is spread across your palm and fingers.

It is usually our middle finger that takes the toll if we have weak fingers and grip.

With a gym glove you will be more aware, and please leave the bar when your grip starts to loosen. 


Wrist Support: Wrist support with gloves cover your wrists with a padded band that keeps your wrist braced and steady. Means you can lift more weight safely.

Confidence Booster: When you know your fingers and wrist is safe. When your grip is at best, then your confidence automatically boosts. One of the perks of wearing the best workout gloves.

Best gym gloves India that you can not go without 3More stability: Wrist, Finger and most importantly overall grip is more stable when you are using a gym glove. More stable grip and hand means better lift. Better lift means you build muscle safer.

No calluses: Calluses can be painful and will stay for a long time once they appear. Be it from playing guitar or constantly gripping irons, many do prefer soft hands. With any of the best gym glove, that should never happen.

No Injuries: With stable grip, wrist protection, you are less likely to have any unfortunate weight lifting injuries.

NO sweat leaks: Sweat makes it hard to have a grip on the bar or weight. And in public gyms that’s a big no no. A good quality gym glove will not let your sweat slip to you from the bar and also keep the gym safe and hygienic.

Do you need a gym glove or wrist support?

Why do you need a gym gloveI personally do not use gym gloves, I Do not have any issues with gripping the bar, barbell, weights etc. And neither do I care about blisters.

Note: I only work out 3 days a week, so there is less chance of me developing it.

I am also not a pro athlete who bench presses 100kgs daily.

But I do believe I have a weak wrist, so I wear wrist support only.

And when I am lifting something heavy, it keeps my wrist in place. 

Now, If you are not sure, then buy a well padded gym glove with wrist support. It will be all-purpose and best gym gloves for weightlifting.

Materials used with Gym Gloves

Leather: Could be the most expensive set of gym gloves for bodybuilding ever. That is if the leather is pure, you will see cheap faux leather gloves that I do not recommend. Those will get thinner, will not let you breathe and will slip from the weight. Otherwise leather will help you get a better grip.

Rubber: Next to durability there is rubber gloves. These have a inner layer of clothing to absorb the sweat. These also have good traction so it is quite grippy to iron. Also not too costly like the leather versions.

Neoprene: Neoprene is most non allergic material used in varieties of fitness equipment such as sweat slim belts. This is sweat and heat resistance and good for people who sweat a lot. It keeps the sweat away from the body.

Silicone: It is combined with neoprene to create the weight lifting gloves. The silicone provides grip and the neoprene comfort.

Cotton Mesh: Most breathable and skin friendly material for weight lifting gloves. These are well padded and good for those who sweat a lot. Not that durable like the leather gloves but still a great choice. Needs washing to keep it clean.

Spandex: another man made material that uses polymer. It is easy to wash, lightweight and strong. A very common material in all types of weight lifting gloves in India.

Buying Guide to the best gym gloves India

Fit: Most of the gloves for body building are one size fit all still you may want to check if there are any special sizes.

Cushion: More padded the gym gloves will be more your palms will be safer from calluses. But too much cushion might make it harder for you to grab. Foam padded gloves are best.

Wrist Support: Best weight lifting gloves in India are those which gym gloves with wrist support. Wrist injury is very common with lifting heavy lifts and even body weight exercises. A good wrist supported gym glove will keep your protected so that you keep pushing yourself.

Grip: Check for rubber, leather palm area for max grip possible. Usually this is textured to create minimum friction. More the friction less the weight will slip away from your hand.

Weight: Pick the most lightest yet durable gym glove that you can find. Micro fibre, mesh, neoprene elements in a gym gloves with wrist support will provide breath ability, and will not tire your wrist. A full leather gym glove in a hot country like us is not really needed.

Design: Half finger, Full finger or Finger less, pick your design. Best and widely used design is either finger less or half finger. This makes it easy to grab the bar and also allows ample breath ability. Also great range of motion with these finger less gloves unlike the full finger ones.

Specially if you are using your phone during workouts, you will need half finger or finger less gym gloves in India.

Material: Neoprene, mesh like materials are easy to wash and are durable when wet. You might want to pick the gloves that have most of its part made with these type of material. These gloves will be lightweight also.

How we selected the best gym gloves India

Grip: First item is grip, I have used many gym gloves in India and without a good grip a disaster is just waiting to happen.

Padding: Having no skin injuries is our second criteria, if you are women that this can be your first criteria.

A padding that allows to grip easily yet lets our palms not get damaged.

Comfort: Breathable materials were my next look out, as the more breathable it is, less sweat it will acquire.

And less it will be prone to fungus and bacteria.

And the strap should be adjustable so that it does not feel loose or too tight.

Brand: Known brands like nivia gym gloves are more reliable with proven track record of service.

But there are many good brands in India now who sell reliable gym gloves at great price.

Quality: Leather, Rubber, neoprene and all materials should be top-notch, otherwise this glove will not last long.

After a few washes, it will start to break down.

Good quality gloves will show the signs of wear and tear much slowly.

When and how to wear gym gloves

  1. Slipping grip: If you feel that while you are doing pull up and your palm is just slipping due to sweat. Or if you are lifting something heavy but your wrist feel weird, shaky then my friend it is time to consider the best gym gloves here.
  2. Blisters and calluses: Those blister calluses can be quite painful when it gets repeatedly smashed against iron. It will help you recover those quicker And if you are in a public gym then you might get some other infections as well. Also avoid other people’s sweat, yucky!
  3. Do you sweat from your palms and can not avoid it on your gym equipment. Go wear a gym gloves Best way to prevent it, keep the gym safe and hygienic.
  4. Wear gym gloves right before your workouts and wash them at least once a week so it does not become a breeding ground for bacteria. Otherwise there might be some fungus issue.
  5. When wearing the gym glove do not make the strap too tight. Or too light. If it is too lightly strapped then it will not support you and if it is too tight then it will restrict blood flow and movement.

How to keep best fitness gloves Fresh

Well, sweat can help some nasty bacteria to grow in it.

And if your fitness glove always gets sweaty, then you have to wash it and keep it clean.

Gym gloves can prevent bacteria spread in the gym if they clean themselves.

Fungus/bacteria grow with heat and sweat and in your gym gloves they get both.

Keep washing the gloves and using borax, vinegar will solve this issue also. 

Now comes the smell, the damp and sweat smell is not to be ignored. A good wash is all you need.

  1. Use Hand: Use warm water in a bowl or bucket, use regular detergent and dip the gloves in it. Make sure that this warm soapy water goes through all the fingers and the entire wrist strap. Once you are done with one side, then turn it over and do that side as well.

Once soapy water is done, use clean running water to remove all the soapy water and hang the gloves to let it dry.

  1. Washing Machine: Check if your gym glove is washable in the washing machine. Do not set the mode in turbo, set it in the lowest settings. Once done, take the workout glove out and let it dry.

Note: while drying, just hang them up, no need to put them into sunlight or use a dryer. That may shrink or put wrinkles on your precious workout gloves.


Gym gloves with wrist support are almost an essential item if you are lifting heavy weights regularly.

If you have calluses or cuts in hands then it could quickly get infected if those are not covered, so you will need gloves after you have damaged your palm.

So you can wear a gym glove from the beginning itself.

Also, the wrist support is required ti lift weights with safety and confidence.

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